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The penny is only 97.5 percent zinc and 2.5 percent copper (copper-plated zinc). I am assuming you need a larger amount of copper than the very small amount of copper on electroplated zinc.

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thanks op all portals are working great

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thanks op, all portals are fully functional, no toxic gases (:

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Now I can finally be with my beloved Mokou....

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Human village is really chill so far, sooner or later I'mma wanna go out and fuck around with fairies but since I just got here I think I'll take it easy.

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I don't remember derek ever saging,
you must be an imposter!

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If Derek says it's okay, I know I can trust it. I'll be back in a few minutes to report my results.

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I'm fukcin

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Tastes like mustard!

Mustard GAS!

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I fucking hate you OP, I can't see shit now.

I fucking swear I'll do something.

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It workks! Protal formiing now, just a litle dizzzy. See yuo akk on Genpkyo~

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Perfectly normal. Keep blowing and you'll get there.

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Your sight is one of the first things to transfer. After a while Gensokyo should begin fading into view.

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How the fuck did you people type the capcha

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bet you guys wouldn't be laughing if someone actually died from this

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Holy shit, now I'm a fairy.

Pretty cool stuff.

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Actually, yeah, I would. A lot.

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This is pretty well known, and no-one under the age of 18 would be retarded enough to try this, but if they did and then died, I think I could get a laugh or two out of it.

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>The 2 ghosts,
>The 2 neighbors in heaven,
>The 2 folks responsible for judging you in the afterlife.

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Are you retarded? I would laugh harder.

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Yes, we're your welcoming party!

You should just hurry up and get it over with, we'll have lots of fun!

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I'm sure Komachi'd be happy to give you a tour around when you get there anon...

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You're all just jelly that I'm a fairy in Gensokyo now, if I were killed it would only be a moment's inconvenience.

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For some reason Yukari showed up and closed the portal and denied me access.

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When you die after browsing /jp/ you go to Gensokyo.
When you die after browsing /v/ you go to Balamb Garden.
Where do you go after browsing /a/?

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To /b/.

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No men are allowed in Gensokyo. Learn to tuck first.

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Sorry - it's just that we're a bit backlocked at the moment. Please try again in another hour.

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captcha actually looks fully legible once you've started op's instructions

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Sorry - it's just that we're a bit backlogged at the moment. Please try again in another hour.

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Since this seems to be catching quite a few people's interest, I suppose I will share some Lunar knowledge with those willing to put forth the necessary effort.

Use it wisely.

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I turned into a fairy too. Let's meet up so we can cause an incident or have an orgy. I was thinking about making the Youkai Mountain erupt for real, but this will involve going all Solid Snake on the tengu forces and convincing Iwanagahime it'd be a good idea to do it.

What abilities did you get?

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Academy City

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Thanks OP, portal works great, no Alliance troops at all (:

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Fuck yes.

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I wouldn't be laughing exactly, but I'd be questioning their common sense and probably nominating them for the Darwin Awards.

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>mfw the horde invents a new recreational drug and gives themselves all brain damage

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>mfw Australia doesn't have any copper coins

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You wouldn't live for long in Gensokyo

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I don't give a shit if that is a "joke".

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Then tell us, what is the actual result?

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Shitload of happy fun gas.

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I'm too lazy to look up the chemical formulas for vinegar & bleach, but from what other people pointed out that generates Chlorine gas (Cl2) - which is not good to inhale. It aphysicates (sp?) you

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Assuming the process causes the pennies to react and give off vapors, that would be very dangerous; zinc fumes are deadly.

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Somebody needs to post brbgensokyo.jpg because apparently some people in this thread are highly confused.

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ive seen that image, here it is.

BTW I am >>6329936 >>6329916

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They did. It's called jenkem.

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