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Imprehensible night is a story about eight friends who set out on a quest to save the moon. those 8 friends are divided in four pairs as follows:
Reimu paired up with Yukari, as they both represent the existence of gensokyo.
Alice and Marisa, who are old comrades in the art of magic decided to work together.
Remilia wanted to go alone, but Sakuya stalked her until she agreed to let her join.
Yuyuko, despite being yukari's best friend, didn't want to solve the incident; she wanted to eat something. but her endeavors towards returning the moon earned her, among the rest, a grilled chicken and a boiled rabbit, courtesy of her gardener Youmu.

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Sakuya is stacked in that picture.

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Sakuya is padded in that picture.

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Sakuya is in that picture.

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About a year after the moon incident, and things ware not looking pretty. Yukari's power has finally driven her mad and she stopped caring about the fate of Gensokyo. Alice and Marisa had a serious fight and they became mortal enemies. Remilia, broken by her failed attempt at conquering the moon has secluded herself inside her mansion, but she still had enough sense to sent out Sakuya when Yuyuko, now unburdened by Yukari's concern for Gensokyo, created a scheme that would drag the land into an eternal winter.

During the events, Yukari Has been sealed off, Yuyuko and youmu has been brought to rest, and Alice was exiled to Makai.

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100% autistic

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Sakuya is not in that picture. It is a fake

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Go on...

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After Yukari and Yuyuko effectively perished, Remilia scarlet decided it is below her to be associated with humans such as eimu and Marisa, and decided to follow her true calling in life and make Gensokyo hers by eliminating daylight, perhaps raising an army for another try to conquer the moon. Reimu and Marisa however, would hear none of that, and both the scarlet mansion and the misty lake ware eradicted during the events that followed.

Meanwhile in Makai, in pursuit of power Alice has found a master that promised her the strength to get back at Reimu, Marisa and Sakuya.

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Backwards time Touhou?

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Gensokyo is being invaded by Makai, and Reimu and Marisa set off to assassinate Makai's leader to put a top to the war. to their mission, their old friend Yuuka, who let her hair grow since the events of Phantasmagoria of flower view, and Mima, a notorious spirit that had her own reasons to visit makai, joined them.

During the incident, Alice treachery had come to light, and she was killed by the four protagonists before the assassination itself took place.

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Yuuka is a yukai, and such she was highly effected by the darkness in the world that is makai. Reimu and Marisa hoped that once the war is over, their friend will go back to her usual self and they could all once more drink tea at her flower field.
But fate had a different idea. but despite the fact that Yuuka action ware strange rather than malicious, Reimu and Marisa took no chances. Perhaps they ware too rough on her... an omen of things to come.

meanwhile, Marisa and Mima ware secretly meeting.

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...I'll rebump this thread in a few hours. perhaps than there will be someone who cares.

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Dude, keep going this is awesome.

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No, OP, it's not.

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Not OP.

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It's completly stupid, but also Funny as Hell.
Keep going, and use lot beer to be sure you keep inspiration.

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The story in this incident is about how Reimu and Marisa went treasure hunting, and truth to be told- on normal circumstances this story would never make it into an incident if not for one important detail: for once, Reimu and Marisa did not work together but each sought the treasure, and the wish that came with it for herself and herself alone.

indeed, this is a story about treasure hunting, but more than that, it's a requiem for one of the bravest friendships in Gensokyo's history. Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

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Mima's plan has came to light. In order to take over Gensokyo and become it's god, she sent youkai to kill Reimu and obtain the sacred Ying yang orbs that will mark her as Gensokyo's warden. As Reimu tracks down the source of the mischief going in her backyard she encounter her old friend, Marisa, who is the first in what later will be Mima's army of witches, with a uniform to match.
Unlike with Alice, enough of their old friendship remained so Marisa did not die that day. However, as Reimu walked away from the defeated magician, Marisa hurled at her a one last spell... Reimu intution was in place, she deflected it and camee out unscratched. Marisa however, disappeared into the multiverse... and landed in this world, a few hundred years ago.

Oh, and Mima got beaten up, hard.

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Reimu goes on a homicidal rampage.

Despite Mima's best efforts, all the beings in Gensokyo have been killed, sealed, and banished, and Gensokyo itself crumbled into smithreens.

Gensokyo is destroyed, nothing but a dream remains. and that dream wandered the land of the sleep until it reached Jjunya Ota who was so drunk he got it completly backwards.


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Tnx guys.

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It all makes sense. You can even explain why there is no Sanae before MoF: The Moriya shrine got too cocky and was extinguished to preserve the peace.

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You want to try to write the tales of mountain of fate and Phantasmagoria of flower view?

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you can tell the artist can't draw two eyes on one face

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>Imprehensible Night
>Not Imperishable Night
Oh you...

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It's a mistake anyone could make...

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how can you say this without seeing his other works?

pic unrelated.

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Ghost bump?

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Op here, where's my QUALITY THREAD stamp?

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meido is so fast right now~

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Indeed s/he is

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Thanks by the way.

Why was that post deleted?

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Because QC is a victim of the janitor's bullying.

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...did I overdo it?

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Meido's autodeletion.

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That's weird, i was under the impression they ware allies...

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Well, that's pretty obvious.

You talked about me and that's useless to the board. (heh irony, etc)

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To delete a post solely because of that... isn't it a bit rash?

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>unlimited blade works.
>unlimited blades

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It's clumsy moe~

A post with "Stop fapping to me!" with a touhou picture is fine though for example.

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>extra bosses
>oh and also Yuyuko

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There is no auto-deletion script or anything like that. I thought we were through this already. It's just the janitor being fast and lucky to refresh as soon as the post is posted.

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Oh, ok. Thanks for clearing that up

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Janitor's mind is confusing. Don't be upset about it.

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Wait to touhou 12.95

Marisa got to be an ex after all.

PS, if you didn't at least snicker when seeing that number, my apologies.

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I'm not.

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You sure? I could well imagine a script that deletes posts with specific phrases whenever the meido loads a page.

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Yeah I'm sure. I did some tests like posting several lines of words that could be on auto-delete on pages 13, 14 and 15 and my posts all remained there. (it was during the time posts were being deleted in the front page, obviously)

That was when some of us first thought about a script deleting "Saten", "QUALITY THREAD", "Reported", "autism", etc.

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I think it has been long confirmed that the last Touhou game will be 12.(9). There will be 5 more games before that.

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Will any of them have mima as playable?

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That might have just meant that he wasn't checking the last pages, then.

I dunno, some posts have been getting deleted lightning fast, and coding a script like that doesn't sound like too much trouble, to be frank. Then again I don't have evidence for it either, so whatever.

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You know it to be true ZUN, I can feel it in MAH BONES.

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Usually I agree with you, but this thread brings some things to the table that are interesting.

Therefore, bampu

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I'm the same but mind to point out such things? I only see the typical "Mima in next touhou, my bones, huehue" and the OP faggotry followed by more faggotry.

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Well, that's just in the last few posts, but the OP's posting is actually pretty decent. I dislike it personally, but taking things in reverse order at least is a novel idea.

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Autism at full force.

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your words hurt my feelings.

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yeah, that was really mean and uncalled for

mima is awesome. awesome enough to suffer through playing mystic square for

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go away fag

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