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Carmen - Haruka Tomatsu
Collette - Eri Kitamura
Daria - Yui Horie (REIN-BOOOOOW~)
Evelyn - Ami Koshimizu
Karina - Shizuka Itou
Kurufa - Mai Nakahara
Marian - Ayumi Fujimura
Main Character - Ryouko Shiraishi
Pia - Aya Endou
Raven - Emiri Katou
Sakuya - Ryouko Shintani
Shara - Yukari Fukui
Sofia - Minori Chihara

Previous thread autosaged. You can get some 4-komas and link to undub there. >>6447160

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Let's hope it gets deleted again.

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>implying rainbow

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Which one /jp/? I can't decide.

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Since I can't load my save from my DS on a emulator I'm starting again. Going for 2 or Rainbow.

I was going for 1 and Pia in my DS save. Well I was going for everyone in my DS save. Getting them to 10 hearts then marrying them all.

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Can you even do that? Or are you just saying you'll save after getting them 10 hearts then marry them one by one?

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Yes you can.

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Wat. Super Harem here I come.

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In RF2 at least, if you screw around with the marriage variable, you can make them all your wives. They'll all stand on top of each other at home.

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Why does Marian remind me of Kohaku?

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If you mean Kohaku after she goes off the deep end, then yes. Now with even more NEEEDLESSSS.

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Would be cool if it's like this.

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DesmuME runs so slow it hurts, even after setting most options like 3d and sound to minimum/none.
Any tips?

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Go for lazy Shizuka Itou. On second thought, don't. I claimed her first.

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CPU/RAM issues

Clock-up a little, or if you're unsure about computers in general the gamebooster program would be a bigger help

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Get a newer version or upgrade your PC. It works perfectly on mine.

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Acekard master race here. I laugh at you emulator peons.

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a core2 duo 2.40 is too slow for DS? Asking sincerely since I don't keep up with specs and stuff

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US no undub:

SirFirstv2 Undub links :

Since the other thread will disappear eventually.

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M3 Sakura master race, I laugh at your silly interface.

On topic I have no idea why I find her appealing, I mean shes just lazy as hell.

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I have a strong hunch about this

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I guess maybe because she's pretty laid back in a village where everyone else is crazy.
That, or lazy moe.

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>Hahahaha, the thread got deleted when it reached the bump limit, we sure showed them!

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Not everyone is crazy. Only Sofia, Marian and Daria are really bonkers. The rest are either just hyperactive or have something in their past or some sort of secret you need to help them with.

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Those are the three that I most want to be mai waifu...

I kind of like Raven too, but she doesn't interest me quite as much as those three. Maybe because I already saw her plastered all over beforehand (when I was waiting for the proper undub)

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So, what's it like to come out as a monster to the normal girls? I mean, Raven, Daria and Pia are already not human so I'd expect it to be easier or mutual. But what about a normal girl like Sakuya, Shara or Carmen?

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Goddamnit.. why can't I marry Monica? Those other hags are way too old for me.

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Aren't both of these rather redundant? Why don't they simply stop at the first greentext line?

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No second generation like in RF2 means no courting lolis.

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I'll never understand hate art. Why don't they use that energy to draw characters they like? Especially ones that don't get much fanart.

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She wants to bite ;_;
But she can't ;_;

Yeah I'm sure a lot of people wondered why you couldn't marry monica.

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Chocolat is as underdeveloped as it gets, I'm disappointed in the lack of DFC fans

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I think it's a fetish rather than hate

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But that damn gluton, shes the only one I don't like.

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They factor differently into different weapons. The top ones can also only be affected by equipment, while the bottom are your base stats.

For example, if you have 100 STR, you're getting more of a bonus out of it by using a heavy weapon like an Axe than something like Dual Blades. INT also affects your rune abilities, unlike MATK which is just for Rods.

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>Visit the Inn
>Talk to Shino
>She asks if I'm there too see Sakuya
>Choose "No, you."
>She blushes furiously and giggles


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She's older than she looks, anon.

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I think you forgot Carmen, who thinks others are after her metabolism.
Or Pia. Who is a bath, and asks you if you want to be one too.

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I haven't played the Rune Factory series yet but I have read up on it, saw some videos, and looked at these threads.

You know what I really love about the series, though? THE MAIN CHARACTER SPEAKS!

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Collette thinks that. Carmen is fishingchick.

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Ohhhh, okay, thank you. That's good to know.

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God damn it why are all the "Mom" characters so damn awesome. Damn devs you made a game where I would like to marry everyone except a gluton loli and a old witch.

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Oh, and VIT affects your ailment resistance as well, unlike DEF which just mitigates damage. VIT is also the only thing that prevents you from getting stunned when you're knocked into a wall.

With about 10 levels in every Ailment and 250 VIT, I pretty much never get inflicted with anything. Poor Marian must be lonely.

