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There has not been a Ran discussion and picture thread in quite some time

We need to change that

Other Yakumos are welcome too

Pic related, look at Ran looking all embarrassed in her cute little pajamas that don't fit over her tails so her butt hangs out

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Your new vector wallpaper

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cuter and naturally bigger than Sakuya

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Let's be honest here,

As adorable and loving as Ran is, and as much as everyone thinks she's great, having her around would be a pain in the ass.

Her tails would shed all the time and leave hair all over your furniture and carpet. If you want to sleep with her, your bed will be covered in fur and it will be hard to breathe with all of Ran's dander all over the place. If you go to give her a bath because her tails have fleas, or because they're dirty from scraping along the floor (let's face it, it's impossible her back muscles could be developed enough to lift all that weight off the floor), then you have hair clogging your drains. You would have to wash her off outside with a garden hose.

Own any nice clothes? They aren't nice anymore because now there's yellow hair all over your suits. Yellow hair is the worst, it doesn't blend with anything, so now you can't get a job since your interview suit looks shitty and now you don't have any income.

On top of that, she's a fox. Have you ever smelled a fox? They smell like skunks, no joking.

Sure, she may be loving, but there's alot to think about before you let her into your house.

When she's in heat, she will make weird noises and give off a bad smell, and if you have sex with her, you have to worry about lifting up those huge heavy tails to reach her equally furry vagina, and the whole time you're pounding her from behind you have a faceful of fur and unwashed poopstink from her using the bathroom and you can't breathe. If you cum on her, jizz wont come out of her fur easily, so you must bathe her. Also, you have to listen to this:


Do you still want a Ran of your own, /jp/?

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Contrary to popular belief, skunks don't actually smell.

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I own a pet skunk, and can confirm this.
Saya smells really nice, caus she likes taking baths.

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What happens when you piss it off? Or do you try your best to avoid that?

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They usually have their spray glands removed.
never fails to give me a boner

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Why so mother fetish, /jp/?

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In order to legally own a pet skunk, their spray gland needs to be removed. Kinda like neutering.

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Besides, even if she had them she wouldn't spray me. I don't make her angry, and it's kinda like how a dog wouldn't bite their master, but would gladly bite some thief who broke into the house. She has no reason to spray me.

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No mother fetish here, I don't want to fuck Ran at all. Maybe watch Chen for her (watch! not fuck, you pedos), but that's it.

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I like to fantasize about coming home from work, and seeing my wife, Ran, stirring a pot of soup over the stove.

I walk up to her and she turns her head and I lovingly give small kisses down her neck while she continues stirring and I caress her swollen pregnant tummy.

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Come to think of it, what kind of cat is Chen supposed to be?

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I, too, do not wish to fuck Ran at all.

Unlike the other, though, I would rather be Ran's Chen. Have her protect, nurture, and play with me while making me feel safe.

I didn't have a negligent mother, nor have I always specifically wanted this, so these feelings are no doubt the result of solely these Ran threads we've been getting.

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So... anything goes.

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The round eyes mean she's innocent! Innocent, I tell you!

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Ran is a friend to faeries.

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Naturally. She can't see a child and not like them.

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all posting sexualized pictures of Ran are sick and should seek help. saged and ignored.

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So much this. If Ran was my mom things would be different around here.

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Agreed. Chaste pictures only, please.

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Imagine just petting Ran's ears while they're folded back while she's necking you while whispering how much she loves you

just imagine...


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You are free to refuse the blessings of great and mighty Inari. But be assured, it is your loss.

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Imagine Chen hating your guts for taking Ran away, and Yukari looking at you with scorn because you're responsible for endangering Gensokyo by distracting Ran from her duties.

Just imagine.

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Silly bitch could sleep less.

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What if Ran is actually older than Yukari and raised Yukari from a very young age but gave up being the most powerful being in Gensokyo so she could focus on raising more young youkais as she realizes it is her true calling

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>older than Yukari

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Even though foxes don't have prehensile tails, Ran's evolution into a humanoid may have given her the ability to use them as extra limbs.

