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Do you think suwako misses her husband?

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Being a goddess allows you to utilize various perks of divinity, such as immaculate conception.

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Just so you know, immaculate conception doesn't mean what you think it does.

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At least some if not all of them.

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Oh, bloody hell, I should know this.

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I don't think she does.

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But she sees kanako everyday

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Frogs can reproduce asexually! Jurassic Park said so!

Suwako's a virgin! She's a virgin! She's just gotta be!

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If I were a loli goddess I would probably fuck dozens of men and women every day.

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And that is why you are not a loli goddess.

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Sure she is.

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She misses me?

But I'm always with her...

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Go back to dead, Benny.

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Old gods are all about sex, sex, sex.

And Suwako is older than Japanese islands.

It's actually very surprising she has just one descendant.

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>The Immaculate Conception of Mary is, according to Catholic doctrine, the conception of the Virgin Mary without any stain ("immacula" in Latin) of Original Sin

I learned something today!

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Her husband is a human dude. He's already long way dead.

Unless you think she fucked a guy per generation.

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You know, it's probably that Suwako has more than one family descended from her. It's just only Sanae has ever met her.

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Didn't she also get impregnated through the ear or something to that effect?

The evangelists must've loved their shrooms.

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so, normal procreation is the devil's work?

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ITT; Stoopid fucking questions.

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2000 years of institutionalised christianity. What isn't the devil's work?

Granted, nearly all religions have irrational prohibitions, but christianity is exceptional when it comes to recording the legal aspects of theirs.

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In fact, it is. We all are born stained by the Original Sin precisely because we are a result of procreation.

Jesus died on the cross to redeem that sin, though.

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Everything is heresy anyway. Big deal.

Have you not abided by the Lord's laws of leprosy upon homes? Too bad, you're going to hell.

At least shinto openly tells you you're going hell anyway, complete with thunder gods in your genitals. Guess that's why the Japanese prefer their buddhist funerals.

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What's up with that, anyway? Japan seems to be a crazy kind of religious syncretism.

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Hopelessly wrong pic.

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Makes sense. If a religion doesn't cater to your best needs, pick one that does. When that need is fulfilled, go back to your old. Polytheism is wonderful - doesn't close any doors on you.

Think the saying goes that the average casually religious Japanese lives a shintoist, marries a christian and dies a buddhist, or something along those lines.

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Polytheism always struck me as an inferior form of metaphysical thought.

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Wouldn't call it inferior, but yeah, it's way closer to earth. Having a big pantheon can be interpreted as trying to explain the order of nature by having it mirror the order of society. Except in that case it doesn't really practice what it preaches, since polytheistic myths tend to be sort of chaotic.

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How come?

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sauce on artist for this pic

or just post more delicious touhou freud

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Come to think of it, the shinto take on immaculate conception is probably even weirder than the christian one.

So Izanami and Izanagi walk around a pole, they say hello, and Izanami instantly gives birth to monsters.
They throw the monster into the ocean, walk around a pole again, say hello again... and voila, the mighty god of prawns.

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Artist listed as 'aku (dejigiga)' on danbooru.

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Artist listed as 'aku (dejigiga)' on danbooru.

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That artist would seem to have been busy...

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Oh my... maybe not heretical, but this is surely blasphemous enough to stick the artist in christian hell for certain.

... except not really, since the whole 'Santa' imagery is a modern invention, supposedly made for Coca Cola by a Swedish immigrant, based on surviving pagan folklore.
So suppose he's going to be rewarded in Folkvang instead.

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moriya shrine, incest shrine

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post moaaaaaaaaar

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Is it still incest with a gap of 40 or more generations?

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is that sum corean touhou doujin?

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I believe thats thai

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fuck yes

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Monotheism is just as bad.
Chinese and Hindu religious thoughts >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Canaanite religious cults

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what the fuck?

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Fuck you Anonymous.
How many times do I have to say that