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Reported for /v/

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I want Evelyn, not those hiperactive bitches ;_;

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I'm still pissed you can't have Evelyn as a waifu. I mean, why the fuck can't you?

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Keep on crying, anon. Keep on crying.

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Sup guy, always have to post twice in a row? And if reporting did anything anymore, /jp/ wouldn't be full of spam and /a/ all day long.

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Supposedly she loves someone else, and that someone else likes her too. I forget his name.

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You know first time I played I thought she was one of the waifus later I was like WHAAAAAAAAA

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At first I thought she was Sophia's mother and that rich fatass' wife..

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She's taken.

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If you are going to shit up /jp/ without getting banned, it's fair for me to do the same to your thread /v/tard.

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Thanks meido.

Anyways, is there a huge difficulty spike between the Summer and Fall dungeons or something? Seems like the enemies are doing 4 times as much damage and have 4 times the health (and I can barely damage those fucking turtles).

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Exploiting elemental weaknesses with spells and rods is key to low-levelled characters, either that or dual-blade stunlocks

I myself ran winter dungeon at level 15 with a flare staff, the charged attacks one-hit anything except the ghosts and summoners there

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You are making me cry in real life, please stop.

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I honestly don't see the appeal of this annoying little bitch. Got her heart to 8 but still acts all NOPE on me.
>fuck yeah all these rare gifts
>mfw when biting loli doesn't give shit

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I want to marry Hazel, dammit.

Hard-working, energetic... I want to greet her at the day's end with a tray of fresh food and a message while listening about her day.

The only con is that she has a kid.

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I haven't played this yet, what's the deal with Monica and biting?

>> No.6453632

Yeah. My bad. I get still get confused by so many waifus.

>> No.6453633

>and a message
Massage, even.

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She... keeps saying she wants to bite you. Her sister warns you about biting before you even really speak to her. I'm not far enough into the game to know what happens after that really.

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I'm grinding my poison resistance by going into poison puddles and eating the antidote herbs I randomly find in my field and dangos I make to grind cooking(which are nice for refilling RP too, I guess). Does this make sense? I usually have tons of antidote herbs which I never really use anyway.

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mmmh, what exactly triggers being able to invite people in your party? Maybe a certain request? I think I got it when I did the request where I got the fishing rod.

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>I'm still pissed you can't have Evelyn as a waifu
would you really want a girl that sews stuffed animals onto her clothes? I mean I can like checkered skirts, but a teddy bear sewn on a sleeve? There's bad taste and there's oh-shit-what-are-you-doing

>> No.6453725

I think she also sews LIVE animal into her creations, from what she says.

>> No.6453747

Everyone makes such a big fuss about the lake being open for swimming and then you can't even swim. What a letdown.

>> No.6453755

Do we have formulas for this? To minmax equipment upgrades?

>> No.6453802

MATK also increases spell damage, obviously.

>> No.6453809

Eh, you can pretty much max out your stats by making craptons of the stat boosting potions. Those only need one of a certain flower if your mixing levels are high enough.

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Do her Rose Prince quest, faggot.

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>My face when you haven't done any quests for her.

Seriously if you guys are going to bitch about the characters do their quests first. Many of them change completely, in very good ways.

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Do cutscenes in the main storyline change depending on the heroines' affection levels? Like, say, after a mission and the MC goes to bed, the girl with the highest affection visits him at night. Something in that order.

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>Implying there's something wrong with that.

What I would give to fuck her delicious thighs.

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That quest, and how she acts afterward, makes me want to marry Monica.

She's so damn cute.

Hazel is still the best, though. I'm tempted to go through marrying her daughter solely to spend more time with Hazel.

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They have to have three or more LP/FP.

>> No.6453881

Well, story spoilers I guess.

She's so afraid of people that whenever somebody talks to get she gets so nervous that she reacts violently, in this case biting. You help her later on and she becomes one of the most adorable characters in the game.

>> No.6453886

Could someone please help? I've gotten to the boss of the winter dungeon, lost, left, trained, come back, and now I keep getting that "pushed out by a strange power" message. I've tried clearing the entire dungeon, nothing. I admit that I may have missed something, but I'm wondering if anyone knows the answer. It would be terrible if I had to restart at this point.

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So guys, is there any benefit to having M.ATK on bladed weapons? Say, am I better off with a weapon that has 40 ATK and 20 M.ATK as opposed to one with just 50ATK?

>> No.6453896 [DELETED] 

you need to defeat all enemies in a room before advancing if that message pops up, I think

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Sofia is not the obvious superior choice. Because I hate her. I hope she dies in a fire.

HHHHHNNNNNNNNGGGGH yet she is mai waifu

Shara = biribiri + weeharu?

>> No.6453917

It's kind of silly how everything is quest driven in this game; I think they should've kept the more natural character development events from the original HM that automatically trigger depending on the circumstances.

