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Yukari is pretty much the most beautiful touhou.

She has long, flowing blonde hair, and non-brown eyes. She dresses in gorgeous dresses and carries a parasol. She is the apple of many people's eye.

BUT, as wonderful and scintillating as Yukari is, if she was a real woman, would she be considered beautiful?

Long hair I guess is not really generally considered something to be amazed over. She has the features of an older lady but you always see older women dressing like bikers or rather sloppily, definitely not in a long flowing dress. A woman who carries a parasol? That's kind of weird and many guys would think shes some creepy cat lady for keeping a pet cat AND fox.

So if your favorite touhous were converted into their real-world counterparts, would the be considered attractive to the general public?

Or just turn this into a Yukari thread

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reimu and sanae would take over the world by giving everyone an amrpit fetish and be crowned empresses

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all her fat only for me

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Don't mind me, just posting the latest As109 picture.

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I guess it would really depend on the touhou's looks and physical features. 2D can make proportions and facial features that are pretty much impossible to duplicate in 3D without photoshop.

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I saw that picture on Pixiv and I have to say that it is one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Plus, its Yukari.

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Yukari thread? God damn i need this, post moar.

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So you appparently have a fetish for ANCIENT women. It's like the fetish for older women, only TAKEN TO THE EXTREME.

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Patchouli, as adorable she is, she is barely considered beautiful now, let alone would she be in real life. She's an unkempt, nerdy, bookworm.

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I hope not. I'd want her all for myself and I don't care if other people don't want her.

I'm a yurifag though so I wouldn't mind sharing her with other Touhous

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As long as her vagina feels like its 17 she's 17.

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I feel hardcore already

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I'd hang around with her anyway ;_;

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I have this. Hoping that they can reverse ageing within our lifetimes so that I can allow myself to get taken advantage of by 17 year old looking cougars.

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A woman with 9 tails is a freak so lets take those out of the equation.

Ran has short blonde hair and dresses kind of sloppy. She wears an ugly dress-thing and a tabard which doesn't show off her figure. She's also kind of fat.

She loves her cat, and is really smart. She would probably be considered a dyke, or be poor with bad fashion sense.

Men would tend to avoid her since shes rather timid and cares about stuff like cooking and housekeeping and math. She would kind of be a boring girl that wouldn't get noticed.

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Where exactly does fat come from?

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But would you hang out with a 3D girl who acts just like her but is not her?

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Not the guy you're replying to, but Ran is generally accepted in fanon as being rather curvy.

Which in real life means chubby.

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Or what's more, with a 3D girl who loves her?

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>Which in real life means chubby.

Not always, in real life some girls can be skinny with lovely curves.

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Does she look like her?

Yes, I'm a bit shallow.

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>purple hair? and eyes no.
>glasses yes.

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Hmm... Well, does unkempt mean really unwashed? or just messy hair, crappy clothing, etc?

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What if she cosplayed as her? lol

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I would. It would be nice to have someone around that I can ask questions to all day and have them know the answer.

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>Yukari is pretty much the most beautiful touhou.
What are you even talking about.

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Even better.

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This is a Yukari thread. Keep non Yukari's to a minimum.

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>So if your favorite touhous were converted into their real-world counterparts, would the be considered attractive to the general public?
>Or just turn this into a Yukari thread

We're still discussing the first thing.

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>if your favorite touhous were converted into their real-world counterparts
>OR yukari thread.

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Well atleast you are all like EWW 3DPD!

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I'd let it pass for the moment.

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So if your favorite touhous were converted into their real-world counterparts, would the be considered attractive to the general public?

Can't we make the thread about this topic instead? Or compromise and talk about the topic whilst dumping images?

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It can be both.

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Suika would be terrible.
Death by alcohol poisoning at a young age ;_;

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I have always thought that it would be too taboo to dress up as Patchy though, since she is mai waifu.

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>Suika would be dead.

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>So if your favorite touhous were converted into their real-world counterparts, would the be considered attractive to the general public?

Considering the general public likes guidos and everything that I consider ugly, probably not. Then again, I couldn't care less about what they think.

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What a terrible thought.

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Gradient hair, a cape and a medium dress with boots, and a cold formal tone even in the most murderous of situations?

That works for me but, I don't know about the general public.

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Rude kindergarden titties.

