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If you were ZUN, what fanon dreams would you destroy or fulfill ?

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Suwako x Utsuho

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i will destroy the "aya is a slut" dream
thanks for the cute image, 1 more to my collection

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start killing touhous

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Lesbian Touhous

and the rest, but most importantly destroying the lesbian touhous

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>Destroy Lesbian touhous

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I would introduce 1 alpha as fuck Mary Sue-ish male character, wo would defeat all Touhous and make them his love slaves.

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This thread started off the potential to be interesting and halfway decent but soon degraded into utter shit.

Better luck tomorrow, OP.

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Fanon dreams? Obliterate them all.

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I would confirm to the world that Sanae's hymen is intact.

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I would stop making Touhoues and file a lawsuit against every single person who used their likenesses.

I would destroy the lives of hundred of mangaka...

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mangaka is for manga, not doujins.

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I'd put yukkuris as the cruel bloodthirsty creatures they are. The endings end up having your character being praised by her killing of them.

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He should also be able to steal their powers.

By fucking them.

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But ZUN already did that.

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Patchy is dying

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Patchy just doesn't make sense. Eirin can certainly cure asthma.

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And lose her main moe aspect? No thanks.

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Cirno is of average intelligence, enjoys classical music but not much into literature.

Yuka is about on par with Medicine in terms of strength, and prefers to hide in her flowers when trouble comes around.

Unzan's attacks on lunatic include his giant cloud penis.

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Canon depiction of WAIFU-TIER Mystia with eyeglasses.

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Mokou burns mystia's stand

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Come on dude, Cirno is canonically dumb.

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Cirno is canonically one of the strongest and most intelligent fairies.
It's not saying much if you compare her to youkai or humans, but for her race she's pretty high in the rankings, if not at the top.
She seems less intelligent than she is because she's stubborn.

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Strongest, yeah, but why intelligent?

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Wouldn't say she's dumb. After all, she's at least capable of some rational action and foreseeing the consequences of her actions. That, and apparently she can read.

That said, that doesn't mean she's smart.

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I'd report this thread.

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She recognized the incident in PoFV didn't she?
She's at least capable of making connections, which puts her ahead of most fairies.
Hell, I don't think many of the Youkai or humans made the link, based on how everyone else seemed to have to investigate.

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Cirno is not among the most intelligent fairies at all. We can clearly see that in Fairy Wars, while the 3 fairies seen to be much more reasonable than Cirno.

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I would have Reimu have the biggest dick.

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Pic related, it's Reimu getting the biggest dick.

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I'd make Shameimaru impure.

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I'd give Sakuya a canon boyfriend.

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His name? Zunsuke.

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I would make Touhou DEEP.

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I would have Alice finally admit her affection towards Marisa <3

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Its called the The King of Gensoukyo series. Rinnosuke finally becomes a true man.

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I'd buy Moriya and have complete control over Danmaku in Youkai Mountain.

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now I would like a sauce for that.

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Give all the Touhous boyfriends. The assrape would be unfathomable.

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What? No. The three fairies blew up Cirno's house to make her help them. Not even as an intimidation tactic, which would make sense. They blew up the house, and then asked her nicely to join them. Combat happened because Cirno got pissed about it, with ENTIRELY GOOD REASON.

The three fairies clearly have a lack of understanding of something as simple as cause and effect. Yes, they are big on teamwork and cooperation, which are somewhat abstract concepts, but I'd say Cirno is at least as smart as they are. And going by the events of the game, she kicks their ass when all three of them are working together against her, so she is also stronger than them, at the least.

Cirno may not be extremely bright, but the smartest fairy? She is certainly in the top few percent, at least.

>Snowfall concerns
Thank you captcha.

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That Alice x Marisa bullshit.

Alice is tool cool of a character to be portrayed that way.

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The smartest fairy could still be extremely stupid compared to most humans, which is what the fans seem to go by.

I don't even have a problem with that, it just bugs me that most of their humor is either "lol! She said 9!" and "EYE AM STRONGEST XD" or "Haha, look at that retard".