>> No.6453926

they make your magic stronger, along with higher physical attack. Is this your first jrpg or something? It's a pretty straightforward stat.

>> No.6453931

I don't know the personalities of either of those people aside from gross assumptions.

Shara gave off subtle yandere vibes, though, so I'm interested in her out of the few waifus available.

>> No.6453937

Be sure to push over the giant icicle in the first cave, and in the second area with wind use the Lilly Pad magic seed to get over the river to the other side, and then clear the cave above it.

>> No.6453945

Yet not many people are interested in Shara. I wonder why?

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On bladed weapons. I'm not retarded. So it only makes my rune abilities more powerful? Worthless.

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What can i do with a workshop?

I got it a while ago and i don't know any recipes or anything about it.


>> No.6453969


This game is not making it easy picking a waifu. At first I was sure I was going for the mermaid, but as you start doing the various girls' quests they all become adorable..

>> No.6453978

eat recipe bread made by the dude in the hat. But you have to eat as you level up.

Workshop- accessory bread

>> No.6453988

Ah I see...

Thanks bro.

>> No.6454033

The devs made it so. You decide your waifu.

>> No.6454074

Is there some secret wife you can get by befriending everyone or some shit like the previous games?

Also in the previous games you used to recover RP by using the bath, is it the same in this one?

I'm getting Rune Factory and Harvest Moon mixed up and forgetting what applies to which.

>> No.6454092


I don't know about the first, but yes you recover RP from taking a bath or eating.

>> No.6454107

Top one is a Harvest Moon only thing.

You can still use the bath to restore RP, but it's kind of expensive now. You're better off just buying a mixer and making Apple Juice.

>> No.6454148

300 is loose change, man. And I don't think apple juice can fully restore 1.3k RP.

>> No.6454155

Yeah, but money will be irrelevant after you plant a shitload of cash flowers and fruits.

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>Talking to Karina.
>"Raven and I are always getting yelled at by the customers, why do you think that is?"
>One of the options is "Yell at me, please!"
>Pick it, obviously.
>"Oh, so you're someone who enjoys that kind of thing? (That might be interesting...)

>My fucking face.

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>beta as fuck

>> No.6454213

>Non resisting sexfriend tier

>Unwaifuable tier

>Socially acceptable tier.
Everyone else.

>> No.6454234

God Tier Trio

Ika-killer tier


Cannot have tier

Everyone else tier
Everyone else

>> No.6454237

I would be happy to eat a boiled boot made by mai waifu.

But I make my own food.

>> No.6454274

I'm marrying Pia just because I want freakish half sheep half fish abominations for children.

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Half-sheep, half-fish? That would be baaaaaad. I don't sea that being possible.

>> No.6454303

wouldn't it be 1/4 fish and 1/4 sheep?

>> No.6454309

I'm just pretending that MC is not such a fucking furfag. But why did he have to be some fucking furfag? Did anyone else think that he was a girl when they first played the game?

>> No.6454310

This my line of thinking in Agarest War. Always go for the non- and semi-humans to create a mutt hero.

>> No.6454311

After becoming friends with Blaise, I wish he was a girl.

>> No.6454312

>He's part monster.
>Call him a furfag.


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Pretty much, the last two MC's were ballin', but they really made this one effeminate...

>> No.6454314

Is there any downside of using the dual blades attack rune? Doesn't consume SP, dodges all attacks, much faster than running...

>> No.6454320


Bitches don't know about my half-phoenix/sheep son

>> No.6454325

Which one?

>> No.6454328

The one you buy from Shino.

>> No.6454330


>> No.6454332

She's got like five different dual-blade runes in stock.

>> No.6454333


Yes theres a bug with that, instead of depleting rune points it depletes love and friendship points of everyone in the game

>> No.6454334

Is the undub working fine? Not that I'll play it yet since I'm still playing the first one.

>> No.6454339

Oh fuck, then I'm not going to use them. mai waifu will love me for it

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>> No.6454348

Hahaha, you didn't actually believe him, did you?

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Don't you mean 'daughter'?

>> No.6454350

It's called Gust.

Cool. I might be forever alone, but I bet noone in town can zoom through an entire screen in one leap.

>> No.6454352


I'm just curious, when you walk outside of your house do people pelt you with rotten vegetables and pet feces?

>> No.6454356


>> No.6454394

Can someone give me a run down on how to befriend animals?

I'm trying to make my population of 4 buffamoos double, but the way I got those four was by giving them 15 to 30 items.

Is there a better way?


What is the better way?

>> No.6454408

Do your children look different depending on your waifu?

>> No.6454416

brush them while dodging their attacks until they don't make the note anymore, then give them milk.

>> No.6454420

no, just two models, male and female. They can have different personalities though. Introverted, energetic, etc.
Which is funny because you can have up to three children, so you'll have two identical brothers or sisters who aren't even twins.

>> No.6454433

/v/ started a wiki. Feel free to add stuff. I'm working on a Raven page right now.


