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More popular....


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Nothing really worth discussing
Unless you wanna go post it in /a/.
Wouldn't mind some drama tonight.

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Touhou animu, where?

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Touhou doesn't have an Animu, yet is more popular than everything else in /a/.

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Ok anon, i think you´re old enough to understand this. Here´s the truth:

/jp/ is not the world
Touhou sucks

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/jp/ is my world....

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gb2/a/ and enjoy your Gurren Lagann shit and Ruki Suta crap

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Ok, why being from /a/ means liking Gurren Laggan or Lucky Star? I don´t like neither, i barely watch anime anymore

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You go back /a/ for falling for such an easy troll.

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Not really. Touhou games don't really sell that good. Also, unknown Japanese RPGs like Arc the lad recieved an animu adaption yet Touhou is so unpopular that it's still on the waiting list. I facepalm at the fan rumors that "ZUN doesn't want an animu unless he's doing the plot." If you stop to think about that line for a few seconds you would facepalm too.

Protip: Just because Touhou is popular amoungst the imageboards != true popularity.

Hell, even American animu dubs are more popular than it. Some reruns of reruns of Naruto received 2 million ratings. So once again, I must facepalm.

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This is what happens when you don´t buy the stuff you say you love.

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Paletweb blacklisted me for canceling a single order because they're cocksucking faggots who love to eat ass. Otherwise, I would buy Touhou games. I actually do have a copy of EoSD I got from a convention.

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Except ZUN actually said that.

Mind you, that may not be THE REASON there isn't a Touhou anime (the real reason is because the studios don't think it will make money), but it's true. Also, ZUN is afraid copyright issues would become more complex at that point, and hurting the fan scene would be counterproductive.

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ZUN said an anime isn't in his "vision", whatever that means.

But like the other guy said, it might hurt the doujin scene which is Touhou's lifeblood.

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>I facepalm at the fan rumors that "ZUN doesn't want an animu unless he's doing the plot." If you stop to think about that line for a few seconds you would facepalm too.

Err, it's not a fan rumor at all.

>And, on that note, there’s lots of talk about “what if there were a Touhou anime”, but it’s not likely to happen - a new medium would require a new plot and new characters and all of that work *plus* the work of actually doing the animation would be just way too much for one person (even though some people DO do it alone). In addition, involving lots of other people would make questions like copyright a lot more complex, so his philosophy is that it’s best just to leave it be.


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>(Why wasn’t there a winter game? Well, it’s hard to see bullets in snowstorms … )

Wasn't winter the whole point of PCB?

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>gb2/a/ and enjoy your Gurren Lagann shit
>Gurren Lagann shit
>Gurren Lagann

Doesn't compute.

Lol @ mediocre shoot em up fanboy. I love how Touhou got kicked out of /a/ and /v/ because apparently it was too shitty for both boards. Lolololololololololololololol.

How much Touhou fanatics does it take to piss off moot? Apparently not that much. /jp/ moves slower than a turd. Amirite? Tough crowd, tough crowd.

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You have been trolled. You have lost. Have a nice day, Anonymous.

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Would anyone want a Touhou anime. would be pretty much StrikerS with less men and more Beam spam, not that I would complain..

also, fuck weekends, this board turns into a troll nest sat-sun

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>>StrikerS with less men and more Beam spam

Good times, good times.

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>it might hurt the doujin scene which is Touhou's lifeblood.

You guys act like Touhou is a hit. Oh noes if we make a touhou animu we'll lose out on our "highly successful franchise." Note the sarcasm.

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Except the poster didn't say that. The poster said ZUN doesn't want people to stop making Touhou works. Perhaps you'd like to try reading at higher than a second grade level? Visual novels might help with that. (You'll also learn all about mollusks.)

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Hey, as long as Touhou is HELL OF UNDERGROUND etc I have something to be proud of in a shameful nerd sort of way, so no problem. I don't know how it is in Japan, though.

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If there was a touhou animu, we couldn't be elitist about it.

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none of you are from japan so we can't know how popular it is there.

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Because being a fan of a mainstream thing isn't cool.

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it's not

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Protip: We can tell how popular it is by comparing the Touhou game's market worth to other games. As the Anon above mention "Arc the Lad." Arc the Lad is pretty unknown but that didn't stop America from marketing it. Touhou is apparently so unpopular that nobody has tried to market it (outside of Japan). Unpopular game is unpopular.

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No one brought the Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night or Clannad games over to America so they must be pretty unpopular, too.

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Naruto bleach and all that crap is way more popular

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Too much text for the yanks.

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Elitist =/= cool

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Stop trolling with Arc the Lad. Arc the Lad is awesome, you faggot.

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the makers of arc the lad pushed to have it marketed in the US,

ZUN most likely lacks the connections to an American marketer to have it published over here, in the end why would he? everyone that would buy it already has (or pirated)

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>Touhou is apparently so unpopular that nobody has tried to market it (outside of Japan). Unpopular game is unpopular.

Or you know, it could be the fact that it's a doujin game and not licensed by an official company like Sony.

Jesus Christ, you trolls are too easy.

