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God damn it pirates ARRRRR!

How much longer do I have to wait for this?!

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You're not the only one.

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Too bad I live in fucking Europe if not I'd just go out and buy the godamn game. It deserves my money.

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>How much longer

Just 8 hours,40 minutes, 32 seconds, Sixty Sextrillion mili-seconds and one eternity.

Not that long OP when you factor in the Richter Scale.

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More like western Asia.

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>western Asia
More like northern Africa.

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why so /int/?

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I meant southern Europe, sorry.

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Morning amuricunts

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Good morning sweatheart.

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Good HM/RF discussion at /v/ feels good man.

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browsing only /jp/ really screws with your reflex speed, I couldn't keep up with the RF thread until it stopped.

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Yeah coming back at /v/ feels really engaging. It's like I'm on IRC.

Well conversation stopped at this point. Gotta wait until respawn.

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And still nothing.

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I can't report this thread enough.

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by the way, I remember you were saying something about having to play this game 5 times or something.
You can up everyone's affection level till level 9 without repercussions, and 10 is proposal/marriage.
If you're using a flashcard, just make a copy of your save file on the pc, and then advance the plot with the girl of your choice.

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Damn.... you're right. Thanks! Wow I never thought of that.

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Or just watch youtube video.

People record RF1, RF2 and RFF's marriage events and stuff to youtube. RF3 goes without saying.

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Found one more.

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I know, but it's just not the same, at least for me.
Playing it makes you feel like you earned it.

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I only feel like I've earned it if I pick one and stick with her.

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My F5 is running out of power...

Oh lord,if you exist,I beg of thee, reward my patience with Rune Factory 3 so I can gleefully begin my waifuan games!!!

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Looks like I need to end my day. Hope there's gonna be a dump when I wake up in 6 hours.

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I'm going to sleep. I hope it's out when I wake up.

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I hope the same ;_;

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It's out!! DS-Scene: http://www.ds-scene.net/?s=viewtopic&nid=10116

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are you the same guy that trolls the vntl update threads?
it's sad that people get off to this

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Any dump yet?

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I'm going to wait until RF3 is out!

>My picture

>This thread

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Woke up, no dump yet. I'm disappoint.

>There's most likely no dump yet because all the major USA groups have seemingly vanished. I haven't seen XPA or Bahamut in a long time, and even Venom seems to be dropping off. Most of the recent major releases have come out in Europe at the same time, so it hasn't been a big problem, but not all games have a simultaneous release. RF3's probably still gonna get dumped, it might just take a little while.

>Apparently Bahamut's been releasing J games, but have dropped off on their U releases.

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You guys should be buying these types of games.

Pirate crap like Modern Brofare or Fallout 3 or something.

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I'll buy it to support MMV and Natsume when it arrives at my country's game shop.

But since I'm going to play undub I need the ROM.

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Unfortunately I don't have the money to spare on a DS and I only own a PSP.

Besides it'd be stupid for me to buy one since it's game library only has a few titles that I care about. Seriously, theres about 3 titles on the thing that I actually hold interest in.

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You can still buy those games as a gesture even though you just play the rom using emulator. At least you can enjoy the handbook, and the feeling of not being a pirate.

Anyway import is costly and takes too long to arrive.

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I want undub too so theres no point in buying it

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I originally bought a DS solely to play chapter 5 of Gyakuten Saiban, since I'd already played the 1-4 version on GBA.

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5 Reasons not to buy this game.

1. Where I live it will take like 2 weeks to arrive from the US.
2. It will get leaked way before I get it.
3. With all the luxuries a Flashcard provides like exporting savegames, real time saves and stuff there no reason to buy any DS game.
4. I did buy the DS but I hate it, it's OLD and NintenJEWs made it so that even when it was released it was basically 3 years old tech in it with a touch screen gimmick.
5. I want people to release my weeaboo games in Europe and I want Europe to have more of these japanese games. So thats why even if I did buy it I'd buy the EU version.

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Unless to support the developer. Isn't Cing died due to lack of sales? No more good mystery adventure like Hotel Dusk and Last Window for us.

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I for one am sick of the tiny NDL screen and I'm sick of the PSP not having proper controls such as 2 analog stick and a touch screen, can't fucking wait for a new consoles.

Why nintendo thought it would be a good idea not to have TWO FUCKING ANALOG STICKS is beyond me...

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The better the sales in US and Europe, the more chances they'll bring out Rune Factory Oceans over there.

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my main issue is the L and R butttons. they break easy on DSL and DSI yet the original works fine since it uses the same buttons as the GBA. please switch if back to the gba triggers

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Help me /jp/

No matter how often nor how much I refresh my pages,the rom just does not show up. I've been doing this since 1 AM and it is now currently 4:30 PM.

Am I doing something wrong?

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Go download the Japanese RF3 and play it to give it a taste. You're going to need that J ROM anyway for undub.