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The faeries didn't blow up her house. A rock fell on her house, collapsing it, and then the faeries, who later arrived, and being geniuses put up their three faeries flag in the middle of the ruins. Cirno made the logical conclusion.

Cirno may not be the dumbest faerie around, but I would highly doubt that she's one of the smartter ones around. Not that we have too many people to compare her with.

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Cirno is a lot of things, but intelligent is not one of them.

I would wager that there are plenty of Scarlet Devil maids who are more intelligent than the named faeries we know.

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Atai'm the smartest!

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I know that feel...

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Captcha-tan ate my image.

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Does anyone have that mango panel of cirno/marisa saying "I only like underage girls?"

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What about that IN bad end where they sleep together?

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I want that ending translated.

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Alice sleeps AT Marisa's house. Not WITH her.

Marisa stays up figuring a plan to go out again later.

Also, that's a bad end it shouldn't be taken seriously since it doesn't happen at all.

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I want that whole doujin translated.

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Yeah aren't some of the UFO bad ends like "oops you're stuck in Makai forever, lol"

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Actually technically all the badends happen before the respective good ends in IN since you need to fight Eirin for you first 1cc always.

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It never happened, it never happened, it never happened, it never happened, it never happened...

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>"oops you're stuck in Makai and made into a cumpumpster by countless number of demons forever, lol"

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Being the strongest and most intelligent fairy is like being the smartest kid with Down syndrome. It doesn't matter if you're the best of them all, you're still a retard.

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Poor, poor Sanae. She easily got the worst bad end out of them all.

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Cirno is not a smart fairy.

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Is the dialogue available on the wiki?

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Compared to other fairies, she is. I think only Star Sapphire is smarter than her, but that's not saying much considering all of them are idiots.

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No, she isn't.

Any way you slice it that's not smart at all.

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I find even Sunny to be smarter than Cirno.

It's not like we have many examples of faires to compare thought.

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Make Neil Armstrong and Allen Shepard canon characters the would have an ongoing feud with Eirin and Reisen fo obvious reasons.

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Captcha: LITERARY stralli

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Actually if I was ZUN I would release a military-themed SHMUP in which you are Reisen fighting the Apollo crew.

And all of them are little girls with quirks based on their quirks. Jim Irwin had a heart condition on returning to Earth. His...or Her, once he had been Touhouified, stage would have a general theme around the heart, and maybe she would collapse in a moe~ fashion with chest pains, or something once you beat her.

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I'd play her if she played -exactly- like Order Sol, down to being a five button Guilty Gear character with no bullets.

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>stage gimmicks based on their quirks.

obviously I am ZUN level drunk, just repeating myself

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If you were ZUN drunk, you'd be puking and/or crapping out strangely proportioned little girls.

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Fulfill: SWR with Everyone. PoFV with Everyone. Momiji being a high rank Tengu that went back to warn the lord Tengu and he chosen Aya instead of her because he knew maybe Aya could convince Reimu. Mima secretly plotting TH 13

Destroy: Dragon being Meiling, Byakuren being the victim the "nice guy" (see Love&Peace), Suwako looking like a nice god, Koishi being honest with people, Nazrin being a subordinate of Shou, Suika/Yuugi being nice to everyone, Sakuya PAD xD, Daiyousei NOT being a normal fairy.

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I have trouble imagining what the feel of Mokou's playstyle would be like. For no discernible reason I see lots of kicking, acrobatics (flips and spins), and super armor frames.

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Destroy: Batshit insane Koishi.
Fuck off of my waifu, she's perfect.

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I see "WRAGGLE YOUR CONTROL TO STAND UP AGAIN" mechanics, seriously, harder every time you die.

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I want Cirno to be a hotblooded badass of Ryomian proportions.

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i'd fulfill the Cirno x Letty x Daiyousei pair (mother-like relation)
it's not like they were popular so it won't be so bad, nothing else come in my mind.


