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I played BBA and liked it. So I though I would like Rances too.

+game mechanics are good
-no voice acting at all, h scene included
-ridiculously horrible h music
-rance < rouga

is only 1 translated?

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They're both translated. Unless you mean 1 of Rance, then only Sengoku is translated.

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>-ridiculously horrible h music

You have poor taste. That's old East Germany's national anthem you're hearing.

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Did you just call My Glorious Days horrible? Is it even physically possible for someone to have that opinion?

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yeah im playing sengoku.
feels weird being a immoral guy that only thinks about sex and rape.

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not suitable for an H scene.
also it's ridicuously silly. with "imperial sperm"?

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>ridiculously horrible h music
I dont even
My Glorious days is amazing

A large appeal of Sengoku Rance is its take on the history. Plus stealing all of Masamune's wives is fun

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nothing wrong with the historical parts.
it's just that the h scene are more silly jokes than h scenes.

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Imperial juice, and yes, it is silly. It is supposed to be silly, at first. The gutpunches come later.

Also My Glorious Days is the best H-theme on the planet. Can you even imagine how much more badass Shirou jackhammering Rin would be if he was doing it to that music? Fuck yes.

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is this a joke? rance is the best h-game in english. hell, i'd play rance if it had no h at all.

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just skip the h scenes then. It's not like any of them are anything special.

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>-ridiculously horrible h music
I'm afraid the problem is you, not the game.

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Sengoku Rance

+game mechanics are WAY better than BBA
-/+ voiceless can be better in some ways
+best fucking music, only music that i don't like is 2nd map music
= rance = rouga

Only thing i like about BBA is that you can choose order of positions when it comes to h scenes.

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>only music that i don't like is 2nd map music

What. That music blew me away when I first heard it.

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It's cause you played BBA first.

What's great about BBA is that it has it's own fighting game but it's so broken now it doesn't even really matter any more.

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and sage for
>-ridiculously horrible h music


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The music after kouhime went missing? I liked the 1st map music better, it felt more worthy of being a map music. The 2nd map music made it sound like a wild goose hunt.

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>-ridiculously horrible h music
>-rance < rouga
You just gone done retarded.

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Dude. What.


After 1:39 here. It's one of the most epic themes in the entire fucking game holy shit my face melted from the awesome.

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Even the Japanese consider BBA inferior to Daiakuji, which they consider inferior to Kichikuoh Rance, which they consider inferior to Sengoku Rance in the category of Alicesoft SLGs.

Something's wrong with OP.

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>My Glorious Days

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Oh yeah...

I guess I never heard the last parts of the song because I always go right into battle.

The only part of the song I keep hearing is the first 20 seconds or so.

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I don't like either voice acting or music. 98% chance I'll have either MP3s of Youtube in the background and want to mute whatever else comes my way.

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I really don't see why you guys like sengoku that much. and half you guys are all butt hurt about me saying the H music sucks. Seriously, my glory days isn't BAD music, it's just a horrible choice to put for the H scenes.

japanese have bad taste anyways.

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Dude. The H-scenes in Rance are amazing BECAUSE of that music and holy shit you're a retard.

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It's not fitting for H-scenes. It's fitting for anything involving Rance.

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And your taste is even worse.

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u mad OP?

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I don't think you understand who Rance is.

Most of the time, he fucks bitches cause he just wants to feel good, and thats where "My glorious days" plays.

Sometimes, bitches fuck him and that's where "My glorious days v2" plays.

What is a good H-scene music to you? Do you not get that Rance is not an intimate lover and he just wants pleasure?

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Rance is just... Rance. The entire concept of Rance games is to go around raping everything you see. Every male is a competitor to be knocked over, every female is a target to be nailed hard then left for the next one.

That's the idea behind the way the music and story are written.

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opinions OP, also you are best because think diferent? 90% who play sengoku rance like Glorius Days, if you no like, shut up and turn off in H scenes

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There was a moment where Rance had an intimate h-scene with another girl. I forget, I think it was Rizna?

It had entirely different music set for the mood, too.

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It IS horrible. But people here appear to like it for some reason.