>> No.6454480

there is already very complete japanese rf3 wiki
better to port than redo from scratch

>> No.6454489

Guess I'll be adding some crafting pages.

>> No.6454501


Where at?

I'll see if I can try to make sense of it, but I know zero moon and I'll have to try cross-reference with stuff in my save file.

>> No.6454507


>> No.6454524

i think there is another one but i forget where
maybe can use google.co.jp:
ルーンファクトリー3 wiki

>> No.6454608 [DELETED] 

Ahh yes very nice.

>> No.6454638 [DELETED] 
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Maybe it's the biting loli?

>> No.6454639

How do you court a waifu?

I got one ready with ten LP's, i just don't know if i'm supposed to wait for another letter...

>> No.6454649

/v/ doing something productive for once?

When is hell freezing over?

>> No.6454659

They made a wiki. At the time of that post, it had only one page: the main page.

>> No.6454661 [DELETED] 

I like the /v/ recommends games wikia. I found it pretty nice.

>> No.6454685

When i first heard the GARU of monica i daww'd

I have no intentions of rape

>> No.6454733

So now that we know /v/ likes this game, everyone can post there instead of on /jp/, right?

>> No.6454738 [DELETED] 

Editing the Wiki.

I'll just copy paste stuff for now to get things started.

>> No.6454744



Deal with it.

Seriously, is it that fucking hard to hide the goddamn thread?

>> No.6454747

Shut up

>> No.6454757

There's an active Rune Factory thread on /v/. There's no reason to post this here. I'm getting the feeling you are just doing it to annoy.

>> No.6454759

Little girls isnt /jp/ related enough? Why not send touhou to /v/ as well. What does "Otaku culture" mean exactly. Is not Japanese video games, electronics, manga, and visual novels all part of "Otaku culture"?

>> No.6454773

Touhou is a doujinsoft game. This is a mainstream game. It's like saying Fallout 3 is /jp/ related because it has little girl mods made by glorious Japan.

>> No.6454787


How is it mainstream? lol

It's a commercial game. Also, how is a Japanese game full of waifus not /jp/ related?

>> No.6454791

>What does "Otaku culture" mean exactly.
It means whatever things you like, and it definitely does NOT mean things that you don't like.

>> No.6454794

Aren't waifus supposed to be 2D?

>> No.6454795

Shouldn't japan/general belong to /trv/, faggot?

>> No.6454797

I was unaware this game featured real people.

>> No.6454800
File: 32 KB, 396x420, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>How is it mainstream? lol

>It's a commercial game.

>> No.6454816

This implies that Otaku don't buy mainstream games. Also, Visual novels are "commercial"

>> No.6454818

It might as well be, with the advancement of technology and polgyons. Did you see the preview of the latest Rune Factory? They are getting more and more realistic every day. Soon 2D will die and, by extension, lolis will no longer be allowed.

>> No.6454830

Are you insinuating that eroge is mainstream?
It is simple, can you discuss this in /v/?
Can you discuss animu/mango in /a/?

Why the double standard?

>> No.6454842

Stop trying.

I remember trying to argue this when those AT threads were just starting out and it did not turn out well.

>> No.6454845

Do Otaku not buy mainstream products? This entire board became pointless after they switched it to Otaku Culture. People cant really agree on what "Otaku Culture" means. And besides that, anything that DOES fit that category can easily fit into /a/ /v/ or /int/. Honestly it would make more sense if they just called it /jp/ - Touhou and Eroge

>> No.6454857

>maybe 100,000 copies sold worldwide

I'm pretty sure Touhou is more "mainstream" than this game. You sound like a fucking asspained hipster. Get out.

>> No.6454862

moot is a real dick.
I seriously thought he was going to change it back eventually, like he always does with other boards.

>> No.6454863


Oh it's that you? Man, did we have a good laugh at you crying like a bitch. At least it seems you've given up.

>> No.6454869

Touhou looks and feels like an arcade shooter.
This is basically Harvest Moon with 3D graphics so that it appeals to the modern mainstream.

>> No.6454883


Stop making pages for villagers. They're not important enough to warrant their own page and it's only going to clutter things up.

Pages for Micah and the marriageable girls is fine, but let's keep it at that.

Reposting this from the wiki talk because nobody reads that shit.

Seriously it's going to get cluttered as fuck, knock it off.

>> No.6454892 [DELETED] 

It's a fucking Wiki I expect it to be a real wiki, with all the shit.

Recepies, Villages and what they like and not, same for waifus etc...

A wiki should be a compendium of all the RF3 knowledge.

>> No.6454897

There's not enough information to make a new page for each villager.

Having one "Villager" page is enough. Everything that needs to be said about them can be fit in a few neat lines, including their likes and dislikes.

>> No.6454920 [DELETED] 

Why not have both?

>> No.6454933

It just seems cluttered as fuck to me.