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>No one brought the Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night or Clannad games over to America so they must be pretty unpopular, too.

lolwut. Now I see what's wrong with you touhoufags, you guys really don't know what the word popular means. Did you seriously think Tsukihime, Fate/Stay Night and Clannad was popular.

...Sigh, for sad weeaboo shut-ins.

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Sales charts say yes.

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you guys are all stupid, no one likes any of your shit

watch american idol like a normal person, now THAT'S popular

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What sell charts?

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Protip: Dumbasses.

10,000 != Popular.
100,000 != Popular.
1,000,000 = Popular.

Code Geass and Death Note gets around 100,000 - 300,000 ratings, but do you really think Death Note and Geass are popular?

Protip: Code Geass and Death Note are doing so bad that Adult Swim replaced 90% of the animu timeslots with cartoons. Only shows like Naruto can be considered *true popular. Also, one question? In your imaginary world, what's the total number of Touhoufags in America. Then tell me what's the total number of Touhoufags in Japan.

I could use a good laugh.

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I wasn't talking about Japan dipshit.

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Hell, even if every 30,000+ users on 4chan were fanatic Touhou fans, Touhou would still be considered unpopular.

Which unfortunately isn't the case. /jp/ has a grand total of 40 regulars and 20 lurkers.

Most Videos of Touhou on youtube only receive 3,000 views. Touhou's not really popular in Japan either.

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O HAI, I'm an elitist cuz I liek sum shootan gaems.

Seriously, is that what these sagefags think of us?

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C/C++ notation....

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Well, i give a hit but that´s the impresion you give. Also turning this "Japan" board into a Touhou board sucks and when someone says they don´t like to Touhou you bash them like the MOTHER FUCKING FIST OF THE NORTH STAR.

If that doesn´t make you Touhou fans elitist, then i don´t know what would.

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>Which unfortunately isn't the case. /jp/ has a grand total of 40 regulars and 20 lurkers.

At the risk of being called a newfag. MIND= BLOWN!

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Exactly. You don't know.

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we can't help it if you're a crybaby pussy

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No, that's what they're trolling you to, don't mind them.

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I was sure it was more like 70 but maybe those are the weekend users.

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Is that so?

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I couldn't care less if someone doesn't like Touhou. Seriously, as far as I can tell, most of the fandom is spawned because of the doujin works over the games. I suck at the games, can't even 1cc normal in any of em. Doesn't mean I don't like playing them.

I admit, I come here for the Touhou. But I stay for the pleasant surprises of PROMOTIONS, and outta nowhere Evangelion threads, Ultros threads, and whatever the hell else pops up. And the Touhou.

God, /jp/ is amusing.

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Who's saging? You're an elitist because you are unable to overcome your own ignorance. I'm not trying to troll here but /jp/ != the world. Always keep your mind free for new opportunities. Meaning, play some console games and check out some more animus. Maybe then you'll stop creaming your panties over a standalone subject. I'm a fan of Nintendo yet I play Sony and XBox games. Meaning I'm always open for new things. In the case of you Touhou fags, you think the world revolves around Touhou. It's that same fanatic "my shit doesn't stink" philosophy that leads to console wars on /v/ and OS wars on /g/.

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It has it´s moments, and as i said, i give a shit (my keyboard ate the "s" on my last reply) about touhou, but when you see nothing but touhou on pages 0,1 and 2...it sucks.

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I think we can all agree that Alice's shit stinks.

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>Also turning this "Japan" board into a Touhou board

This Japan board was made for Touhou in the first place. If anyone turned it into a Touhou board it was moot when he said that Touhou, VNs, figures, etc were to be posted here.

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I've never seen /jp/ that densely populated with Touhou threads. On my usual browsing. I'll see maybe five or so threads on three pages.

At least one of which is started by a fucking old-ass lame joke. I love Touhou, but these people need to come up with more jokes for it. Some shit's been beat so much, we're kicking the dead horse's dead ghost.

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moot says a lot of things.....

>> No.636854

moot ALSO said don't let one thing dominate this board.

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Sorry, my bad. It´s just thati hear Touhou, touhou,touhou,touhou,touhou,touhou... everything posted here looks like touhou to me, so i might have overreacted.

I repeat, i give a shit about Touhou, but it would be nice if more /jp/ related stuff was posted, i liked the shrines thread yesterday (or was it the day before yesterday?)

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And your point is? There isn't a single topic that dominates the board at any given point in time.

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when /jp/ frist opened i didn't even know what Touhou was just that i kep seeing nine's image posted everwhere form time to time before it opened after learning about it i strated to love it

thank you /jp/ for showing me this new magicly world

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I didn't know that you Touhoufags knew about Arc the Lad. Maybe you guys aren't a bunch of casual gamers who don't know any better.

I assumed Touhou fags were all casual gamers because Touhou is the type of game that my father would play. Shitty shoot em up games went the way of the dinosaurs when the N64 came out.

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I'm a Touhou fag. And Touhou *does indeed dominate this board. More than 75% of the threads posted on /jp/ are Touhou and/or Touhou related.

>> No.636889


Well, at the risk of sounding like every jackass on here, you can make your own threads for a reason. Though, that's a bad and a good thing.