Initially I thought SSiB disproved it because Ran and Yukari were both tied up and Ran's tails were still free. But it seems that Yukari's orders not to attempt escape were the only reason Ran didn't use them to buzzsaw her way through at the very least as she does in Shoot the Bullet and Iamp/SWR.

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Finally somebody understands the logistic of sleeping with certain Touhou characters.

Do you feel like going down the list of characters and describing the difficulties of dating them?

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There are no difficulties beyond securing their affection.

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Can I have a link to this doujin?

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No, you can't. Pretty sure it isn't scanned.

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You got to be shitting me.

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Most doujins aren't, you know. Did you ever buy those doujins you said you were going to, by the way?

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Go ahead, Taste the poison.

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I'll scan the Rumia one on the weekend, since it's the only one not scanned.

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Awesome. I love me some Rumia.

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So you need to wear gloves and a condom. Big deal, you should be doing that anyway.

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I feel sad for the person who's waifu is Medicine. Either he's crazy, or very brave.

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She can manipulate poison. It's not like it's always going to be deadly, especially if she likes you.

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I wish this pool were available in high-res so I could get canvas prints of it.

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I still wouldn't taste any fluids from her though. Especially if you're kissing or licking her.

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If I can't trust my sentient killdoll lover, who can I trust?

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If a man can't trust his waifu, who can he trust?

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How about someone won't accidentally kill you during intercourse by way of poison, strength or some sort magic.

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How about trusting her and later having her destroy my enemies?

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That's not how love works.

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Ran looks kind of like Ran. You can't unsee it.

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your waifu'd love to have you over for dinner.

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I would try to be extra delicious for her.

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I fail to understand the problem.

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Maybe he hoped Ran looked more like that toothy fellow who's all tied up in Gleipnir?

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Wrong canine, dear.

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You will never brush Ran's teeth ;_;

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I know. Isn't it wonderful?
Kitsune are always clean and tidy. No bad breath, no tooth decay, no nothing.

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No bad breath even after eating scads of fried tofu?

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Not even after eating a whole fried mouse.

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Is Ran allowed to have fried chicken?

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Foxes love chicken.

Unlike tofu, there actually is clear and recent evidence for that.

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Ran is nothing like my mother, so it's okay if I have dirty thoughts about her.

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So if I encounter a Ran, all I have to do is feed her chicken, and she will adore me?

Somebody wake up Jesus. It MUST be Christmas Day.

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I don't know if a foxes organs could handle fried chicken arc.

Stuff would probably make her sick and gives her god awful diarrhea.

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Chen HATES that. Enjoy your mauling.

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Chen can't read minds, asshole.

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She can when you wear your heart on your sleeve.

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Screw Chen.

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It's on now, bitch!

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But I don't.

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How is your waifu supposed to know you love her if you guard your feelings?

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Why would she do that, now she's going to die.

>> No.6325292

There's a difference between wearing your heart on your sleeve and being straightforward and open with someone.

Besides, I was only talking about having dirty thoughts. I can't commit so soon!

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Funny hats are limiters. WIthout them, the Touhous can unleash their true power.

That they can't live without them is a lie spread by Yukari to prevent a mass youkai uprising.

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I wonder how angry Ran was when Chen came home one day with a pierced ear.

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This entire post is silly for applying the habits and nature of a mundane, wild animal to a sentient mythical being.

Ran is a kitsune, not an ordinary fox. She most likely doesn't shed, I bet she's got as good of hygiene as any human, and being as the nine fanned-out tails are a symbol of her power (and, aside from that, she's a youkai, which means she's stronger than human anyway), I strongly doubt she has any trouble keeping them aloft.

>you have to worry about lifting up those huge furry tails

Even assuming she's not lifting them up herself, there's a cubic fuckton of other positions you could use. Have some imagination. And, again, I doubt her hygiene is any worse than a humans.

If you're going to be a dick, at least use points that are actually valid.

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There are no valid points. Except that no Touhou would ever like you.