Eh, whatever. As long as you're willing to fill those pages with info I don't care, but I'm not going to touch them.

>> No.6454938

Are the portraits really that good? If I don't like 3D either, but if I can just ignore them, I guess I could give this game a shot.

>> No.6454946


>> No.6454965

I'm asking if the portraits are prevalent enough that you can ignore the 3D graphics and just look at them. It will determine if I play this game or not. I do like dating sims with lolis, but I hate polygon graphics.

>> No.6454973

it's fucking retarded to complain about wikis getting cluttered. it's not a physical space, how the fuck does it get "cluttered."

>> No.6454980

Easily. The models really are only noticeable when you're fighting in dungeons. Portraits take up most of the screen.

>> No.6455040

You should see my "unsorted" folder.
And my pictures folder.
And my downloads folder.
Hell, almost all of my folders.

>> No.6455078


The guy complaining about cluttering wiki pages is a Rank B autist, just ignore him

>> No.6455211

>Implying I'm not a Rank A at least.

Give me some credit, man.

>> No.6455361

thanks for the links guys..the games looks awesome, i though i couldn´t run it on my no$gab but hell damn is working perfectly. also i am getting to the hardest part, choose who i want marry...and i can´t decide between
Carmen, Karina and Pia...ah other thing is someone going for the horned girl?....

>> No.6455440


english wiki in the making

>> No.6455490

Do weapon upgrades stack? If I used a Legendary scale to buff my weapon, and then used it again, do i get double drain?

>> No.6455503

No clue. Try it with a staff and two +Attack upgrades.

>> No.6455574
File: 47 KB, 256x603, Evelyn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now wait just a damn minute.

Run that by me again.

>> No.6455605


Poor Gaius is forever alone.

>> No.6455692

There's a bug with Prelude to Love. I drank it, healed almost my entire HP and RP, and when I woke up or after a couple of minutes/hours after drinking it, my HP and RP are both less than half.

>> No.6455738

Read the bottle, bro. It halves max HP and RP.

>> No.6455800

>Pia: I love you!
>Pick: More then Sakuya?
>Pia: What...?!
>Pia: Well...umm,,,Sakuya's like family, but you're important, too, so...
>Pia *blushes and backs away* : *hiss*.
>Dude: Pia?!


>> No.6455877

Is there a way to mass-cook food?

Winter saw me with 27 yams from 9 seeds, and I need to roast them all.

>> No.6455928

Whats a good emulater, /jp/?

Ideas is shitty.

>> No.6455936

I fucking love Pia so much.
Marian, I was kind of leaning towards you again, but Pia just made a huge comeback when I discovered she was a warrior of justice. Sorry.

>> No.6455940

DeSmuME works fine for me.

>> No.6455941

Just use nocash.

>> No.6455957


>> No.6456023

Recipe to upgrade the fishing rod? No amount of farm tool breads has given it to me.

>> No.6456044

Take the request to Carlos.

>> No.6456046

Sofia gives you:

Fried Eggs

I thought that she'd give me a can, scrap metal, dried weeds, a boot or even any of the fail dishes.

I could imagine the dialogue between them.

>> No.6456069 [DELETED] 
File: 44 KB, 254x578, Sakuyaaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was leaning toward Raven, or Shara because of Monica, but now...

I know better, but I can't help but hope there's a crossdressing scene in this game.

>> No.6456080
File: 164 KB, 384x1506, uwaa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All worthwhile and semi-worthwhile untranslated RF3 pixiv comics now in one file.

>> No.6456104


My penis is very confused, oh so confused here. Should I be laughing, hnnng-ing, or feeling sad about that comic?

>> No.6456113

I fucking love the god trio and all the little things in this game. Check the dialogue between Sofia and Karina in the general store when Sofia's heart lvls is >7 and Karina's heart lvls is <7 and then when it is >7

Karina's attitude also changes when you buy stuff from her also changes when her heart level is >7.

>> No.6456114

Fuck, I can't bring myself to marry soley one girl. I love Kuruna with her Choco insanity,Sophia with her "RAPE ME", Karina with her lazy ass, Carmen for her Bro attitude,Sia with her Baths,Daria for RAINBOW and Hazel for dat ass.

Shit, now I know what Harem protagonists feel like. I'm in complete despair!


What the hell? Did he die? Mother fucker,scratch Daria off my waifu list.

>> No.6456132

Man, I only even wanted to raise the two best girls' heart ratings and I have all these lamers chasing my dick as byproducts of being so awesome. I haven't given anything at all to anyone but Pia and Marian and Carmen is already FUCK ME PLOSing and Raven won't stop bothering me.
Pimpin' ain't easy, I guess.

>> No.6456139
File: 201 KB, 1280x912, wii.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I get past this screen?

