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Does /jp/ enjoy femdom?

If so, would /jp/ prefer to be dominated by a loli or an *ahem* older woman?

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I would lead whoever it is on by pretending to be compliant, and then dominate them completely when the time was right.

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As expected of ren-sama

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Weren't you banned?

Also, loli is better.

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reverse trolling doesn't get you points anymore

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Sure, why not.

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old hags get out

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Not sure if want to get dominated by any random older woman, but I'd most certainly would like to be dominated by Yukari.

Or at least, make her lunch or something.

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I actually have a fantasy about being dominated by a loli. There are so many scenarios in my head, so many reasons I'd imagine she'd be dominating me. Being dominated by a little girl is perhaps one of my favorite things to think about.

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it's just some retard dont pay attention to him

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Not "random older woman," but if you have fantasies about being dominated, is it usually a loli you like or a "hag" you like?

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i'm ok with it.

so long as i'm gagged by a used thigh-high

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This is genius!

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How would you feel about erotic cutting? She's talking to you in a sensual manner, holding a blade...and either giving you quick slices or long, drawn out cuts with it. Oh, and she licks the blade clean after every cut.

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I'm not turned off by that idea like I am with scat, so I guess I'd try it atleast once.

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Nothing serious, just fleshwounds. Nothing bandages can't fix...unless you WANT them deeper.

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I'd be fine with either, really.

I don't really like pain, I'm more of a fan of humiliation, that sort of thing.

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Any loli that is willing to dominate likely has an old hag mind anyway. Just the way I like it.

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I'd give it a shot if there weren't any scars. I don't think I'd like it though.

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No thanks. I can't stand blood. Light biting feels good, however.

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Sounds unbearably painful, and extremely appealing.
What have I become?

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Like, what do you mean? Vampire biting or just biting biting?


You're tied up and gagged while she's cutting you and saying really demeaning things. How's that?

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My sister has bitten me through my shirt when we played rough before. I never told her to stop because I kind of liked how it felt. Glad to see somebody else likes being bitten.

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Just biting. I hate vampires. ... Scarlet sisters excepted.

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Maybe. I'd only take a bit of it though, and only as foreplay.

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I love femdom and futa.

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I think both is fine, though I admit, I never actually had a fantasy about getting dominated by a loli. Mostly it's about older women, because I don't see how a little kid is going to dominate an adult both physically AND mentally.

It's common sense, y'know. A small girl just CAN'T dominate an adult. Though the prospect of that is pretty damn hot, I admit.

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Either would be fine, but a loli would be more degrading so I guess it'd be better.

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Blackmail comes to mind immediately. Second is waking up and being tied up or something, or perhaps even being drugged.

You won't be outsmarted or overpowered by a child, but there are things like I mentioned above that can allow being dominated by one possible.

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What about magic?

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I would like to get dominated by my girlfriend.

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I want to be dominated by Tewi the most.

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A loli would indeed be more degrading, but I like the warm comforting after a good domination, where she treats me as less a toy and more her beloved pet lapdog. Which, for me, entails my being shorter than her.

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Not really, but I'd probably let Yuka do whatever she wanted to me.
Even though she'd probably be most inclined to kill me.

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Those cg sets are god tier.

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Are you sure about that? You know, I can see blackmailing working out, but I don't see how a loli would tie you to your bed without you waking you up. She'd need to move your arms and such, or even your whole lower body, and that would probably wake you up.

Also, drugs? Really? A little kid has knowledge of a substance that can knock you out so she can tie you and reverse rape you? I wanna meet a smart kid like that.

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>Which, for me, entails my being shorter than her.
Bah, that's why I'd prefer a loli. Women that are taller than me are fucking giants.

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It's a sexual fantasy, it doesn't really have to be realistic.

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I don't know man. It's not really that hard to imagine a kid opening up the bathroom cabinet and seeing something with sleep aid written on it and put one and one together.

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Yeeeah, whatever. I guess I'm derailing from the topic here.

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Suwako would definitely comfort you, and she can be taller than you too!

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Even if she knew how to knock you out, I don't see WHY a kid would want to do that, or why she'd have the GUTS to do it.

Unless she's a complete slut who just wants to use you as her pleasure dispenser. At which point, I'm completely O.K. with the prospect of a loli that likes dominance.

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I have...never seen Suwako as the dominating type. Maybe in the 'Oh, he's so innocent, I'll go ahead and take the lead' kind of way, but never as the I-wear-the-pants-here type.

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She may look like a little girl, but she's not a ridiculously ancient primordial earth goddess for nothing.

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Don't make me post that doujinshi where Suwako jams her dick in a guys ass and cuts his throat while she cums in him.

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Though you are correct, I'm easily fooled by appearances, I suppose.
I just can't imagine an aggressive-dominant Suwako.

Feel free. If nothing else, it would give me a base for a new personality for her.