But hey, it's Alicesoft. Makers of rape nukiges since times of yore. Since they are old that means they are good.

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also the h scenes where he are "gentle" change to Glorius days v2 is really fun and

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yea, i know he's just some horny guy looking for ass. i'm just saying it's feels silly. I really hope you guys are just messing with me.

like i said no problem with the other music. but seriously? you guys DON"T think the H scenes are giant jokes?

also not mad, i'm post in between turns.

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I can't wait for people to realize that all the Rance games except Sengoku are boring tedious dungeon crawlers. Don't get me wrong, Sengoku is awesome, but the rest of the games are a grindy mess, and most are well over a decade old at this point.

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Your trolling is quite obvious anon.

Don't mind me, I'll be enjoying my rape nukige.

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I'm not sure what all other games people are talking about because I haven't played them (feel free to share links if you'd like to recommend any) but the Rance series is its own breed of awesomeness. If you can't appreciate it then it's because you don't understand it.

Rance is about owning the fuck out of everything that moves, one would think this would be a common theme in h-games but it's rare to see one that doesn't revolve around guro pedophilia or some other nasty shit.

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Are you an idiot. The H-scenes in Rance aren't really meant to be fapped to. They're primarily there for two reasons.

-As a sort of reward for finishing an objective

That's why they play bad ass music. It's to solidify the feeling of glory you get from taking out a house in one day.

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not when i'm fappin' it ain't a joke.

rance h-scenes are great.makes me feel like i'm an actual conqueror pillagin villages and rapin women.

okay, i do agree they might be silly sometimes like how rance manages to persuade girls like how he convinced musket girl to load his bullets in her.

but that's what makes it great, it's not all "im going to have sex with the main character because he's the main character"

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You just solved your own mystery there.

Most RPGs in the 20th century were a grindy mess; older Rance games are merely in step with the tradition.

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They're grindy like any dungeon RPG. Most of the recent games are incredibly easy too.

If people don't like this, actually I don't care. It would only mean less retard in the fanbase.

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I fap hard to any H scene.

>> No.6446745


>I want realism and seriousness in a h-scene
or what you want? jazz music, candles and petal bed?

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There's Kichikuou...

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I didn't say it was a mystery at all. I just meant that people seem to have the mistaken belief that all Rance games are as fun as Sengoku when they're all throwbacks to 80s Wizardry. I'd point to Toushin Toushi III which was Alicesoft's only recent attempt at another dungeon crawler and it bombed horribly. Granted, TT doesn't have the name recognition and rape draw that Rance does, but it was still an absolute chore to play, even though the story was pretty good.

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Also i don't fap to rance, it just too silly. it's problematic as I am afriad it might pop into my mind when I am trying to get off.

Also Rance is long series for a reason, I just don't get why it's so popular.

I played Pastel Chime 1 and 2, bba, and daikuji and liked them all.

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This thread's problem is that people actually expect something out of H-games other than a quick fap and a way to kill time. That's all their for, go read an old famous novel if you want epic writing.

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I think both bba, rance, and most of alicesoft's stuff has ok plot. just rance feels silly.

maybe i'll like it more if i was wasted

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you no have good arguments for reply and now try look as experienced in jpgames? next? you rl card?

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I see your knowledge of the Rance series is so good that you haven't even heard of Kichikuoh.

Neither are any of the RPG Rances "grindy", nor can you compare them to randomized, frustrating games like Wizardry. I honestly doubt you ever have played any one of those.

The RPG Rances are pretty fun to play, just like Sengoku. They miss the non-linearity and replay value, but on a first playthrough they are all pretty great.

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Other than the multiple positions, BBA's sex scenes were boring.


The only good BBA scenes are the rape scenes.

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u mad?
seriously, yea i get some of you guys on /jp/ like rance very much and if i were to say anything bad about him or his game you would get mega butthurt. doesn't change what i think.

Also isn't "extremely horny guy/rapist that wants to fuck" the standard h game protagonist?

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How far are you? The plot starts to get REALLY serious and, dare I say it, -actually good- after a certain point.

>> No.6446796


The standard h-game protagonist has no characteristics at all. He's mostly some tall guy with a big dick and long hair.