>> No.6456145 [DELETED] 

1. Huh, you won't eat? Even Daria's deluxe
Special Rainbow Porridge?
2. Even though it's this delicious...
You're so selfish, Assistant-kun...
3. I know! Tonight, I'll make Assistant-kun's favorite!
Dried Sardines? Grilled Miso Daikon? Or how about Grilled Eggplant?
4. Ah come on, you're supposed to say
"Aren't those Daria-san's favorites?"
5. Rainbow!

>> No.6456149

Fucking Elves are always forever alone.


>> No.6456150

1. Huh, you won't eat? Not even Daria's deluxe
Special Rainbow Porridge?
2. But it's sooo delicious...
You're so selfish, Assistant-kun...
3. I know! Tonight, I'll make Assistant-kun's favorite!
Dried Sardines? Grilled Miso Daikon? Or how about Grilled Eggplant?
4. Aw come on, you're supposed to say
"Aren't those all Daria-san's favorites?"
5. Rainbow!

>> No.6456153
File: 109 KB, 461x523, 1266466451348.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6456155

you are now aware that by marrying daria you are condemning her to a life of bitter, empty loneliness after you pass away and she lives on

>> No.6456161

Suddenly, I'm reminded of this.

>> No.6456185
File: 362 KB, 714x1000, 1241219829363.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6456279

daria is mai waifu

>> No.6456328
File: 70 KB, 336x448, 9976259.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, like... I know this is a huge spoiler, but right now I can't play RF3 and I really want to know.

Do we get to know about Raven's "sort of secret" that they put on her description?

>> No.6456335

You do.

>> No.6456342

What is it, then?

>> No.6456348

1. Oh, Toona
What color underwear does Gadzhi-san wear?
2. ...dunno.
Don't ask so casually, stupid.

>> No.6456349

set the extension in the wiimote control plugin

>> No.6456392
File: 103 KB, 506x382, isn't she cute.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I kind of go "d'awww" but I also kind of go "what the hell is wrong with you".

>> No.6456414


She's my waifu, find your own

>> No.6456427

Anyone have the runey code for perfect runey balance?

>> No.6456449

04492B9C 3C3C3C3C
04492BA0 3C3C3C3C
04492BA4 3C3C3C3C
04492BA8 3C3C3C3C
04492BAC 3C3C3C3C
04492BB0 3C3C3C3C
04492BB4 3C3C3C3C
04492BB8 3C3C3C3C
04492BBC 3C3C3C3C

>> No.6456454

Wouldn't having children solve that problem?

>> No.6456462


Thanks very much.

Now someone explain why Dolphin runs better than any DS emulator in existence. That shit ain't fucking logical.

>> No.6456475

No$GBA with No$Zoomer or Desmume

>> No.6456493

>Unfiltered sprites
What's wrong with you?

>> No.6456498

Late answer here, but yes. 10% life drain a pop, and I've got a 100% weapon.

>> No.6456514


let's not start this

>> No.6456523


2x zoom, man.

>> No.6456542

Does anyone have the compilation of those already translated?

>> No.6456550

What to do with money? Still Spring but already have 70k gold, workshop, forge, kitchen, best equipment available atm, etc..

>> No.6456558 [DELETED] 

So after 6 days of reclusive smithing and eating nothing but ice cream and pudding, my crafting is still only in the 60s. There has got to be a better way to do this.

>> No.6456567
File: 82 KB, 286x465, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So after 6 days of reclusive smithing and eating nothing but ice cream and pudding, my crafting level is still only in the 60s. There has got to be a better way to do this.

>> No.6456578

Yeah crafting is shit again in this game. It was the only thing that RFF actually did better.

>> No.6456588

What's there to do after getting married?

>> No.6456592
File: 10 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6456597

keep talking to your wife and she'll make a baby
grind for primavera forest secret island stronger bosses
that's about it

>> No.6456658

Why is it that when I try to fight the Ice boss again "a strange power pushes me out"?

I even tried clearing the cave before and it wouldn't let me fight the boss.

The fuck?

>> No.6456708

Maybe you have a request or something like that?

>> No.6456716
File: 11 KB, 84x180, RF33.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, I just did Monica's quest.
I nearly died when she said onii-chan.
I love this game.

>> No.6456724

Final boss is overkill man, I can run and dodge most of his shit but that fucking tornado just rapes my HP.

I'm level 37, so I know I should grind some more before trying this. But just thinking every second I waste leveling he's mindraping my waifu makes my blood boil and I just go to get steamrolled again.

>> No.6456730

>that fucking tornado just rapes my HP.
you mean the last one where the stream/avalanche covers the entire screen? If yes, I think it's a scripted event, I didn't die even with my hp bar depleted.

>> No.6456732


>Level 37

Oh wow

You shoulda played on Hard Mode like me. I had to grind to like level fucking forty before I could even dream of clearing the 3rd Dungeon.

>> No.6456740

Nope, if I die I'm killed and sent to marjorie. Then I reset and try again.