And watch the trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=19EX-8vVog0&feature=related

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What about the DSi XL?

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I see no point of wasting money on something just to get a tad bigger screen.

But seriously the DS tech is so fucking out dated... compared to the PSP.

And my biggest problem so far looking at the 3DS graphics is that they don't appear to be anything better then the PSP. It's just a PSP with slightly improved graphics and 3D gimick.

Plus they're so fucking cheap then kept the lower screen 4:3 so they could reuse the DS ones. Nintendo always makes me rage when it comes to hardware.

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Technically it's inferior, but NDS attract developers more and hence, got more interesting games than PSP.

If you enjoy mainstream milking shit like P3P and Monhun, stay with PSP.

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I won't buy a PSP now, knowing that the PSP2 is on the doorsteps with possible backwards capabilities, theres quite a lot of good PSP games actually, and considering I never owned a PS1 or PS2 it's awesome.

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Getting an old Fat Ps2 model would be way more awesome than a PSP2 the moment it's released.

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>But seriously the DS tech is so fucking out dated... compared to the PSP.

That's Nintendo for you. But thats also their strong point. The lower specs allow the developers to have an easier time churning out games like Petz and whatnot which appeal to the ignorent masses who'll buy their games. Not only does the developer have to worry about the amount of work needed for a handheld game on it,they also need to worry that it won't get pirated to fuck and back because the PSP's targeted audience is not loaded full of naive kids that believe you always need to show some Green to get something.

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>ignorent masses

Hello, Sony fanboy.

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Whoaa... wait just a second, the DS may be full of crap, but it has way more non-mainstream good titles than the PSP. Specially if you are a JRPG fan.

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PC fanboy actually

Grorious master race

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Silly I'm poor as a church mouse, I never get stuff when it released, only PC games that I really play a lot like Starcraft 2 or Civilizations 5 or Bad Company 2.

Games that I want to be in for the Multiplayer from the start.

All of my PS3 games are bought when the price has gone down to like 20 pounds thats like 35$...

So I'll get the PSP2 eventually... but not when it's released.

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It does, but don't you believe all the games that where made for the DS wouldn't be much better on a PSP? If the PSP had some form of "mouse" controls such as a touch screen.

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Not exactly, seeing how the DS games we are actually talking about are mostly in 2D.

Hardware is not needed, specially in a handheld, where you don't use big resolution or 3D models.

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I buy video games for experience, not graphic.

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>Hardware is not needed, specially in a handheld,

That's the talk of an old man! Do you not look forward to the day when you can go out in public with your handheld waifu in all her wonderful 2.5D glory,listening to her moans of joy as you fuck her in broad daylight?!

No!? For shame!


Aboard a spaceship to Mars.

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>It does, but don't you believe all the games that where made for the DS wouldn't be much better on a PSP?

Absolutely not, this is completely naïve fanboyism. You make the games you can make, and just because a game is made for DS, it doesn't mean it would have been for PSP if the DS hadn't existed. Or rather, it might have existed, but it would not have magically been better just because it was made for PSP. That would take a very different coding and design. Any actual advantages to being on PSP would need to be exploited by a more expensive development, which many games made for DS would not have been able to afford, and thus would have not existed, or existed with no differences.

And that's still assuming the PSP versions would have any fucking significant advantage. You'd be talking about only the games that make extensive use of 3D in a way that affects their quality. There would be little to any difference in a plethora of titles.

>If the PSP had some form of "mouse" controls such as a touch screen.

Now you went full retard. So the PSP versions would be totally awesome if the PSP were just a DS? You could easily turn the argument around and say all games for the PSP would be better on the DS "if only" the DS had the graphical capacity of the PSP.

If a machine has any advantage, that's it. You can't just assign superiority to one machine by imagining a hypothetical version that had the upsides of its competitors. I could easily say that the N-Gage would have been the best ahndheld of its time "if only" it had had better games, marketing, hardware, everything.

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I need a holo-projector and a pillow, not a handheld for that.

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>Absolutely not, this is completely naïve fanboyism.

This can't be true since I own a DS Lite and I don't have a PSP.

Actually I'm more talking about the significat difference in the size od the mediums for the games, PSP games can have English and Japanese sound track with way better quality. It can also diplay better looking 2D sprites as seen in Disgaea 1 on PSP vs Disgaea 1 on the DS.

Also almost all performers on the DS would look and play better on a big widescreen compared to a very low resolution 4:3 screen.

But since I mostly play japanese games with a japanese undub I consider the DS a damn shitty system for not having japanese voices just like the X360. It's limited by space.

Inb4 hate but the Call of Duty Black ops for the PS3 is 17.6 GB compared to the 7.6 DVD X360 edition. That means it has better video and audio quality.

I really really really enjoyed playing Oendan on my DS but seriously the song bitrate is catastrophic. Ever tried playing it with decent headphones?