>> No.6446797

>Also isn't "extremely horny guy/rapist that wants to fuck" the standard h game protagonist?

Standard eroge protagonists tend to be one of those uselessly beta high school students, actually.

Rance's draw is that he is beyond alpha.

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Well no shit it's silly. It's completely disconnected from reality, and that's how it is supposed to be.

It is a game about rape and conquest, but without as much cruelty and hatred as you would find in other games like it. It's like war rape from the war rapists' perspective; just the good old boys out having the fun that they fought for.

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I DIDN'T EVEN say rance's plot was BAD.
I'm just saying rance isn't my tape of character and the music is misplaced. why are you guys SO intent on defending it like it was the holy grail?

>> No.6446801

Who the fuck cares about plot in Rance?
It's all about the comedy, the characters, and the occasional awesome moments.

The old anime heroic fantasy setting is also way more enjoyable that all those "real deal" eroge.

>> No.6446808

Because it is the holy grail of eroge.

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>-ridiculously horrible h music

>rance < rouga
>i dont like rance as a character


>> No.6446811

Because that's a stupid opinion.
Thinking the music is misplaced is proof that you don't get the game.

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Got bad news for you bud, there's no such thing as the holy grail.

There are two kinds of H-games. The kind where a ronery betamale miraculously starts attracting women and having emotionally deep romance with them, and the kind where an alpha male or sick fuck just does whatever the fuck he feels like. Rance is the latter variety, if you can only identify with ronery betamales then Rance games are not for you so of course you wouldn't really feel right with them.

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Awww, did I hurt your feelings? Good for you if you think that tapping Attack for pixel swaps for 20 hours isn't grindy. I'll be over here, enjoying game mechanics that weren't out of style before I was born.

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rape wargirls, princess, demons, heroins > fuck school girls

deal with it

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don't believe in holy grail.

Alpha and beta aren't such a clear line. Also with rance, he's not so much alpha as just silly. like an over grown kid, also he's very stupid too.

>> No.6446837

>like an over grown kid, also he's very stupid too.
>what virgin betas think about fuck machine alphas

>> No.6446839

>Directly comparing a comedy game to a serious game using the same metric
Don't ever change, /jp/

>> No.6446840


>OP shit tastes
>OP say stupids arguments
>OP want try look as skilled player
>OP rage

u mad OP?

>> No.6446842

Not of the fighting is only a small portion of the game and the story is the more important part. Yeah, I already realized the Xbox was your first system, no need to point that out.

>> No.6446847

You know those superinflated ego jocks in your high school football team that can walk their talk?

Yeah, they're like Rance. Yeah, they're called Alphas.

>> No.6446852

>OP bad taste
>says everyone else is trolling
Gentlemen, I think OP is the troll.

>> No.6446853

>Directly comparing a comedy game to a serious game using the same metric
>Don't ever change, /a/
Fixed that for you.

>> No.6446859


what you want? the silly MC who are virgin, never touch a girl and all girls want fuck with him because is a cute boy?

>> No.6446862

>Also isn't "extremely horny guy/rapist that wants to fuck" the standard h game protagonist?
No, the standard h game protagonist is a lifeless fuck that you can self-insert yourself into, or the heroic types like the guys you see in shonen manga, only they have sex.

>> No.6446865

Sorry, didn't catch that. Was too busy fighting hannys every 4 steps.

>> No.6446868

i'm not the troll, but there is a guy that's been saying trollish things. and he is trolling you guys.

maybe samefag with rance is dungeon crawler guy.

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>Most of the time, he fucks bitches cause he just wants to feel good, and thats where "My glorious days" plays.
>Sometimes, bitches fuck him and that's where "My glorious days v2" plays.
>The wonders of fapping to sex scenes where you listen to the East German National Anthem

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This is totally off topic but I'm good and drunk now so I think I'll go watch Full Metal Jacket again, I kinda feel sympathy for the suffering of betas but the only ones forcing it upon them is themselves so whatever.

>> No.6446882

lol I'm one of those guys, except for the basketball team. and yeah, rance is an awesome protag.