Or post any other doujin with a dominant Suwako that lacks gore.

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Let her come in after Kanako is done, then. Kanako definitely wears pants.

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Both of you fail to acknowledge the power of miracles.


This actually happened today for me. I was sitting down and spacing out at work and suddenly Bern was next to me and I had a dog collar on...yeah.

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Why aren't you posting it yet?


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I can't imagine Kanako sexually. It's too disgraceful and impious.

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Don't say I didn't warn you.

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I have that doujin which shows her becoming a loli goddess...she actually looks intimidating if she wasn't a little girl.

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Did someone say Suwako?!

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Why does being a little girl matter? It's just outward appearance.

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captcha: approach facegive

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She's not intimidating as a little girl...or at least, she's intimidating in a very different way as a little girl.

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That was kinda messed up.

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>just wants to use you as her pleasure dispenser

Be used by a loli, for anything? Yes please.

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Only if it's Bern.

Me on the right.

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Yes I'd like that. A cougsr is fine too

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Yeah, I love femdom (regardless whether the female is older or not), but you fucks only discuss femdom related to touhous and uminekos, barely anyone plays femdom eroges other than me.

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Eternal lolis are best lolis, femdom is no exception to that.

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Pledge your loyalti to him her.

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I would love to play femdom eroges, but I can't find any. Do you have any recommendations?

>> No.6342031


The only thing that I've found with any femdom is Discipline, but I'm sure there are many more.

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Being dominated by a loli is hot.

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I wish Yukari would tie me up and verbally assault me, humiliate me and make fun of me for getting turned on by the whole situation. Then she would turn around, lift up her dress, and spread her fat ass cheeks, unleashing a loud, powerful fart into my face. I try my hardest not to get turn on, but she can see that it had that effect on me. She then jams her ass into my face, rubbing it all over, leaving the scent of her asshole on my nose and mouth.

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Yes. Lolifemdom is my most favorite fetish.

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I lean most towards loli, but both have their own appeal. Also, not too stoked about the most popular Touhou hags. I prefer women like Eirin. Seems much more gentle and caring. That's the sort of thing that attracts me to older women in the first place.

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We've had plenty of minor discussions before. I bet you could start a femdom eroge thread yourself and get plenty of replies.

>> No.6342148

Isn't Eirin the Gensokyo equivalent of Dr. Mengele?

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There isn't anything even remotely decent translated. It's the nichest of the niche. I meant untranslated masoges of course.
Yeah I might as well try making one next time one comes out. Like when the new Noukano imouto game comes out soon. Anyone else besides me looking forward to that anyway? The trials were really hot.

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I want Yukari to stick her finger into my urethra and give me an internal handjob.

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fucking THIS; I LOVE BITING. Not vampire stuff (no drawing of blood, or even breaking the skin), but someone who will bite me all over my torso, the right way, with sucking, is like unto a god for me.
I love this image because that's the place where I love getting bitten. wondering how weird it is to have your back and shoulders be your biggest erogenous zone, but whatever.

It's annoying because the few people I've had the courage to tell about it just a.) thought it was weird, or b.) brushed me off as a lol Twilightfag (being a girl doesn't help that second one I guess). I don't want fucking sparkly metro vampires I just want someone to leave hickeys all over my neck and shoulders so I have to wear turtlenecks to work goddammit.

If I could find an older woman who would bite me while I was blindfolded and tied up I would never leave her.

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>she can be taller than you too
Am I missing a reference here?

>> No.6342330


No, she is the Lunarian equivalent of Dr. Mengele.

>> No.6342363

A loli I suppose. There's something about being the plaything of someone many times weaker than you.

>> No.6342416

Not an older woman but I would gladly bite you. ;_;

>> No.6342454

Loli, but she'd have to be the kind with the mind of an adult who has the foresight and planning skills necessary to set up a blackmail scheme or knock me out with drugs in my coffee.

Or something. It's not like I've given any real thought to this, okay?

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Mobile hitler here


Screw you.

Along with femdom and futa, I have a vampire fetish. I used to write stories by the hundreds a few years back about my special character I've invented and how he gets dominated constantly by female vampires. it was also WWII themed.

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So it's not against the Aryan ideal to be into femdom?

>> No.6343046

Happens all the time. Like in Onii-chan Control.

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Yuuka grabs a hold of your hand and begins licking your fingertips ever so seductively, nibbling little by little at your skin. She sucks your finger a little longer, savoring you. You smile and place your hand on her head. Just as you do this, she shoots a smile back at you, only you can actually sense the malice behind hers that is not present in yours. She sucks harder, licks more furiously and her teeth sink down further and further.

Tighter, tighter, tighter. Her mouth closes around your finger gradually. You feel her teeth begin to pierce through your skin, her tongue wrapping around to catch the blood trickling slowly from the opening she makes.