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I'm sure Rumia wouldn't mind the taste of at least a few /jp/ers.

>> No.6325435

She's a good girl that knows she's not allowed to eat people. At least, people with spellcards. Which is everyone.

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ran smirk in a ran thread

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What sort of filename is this

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She better be spasming cause she's ticklish.

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Not really. She's one of the least slutty Touhous. Not much porn in comparison to some.

>> No.6325612

Birthday hat vs pants-on-head. It's on now.

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Finding Ran yuri doujin just seems to be impossible to me.

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Good. Yuri is disgusting.

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The lack of Yukari and Ran doujins annoys me. It's always Ran and Chen, Ran and Chen. Ran isn't a pedophile you sick fucks!

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Disregard the Murasaki-sama. The guy translating it made a mistake on Yukari's name.

>> No.6325657

Thank you good sir/madam.

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bump for more delicious fox

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That face... it horrifies me. Don't know why, it just does.

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Yeah, the faces are kind of scary but the artist holds promise.

Bumping his solo and yuri pictures on pixiv to try and convince him to give up the cocks though.

>> No.6328286

Why would you want to convince someone to give up cocks? Are you mad?

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Fortunately with the blessing of Great and Mighty Inari, it is possible to both eat the cake and keep it.

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Why contract out of Gensokyo when Suwako can do the job just as well?

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Because foxes. You must never forget the thumb rule of Japanese mythology - everything is potentially a fox.
Unless it's a fox, in which case it's potentially a tanuki.

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You've got a thing for foxes, don't you? Odd.

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Because I want him to focus on some Yukari x Ran instead.

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Ran-shama's tails are overrrated

I think her cute ears need to get more attention

Alot of artists draw her hat pretty damn huge so it makes you wonder how big her ears really are. I like to think normal catgirl-ear size but I guess a foxes ears can be HUGE

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I am just as confused as you are as to why.

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A noble goal, but there's no reason one of them can't have a cock.

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It's the tails. It's gotta be the tails.

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I can concede that point. As long as the men are out of it.

>> No.6328382


Dammit, I'm going to love the Rumia book because of the artist.

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Well... fennec foxes have huge ears, plain red foxes not so much.

Although the other resident fox goddess of /jp/ (also supposedly a plain red fox despite being all yellow) does have ears that dwarf most depictions of Ran's, so it's probably safe to say anatomically correct scale is optional.

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I know right? Had my eye on it for a while and was really happy when Hitler offered to buy stuff.

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Ran is probably the least popular non-pc98 touhou when it comes to porn doujins

with her being my favorite touhou, that makes me sad, but on the other hand glad because I don't like to see her abused

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The Forgotten Touhous get less than her. But they're forgotten, so that's expected.

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Thus far, with the sole exception for her brief appearance greeting Shiki in *that* doujin, still prefer anything including Ran to be non-h.

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I would be lying if I said I ever expect that to change.

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I don't like seeing porn of characters I like a lot. It usually feels terribly out of character.

Dunno why others don't feel out of character, but I'm not complaining.

>> No.6328542

Is any of this guy's work available for download?

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It's nothing strange. You subconsciously have a deeper rooted idea about what's right or not for characters you enjoy.

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I guess that's true. Though as far as I can tell it's focusing more on the not in this case. Be nice if Koishi could take care of that for me.

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And so it ends.

>> No.6328633

Oh my god. So moe.

>> No.6328636

Bad Yukari! No wiping out villages for you!

>> No.6328876

That's no ending. It's also not a day's events.

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Here, have the single best piece of Ran art I've ever seen period

>> No.6329167

Quality of Ran artwork really means quality of Ran's tails. 10/10

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I've always kinda liked this one for some reason.

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Furry thread?

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>> No.6329312
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That's just creepy.

>> No.6329753

someone saved my upload ;_;

it didn't get approved in three days

i sad

>> No.6329824
File: 12 KB, 480x360, finger.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry, but it's not very good.

>> No.6329830

You could also, you know, appeal the deletion.

>> No.6331869

Hmm, this turned out to be pretty adorable.