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She sees my dick.

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And is trying not to laugh.

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so much win

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Very genki 17 year-old.

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Yukarin doesn't look like an old hag here.

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what is it about chokers/bows around the neck that gives me such a raging hard on?

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Yukari doesn't have to be an old hag.
Yukari is 17 years old!

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Same thing, but add gloves.
Yukari has both
Pic unrelated, it's Yukari's bro from another world (they met in the Void)

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thanks for reminding me that I fucked up on the second to last wave of your last spellcard and failed your stage, Yukari, I really appreciate that.

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never mind, I appear to have gone from not being able to beat Yukari to beating her with 6 lives to spare.
I know you won't believe me, but this screencap was my first time beating phantasm.

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