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If Yuuka was your mother, things would be different around here.

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Yeah. Things would be quite deader.

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And she is. Or at least my mother did look like her when she was young.

Picture related. Me.

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I want mama Ran ;_;

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if yukari was my dad things would be different around here

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Actually seeing as my dad left my mom when I was 4, it'd probably be about the same. WIth less child support payments.

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this is toho freud thread

post some toho freud

captcha: butfunks the

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if yuuka was my mother, i would mind being punished


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If Ran was a good mother Chen wouldn't be like this.

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If Yuuka was my mother, I'd be too busy sucking plant sap from her tits.

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If Yuuka was my mother, I wouldn't be such a useless piece of crap.

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I find that highly unlikely. There's no evidence in Touhou for the presence of Touhous making people not utter crap. If anything, it makes you MORE likely to be utter crap.

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inb4 gardeningtime.jpg

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On the flip side, if Kaguya was your mother, you'd likely be exactly the same.

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>Oh, mum! Mum, I'm not feeling well!
>Don't worry! I've brought you something!
>Medicine at last?
>Some blankets, perhaps? Some clothes, wood for the fire?
>Nope! ...Sunflowers!
>Aw, Byakuren! Sunflowers!
>I thought you'd like them!
>I'm sick to bloody death of them! I'm bloody dieing, and all you bring me is sunflowers! All we've eaten, mum, for the last four bleeding weeks is sunflower soup, roast sunflower, steamed sunflower, braised sunflowers in sunflower sauce, sunflowers in a basket with sun dried sunflowers, sunflower-marang pie, sunflower sourbet! We sit on sunflowers, we sleep on sunflower, we feed the nekomata on sunflowers, we burn sunflowers, we even wear the bloody things!
>I think you look sharp!
>Oh, shut up! I'm sick to death of the stench of them! Look! The nekomata's just chocked itself to death on sunflowers! I don't care if I never see another sunflower til the day I di--

And then I got Dual Spark'd.

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imagine if cirno was your mother

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Good. One should not take Byakuren's name in vain.

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i wish Yukari was my mother

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>The nekomata's just chocked itself

Infinite summer.

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You wouldn't have lived past infancy, you'd have been frozen and broken accidentally like a frog.

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If Yuugi and Suika were my parents and Kasen was my Auntie I would be fucking buff.

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As a half ice-fairy, you'd probably survive it.

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Please stop reminding me Yuuka isn't related to me.

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If Chen was your pet, things would be different around here.

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a million "long chen is long" posts

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I don't want Chen as a pet. She's a bad cat and she'd probably fight with my own superior nice cat.

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You're right. Much better as a lover.

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Sicko. She's just a child, wait for her to mature first.

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She's already plenty mature, she's has two tails, after all.

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You can be really gross sometimes.

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A mature cat barely rates as a human child, though.

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If you had a cat who was around 12 in human years and wanted to have sex with you because having sex with other cats looks painful, so she transformed into human form so she could do it with you because she's in heat, wouldn't you?

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If Yuka was my father, I'd ask her what's a penis.

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No, I would not. She's my cat, I don't fuck my cat, and I'm not going to fuck my cat if she turns human unless she demonstrates a human adult''s maturity.

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Are you sure that you belong here?

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If Yuuka was my mother, that damned University of Art would have accepted me, and I still would have been the best dictator in the world.

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Are you implying that I wouldn't fuck Orin? I would. As much as she wants.

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Orin, after all these years of you raping my ass in your stage, I can finally say that I raped your ass, finally.

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Hey, if you could try to have that Rumia book scanned by Rumia day that'd be great. No rush.

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Here's a sample.

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And when is that, the winter solstice?

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(Newfriend alert.)

Protip: Rumia day is the 7th of every month.

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Might want to up any high-res scans to imouto, someone might clean them up.

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Thanks for the tip. I'll try doing that.

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If Yuuka was my mother, she'd still be the same. A lesbian and can easily kick my ass.

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If Yuuka was your mom, you'd feel extremely uncomfortable thinking of her in a sexual way.

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If Yuuka was my mother, I'd finally have a worthy rival to practice my hand to hand combat abilities with.

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if yuuka were my mother, everything would be pretty much the same, minus the zealous christian attitude.

The same psychopathic tendencies would be there though.

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If she was my mother it would indicate that she had sex and that would be UNFORGIVABLE

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Maybe you went back in time and sired yourself with her? Would that be acceptable?

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She could be a father, though. She's good at sowing seeds.

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you stupid virgin only people.jpg