>> No.6446888

>the standard h game protagonist is a lifeless fuck that you can self-insert yourself into

really? are you reading vn's or something?
most of the games i play involve raping and sex. almost never are the guys in that description.

I usually play alicesoft games so i DON'T have to be a total dueshbag/rapist/bitch trainer. but with rance i'm a pathetic duesher that would lie, kill, and steal to lay ONE girl. And not even get a good H scene after.

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>implying VNs aren't eroge even when they are considered eroge by the moonlanders

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If you no are a troll, why no accept your opinion are only that?

bad tastes on my opinion

>> No.6446901

actually i was implying that in VN's there are more betas that are "standard h game protagonist is a lifeless fuck that you can self-insert yourself".

>> No.6446902

If you have a dick larger than a five dollar footlong+several more inches and can do whatever the hell he does, call me. Until then, stay beta.

>> No.6446903

ITT nice guys finish last and they cry about it

>> No.6446907

I love how it is taboo for anybody to say anything about Rance or BBA without it turning into a shitfest anymore.

And by love, I mean fuck you all.

>> No.6446909

so not liking rance makes you a beta?
cause alphas don't usually have to go to round about methods to get laid.
that's like saying drugging a drunk girl with ruffies and raping her is alpha.

>> No.6446911

Well, this only happens when there's always that guy who always tries to compare BBA to Rance games. It's the same shitstorm that happens when T-M fags compare Fate to Tsukihime.

>> No.6446913

>he thinks betas have enough willpower to do that shit

>> No.6446915

that's what it happens with english translationed material.

shiki vs shirou threads didn't exist before translations either.

>> No.6446916

Anon, that kind of is alpha.

Beta males wouldn't have the balls to do that.

>> No.6446919

Risk-averse betas? Drug women? You need to chill, your brain's not working.

>> No.6446923

>People still can't understand what's alpha vs beta
>People still use the word alpha
Pretty pathetic, imho

>> No.6446926

Trolls trolling trolls

>> No.6446927

Sex: Neither of them are great.

Gameplay and System: Rance >>> BBA. BBA's system is extremely... rigid and unweildty. It's not hard or anything, just very annoying, like managing loyalty and peace and stuff is a pain.

Plot: Both aren't great, but Rance > BBA.

Rance just seemed much more addictive and engaging, for me at least. Stayed awake till like 5am playing Rance everyday back then.

>> No.6446931

rance isn't as alpha.
he is a rapist though a persistant one at that.
exactly why he's the type that would resort to ruffies

alpha males have bitches fall on their cocks.

>> No.6446933

in sengoku rance drug to Mouri Teru because she want a extreme sex experience, also still fuck and the trio sisters, alpha as fuck

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X vs Y is the basis of all proper trolling.

Captcha: argues extrigne

>> No.6446943

why do you guys love rance like homosexuals love gay sex?

>> No.6446950

no dude seriously. i'm OP. I wasn't trolling. I like alicesoft stuff. When I played rance, it felt off and silly. also didn't like rance as much as rouga. and the music for h scenes are quite horribly picked. I did give credit where it was due.

but apparently some anons are gay for rance and think they are his waifu.

>> No.6446976

>The term "alpha male" is sometimes applied to humans to refer to a man who is powerful through his courage and a competitive, goal-driven, "take charge" attitude. With their bold approach and confidence "alpha males" are often described as charismatic. While "alpha males" are often overachievers and recognized for their leadership qualities, their aggressive tactics and competitiveness can also lead to resentment by others.
Alpha males TAKE their women. Only betas wait for women to fall on their cock.

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What exactly do people like so much about Rance's game play? BBA seems a lot more precise and strategic compared to Rance, which seems quite random at times. Management is what strategy games are about, after all.

Stop trying to hivemind. I love both games, and they're different enough that Rance fits for his series and Rouga fits for his. No need to force anyone to love either of them, everyone can and SHOULD have different opinions. None of this hivemind stuff. Yes, people can hate on Rance for his brutal actions and silliness if they want, just like people can dislike Rouga's "shonen hero"-ness. Not liking what you like is not "poor taste".