I don't mind the occasion where there is a ton of Touhou threads, but yeah, I know others do. As for that shrines thread, I think I remember seeing it, but I can't recall when either. Some threads that start out as Touhou don't stay that way, and some, though start with a Touhou picture, aren't Touhou threads.

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You shut your WHORE mouth. THe majority of my collection is shmups.

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And 99% of statistics are made up on the spot! Hooray!

Seriously, it's closer to 35%.

>> No.636896

Oh look, a handful of rejects (of rejects) are talking about some shoot em up game. Maybe I can finally be a part of something.

My life has a point now. I'm so happy!~

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90% Touhou
9% of Type Moon stuff
.9% any other VN (mostly Yume miru Kusuri or Ever17, new or untranslated VN are rarely discussed here)
.1% Japan related stuff

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>And 99% of statistics are made up on the spot!

>> No.636909

35 my ass.

Look, it doesn't matter if I'm a Touhou fag or not, but 70% of the threads on /jp/ are either Touhou, or Touhou being posted on non-Touhou topics.

Let me guess, you must be new here. Lurk for a few weeks then let's see if you still believe in that.

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Actually, you are new here, Touhou op isn't touhou thread.
Touhou hijacks only apply to 3d, occasionally.

>> No.636921


I think you're taking into account threads by touhoufans, not actual touhou threads.

touhou threads probably only do make up 35 percent.

>> No.636920


This is the only board where we can find MM, four hoops, some idiotic 9, Ever17, Meltan and IAMP and figs.

Stop shouting lies.

>> No.636925

This has nothing to do with statistics. You'd have to be blind not to notice it. I probably could create a script to keep track of the /jp/ topics, but that would be a waste of time.

/jp/ - Touhou.

>> No.636928


On the first three pages of /jp/, there are approximately five of six Touhou threads. One extra if you count the ronery thread being opened by a picture of Tewi. If you do, you're an anal retard.

Does that sound like Seventy fucking percent to you? Hell, even ten threads on three pages would only be 33%!

>> No.636930

At the time of this post there are 10 threads on the front page of /jp/. Four of these threads are Touhou related. 4/10 = 40%. Of course this number can fluctuate depending on the time of day and the number of people creating new threads.

>> No.636931


five or six*. God damnit.

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>> No.636933

The touhou op thread isn't about ronery, it's about food.

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ITT, we learn that too much /jp/ damages the ability to count.

>> No.636944

I see it as 6/10.

And to the 4/10 that remains tend to become Touhou imagedumps. Maybe I'm just coming to /jp/ at weird times.

>> No.636942


Well, it is now.


Eh? I'm pretty sure 10/30 is 33%. 33.3% if you wanna get anal about it. At the highest, I'd give Touhou a 45% standing.

>> No.636952

Looks like someone failed basic arithmetic. There are 10 threads on a page. Multiply that by 3 will give you 30 threads. If 10 of these 30 threads are Touhou related then that means 10/30 = 1/3 = 0.333333333 = 33.3%

>> No.636956


Looks like it's 2/10 now. Maybe I should browse all ten pages real quick and see if I can spot the total of touhous.

>> No.636964

/jp/ = 636944 post.

Is it fair to say that 80% of the images posted within the 636944 number were Touhou. Is it also fair to say the 30% of the post within said number were Touhou related.

/jp/ is not like the other boards on 4chan. The ratio of post with images and post without images are 7/10.

>> No.636968

>Is it fair to say that 80% of the images posted within the 636944 number were Touhou. Is it also fair to say the 30% of the post within said number were Touhou related.
No, it's not. Since you are making up numbers on the spot.

>> No.636969

What's the ratio for other boards?

>> No.636998


I'm not a Touhoufag, but you bet your ass I know Arc the Lad. But fuck off back to /v/ faggot, don't troll /jp/
until you're better at it.


It warms my heart to know that someone liked my shrine thread. I wound up liking it a lot more than I anticipated myself, once it strayed from the original not-so-subtle intent.

>> No.636995

My browsing has lead me these findings. I noticed between 40-45 threads, which is about 36.3%-40.9%.

And among those threads, at least ten of them were short enough to not even get the fucking replies hidden. So, 22% of those threads should've been tossed into other threads.

In short, blame and hate the fucking idiots who make the needless threads.

>> No.637016


Once again, you're all failing to get the point. So I'll say it again, moot said don't let one topic dominate /jp/.

Touhou *is dominating /jp/ regardless if it's 3/10 or 7/10.

>> No.637022

>I'm not a Touhoufag,

I knew it. Touhoufags don't know about real games. Thanks for proving my post Anon.

>> No.637023

I don't think you know what 'dominating the board' means. If 30% of all the threads on /jp/ are Touhou and the other 70% is everything else, then Touhou topics are not dominating the board.

>> No.637031


I was just providing some information. Either way, a lot of what goes into a board and the topics depends on the people posting.

IE, if people only know about Touhou, that's all they're going to post. Not everyone knows a whole lot about Japan, and a lot of what we could talk about here has other boards made for it. Anime? That's japanese, but there's /a/ for that. Places in Japan? /trv/ is there. Fashion? Music? Fucking hell, there's even a board for fucking Origami.