I would destroy the Final fantasy X touhou crossover, what the fuck is this shit seriously, this is the most rage inducing fanon i've seen, a dark skinned guy lost in the touhou world and for no reason this shit become popular, i'm so mad about this one

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>close your heart
>unable to release your feelings
>start piling up
>go batshit

basic math

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>close your heart
>unable to release your feelings
>be a white Anglo-Saxon Protestant

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Fulfill > Toyohime and Yorihime coming to gensokyo to stop the Cold Fusion reactor Kanako is planning to make, instead they get beaten by Ibara, Suika and Yuugi and then they punch them back to the moon.

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>Is the dialogue available on the wiki?

No, but here's all the windows endings up through UFO.

>> No.6384825

>Fighting Cirno on the first stage as a midboss
>Kick her ass
>She gets up and starts absorbing incredible amounts of Getter rays and then the screen is one big bullet that you cannot dodge
>Background music changes to Beloved Tomboyish Girl vocal version by Masaki Endoh

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I'd cement Marisa as a pimp by making a VN where you play as Marisa with every Windows era touhou having a route plus a few from the PC98 era. There will be multiple harem ends based on sets of girls you make fall for you. You could get every sister based set including the moonbitches. You could get home based sets like everybody in the SDM or Moriya temple. You could get old school set which would be Reimu, Alice, Yuuka, and Mima. You could get fairy trio. You could get insane younger sister set which is Flandre plus Koishi.

True end would however be Kourin end.

Also there would be no H-scenes.

Don't know what I would destroy.

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>Hokkai, a part of Makai.
>Marisa was caught by Byakuren and was unable to return home.
>At first, she was happy about it, but ...
>"This is so boring, I'm gonna die.
>I'm sick of being in a world with nothing in it.
>I just wanna go home soon ..."
>Youkai quietly went on with their lives all around her.
>A world without any conflict was like hell for Marisa.


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I like to think of a little Koishi with no 3rd eye trapped in a dark room full of emotions, clawing at the wall, desperate to be let out, crying for her sister, her friends, for anyone to help her break free of her subconscious.

...that would make a good VN route. Pick her and you unlock her emotions, don't and they eventually drive her crazy and she acts as an antagonist in other routes. Someone write that down.

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Dammit. I'd play that stuff, official or not.

>> No.6384874

Isn't that what the player character eventually starts due to beating Koishi in a fight in the SA extra? It even says so in her character profile which says it's the first time she ever regrets closing her third eye.

>> No.6384880

Male humanoids in the games, shooting danmaku.

What's the problem ZUN? Afraid that having males that can relate to the girls will inevitably lead to canon pairings?

>> No.6384883 [DELETED] 


>> No.6384885

But Unzan is male, humanoid and danmaku-shooting.

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Ooooh, yeah, you're right. I forgot.

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>that character

Whoa, what's this bullshit?

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Kogasa would be literally raped by everyone she tries and fails to surprise.

>> No.6384920

Isn't the subconcious more base than the regular concious though? I think your metaphorical situation of Koishi's emotional state is a bit flawed. She's not trapped in the room, she just never opens the door out. She always has the option of reopening her eye/leaving the room, but she never does since there is nothing outside she is interested in and there are things out there she dislikes(the fear hate from being able to read hearts). Well until SA extra where she gets interested in the person who beat her. Actually her current situation is something like our very own /jp/ hikis. Fully capable of leaving home, just really doesn't see the point of doing it.

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Yukari, Yuyuko, Suwako, Kanako, Keine, Tewi, Yuugi, Sikieiki, Tenshi etc. have husbands. They just don't often show up because men don't really like danmaku fights.

The only confirmed yuri relationships are between fairies, who have no social stigma against such pairings. They are especially sexually active when their element is at their dominion (full moons, perihelions, summer solstices, storms, blizzards and so on. )

>> No.6384972

I don't know...she sealed her heart shut, right? That sounds more severe than just closing it. You can't just decide to or to not have emotions, so she locked them up.
Alternatively, she'd had the door shut so long that she doesn't know how to open it anymore; she knows there is a door somewhere in the dark room, but it's so full of built up emotions that she can't find or get to it.