Both are awesome Alicesoft games, get along you fans and promote more of them getting translated! If you keep taking sides and bashing the other game nobody would want to join the fray by translating a third game.

>> No.6446981

BBA is too clunky. You have to micro too much and each thing you do punishes you very badly if you fuck up even a bit.

Gameplay is there to be enjoyed. That is also the reason why Sengoku Rance is more addictive and is all around ranked higher than BBA. You kinda do not want to finish games that keep fucking you in the ass for everything you do, and when what you're doing is a bunch of micromanagement fuckery.

SR also has micro, but not the same fucked up manage everything level that BBA has.

>> No.6446984

No, see, that post is a blatant troll post.

>> No.6446987

You're gonna carry that sage.

>> No.6446990

what a beta.

>> No.6446996

>thinks having fun has anything to do with this alpha beta bullshit

>> No.6446997

I enjoy challenges, and being punished when I screw up. At least more than I do for "lol assassinate, game over" BS. SR was just a little too easy once you found the broken skills and the only real challenge came from waiting for the RNG to screw you in some random way. I realize that I'm not the norm though, so whatever.

>> No.6447001

Damn right you're not the norm. You're called a masochist.

>> No.6447004

There are challenges. Then there's just being a complete lover of pain.

>> No.6447009

why do rance fans get so butthurt when someone says they don't like rance? what is it not alpha to not like rance?

>> No.6447014

Overcoming a good challenge is satisfying. Being handed shit on a silver platter is boring. Unfortunately, most games substitute grind for challenge which makes things frustrating instead of interesting. Always being forced to refine your understanding and strategies is a rare treat. Not that BBA is great for that either, but even subsequent games required a modicum of thought and careful planning at times.

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anyone else feel that rance is like this guy?

>> No.6447018

less awesome of course.

>> No.6447035

Well, I guess different people just like different things. I beat BBA twice on both routes and am quite up for more, while with Rance I could only get myself to beat the TH Route. I have no problem micromanaging whereas random things like "random death" in Rance really get to me. For me BBA was a lot more fun. I heard people complaining about not being able to save all the time in BBA, but that's just the thing-I don't want to save/reload a lot. That's the same problem I have with SRW. I want to make my strategic choices and take responsibility for them.

On the flip side, the wackiness of the cast and scenarios is what I loved about Rance. What DID annoy me about BBA was the amount of guide-dang it moments regarding character recruits and event clears, since I prefer playing games myself without having to adhere to a walk-through to get most things.

>> No.6447036

I like Rance exactly because he's just like Gilgamesh. Rance gets shit done though, unlike Gilgamesh. Fucking super arrogance jobbing.

>> No.6447041

SR is hard enough without being too hard. BBA is just harsh. And that is the reason why it's ranked the lowest out of the 4 Alicesoft SLGs in existence. Probably even DaiTeitoku will outrank it since TADA worked on that one as well.

>> No.6447049

>Fucking super arrogance jobbing.
Nasu is a hack.

>> No.6447067

OP here. Thank you, me.

also rance is like gil in some ways. but less awesome and does lowly stuff.

>> No.6447086

BBA is way too tedious, especially with the decreasing loyalty bar, the ridiculous requirements to get the chara clears and the time-limit it forces upon you.

Here's hoping Daiteitoku is better.

>> No.6447089

This is the same Gilgamesh that killed children to power his shit, not even just because he was angry, right? And does his best to coerce people to do his will, right?

>> No.6447092

First off, argument of quality by popularity on internet voting site = durr.
Second, the difference is a handful of points.
Third, they're all very well rated. Implying that one has a shitty rating because it's slightly lower than the others is retarded.

>> No.6447096

>dying to women and children because of arrogance
Excuse me?

>> No.6447102

Who gives a shit about Gilgamesh?

Saber had sex with Sir Kay.

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Bros 4 LYFE

>> No.6449510
File: 64 KB, 238x238, yuukaclose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>-ridiculously horrible h music

What the FUCK is wrong with you?

>> No.6449531
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>-no voice acting at all
ohboyherewego.jpg , the endless debate of Rance's voice acting.
Go ahead, find me ONE voice actor who'd fit his character well.
sup Nack

Postan the best Rance girl.