>> No.6456749

If it helps I've been running underleveled/undergeared trough all the game, I did the third boss at >20 if I recall.
My gear is a cutlass, a round shield and hunting glasses. I don't have better recipes and swordcraft story taught me to never buy weapons if I can make them.

>> No.6456828

Btw, when do you start having to pay her? I've died a lot lately but she's never charged me.

>> No.6456842

Requesting Daria's RAINBOW sprite

>> No.6456843

did you build up points with her?
She should always charge you after the first time, but I guess raising her affection could give you discounts and eventually free recoveries.

>> No.6456870
File: 20 KB, 256x384, waifu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My waifu>All your waifus combined

>> No.6456875

You have to pay after you kill the first boss, that raccoon.


>> No.6456878

I accidentally threw a boot at her once.
She said "Thanks" and walked away
shit was awkward

>> No.6456884

Who the fuck is Jill? And why does that screenshot look so... colorless?

>> No.6456892

One of the 'random' people around in the village. The ones marked with a blue icon on the map. There's usually 2-3 around in the inn.

>> No.6456894

Faceless NPC

>> No.6456933
File: 125 KB, 494x393, wibble.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>give my main character my own name
>'What a striking, manly name!'

Also this undub is far more playable than the dubbed version, thank you whoever found it.

>> No.6456942
File: 124 KB, 500x900, 7376402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank SirFist he made it.

You can also visit #rf3undub on rizon and thank him youself.

>> No.6456973

Fuck off mai waifu faggots

>> No.6457006
File: 60 KB, 256x384, gg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gg, /jp/

>> No.6457014
File: 67 KB, 256x384, opportunity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll keep her warm too

>> No.6457022

Maybe you're the homosexual if you don't have a wife.

>> No.6457026

Go get fucked in the anus.

>> No.6457029

I will, since my wife enjoys strap on play while I pretend I'm her little sister.

But being homosexual, you wouldn't know about these kinds of things, would you?

>> No.6457046

Stop pretending. Everyone already knows your "wife" is a male.

>> No.6457057

If you could read my name you would see my wife is not male.

>> No.6457067

Enjoy seeing things that aren't there, faggot.
Also, enjoy being a faggot, faggot.

>> No.6457165

Stop shitting up the thread, /v/agoos.

>> No.6457214



Here's a full walkthrough with item lists based on the japanese wiki, I've checked it out and it's fairly complete and accurate. Someone should probably import all this to the wiki, someone less lazier than me.

>> No.6457226

I don't go to /v/.

>> No.6457238

I only now got that's supposed to be a young Marjorie, I feel silly
I wanted to post this drrr-style pic but 4chan says it's too large, so here's an external link.

>> No.6457240

Holy shit, I fucking hate myself.
I spent hours - real life hours - crafting literally thousands of leather shoes to grind my crafting skill up, and when I finally hit level 90... I discover that the randomized shops not only reset every day, but every time you reset your game. FUCK!
So I'm off to go stab myself right now, hope nobody makes the same mistake I did.

>> No.6457243

I can't see her in that image. Post one where her portrait is on screen. Nobody plays this game for the ugly models.

>> No.6457247

she doesn't have one, the joke is that she's a nameless NPC

>> No.6457433

I finally defeated the guy.
God, that last scene from the fight was just as if the game devs read my mind, just the way I wanted to end the fucking fight, i fucking cried from excitement.

Great game, I can say I'm satisfied from it and wished I had a real DS to keep playing it. Thanks a lot game devs and thanks a fucking lot undub bro.

>> No.6457445
File: 221 KB, 1024x768, 1289479205647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not buy the game and a DS!

>> No.6457450

its a retarded idea to buy a ds right now
might aswell wait for 3ds

>> No.6457456

Deppends, I mean you can get a DS for like 50$ or something in the US. Right?

Then again being the best for money buy fags, I'd get a 3DS too. If I didn't have DS right now.

>> No.6457472

If you honestly don't have any games to play or want a DS, you could do worse things than grab a cheap DS Lite + R4.

>> No.6457492
File: 234 KB, 700x700, 133782.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Tons of good games on the DS.

>> No.6457495


You can raise crafting levels fairly easily by upgrading. Remember to check sakuya every day to see if she sells ores.

>> No.6457504

>Thanks a lot game devs

You are spitting in their face by not buying the game.

All the thanks in the world won't mean shit if they don't get enough funds to make more games or port more to the US.

Don't think, "OH EVERYONE ELSE WILL BUY IT!" because that is bullshit. If you really liked this game and wanted to thank the developers, you would go and buy it right now.

But for now, you ain't doin' shit to support this wonderful game.

>> No.6457511

Never played a Rune Factory game before. Does it actually force you to have kids?

>> No.6457514

I swear I'll buy the game if I ever see it being sold here, even if I don't have a DS. Anything to get oceans translated.
Sucks that I don't live in the US.

