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Which touhou would you like to perform oral sex on? For me Youmu is my choice.

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Any of them that aren't Erin, Yuyuko, Yukari, Kanako, Byakuren, Nitori, Yuugi, and Sakuya.
Everyone else is a-ok.

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Reimu, because I heard it's good luck to go down on a prostitute.

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Mokou's vaginal fluid is the spiciest hot sauce known to man

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Wriggle, since my jaw is small and easily dislocated.

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>Which touhou would you like to


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Yuka. Cunnilingus is work and she'd be easy.

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Remilia. I'd suck her dick all the day if she wanted to.

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cirno, like licking a frozen flag pole

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Yukari's big, fat, mouldy dick.

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I would say Ran is the one who, in theory, I would most like to perform oral sex on, but I would never do it. If it were even possible I mean.

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I appreciate the effort you guys are putting into bringing this god-forsaken thread to a halt, but people might think you're being serious.

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Patchouli, it would be all salty and smelly due to her neglecting personal hygiene in favour of reading books.

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That depends on whether it's futa. Cunnilingus is disgusting and no man should willingly attempt such a thing.

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Oh, and if there's no futa, I'll just take Rinnosuke.

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Cunnilingus: Kaguya. Delicious royal juices, nectar of the gods.

Futanari: Tewi. It would probably be small and cute but she would still have voluminous ejaculations.

Analingus: Every last one of them.

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B-but they poop form there!

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No they don't, you filthy pervert. Gods subsist purely on faith and youkai translate the food they eat into magical energy. Kaguya and Mokou don't even need to eat, and the food they do eat probably gets "deleted" for changing their internal composition.
Reimu and Marisa probably have purification rituals and/or spell cards.
Eirin could also make it completely clean and safe.

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Is that even a question?

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None of them because touhous are love and I'm faithful to my waifu

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Which one has a dick?

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Why do you say that?Personally I'd like to try it someday(with a person I love only of course) because I heard that a women can enjoy giving a blowjob so why wouldn't the same go for men?

And if it is really disgusting I'd just deal with it cos if the person I love is willing to go trough the pain of giving me a blowjob then I'd definetly would do the same

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With one hand squeezing her ass and the other squeezing her tail.

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Blowjobs are completely different. People usually find it pleasurable to suck on something. Pacifiers, your thumb, Patchouli's tits, lollipops, etc. It just feels good to do, due to sensitive spots inside your lips (same reason people like making out). Licking, on the other hand, only makes your tongue tired. There's nothing exciting or pleasurable about it, it just makes you feel like a dog.

Besides, the smell and taste of cock is easy to get used to and even get excited by, but most people agree that vaginas are disgusting. Yesterday, some idiot posted a picture of a 3D vagina on /d/, and it had some piece of white goo in it, and some guy say you had to wash it twice a day to avoid that.

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I would absolutely suck Yuyuko's dick

no homo

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Do you even need to ask.

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I don't care as long as they have a dick.
Maybe not the nun, but that's about it.

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This thread is terrible.
Rinnosuke, I want to see the expression on his face.
I think I might be gay.

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Marisa is my choice.

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Hina. Something bad's bound to happen, but fuck it. Anything for mah waifu goddess.

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One that tastes good i guess.

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I'd never lick a vagina. That's just nasty.