>> No.6449539

The one they used for the OVA was ok, but a bit TOO silly.

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Bitch please.

>> No.6449550

Oh my god. How can someone not like My Glorious Days?

No, seriously. I'm baffled. Get your ears checked.

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Too tsundere.

>> No.6449560
File: 47 KB, 640x480, 1268429232026.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Too tsundere.

>> No.6449565
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What's the status on that Kichikuoh Rance translation I heard about?

>> No.6449570
File: 218 KB, 850x1381, magic2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or rather, too tsun, not enough dere.

>> No.6449586

Mad BBAfag tries to troll. Take your school fighting, micromanagement shit somewhere else.

>> No.6449680

I can't wait to relish the massive shitstorm that will arise when Daiakuji will be fully translated.

>> No.6449716

You'll be waiting a long time then. It's an extremely dated guro game. I can count the number of guro games that have been translated period on one hand. Hell, I think you hack the engine to get it to even play music correctly on modern systems.

>> No.6449729

how is rance even fun to play? cause it's not.

>> No.6449762

Alicesoft fanbase confirmed for most anally tender fanbase on /jp/. Seriously, people have to tiptoe around you so that you won't feel offended.

>> No.6449808

Anyone knows what happened with Rance 2 translation that some anons started about two months ago? Is it still alive?

>> No.6449810

The game is tiny. If the project doesn't finish in about two weeks, then it's not going to finish at all.

>> No.6449815
File: 439 KB, 784x600, Rance vs Rouga.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey guys, Rance vs Rouga, who would win?

>> No.6449831

not alicesoft as much as rance fans, they are gay for him or some shit.

don't insult someone's husband, it's rude.

>> No.6449848

Rance would SO beat Rouga.

>> No.6449851

>Rance 02 -the rebellious Maidens-- Translation planned, waiting on hacking

>> No.6449855

>you guys DON"T think the H scenes are giant jokes?
They ARE jokes you fucking retard and that's what makes them awesome.

>> No.6449864
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who would win?
shiki vs shirou?

>> No.6449867

Considering the differences of universe and the legendary supermonsters Rance faces, Rance.

>> No.6449882

Rance VIII: Rance takes Hunty's virginity episode 1.

>> No.6449886

rouga would win cause he's stronger.

>> No.6449890

Not sure if trolling.... wait, ok, nice troll, bro.

>> No.6449891

Shiki can't kill Servants.

Rouga can't kill plothax.

>> No.6449897

>not magic

>> No.6449901

Just leave Rance unvoiced.

That's how most do it.

>> No.6449908

That would be an amazing feat. Considering Hunty at this point is higher leveled than Rance, and doesn't really harbor any emotions for him.

>> No.6449916

>rance couldn't find a rape/fuck anything regardless of power levels.

>> No.6449918

How's he doing with Miki?

>> No.6449919


That project was already dropped lesser than in a week since the start. I was asking about another project that was started by some anons here at /jp/ about two months ago who made interface translation patch for it in a week but then showed no signs of activity.

>> No.6449920

neither shiki, shirou, rance, nor rouga could kill plothax. plus why would they?

>> No.6449924

I enjoyed Rance and BBA so I got into Utawarerumono next and the first few hours were slow. Barely any battles and no ero scenes. Then all of a sudden, harem out of no where and it's a sex extravaganza. You have servants, bodyguards, and and everyone else after your cock. You even have a girl obsessed with eating that basically rapes you so she can swallow your load and fill her appetite.

Honestly, it's kind of overwhelming having this happen all of a sudden.

>> No.6449951

Well Rance doesn't fuck lolis.

Unless he's drunk or something.

I really hope more alicesoft games would get translated.

The gameplay is too addicting for me.

>> No.6449960

Learn Japanese like I did. It's way faster.

>> No.6449969

Naah, I think I'd rather use a walkthrough and wikis and learn a little bit of Japanese while doing so.

Just like with those SRW games.

>> No.6449969,1 [INTERNAL] 

I'm so bored
>diglett has a headache.png