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Time for your injection /jp/

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Am I the only one here who has an enormous fear of needles in general? I feel like I'm going to faint just by seeing someone applying an injection.

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It's just you. Man up

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Eirin! Take that rectal thermometer out of your mouth!

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>Am I the only one here who has an enormous fear of needles in general?

No. It is an incredibly common phobia.

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But I don't want another injection!

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They make me physically nervous but mentally I feel fine with them.

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I only let loli doctors inject stuff into me

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I don't fear them, but I don't enjoy getting anything injected, or blood extracted.

Well, at least I guess that ensures that I'll never try heroin or anything like that.

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Eirin is the Most Powerfull being in Gensokyo

She Posesses AIDS on the go.

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Can someone explain what is going on in this pic?

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very very very very soft fabric?

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She probably sprained something in her back, you know because she's old.

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Back problems due to old age, duh.

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My what big hands you have Eirin

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her glasses are stupid.


and, I wouldn't mind being her guinea pig, as long as I get to "experiment" with her.

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Reisen switched Eirin's vibrator with that remote controller.

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Looks like she was about to write on that scroll but Reisen surprised her and she crumpled it up with her hand.

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Damage report, anonymous FDF-Grunt,

Right leg, damaged, movement restricted, muscular damage.
Lungs, damaged, asthma

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All right...

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