Don't blame /jp/ for the fact most of the usable topics can easily be placed in more specific boards over itself. Touhou should be in /v/, because it's a goddamn fucking game, but I hear /v/ doesn't want it. Why hell Touhou was in /a/, I'll never know. I hear /tg/ accepted Touhou, or at least tolerated it.

>> No.637041

israelites of 4chan, etc...

>> No.637044


I play Touhou, and collect images. If that makes me a Touhoufag, eh, then I guess I am.

Also, I know about Arc the Lad. Though, I usually only play Touhou for one or two attempts in story mode once every three days before I stop playing, so I guess I'm casual about Touhou.

>> No.637048

>israelites of 4chan, etc...

What the hell is an israelite?

>> No.637049

I still have no idea what Touhou is doing in /tg/ other than for stating the characters. But they haven't even done that.

/v/ didn't like Touhou for the same reason they don't like jRPGs. It is anime-influenced (all the fan art and doujin). This is how it ended up in /a/. Then people started BAWWWWWing at their shitty threads getting Touhou Hijacked all the time by Anonymous of RussiaFed under the alias of Nameless Fairy and emailed moot how Touhou doesn't belong in /a/. So moot eventually got tired of the same ten or so people emailing him all the damn time and created /jp/ to 'purify' /a/ once more.

Which has only resulted in /a/ becoming a wretched hive of trolls and villainy.

>> No.637050

we'll find the land of milk and honey soon enough.

what's 40 years in 4chan time? 40 years?

>> No.637057


I see. Thanks for the history lesson.

>> No.637060


So who were the Palestinians that were previously living in /jp/ until we bulldozed their homes and started killing them? Can threads started with that Shiki/Berseker picture be considered suicide bombings?

>> No.637062

Someone who belongs to the tribe of david, lived in israel a long time ago, may or may not have been enslaved for pyramid building by the egyptians.

you dumb jew.

>> No.637064

Were you here on /a/ during the Lucky Star, Haruhi, and Gurren Lagann floods? Do you enjoy the current Geass floods? Well imagine if any of the listed shows were like Touhou. Then imagine seeing the exact same thing, posted at the exact same rate for 4 years. That's what Touhou is like. And that's precisely why moot didn't want one topic to dominate a board.

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Hmm, you memory appears to be shit. So I stopped reading at the spot where you said 10 people. More like 100 people. /a/ hated Touhou. Also, points for mentioning Anon of the Russian Federation. I loved that guy. I think he evolved into that Cirno tripfag.

>> No.637081


Oh. Well, I fucking hated history class.

Dispite the fact I got my highest grades there. God damn it, why am I good at stuff I hate?

>> No.637088


I guess you don't hate English nearly enough.

>> No.637090

he was the guy who ran the script that would randomly bump topics (while simultaneously deleting his post) which was so goddamn annoying.

>> No.637100

where the hell does he say ten people?

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>I usually only play Touhou for one or two attempts in story mode once every three days before I stop playing,

Sigh, trying your best to fit in.

Look, you play console games. You're better than these Touhou fags. Why belittle yourself like that? I was just playing GTA4 a few minutes ago and a hooker just blew me. Shit was so cash.

In b4 you're an elitist faggot.

>> No.637107

>So moot eventually got tired of the *same ten or so people

>> No.637110

pic related, right ?

>> No.637111

I don't lurk on /a/, so uh yeah.

Again. In order for Touhou to dominate /jp/ then 51% or more of the threads have to be Touhou-related threads. This is obviously not the case. As proven several times already in this same thread, the most is probably around 40% of the threads are Touhou threads.

No one is going to see that as dominating the board except you or someone that doesn't understand how percentages work.

>> No.637114

Didn't Cirno spawn from those ghost bump threads. Which leads me to the conclusion that Cirno was Anon of the Russian Federation.

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>> No.637120


Nobody likes you, /v/. You don't even like yourself. Stop trying to bring /v/ to /jp/. /v/ doesn't even belong in /v/ but it has to be put somewhere so it won't fag up the rest of the internet.

>> No.637124

>/a/ hated Touhou
No, /a/ hated Touhou Hijacks. If anything /a/ hated Naruto threads more than than they hated Touhou threads. It's just that the people that hated Touhou were the most vocal.

>> No.637131


Thing is, I'm not. I have EoSD, PCB, and PoFV. I only casually play them, because they're kinda fun, but I just can't play them for a long time.

But, yeah. I own and primarily am a console gamer. Of course, I rely on my computer for RTS, since I'm of the opinion porting an RTS to a console should be a crime.

>> No.637136


I'm afraid I don't understand what you mean.

>> No.637141
File: 40 KB, 560x437, 1211024793647.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>was just playing GTA4

>> No.637142


why are you responding seriously to him

do you not at the very least recognize the picture

jesus christ

>> No.637151

Err, despite. Not despise.

>> No.637145

He's referring to your incorrect spelling of the word 'despise' and your statement of being good at subjects you hate. Since you are not good enough at English to spell the word correctly, you must not hate it enough.

>> No.637157

Well moot said don't let one *topic dominate /jp/." Which topic gets spammed the most you ask? "Touhou."