>> No.6385003

Touhou's would actually use their powers when they fight.

>> No.6385048


That's lame. It would be Naruto w/ little girls and frills.

>> No.6385064

What? No it wouldn't, it...well...um...

Shit. You're right.

>> No.6385097


>Yukari, Yuyuko, Suwako, Kanako, Keine, Tewi, Yuugi, Sikieiki, Tenshi etc. have husbands

I can't think of any group of men in fiction that could handle these physically or mentally.

Maybe The Hulk for Yuugi? The rest I'm drawing a blank.

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Pretty much this. Killing off Sakuya or Alice would piss off most of the fanbase

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Oh no.
No Sakuya.

>> No.6385138

Kaguya & pals make up with their relatives and move back to the moon, permanently.

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Oh no.
Not Sakuya.

>> No.6385144

Killing off ANY Touhou would piss the fanbase, period.

On the other hand, half of them is functionally immortal, while the other half would probably just take residence in Hakygyokurou upon death.

>> No.6385156

ZUN should say he's going to kill either Reimu or Marisa and let the fans vote on which one it'll be.

He would probably get murdered.

>> No.6385157

it doesn't have to be literal death

they could get put into a coma or sealed by a barrier or banished to another dimension by Yukarin

>> No.6385170

that's terrible
im so sorry marisa

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File: 476 KB, 1045x1500, battle_royale_vol1_54.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 815 KB, 1045x1500, battle_royale_vol1_55.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>Battle Royal
All my hate. I don't give a shit about the ending. All my hate.

>> No.6386231

Next game takes place 200 years later

All humans are dead..except maybe reimu

>> No.6386239

So...Marisa's dead. Maybe Sakuya.
...yeah, that'd suck.

>> No.6386306

so, china gets promoted?

>> No.6386338

Her name Is Hong, you scumfucker

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A 'returning' character perhaps?

Stage Six Boss?

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Nah. It's more like she deliberately shut herself in.

In the basement.

Because she prefers it shut away.

>> No.6386372

Start a Jojo/Touhou crossover and let each character interact with their counterpart.

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>All Humans
>Maybe Reimu
>Mokou dead

>> No.6386378

ZUN and Araki collaborative project. Best thing ever.

>> No.6386382

What was the setup to this plot?

I could download and read it myself... but I don't really want to.

>> No.6386387



>> No.6386398

Gensokyo is being reset. The Dragon shows up, says that the people of Gensokyo have to fight each other to the death, and the victor decides what to do with the new Gensokyo. Or something.

Don't read it if you don't like seeing horrible things happen to your favorite Touhous. It really brings out the worst in them.

>> No.6386402

It sounds like I might possibly be okay with this.

>Don't read it if you don't like seeing horrible things happen to your favorite Touhous. It really brings out the worst in them.
Who's playing? Presumably everybody up to a certain game?

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I was really disappointed with how battle royal handled Aya. First she's just watching everything, then gets brainwashed by Suika, then she's suddenly totally fine somehow and gets shoehorned into being the villain.

>> No.6386410

Up to PoFV, though not all Touhous show up, just the main ones. And Rumia and Letty.

>> No.6386411

Yeah it's totally lame. I was like "what, that makes no sense whatsoever ;_;"



>> No.6386420

Not in all of them, though. Some are shown in good ligh, like Cirno, Patchouli and some others.

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If the dragons are omniscient, then Iku is omniscient, as she can borrow their power as a messenger of the Dragon Palace.

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File: 159 KB, 600x849, 8c10be8c4f89a27b792c57fc73a49e624c53f9e2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Maybe reimu goes alpha

>> No.6386434

Anyone know why the author didn't include Ran or Alice into his Battle Royale series? Kind of odd that two of the strongest characters don't show up, while the likes of Cirno and Reisen get their time for melodrama.

