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Actually, the portal to Gensokyo will be opened by CERN, and I can finally be with Alice.

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Do you see this thread you raiders?
THIS is how you troll /jp/

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cool story bra

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Thanks OP portals work great, no Alliance troops at all (:

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Lies. The LHC has been already activated and there is still no portal to anywhere.

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Bring it on you /b/abbies.

My grandmother nukes harder than you guys.

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It's not up to full power yet!

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It's obviously a secret that only the EU and US knows about, it won't go public for quite some time.

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>mfw orcs start huffing mustard gas as a recreational drug

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What do you know, that's how the Fel Horde was created.

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Nah, that was just jenkem.

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Too late, you have already said it in public. Now everyone will travel to Switzerland to see if there is a portal.

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