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its like her shirt was specifically molded to fit her breasts

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Gradient hair, a cape, medium dress with boots, and a cold, formal tone even in the most murderous of situations, especially when committing them?

That works for me but, I don't know about the general public.

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But she looks more like she has dyed her hair previously and the other color is growing back in. However Byakuren would be a lovely person in real life.

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Ok maybe the green hair would be too creepy but Yuuka could pass as a very fashionable and pretty human girl

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yukari's love of ageplay goes back even farther than kindergarten

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No that's no good at all.

I want her bloody determination intact.

That's a rare gift, the willingness to walk over corpses out of self-interest and the pursuit of an ideal.

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just saying..

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And what happens when she decides that you are in her way?

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I run like a bitch or die, what do you think?

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who wouldn't like to serve a delicious and wealthy young lady, mistress of her own mansion?


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What about the Vampirism and locking her sister in the closet for five-hundred years?

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If a tohou would have a real counterpart she'd just be another boring human.There are girls out their who look even better than most touhous but why would I care about them?Why would I want to develope emotions for a person with a ugly personality?

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Flandre is fucking insane. Plus, if you pay attention she likes being in the basement because she loves her sister.

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it's a plus, I get to become the fucking Batman.

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That depends on your definition of ''ugly personality''.

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>just another boring human
>green hair

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bump for more Yukari

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>a cold, formal tone even in the most murderous of situations
>the willingness to walk over corpses out of self-interest and the pursuit of an ideal.

what the fuck? that doesn't sound like byakuren at all. is this some fanon?

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Hina is the very image of beauty

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She let Murasa sink a ship full of people so that there would be no witnesses to Byakuren being all buddy buddy with a yokai.

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She killed Humans and started to care for Youkai solely to preserve her youth gained by black magic.

Too many think of her as Jesus rather than a selfish two-timer who later started to to justify her actions in the name of balance.

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Yukari has the best feet

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Obviously you have set yourself up for failure. Assuming every girl has an ugly personality is just you being a presumptuous bastard, and you yourself have the ugly personality.

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what is that look on her face for, /jp/?

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You need to learn how to read 2D women better. She obviously wants to fuck.

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I think you mean <other Touhou name> OP.

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the ship only had a few people, but i'll give you that.
while she did do it out of greed, she did eventually start actually caring for youkai and wanting co-existence with humans. Other than the ship thing i have never heard of her killing more people.

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If she kills any Human witnesses and she has helped Youkai repeatedly before and after.

It's safe to say her kill count is probably more than that boat.

Regardless, she killed and developed her ideals ultimately out of selfishness.

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Not this shit again.
Byakuren wants youkai and humans to live in equality and peace. That's what she's working towards now and that's all that matters.

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All the retarded porn that makes her into a MILF.

No, she's always been thin.

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No one is disputing that.

I'm just pointing out she's willing to do some terrible things in her pursuits.

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Bump. More Yukari.

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More like Necro-FANTASIA-bump, amirite?

pic related it's Yukari at her computer

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She wouldn't be considered attractive to the general public because she'd give off a Lovecraftian aura of terror.

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Fortunately that is my fetish.

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What was the original pic?

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The original is >>6442609. I have the pixiv original somewhere.

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Would you mind finding it for me, please?

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It's the exact same picture, just different file-name.


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Oh, alright. I thought >>6442609 was cropped or something.


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No problem bro. I'm just glad collecting pixiv originals pays off once in a while.

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That's why I was careful to say "the general public." The thought of Yuuka leaning in like she's going to kiss me followed by thorny vines snaking out of her mouth and ripping the skin on my face off arouses me, too.

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Is there a whole series of Yukari rudely interrupting people getting their picture taken?

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...not that I know of, no.

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Like so?

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I love Yuuka pictures like this. I love the whole "one with nature" theme. So pretty, yet so creepy. Yuuka in a nutshell.

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I concur.

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Oh boy, Yukari fakepucco pic featuring nosehooks.

>> No.6443150

I went to his website and checked out the other Yukari pictures.

Jesus christ my eyes.

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>if your favorite touhous were converted into their real-world counterparts

I'd love to get a history lesson from Keine.

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Too bad she'll erase the history of it afterwards. You won't remember a thing.

>> No.6443624

Why would she do that?

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Better don't forget your homework.

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That way you get to experience sex for the first time over and over again.

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Silly Yukari, a parasol is used to protect the person under it from the sun, not from milk falling from the sky!

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