>> No.6386440

Awesome. I was about to say that probably the only things that could make me rage would be Cirno killing Dai, Patchy killing Koa, or Sanae getting offed by the Moriya gods.

Nobody tell me if the last one happens or not.

>> No.6386446

Marisa died at the start. There would be no one for Alice to interact with.
I'm fine with her not showing up, really. Alice is in despair enough already.

>> No.6386447

Dai and Koa aren't in it and I"m pretty sure it predates mof.

btw marisa wins

>> No.6386458 [SPOILER] 
File: 528 KB, 1056x1500, battle_royale_vol6_092.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6386464

Aya Kiss is a far better Aya doujin.

>> No.6386474

Why does being ZUN come into it? I can make my own Gensokyo and have ZUN's blessing doing it.

>> No.6386481

Aya Kiss is a good idea done horribly wrong.

>> No.6386482

What, exactly, is the good idea?

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>> No.6386491 [DELETED] 

Aya being lonely and depressed under her cherry and positive front.
Not very original, but it makes sense.

>> No.6386495

I hate so much when people sexualize Touhou.

>> No.6386497

You must rage every day you wake up in the morning.

>> No.6386500

Aya being lonely and depressed behind her cheery and positive front.

>> No.6386508

I like alternate characters. Should I actually go check out Aya Kiss or is Beautiful World enough for me?

>> No.6386509

make yuyucow eat all bird youkai

>> No.6386513

That's cliche.

>> No.6386524

Very. So?

>> No.6386529

So a poor execution of a well-explored idea has no redeeming merits.

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I would like a doujin about Hatate's bipolar disorder.

>> No.6386545

Ran was considered a Weapon and Yukari would find a way to cheat with her, so the Dragon didn't allow Yukari to bring her into the battle and yukari couldn't gap her in.

>> No.6386546

The crying inside thing is cliche, yeah, but it isn't applied to Aya as much as you think. That's what I'm talking about.

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Forgot my Pic

>> No.6386557

so what happens to Yukari?

>> No.6386558

Why do you want Aya to be emo? There are lots of other positive Touhous you could target. Why her?

>> No.6386564
File: 542 KB, 1056x1500, battle_royale_vol6_061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.6386569

She warps back in time and become a mummy.

>> No.6386571


Intentionally? Who was she against?

>> No.6386585

Arrogant bully acting all high and mighty when they are on the receiving end, glad she got vaporized.

>> No.6386586 [SPOILER] 
File: 604 KB, 1061x1500, touhou_battle_royale_vol4_47.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6386587

I don't necessarily want it, I just think it has potential.
As for why...she's probably the most hated character in Gensokyo. You can't go through life like that without it affecting you.

>> No.6386590

Which one?

>> No.6386608
File: 493 KB, 1056x1500, battle_royale_vol6_057.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.6386627
File: 107 KB, 506x800, Minakata.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I can't think of any group of men in fiction that could handle these physically or mentally.
<-- Kanako's husband

>> No.6386637

>she's probably the most hated character in Gensokyo.

>> No.6386642
File: 185 KB, 876x541, Hito_Shura_by_jadedmandarin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I believe Hito-Shura from True Demon end could make all of them his bitches.

>> No.6386736

I wonder who would get who aside from the obvious SakuDio

>> No.6386743

You got her confused with Reimu.

>> No.6386765
File: 407 KB, 636x999, jojo053-22.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yukari and Bucciarati, that's for sure.

>> No.6386794

Ceiling Bruno is watching you masturbate.

I'd like to see Yamame/Purple Haze and Shou/Harvest..
Also, Nitori/Diver Down, just because I imagine Nitori likes to take things apart.

>> No.6386797

GioYuuka + YoumuPol

>> No.6386825

Works pretty well, considering Polnareff is only half alive in Series 5. ;_;

Also, I'm surprised Gyro/Reimu hasn't been suggested. Bitches be all over those balls.

>> No.6386988
File: 149 KB, 700x600, aya has no friends.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wish.