Pleasure turns to pain. You begin to feel your finger tearing apart. When you feel as if you can't take it anymore, you hear it, the one defining sound that tells you she's done playing with her meal. The crunching of bone inside her mouth. Your mind takes a second to realize how much pain you're in. You scream at the top of your lungs and attempt to pull out, but she keeps hr firm grip on you. You've pulled out slightly, enough to spray her face with your bodily fluids. For a second, she doesn't resist, and smiles, scooping up your nectar with her free and and giving it a taste. She puts you back into her mouth and sucks even more furiously, as you let out a stream into her mouth that doesn't seem to be ending. You try to hold it back, but it won't stop flooding into her.

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As you try to resist again, she forces you down to the ground and presses her body weight against you to pin you down. She continues her meal, moving further down your hand, eating little by little. The pain is unbearable, but it's far too late to turn back now. You are at her mercy, as she eats you little by little, finding pleasure in your twisted facial expression and moans of agony. In the midst of your painful ordeal, you feel something else, something down in your nether regions. You can't look down, you dare not even look anywhere below your neck right now, but you can certainly feel something. You realize what it is as you try to focus on it, and it's enough for you to face your fear and actually look down for clarification.

There she is, eyes closed, now up to your elbow sucking you dry with her closed eyes. You look down further and see her wildly grinding her hips, dry humping you as she bites down. She opens her left eye halfway, as if sensing that you've realized what she was doing. Her smile widens, she pulls you out of her mouth and moves her face up to yours. Paralyzed with a mixture of fear and excitement, you're too stunned to realize that she's just pressed her lips, stained with your blood, against your own. Her tongue slides past your lips easily, and intertwines with your own. Her lower body moves more furiously. She presses her crotch down harder on yours. As you proceed to slide your tongue into her mouth to return the kiss you realize it was a trap a moment too late. Her teeth snap down on your tongue like a bear trap. You attempt to pull away, but she holds your head in place with both hands. Ripping, tearing, pain. She's now chewing your tongue, sucking the stump of flesh in your mouth.

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You can't scream anymore. You try, but nothing comes out. You try to flail around and push her off you, but she's got you pinned. She pulls her face away from yours after swallowing your tongue, and licks the blood off her lips. She slides one of her hands down your chest, making her way to your trousers and slowly removes them just enough to pull your member out. She holds you down onto the floor with her right hand as she pulls her skirt up. From your angle, you're only able to catch a glimpse of her thigh, but she's pulled her skirt up enough for your member to be hidden under it as well. She presses down slowly. You cannot see what's going on under her skirt, but you feel a warm, moist opening engulfing you. Little by little, she inches her way down.

Finally, you feel the warmth wrap around your member from the base up. The hand that was holding you down on the floor moves up to your neck. You consciously take a big gulp, but cannot resist anymore when you feel her hand clamp around your throat. Pain screams from multiple points of your body, but the somewhere mixed in with this pain is pleasure. Your wind pipe is being crushed, your vision fades ever so slowly. She rocks her hips ferociously, her head is cocked back, mouth wide open, but you can no longer hear anything coming from those lips. Your vision completely darkens. In the darkness your body feels weightless. The pain is no longer there, you only feel pleasure. You were blessed enough to receive your final orgasm before your slumber.

...now we need someone to post that aya + choclate copypaste.

>> No.6343076


Aya chocolate puke? Don't mind if I do.

You put your arm around Aya's waist as she kicks off her shoes and sits in your lap. She says nothing as she leans in and kisses you. She tosses her camera off to the side and wraps her arms around you.

Your run your other hand up her leg, under her skirt, and rest it on her upper thigh. She breaks off the kiss and blushes. "W-What are you doing?" she asks. Straining to keep her from noticing your rapidly growing erection, you blurt out something stupid and immediately cringe in embarrassment.

Unfazed, she kisses you again, your tongues locking in a deep embrace. Out of nowhere, you feel Aya's chest heave ever so slightly. She lets out a noise that sounds vaguely like gagging, and then a warm, thick fluid trickles into your mouth. Surprised at first, you try to break away from her kiss, but she holds the back of your head and continues to let the fluid flow into your mouth. Sickened and expecting it to taste like vomit, you are pleasantly surprised when it tastes like melted chocolate. You tentatively swallow some of it, and Aya pushes even more of it into your mouth with her tongue. Continuing to kiss her, you swallow more and more of the chocolate, and Aya moans with growing excitement.

After you've consumed all of it, she pulls away and giggles. "No human has ever let me feed them like that before..." She reaches down into your pants and tugs on your erect dick. "I suppose I should finish what I've started here, hmm?"

>> No.6343085


and a relevant pasta for you:

I got dominated by Yukari in my Touhou dream...