It's like moot creating an OS board and telling everybody not to let one OS dominate the board. And the only topic that people talk about is Windows XP. You're failing to understand the statement. Even if Touhou was posted at a 1/10 ratio, Touhou topics are still dominating /jp/. Think about all of /jp/'s topics. Ronery threads, Fate s/n threads, etc... Touhou out numbers them. No two topics combined on /jp/ can equal Touhou.

>> No.637164


Ah, I see. So I suck at English because I misspell a word or two? Yeah, that makes sense. Doesn't English concern grammar, sentence structure and things like prepositions?


And no, that's the first time I've seen that picture. I don't lurk on every board on 4chan.

>> No.637166

My mind automatically replaced every instance of the word "/v/" with the word "touhou."

>> No.637167


bitching threads outnumber touhou threads easily

let's ban them and then moot can make a /cry/ board where you can write bad poetry about how everyone keeps posting stuff you don't like and it's making you want to die

>> No.637168

Visual Novel threads outnumber touhou threads

fuck off

>> No.637175

You must've failed Mathematics, huh?

If Touhou = 30%
And Everything Else = 70%
How can Touhou be greater than Everything Else?

Yes, Touhou threads > Morning Musume threads + Type-Moon threads. But Morning Musume threads + Type-Moon + Living in Japan + Learning Japanese + VNs + NicoNico + Tokusatsu + Etc. > Touhou

If this is the case, then how can Touhou be dominating? The number of Touhou threads has to be equal or greater than the total number of threads for everything else on the board.

>> No.637177

Naruto... Touhou. Touhou... Naruto. Meh, at the time I hated them both equally. Touhou should be banished to /b/. Or better yet, create an entire /touhou/ board. Just do something so I wont have to look at it again.

>> No.637181


>> No.637178

Don't take it out on me because I explained what the other Anonymous meant by his post like you asked.

>> No.637182

You do know that you could like...not lurk on /jp/? Or hide threads not relevant to your interests? Or make threads relevant to your own interests.

>> No.637186


Sorry, didn't mean to give the impression that I was taking it out on you. I was just stating that saying I fail at English when it was a spelling error doesn't make much sense to me.

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Comparing topics one by one, dumbass.

Let's say for example:

Number of Touhou topics = 256
Number of Ronery topics = 89
Number of Fate stay/night topics = 56
Number of how to learn Japanese topics = 26

No topic by itself can go toe to toe with the number of Touhou topics. Hence the reason why 1 subject is dominating /jp/. This is the last time I'm going to say this. If you fail to understand it again, then I guess you'll have to continue living in blissful ignorance.

>> No.637198

Some people need to go to the dictionary and look up the words "plurality" and "majority". Note the difference. Problem solved.

>> No.637209

Type-Moon threads = Touhou threads

if you bundle VNs together, VN threads > Touhou threads

>> No.637211


In other words, the one great failing of /jp/ is we don't have another titan to stand toe to toe with Touhou, like Gurren Lagann vs. Lucky Star. What we really need is for like a third of the Touhoufags to defect to Type-Moon so we can make this place just like /a/. Because /a/ is worthy of being emulated. C'mon guys, how can we stir up any serious factionalism with so few Type-Moon threads? Sure, we can pick on those Morning Musume faggots, but they only have one thread at a time, that's hardly a real contest.

>> No.637214

Depends if you're talking about absolute majority or relative.
There's a difference between both.

>> No.637225

Touhou and Type-Moon are only close to equal if you count Meltan threads as type-moon

>> No.637226
File: 107 KB, 425x282, 1211026104758.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Touhou < VNs
Horse shit. All the VNs combined and multiplied by 2 couldn't compare to the vast number of Touhou threads.

CHECK THE OTHER 10 PAGES OF /jp/ AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. Then come back to this thread and tell me how wrong you were.

>> No.637229

That is not how it works. I already knew that you were comparing topic to topic. Which is not how you go about deciding if something is dominating the board or not.

10 pages with 10 threads per page = 100 threads

I am not repeating myself yet again. In order for Touhou to be considered dominating the ENTIRE BOARD then the thread count has to be 50 threads + 1 at least. It is the same as the concept of controlling interest.

Now let's say that realistically Touhou has about 30 threads over the 10 pages of /jp/. That's 30 threads out of 100. 30%

30% != 51%

Does not dominate the entire board.

>> No.637234


Why, that wouldn't make sense at all! After all, Melty Blood is not even remotely related to Type-Moon. Why, that would be almost as ludicrous as counting Tsukihime threads as Type-Moon.

And unless we're waiting this by posts, I don't think the one or two Melty Blood threads at any one time are going to sway things one way or the other.

>> No.637237


Eleven pages, dipshit, or don't you count page 0?

>> No.637238

...he said THE OTHER 10 PAGES

are you some kind of retard?

>> No.637241

Does not dominate but yet, is the biggest actionnary.

>> No.637243

>the other ten
>other ten

>> No.637252

moot's words were "don't let one *subject dominate /jp/." The subject of Touhou = 33%. Subject of everything else = 3-7%.

Do the logic.

>> No.637260


moot said
>Don't allow any one thing to dominate this board--condense your fucking threads.

>> No.637264


Nice try at a 10 second hackjob.

