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Oh boy..

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I'd cum in her face.

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>ohh you!
caption, add it

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Have some Milla Jovovich.

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What's with the fucking manfaces. No, seriously?

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She's 15 (soon 16) btw...

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dammit when you people make comments like this it gets me all mixed up

like I can't even think that suwako cosplayer is cute anymore because you all have me convinced she's a dude

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Nothing wrong with them being a guy.

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>suwako girl
She was conclusively proved female, I mean hell, one anon on here actually molested her at a con, groping her ass in a crowd.

Then, something like THIS (pic related) comes along and turns your world upside down.

my solution? fap anyways.

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I still like the original filename of this one

>Marisa has a precious thing.jpg

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How does this man do it.

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What am I supposed to name the rest? Numbers would kill the clever title...

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I would say I'd probably be able to pull off as good a Reimu as he does if I shaved off my body hair, but my face is way more masculine than his. I can never be the little girl ;_;

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Magical Finnish crossplay powers.

I've seen pictures of him in plain clothes, he's actually quite strange looking when he's not being the most goddamned delicious Reimu trap in existence.

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Sup /int/!

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Wrong! She is 16 and soon 17!

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The bunnies, they follow me.

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Stop making shitty cosplay threads in /jp/, normalfags.

You have your own board for that, and Touhou cosplays are very much accepted there: >>>/cgl/

3D and cons, on the other hand, are not accepted in /jp/.

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'sup NACK

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>numbers would kill the clever title

yi er san yi er san one two three one two three ichi ni san

are you sure about that? haha

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I visited the board, out of curiosity...


I'm disgusted.

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3D women are whores, what did you expect?

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But typical cgl-fags are stupid and have no idea about Touhou or cgl-fags don't like Touhou.
The most cgl-fags are stupid Pokemon-fans or other mainstream shit!

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There was a Touhou cosplay thread this week in /cgl/, stop lying just because you want to shitpost in our board.

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I am completely not getting my question answered/satisfied here

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I agree with this anon.

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Shoes instead of boots... that simply will not do.

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We had that same argument before. She's a slut and doesn't need boots.

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45 looks cute.

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If anything, the three of them are sluts because they're rabbits. And I don't see all of them wearing shoes.

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Good fapping!

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I'm going to forgive the lack of boots on 410. Dem legs.

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3D pig delicious

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I warned you about the bunnies bro
I told you dog

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I hope everyone knows that all cosplayers are like this, even the ones posted in this thread.
Enjoy your whores and sluts with various STDs.

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1. He's gay. This means he has magical hygiene and fashion skills.
2. He is very skilled at sewing and costume construction.
3. He's willing to go the extra mile to make it look really fucking good.

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>1. He's gay. This means he has magical hygiene and fashion skills.
I wish I was gay ;_;

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"Cosplayers" aren't whores, *people* are whores. Men and women both. It just happens that some of those people are cosplayers too. Cosplaying doesn't make you a whore, nor are whores more likely to cosplay -- it's just that most people are whores.

Guys will whore themselves out in all kinds of ways to try to "get" girls -- they'll betray who they are and who they want to be. Girls will whore themselves out to get money and guys. We have a word for such people -- "normalfags".

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>>We have a word for such people -- "normalfags".
Such as you.

Also, every other poster, refer to:

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I'd hit it.

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>"Cosplayers" aren't whores
Yes they are, most normalfag women are whores but all cosplayers are whores.
They fuck people for money (and attention), if that's not whorish than I don't know what is.

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>They fuck people for money (and attention),

No True Scotsman fallacy. A cosplayer is someone who dresses in costume. A prostitute is someone who fucks for money. It is possible to do one without the other.

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You know, you could avoid the shit storms in every cosplay thread if you go back to /cgl/

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>It is possible to do one without the other.
It's possible to be a whore and not cosplay but all cosplayers fuck for money, no exception.
It's like you've never met any cosplayers in real life before.

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Can you name a single cosplayer who isn't trying to get attention?

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Can you name a single human being who isn't trying to get attention?

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All of us here.

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With the notable exception of the tripfags.

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