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Playing this game right now, it's a total improvement over RF2.

Voice acting is actually good this time, slightly less than RFF quality.

All weapon types look viable, even the hoe gets a 3 hit combo.

I also like how the stuff you use shows up on the character. Micah is going to look badass once i start forging the ultimate demon slaying +9 kill swords.

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>my face when Raven

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>my face when you don't have a face

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And yes the prefect handheld would be a a console with touch controls, 2 fucking analog sticks, good shoulder buttons and awesome graphics quality combined with a good storage system so that games don't have to compromise on audio or video quality.

Just look at the jump from Cartrages to CD then CD to DVD then to BD.

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Fucking captcha

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Dubbed RF sounds awful when I listen to it right after playing the undub

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Since you don't own a PSP, how could you notice the difference between the sprites in the DS version?
I say that if you don't have both consoles, your opinion is not worth listening to.

The DS has a lower resolution, but also a smaller screen, the character sprites didn't suffer as much as you think.

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And it always will, the English language is not capable of transmitting moe.

German, Hungarian and Croatian is crap at it too. Basically out of all slavic languages I can only find Czech moe, and none of the germanic ones fit. I watched some anime in Italian and Spanish but they don't seem to capture is the way French does.

So far I only found French and Czech dubs to capture the moe spirit of things.

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So I can't have friends that own a PSP?

I have one that owns both the a PSP and a DS and a PS2. He won't buy the new HD ones because he has no HDTV.

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>we will probably get a (E) dump. most probably since there's been no (U) game dumps for a while.

Faster to buy it yourself if you're in US.

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Well I can't find the EU release date anywhere. Nor can I find it as a preorder on any of my usuall UK sites.

I don't think it has a EU release date and looking at RF2...

Release date(s)

* JP January 3, 2008[2]
* NA November 18, 2008[2]
* EU October 8, 2010

It makes my stomach do a 360.

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You are in /jp/ after all, so I say that you have no friends!

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>And it always will, the English language is not capable of transmitting moe.

True. The voices in this game are well done, but they aren't moe at all.

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Oh god I might as well just let myself pass out here at the computer.

All this hard waiting for nothing.

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Yeah there's no date for EU release yet. Bad news is, we haven't got any US ROM dump release for so long.

Except for Black Ops. Gamestop didn't bother to stock RF3 or even pushed the date up to 22nd in order to get more COD in. It's really happening.

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Well with the EU trend of getting games years apart from the US/JP ones I bet no RF3 for Europe for a long time.

>> No.6428795

>Except for Black Ops.

Fucking hell. It's like everyone is playing it.

The gamestop clerk was genuinely surprised today that i was buying something that wasn't black ops.

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It's so fucking sad...

I used to love Call of Duty 2. Played it for 1254 hours or so my old Xfire profile says.

Too bad Modern Warfare came along with perks and the worst thing even designed, kill streak bonuses. That absolutely killed competitive PC FPS. I was so frustrated with it I switched to playing RTS, Company of Heroes.

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Some Gamestop only ordered 2-3 copies of RF3, and now they're delaying release until 22nd in order to stock more COD. Meanwhile...

>Even BestBuy doesn't have it yet. I called 2.
>They said it will be 'released' on the 30th.
>After GoldenSun comes out.

If you're impatient, try online retailer next. Amazon is delaying though.

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Newegg got no stock either.

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I was thinking of buying it when I went to pick up a copy of African-American law enforcement officers (for a friend, of course), but I have no DS and felt reluctant about revealing my powerlevel, even if it is just fucking Gamestop employees.

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And they wonder why more and more people see piracy as a good alternative.

>> No.6429527

I would hardly put the blame on Natsume, though. It's gamestop's stupid system of ordering games based on preorders, and the big chains hardly ever carry niche titles. Then pirates can make it worse by pirating an already niche title (under the assumption that some of the pirates would otherwise have bought the game).

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>> No.6429543


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I would buy it if they understood their audience better and keep the japanese voices

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Again, as a niche title, they probably opt for the smaller sized carts to turn a profit. If they kept the japanese voices, that would add a small amount of new sales that would not offset the costs. At least, this is how I understand it

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Be patient guys, we will get it.

Jeez, no wonder small-knit VN community feels much more comfortable and personal than mangascan and ROM dumper. Shit is just too big and everyone rage and demand shit even if it's just one-two days after release.

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Considering the recent trend on DS games, isn't it highly likely that this game is going to have easily-removed-by-update-or-patch anti-piracy protection up its digital ass? Why bother being the first to get it, then?
Unless you have a SCDSTWO.

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Rune Factory games have no AP

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Somebody confirm this before I shit myself.

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Of course not.

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Holy shit, it's legit.

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Got another link.

>> Anonymous 11/11/10(Thu)00:08 No.78241XXX
password is romu

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Reuploaded from the guy who dumped it.

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