>> No.637265

wait wut

>> No.637269

Does not compute

>> No.637286

Domination != majority.
So what if something is more popular in one board than others? We're gonna count all the threads and posts before posting something so that we're gonna have 15% of everything?
This board also have figs threads, touhou, TM, etc. You say it's possible that figure discussion to have the same amount of threads are Touhou?

>> No.637294

Amount of Touhou subjects == 33% of /jp/
Average amount of other subjects == 6% of /jp/

33% > 6%

>> No.637302


Amount of Touhou subjects == 33% of /jp/
Amount of not-Touhou subjects == 67% of /jp/

33% < 67%

>> No.637303

>Amount of Touhou subjects == 33% of /jp/
Okay...so what is the other 66%?

>Average amount of other subjects == 6% of /jp/
Alright. But we're still missing 60%...

>> No.637305

Have you even finished school? Do you have any idea what domination and what majority means?

>> No.637315


>> No.637322

Ok, tell me again why you keep combining the 60%?

>> No.637328

because domination is the power of one thing against all others, not of one subject against another.
there is bound to be a more popular subject anyway.

>> No.637332

You know what's more popular than Touhou on this board? Trolling.

>> No.637335

Because that is how Mathematics works? And what >>637328 said.

>> No.637336

I'm gonna laugh if this turns out to all be one huge troll attempt by the OP.

>> No.637337

Oh fuck. I laughed.

Nicely played Anonymous. Well done.

>> No.637338

As you can all see, the "ban Touhou from /jp/" activists are people who can't even understand basic concepts.

>> No.637340

Motivational posters have become the pinnacle of stupidity and should never be made for any reason whatsoever.

>> No.637353

Also they are banned everywhere except /b/. So OP should be banned in the first place.

>> No.637354

That's just trolling.

>> No.637356


Of what? Touhou is a overhyped shmup, all there is to it.

>> No.637357


>> No.637362

of majority and domination.

>> No.637365

See? You can't even see people here barely discusses about the game at all.

>> No.637369

Cause this is a troll/BAWWW/ /jp/ sucks thread not a touhou one.

>> No.637371

>Of what? Touhou is a overhyped shmup, all there is to it.
>Touhou is a overhyped shmup
Wait. What?

>> No.637375
File: 27 KB, 1000x1000, 1211028003973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which technically means it's dominating because it's bigger than every other subject. In this pic which color is dominating?

Another example. Let's take for example a world famous Boxer. Let's call him Joe. Joe has beat everyone. He's the world's best pound for pound boxer. Which means he dominates the sport of boxing. Does this mean he can beat everybody at once? I didn't think so. See where I'm going with this.

This circlejerk could probably go on for hours. And I'm already 2 hours past my bedtime. So good bye for the night.

>> No.637379

The black.

>> No.637382


>> No.637383

It's obviously the Gray, but that weird red background is disturbing.

>> No.637384

>In this pic which color is dominating?
White. It's over 50%
>See where I'm going with this.
Yes. You still don't understand basic concepts as domination.
>And I'm already 2 hours past my bedtime. So good bye for the night.
So you're a student after all eh?

>> No.637385

And his son becomes a lawyer that doubles as a superhero.

>> No.637386

The dominant colour in that image is white.

>> No.637389

>And I'm already 2 hours past my bedtime.

>> No.637390

It's funny because it's true.

>> No.637393

When does auto sage kick in?

>> No.637394

I'll admit, I loled.

>> No.637397

250 posts

>> No.637400
File: 285 KB, 1199x1104, 1211028630115.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

see this
and this

>> No.637404

Touhou isn't popular outside the internet

>> No.637408


Nothing outside the internet matters at all.

>> No.637411

Neither is anime.

>> No.637413

Give me a proof of how much they actually sell. There's no official data for doujin games.

All we can do is trying to guess its popularity from its impact on the japanese geek culture. And Touhou is up there with the most successful of games and anime. Of course most of you guys wouldn't know, because you're not interested in Japan, you're only here to troll.

>> No.637415

And let's keep it that way.

>> No.637416


>> No.637421


I find your constant use of the word "popular" to be disturbing.

Touhou's not popular period. Thread/

Guy's not kidding when he says Arc the Lad has more fans then Touhou. I bet you don't even know what arc the lad is. Which only makes it more ironic. I read in one magazine where it said Ar the Lad sold 150,000+ units in America. That number (while small) is much bigger than anything Touhou could ever dream of reaching. Where's all the touhoes sells? But again, the thing that's truthfully ironic about this is that most of the people in this thread haven't even heard of Arc the Lad.

Meaning you dumbasses only care about what you see on your favorite weeaboo sites.

>> No.637423

Touhou > anime

>> No.637424
File: 456 KB, 960x1280, 1211029350895.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.637425
File: 580 KB, 1280x960, 1211029379292.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.637427

This is /jp/, faggot. We don't care about what America thinks.

>> No.637426
File: 557 KB, 1280x960, 1211029405492.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.637430
File: 554 KB, 1280x960, 1211029427051.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.637432
File: 433 KB, 960x1280, 1211029451572.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.637433

Real life extension of the Internet.

>> No.637434

>Meaning you dumbasses only care about what you see on your favorite weeaboo sites.
...isn't that why you and I are here? Isn't that the purpose of /jp/, hell 4chan? Since when geek subjects are "popular" with the mainstream?