For some reason she was sitting in my room next to me, eating a popsicle. Out of nowhere she jabbed me in the shoulder gently and said "Hey, turn on the a/c. It's too hot in here." I didn't feel like it, so I protested. I turned around to face her- and saying nothing, she started sucking on her popsicle in an extremely suggestive manner, staring at me unflinchingly. I immediately became aroused and, foolishly, let my raging hard on get the best of me. I said something to her along the lines of how the a/c would get turned on a lot faster if she'd suck on something other than her popsicle.

She slapped me. Hard. It stung like mad, and tears welled up in my eyes. All of a sudden I just felt so violated, so dirty. "Don't talk to a lady like that." she said gruffly, and shoved the popsicle that was slick with her spit into my mouth. Suddenly instead of humiliation, all I felt was an overwhelming sense of desperation for her approval. I guess she was toying with borders somehow to do this. She got up and opened a gap and told me she would leave me for good. Teary eyed, I blubbered that I would turn the a/c on for her. She turned around and grinned at me smugly.

"There's my boy." she said warmly, and I obediently set the thermostat lower. She brushed her hair aside and approached me, embracing me. "See," she whispered in my ear, "It's so much nicer when you listen to me." She pulled back and looked deep into my eyes with a mischievous grin.

I woke up cumming in my bed. I've been made into her bitch. ;_;

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ITT: omega males

>> No.6343134

welcome to /jp/. any problems?

>> No.6343151

How about some sauce, my man.

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It wouldn't be as nice as submitting to a male but if she was willing to wear a strap-on, sure why not.

I think pretty much all the various factions within /jp/ would enjoy something like this for whatever reason.

>> No.6343182

>So unmanly and pathetic that we're irrelevant to the social hierarchy
I'm okay with this.

>> No.6343231

You clearly don't know what being a true NEET entails. Are you from /a/?

>> No.6343246

>true NEET
No, anon. You are the faggot.

>> No.6343316

this is my fetish.jpg

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Same or a bit older.

My height or taller.

I enjoy it a lot.

>> No.6343347

I'm hypocritical when it comes to being dominated

I love the idea of being foot dominated/smothered/sock choked etc, but that's because it doesn't humiliate me. If I was humiliated I'd probably turn around and start dominating the dom, because I like to be the one to humiliate.

Then again I like someone who fights back rather than just gives in to everything, unless there is a 3rd person who the sub is being forced on.

>> No.6343371

Why the knell bot?

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You see, the big thing for me is being bound.

Oh and the biting, the nipping and the words in your ear.

Some choking, sitting and teasing is great, too.

I am a strange man.

>> No.6343433


You forgot being bound up, HARD, by your waifu, while being choked and fucked at the same time.

SO yeah

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OoOOO, interesting idea.

>> No.6343449

femdom is all we get for Umineko doujins ;_;

>> No.6343454


>> No.6343640

I've never really thought about it before, but being a loli and dominating an older guy would be MARVELOUS. Actually, dominating an older guy in general would turn me on, i'm into that. I mean, it sort of enhances that feeling you get. You're ordering around and owning someone who is supposed to be ordering YOU around in the first place. Complete submission is a wonderful thing. This thread just might have enhanced my age difference fetish.

>> No.6343859

A loli. She'd start off aggressive and dominating, trying to pull off the role. However, due to the difference in size and the whole situation seeming a little silly, she'd quickly become embarrased and start blushing lightly. Seeing her reaction, I'd laugh warmly and tell her it's alright and that she doesn't have to try too hard. We would then proceed to cuddle instead.


>> No.6343962

Also I'd post pics from the doujin called "Tsundere training" or something along those lines, but I lost it.

>> No.6344290

Of course It's not against the Aryan ideal to be into femdom. I love it.

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Hey Hitler, any updates on the Rumia doujin?

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>> No.6345502

That's her otou-san not her onii-chan.

>> No.6345507

Femdom? Nah. Futanari? Hell yes.

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>> No.6345543

Only if the loli sat on my face and shit herself. Alternatively I'd much apreciate being trampled

>> No.6345734

You must be into both in order to be in the Master Race club.


I've been trying my best to scan for the past couple of hours, but it's hard without cutting the pages and laying them flat on the scanner, but it's my only copy, and I cherish it. i'll think of something, or maybe someone could give me some tips.

>> No.6347161


This is why we (but not I; I can only say this) buy copies, and copies of copies (and the extra copy of the copy of the copy, which is also a copy of a copy of a copy of the original copy.)

Good luck on the book, bro.

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Nothing like loli femdom.

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you will never be satori's fuckpet.jpg

>> No.6347294

Sauce, must have!

>> No.6347321

Indeed. Futadom is the ultimate pleasure. So great a pleasure that the higher forces saw it fit for mortals to never be allowed to experience it ;_;

>> No.6347356

[Hexaflange] Satorare Ijirare

>> No.6347371

I think it's Satorare Ijirare.

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