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Is it true that Touhous die if you remove their headwear?

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No, it's just fanon shit.

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Of course by that I mean hats, ribbons, ears, and any other head related accessories.

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Common misconception, OP: They don't die, the rest of the universe does.

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Don't mind me, just being the best Touhou ever

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can this be a yuka thread now please

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Wasn't there a point in /jp/ where this was common?

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Yuka is what happens when a touhou removes it's headwear. They become a super touhou.

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But Kogasa is weak, like super weak.

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That's because not all touhou are equal after all.

Kogasa needs to go headgearless constantly to even be a match for the weakest headgeared touhous.

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Kogasa substitutes with the top of the umbrella.

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>Your guts are huge!

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If you remove Rumia's ribbon, some horrible thing will happen. Don't do it.

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The size of the hat determines her power. As she grows in strength, it eventually becomes too large to wear. At this point, it's converted into a parasol. The moment the hat is removed from her head, a ribbon sprouts and begins to grow into a new hat. Sometimes they grow large enough that they can be converted into frilly dresses.
This is the real reason Yukari is considered the most powerful.

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What happens after the frilly dress and subsequent new hat?

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that made my day

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And from there he begins losing clothes, til he's just wearing a fundoshi?

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I'm screen-capturing this one.