>> No.637435


I find it profoundly sad that you are STILL here. Doubly sad that someone who obviously spends a large majority of their time trolling could be so bad at it. If you were holding a cup I would throw change in it.

>> No.637436

Dumbass. Anything that sells well in Japan (that's not in the porn market) gets ported to America. Even trading cards of DBZ gets ported here. If it's really popular it would be in your local walmart/best buy.

>> No.637438

This is because Touhou is a series of DOUJIN games. Does this make any sense to you? Doujin game sales cannot compare to the sales of commercial games. Especially considering majority of doujin games sales are probably from Comiket.

>> No.637439


Heard of Arc the Lad. Even seen it on sale at a nearby GameStop.

>> No.637440


So Fate/Stay Night isn't popular?

Its ridiculous sales figures would probably disagree with you.

>> No.637442


Nobody BUYS Touhou! Only figurines and even those are hard to find outside Japanese conventions.

>> No.637443

Where's my Tsukihime, Clannad, and Ever17 port?

>> No.637447

>Ever17 port?

>> No.637448


Hah! Good one. Every 1 in 3 monitors in Akihabara have something type/moon.

>> No.637451

I'm going with everybody else's excuse that it's still early in the morning and I've been up all night.

>> No.637453


This. Its 6:10 AM and I need to sleep.

>> No.637456

No sweat

>> No.637455
File: 79 KB, 500x375, 1211029808152.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>All we can do is trying to guess its popularity from its impact on the japanese geek culture. And Touhou is up there with the most successful of games and anime.

I fell off of my chair laughing.

>> No.637457


Actually, nevermind. I think I'll reserve my pity for the stupid fucks that are still responding to you. I know this is a slow board, but jesus christ. If you want this go to /v/.

>> No.637459

You're proving the exact sentence you left off from my post.

>> No.637460

Since when /jp/ cared of anything being popular? Since when we cared about mainstream?
Oh yes, when the normalfags came.

>> No.637462


/jp/ cared about things that are popular when the things it cared about became popular.

Oh wait, the things it cared about were always popular, because /jp/ has only existed for a month or so. Tsukihime, Ever17, and Fate/Stay Night are three of the most popular VNs of all time and are top-rated by the Japanese themselves. Touhou is the most popular doujin game series in history.

No, Anonymous, you are the mainstream.

>> No.637463 [SPOILER] 
File: 355 KB, 549x376, 1211030084038.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's fanboy logic. He thinks a few 2chan edited youtube flashes == Epic impact on animu and video games.

>> No.637466

I was referring to the normal "mainstream". Not the geek mainstream. Ofcource touhou is popular within the geek mainstream no matter what the normalfags say.

>> No.637470

>Of course most of you guys wouldn't know, because you're not interested in Japan, you're only here to troll.

More and more proof you're giving me there.

>> No.637472

>touhou is popular within the geek mainstream no matter what the normalfags say.

Protip:Not really.

>> No.637475


>> No.637477

Because he's trolling.

>> No.637478

Now, of course, anime (as a whole) isn't popular outside the geek mainstream either.

So, unless your favourite anime is something like Totoro, DragonBall or Doreamon, OP is basically true.

>> No.637479

It's not. I was stating a point here, I'm not a normalfag either.

>> No.637482

Just so you're all aware. Touhou was popular enough to be nominated for the 11th Annual Media Arts Plaza Awards.

Of course it didn't win any prizes. But hey, it's an series of average shooters that was up against Wii Sports (Grand Prize), MGS4 (Excellence Prize), Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (Excellence Prize), Have you seen it? (Excellence Prize), Daydream (Excellence Prize), and The moon princess being smelled by ~ Japanese old tales remix ~ (Encouragement Prize).

>> No.637487

There are different levels of geek. If you are watching anime you aren't equally geek to someone who also reads VS and buy figures and ofcource he isn't equally geek to someone who does all the above plus reading doujin and playing doujin games.
/jp/'s powerlevel is more likely the last part, which makes our mainstream and /a/'s and/or normalfags mainstreams completely different things.

>> No.637488

In b4 trolls trying various other methods to keep the thread going.

>> No.637491

Like the truth, am I right?

>> No.637492

There are different levels of geek. If you are watching anime you aren't equally geek to someone who also reads VN and buy figures and ofcource he isn't equally geek to someone who does all the above plus reading doujin and playing doujin games.
/jp/'s powerlevel is more likely the last part, which makes our mainstream and /a/'s and/or normalfags mainstreams completely different things.

>> No.637493

Learn the difference between popular and unpopular.

Check number of views.



Protip, dumbass. A few flashes != Zomg epic effect on nerd culture.

Fuck, not even 4chan has an epic effect on nerd culture yet. And 4chan has 30,000+ users. Of course you stoners will never realize this because you're stuck in your own little dream world. If it's not on the chan's then it's not worth my time. If it's not on the Chan's then it's not cool. Protip, nobody but the 30-40 thousand+ users know about the chans. 30 thousand != popular (even amongst nerds).


>> No.637494

What truth?

>> No.637497

why are you even here?