>> No.6457515

There are. One of the reasons why I hated this game at first was that it used 3D graphics on a system that has tons of 2D games.

>> No.6457521

Only in Rune Factory 2.

>> No.6457523

I'm the definition of poorfag, bro. But I already said I'm buying the game if i see it being sold here

>> No.6457524

But I like the devs in some respects and hate them in others. Could I just buy half a game or something?

>> No.6457530

You could buy it used I guess.

>> No.6457537

even worse than pirating

>> No.6457546


>> No.6457596
File: 78 KB, 640x480, sofia - chose poorly.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Buying used doesn't support the developers at all, though, just whatever store you're buying it at.

(Though it does support the gaming industry as a whole, as it sometimes puts a smaller portion of the money into the hands of whoever sold the game, which might have been the person who bought it new, which means that person is going to go on to buy more new games with that store credit. So it's certainly better than pirating. It just doesn't help Neverland or Natsume.)

>> No.6457789

>SirFirstv2 Undub links :
Downloaded this and DeSmuME Emulator. Each time I load the ROM and execute it, it just showed me a black screen forever. Tried DSemu for the same result. Any help?

>> No.6457793

Rename the rom to sonething else that dosent have (U-J)

It will work now. For some reason the emulators won't read it if it has that.

>> No.6457794

try no$gba, check you meet minimum system requirements, 3d settings, etc

>> No.6458114

I fought the Raccoon a few times and kept dying, and the last time I did a lot of damage, and it might have died too after I did, but I'm not completely sure. I didn't get any kind of scene or anything afterwards, though, and nothing happens when I go to the next room over, either. Did something get messed up, or am I supposed to do something else? I've been checking back for a few days and the raccoon is gone.

>> No.6458119

check the orb in the next room

>> No.6458152

Oh, I guess it wasn't dead after all... It's suddenly back now. Wonder why it disappeared...

>> No.6458197

I, uh.

I killed my chest.

I mean.

I was tilling the ground and wasn't paying attention, so...

I killed the chest I make profits from.
It even turned into a sphere and vanished like a monster.

Why is that possible?

>> No.6458208

Welcome to RF3. Where you can chop even signage and save points in-case of emergency like you need wood (random drop, from shopping bin as well).

>> No.6458210

In that case, is there a way to get it back?

I mean, I have about 300,000g, so I'm not likely to run out of money anytime soon, but the backlog of produce and dairy products that I can't sell will likely number in the hundreds in but a few weeks.

>> No.6458215

Oh, never you mind. Switching screens got it back. Just as I went off to all the stores to see if they held it in stock.

>> No.6458452


wat? I'd kill for a level 90 Forge level right now. The shop pricings are too fucking expensive anyways. Gaius wants me to shell out 52 thousand for the Trident Spear when I could just make my own for a for like a ingame Days worth of effort. Besides you can't get Special(Blue) equipment by buying it.

That aside, you don't truly need such overpowered weaponry unless you're playing on Hard Mode. Which is a bullshit mode anyways.

>> No.6458484

Is it me, or have they made it almost too easy to raise affection levels in this one? Not even half-way into summer and I've gotten pretty much everyone 9-10 hearts. Fucking impressionable bastards.

>> No.6458696

Better than RFF, where it usually took me 15-20 years in game time just to raise one person to 10.

>> No.6458752

RFF had much better crafting though.

>> No.6458792

Sakuya sells random mats.

>> No.6458824

Is there a way to change your birthday with the emulators? I'm using no$gba+NO$Zoomer, but might change if another can do it.

>> No.6458890

Desmume lets you edit it under firmware options.

>> No.6458899

you kidding? i had melody at 10 hearts before autumn

>> No.6458924


Thanks, I'll try it out.

>> No.6459330

I assume that the default birthday is Winter 7?

>> No.6459443

Eh? Mine is Winter 1st/

Which sucks, because it's right on a festival, but whatever.

>> No.6459518

Your in-game birthday depends on what you set your birthday to on your DS.

>> No.6459556


Default is Winter 1 as >>6459443 has. After switching to Desmume I can now set it to mine. Worth it to me, as I was only near the end of my first spring.

>> No.6460197
File: 193 KB, 500x500, Pia VS Ika Musume.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup /jp/?

Look what I just convinced a drawfag to make.

Now if only someone could color it, it would be perfect.

Pia is our only hope in fighting back the Squid Menace!

>> No.6460209
File: 29 KB, 370x399, why.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6460236

Accurate representation of a squid's intelligence and demeanor.

>> No.6460570


Would be much easier to colour with those skeletons out of the way.

>> No.6460618
File: 183 KB, 480x270, 1286447764662.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6462211

Ah, we need a new thread.

>> No.6462211,1 [INTERNAL] 

The good old days.

>> No.6462211,2 [INTERNAL] 

The one game where I couldn't decide mai waifu.

I suppose Raven was the safe choice.

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