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Morning, anon! I know you'll have a GREAT day today! To start you off, mommy's gone serve you breakfast in bed! Do you want oatmeal, pancakes, or... Me? Hee hee! Just kidding!

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I like these posts...

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Best thread on /jp/!

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I don't need you anymore mom, I can do it myself.

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Can't you use some other Touhou for your perverted sexual fantasies? Or better yet, some shitty obscure anime character no one ever heard of?

Leave Ran alone.

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Ah... Are you frustrated? Snuggle up to mommy and tell me what's wrong.

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>Hmmm... I wonder what's for ''Dinner!''.jpg

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This made me much sadder than I believe the original author intended.

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Mother of the Year, All year, every Year,

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Don't worry, Just keep cooking while I fap under the table.

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It was intended to hurt.

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Dream family indeed.

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5 degrees outside. Hypothermia is a bitch.

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Moooooom~ get out of my bed, this is my room! Why are you looking at me like that, what are you doing stopOHMYGOD!!

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>breakfast in bed

But I'm already in the kitchen mother.

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Who the hell would want crumbs in bed?

Or fur for that matter?

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>implying you don't have fur in your bed

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I do but I vacuum the shit out of it.

I have 3 cats and a dog who are using the bed when I'm not.

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