>> No.637498


>> No.637502

also sage for

>> No.637499

That Touhou was popular enough to be nominated for Japan's Media Culture Awards in the Entertainment category. Although it did not win any prizes.


>『東方Project』 ZUN
>推薦理由: シナリオ・音楽・作画・プログラミングなど、すべてを1人だけで行ない、

>> No.637505


You win, I raged. It was only because you linked a Naruto Nickelback AMV, but rage is rage.

>> No.637503

>Fuck, not even 4chan has an epic effect on nerd culture yet.

It's not supposed to have one.

>Protip, dumbass. A few flashes != Zomg epic effect on nerd culture.

You're repeating yourself. This is the third time.

>30 thousand != popular (even amongst nerds).

We don't give a fuck how popular it is. We like it the way it is now and even 2 million people liking it won't change that mindset.

So stop the useless trolling and provoking unnecessary anger.

>> No.637509

>not even 4chan has an epic effect on nerd culture yet
in during false claims of fame. (rickroll, desu, pool's closed, etc.)

>> No.637510


>In b4 trolls trying various other methods to keep the thread going.

>Like the truth, am I right?

>What truth?

Am I missing something here?

>> No.637516

I'm not sure. I posted this: >>637482

>>637488 responds claiming that I am a troll using various other methods to keep the thread going.

Which I took to meant that he was saying that I was making this shit up when it was the truth. So I posted the link and the exact line of where Touhou is mentioned as one of the nominees for the 11th Annual Japan Media Arts Festival Awards.

>> No.637517


That's just the most popular version out of fifty or something that were posted on youtube.

>> No.637521

Well, there's the whole "Nice Boat" thing...

>> No.637522
File: 52 KB, 250x250, 1211031488431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Then stop abusing the word popular. I bet the op is feeling really dumb right about now.

>Touhou, more popular than your favorite animu.

Even 3:00AM repeats of Death Note receive more views than Touhou.

>> No.637525

He says in before, not in after, which means he approves your post.

>> No.637549

It's true. My favorite anime is Sexy Commando.

>> No.637547


Touhou is getting absolutely crushed in the Adult Swim ratings, I'm afraid they're going to drop it and fill the slot with more Home Movies! Hey wait, I've caught onto your clever plan. You're using the most completely retarded irrelevant shit to troll with because you know it will provoke people like me into responding, aren't you? Shit, and it fucking worked, too.

>> No.637563

I do believe he was referring to the op's picture.

>> No.637570

>Even 3:00AM repeats of Death Note receive more views than Touhou.

Now, read that carefully and decide what's wrong.

Personally, I believe people should rage less and treat more posts as a source of humour. I, for one, had a good laugh at that.

>> No.637581
File: 8 KB, 200x150, 1207442698443.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well, looks like this thread is over. I win yet again. Want to know something disturbing. My brother invited some friends over and they've been blasting Soulja boy this whole time.

If you're slow, that means you've been beatin by a person who was listing to soulja boy.

Thread in conclusion:
1.Op is a dumbass and should feel bad about being a dumbass. Or perhaps I should say his opening pic is (simply put) retarded.
2.Touhou is not popular (outside of the chans).
3./jp/ is overwhelmed by Touhou despite the fact that moot said not to let one thing dominate this board.
4.Your inner fanboy is showing.

>> No.637584

Jesus fucking Christ /jp/ is fail during the weekend.

>> No.637585

Do you even know what casual means? Touhou games are neither easy or accessible, the fact they have a genre that's been forced into obscurity is irrelevant. Most 'touhoufags' can't even complete the damn things on Normal, and alienating difficulty is probably the number 1 trait of a hardcore game.

>> No.637590

Wow, you're a gigantic faggot even for 4chan standards.

>> No.637606


Ha! I KNEW it was you! I had an inkling when you started with the ratings shit, but at first I thought it was just some fag from /v/... but no, it was you yet again. I liked your Robotech schtick better.

>> No.637609

It's true.

When Death Note airs at 12:00 it gets around 200-300,000+ ratings. But when it comes on later in the night it receives around 20-40,000+ ratings.

Are you trying to say there's 20-40,000 Touhou fans in America? If so, please explain how one can obtain such a drug that will induce such delusions.

You could do a census of /jp/ and the /touhou/ imageboard and it would probably be around 80 people. Probably even less than that. The Touhou imageboard rarely moves. and /jp/ (which is about many topics) is moving in slow motion. Hell, if there were 40 people posting on this board we'd notice it. Right now I think it's around 11 people.

>> No.637614

So we meet yet again.

>> No.637641

Of course it's true. There's no Touhou animu, so it can't receive any views. That's the joke.

And, remember, this is /jp/. We're discussing Japan. Noone cares about your stupid America (and it's not like most of us live in America anyway). gb2/us/

>> No.637653

But you're forgetting about one important detail. My post was directed towards the op's pic. Now what does the op's pic say you ask?

>Touhou, more popular than your favorite animu.

Get it?

>> No.637659

5.You still don't understand what dominates means.

>> No.637666

I don't know what dominate means and you don't know what popular means. Let's be honest.

>> No.637673

And it's very probable. In Japan, at least. It's been explained already.

>> No.637675

I'm not the person who was talking about dominate.