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Oh, you're awake! Yay! Hee hee! Mommy just wanted to tell you that you're going to have a GREAT day today! Go out and make me proud!

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Bitch, I'm not here to make you proud.

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It's gonna be another slow day at work, mommy! But I still love you! Can I have some breakfast?

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Ok, mom

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>Go out and make me proud!
Probably should've left that part out.

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Oh, no you don't. I'm gapping you -outside-.

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Now, now. Even if you're a big ol' NEET, mommy loves and supports you.

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I think we should have daily motherly comments from other mature Touhous too, even if they aren't always as gentle. Especially since I don't really care much for Ran.

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Of course! What would you like?

Oh! Ha ha! Don't be embarrassed. Mommy just goes suppatenko once in a while.

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I love you, mom. I'm going to stay inside and be depressed the best I ever have, just for you.

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It's depressing that i've seen the Ran good morning thread all of the past few days in a row before I've gone to bed...

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I've seen this thread every morning at 6:45 when I get out of the shower and head downstairs to my computer. Love it. <3

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Come on, get out of bed. Why do you always do what Ran tells you and not me?

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Because mama Ran lets me see her bare feet and breasts~

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These threads are so creepy and delightful at the same time.

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I wish Yukari and Ran were my mommies...

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Secretly Ran is disappointed in you. She keeps trying to convince herself her only son will one day become a useful member of society. Her cheerful act is only to deceive herself from the fact you're completely useless.

Have a good day Anonymous.

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Mama Ran, good

Mama Yukari, not so good

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Buzz off, Satori.

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But there are no men in Touhous.

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But there are...

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Thanks, Anonymous. I'm sure Unzan and Rinnosuke will love that.

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Just like my real mom.