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There was no Mama Ran thread this morning.

I usually wake up and get on my laptop to see if she's there wishing me a good day, but she was nowhere in sight this morning. I thought today would be terrible.

This morning I was able to eat breakfast, I got a shipment of new teas in the mail at work today, there was a soupdrive at work so I got to eat delicious soups for lunch, and there were doughnuts for all of us in the breakroom.

Today was pretty good, even though Mama Ran did not wish me a good day this morning.

I don't need you anymore, Mama Ran. I don't need you anymore.

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But, anon-kun, you will always need love.

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That's terrible.

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Oh my gosh! Mommy's so sorry! I overslept this morning! I'll make it up to you tomorrow, I promise. I'll make a big breakfast for my favorite little snuggly-pie! If you want, you can sleep in mommy's bed tonight.

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Hello, I'm Yukari, Ran's employer. I just wanted to let you know that Ran was feeling ill today and couldn't wish you a happy day so I'm here to pass on her message.

Have a nice day anons and try your best today.

There it is. I'm sure you will all join me in wishing that Ran gets well soon.

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Technically this is a meta thread, hence not QUALITY

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"Mommy Ran" threads are not deleted by the janitor, since this thread is talking about it the janitor will probably ignore this thread. This is QUALITY. You now realize how volatile QUALITY can be.

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Then, when DOES the janitor delete something?

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Everyday, just have look at our pages righ- Oh wait is that a trick question?

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I was under the impression quality was entirely determined by usability, reliability, maintainability, integrity and portability in unison.
So much for software engineering.

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She heard about the soupdrive and decided to help out. So has been slaving over the hot pot all day.

Youmu cooks for a glutton that eats bugs, birds and anything else.

Sakuya cooks human entrails and blood in her dishes.

Mystia has a fried lamprey stand, but has to create darkness around her area to funnel customers her way.

Ran has to cook for one of the most spoiled youkai ever. Heck, when she talks about her preparations in PCB she calls it a FEAST.

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oh you

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The local Methodist church in my town were the ones who did the soupdrive.

I don't think Methodists believe in 9-tailed foxes, so I doubt Ran made my corn chowder, or my cookies with mint gummies in them.

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If a scientific method can't be successfully applied to the housekeeping skills of a relatively obscure Japanese mythical creature, the scientific method is lacking