>> No.6387002
File: 324 KB, 543x767, ayachiru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Aya is Cirno's friend.

>> No.6387025

ALL of them.
Every toho confirmed for hetero.
Sanae is an virgin.
This fanon bullshit SERIOUSLY needs to stop.

>> No.6387052

99.9% of Touhou is fanwork. Deal with it. I don't see why people feel the need to, say, eradicate Daiyousei and Koakuma as characters. If you don't like them, that's fine, but why would you feel the need to ruin everybody else's fun?

Also, I dunno if people in this thread don't realize it, but there's a great deal of fanon out there that nobody even pretends approximates canon even loosely.

>> No.6387062

The next game is a yuri dating sim with danmaku-battle minigames to progress and woo characters. You can play as Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, or Sanae, with Alice unlockable after clearing with each protagonist once. If you clear every character on Reimu and Marisa's paths, you unlock the Mima route.

>> No.6387096

Medicine is the most hated character, stop confunding things.

>> No.6387099

Instead of an Alice unlockable, make it an Accent Generator unlockable (like Chrono Cross) so we can have all our Touhous.

>> No.6387166

Dear god don't remind me of the fucking accent generator that shit was terrible.

>> No.6387202
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>> No.6387217


>> No.6387220

I'd just keep doing what he does now; stick all the fanon on a dartboard, get (or stay) drunk, then throw darts at it and alternate tacitly confirming and denying whatever I hit.

>> No.6387252

Canon fatalities from battles.

>> No.6387386


>> No.6387433

Make one of the Aki sisters, Ibara Kasen, Satsuki Rin and a tanuki appear in a phantasmagoria.

>> No.6387464


>> No.6387567

>Satsuki Rin
Hell yeah, she escaped from the mansion!

>> No.6387720
File: 488 KB, 1133x1600, 1284513705148.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I though ZUN already said some of the girls do have boyfriends. At the least, Marisa and Reimu do. But I interpreted that to mean they either have typical Japanese heterosexual relationships, i.e. completely and utterly loveless formalities, or they just have crushes and infatuations but no physical relationships.

>> No.6387740

First I've heard of this.

>> No.6387766

Some Anon made that up 1 or 2 years ago. Seems like there are still a few who actually believe him.

>> No.6387768

Pretty sure ZUN said something along the lines of "There's no reason they can't have boyfriends and I don't want to think about it."

>> No.6387834

sauce on this?

>> No.6387851


>> No.6387915

The most predictable setup.

>> No.6388046

thanks for the name. For some reason exhentai always only gives me an image of a crying panda, so providing a link.

>> No.6388093

Are you logged on to e-hentai?

>> No.6388096

clear cookies
log in to e-hentai
go to exhentai

>> No.6388127

The order is important. If you try to enter exhentai while not logged into e-hentai, it'll make some cookies saying not to let you in. If try to enter while not logged in, and go back latter while you ARE logged in, it still won't let you in.
It's an annoying system, but I think it's what keeping the loli and stuff there.

>> No.6388273

Wow, just wow, they work.

>> No.6388694

Reimu and Marisa are unfun to have as GFs. They're already rage-inducing and it's hard to get their heads wrapped around more uhh, complicated concepts.

That being said, Nazrin and Nue are probably fun. Satori and Koishi are probably freaking smart, like college-level smart since they know their biology and psych.

>> No.6390405


>> No.6390406

Stop spoonfeeding newfriends.

>> No.6390699

Oh well, they know now.

>> No.6390717

Now that the thread is bumped I just wanted to say that I was expecting Battle Royale to be terrible, but it was actually really good.

>> No.6391084

Is there a doujin of this

>> No.6391092

It's either that or people saying "o hay i got a panda wtfhow" every time I give them the source for something.

>> No.6391155

Hate all you want. At least some people are being helpful unlike you.

>> No.6391156

Ehhhh?! E-hentai? What are you a grade school kid?

>> No.6391188


>> No.6392698

Panda block = protection