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It's that time again! Sort your favorite characters, follow your gut instincts, and see what's changed!


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With over a hundred characters, this is too much work without any actually worthwhile result.

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Fuzzball is unbeatable.

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Who knows, there could be some surprise! I did not see Momiji coming at all!

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Hi I have Aspergers and it feels good to sort 100 things sometimes

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Put your ability to good use. Make something that actually makes a difference. Don't waste time on this shit.

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this thread is soooooooooo pooshlmer

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Thread reported for shit.

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Think of this as practice for when you have to vote in the thwiki poll in a few months. Character rankings are serious fucking business and you don't want to be caught with your thumb in your ass.

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I just realized that I don't have a number 2 spot. WTF?

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Apparently your love isn't only for Rumia.

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What if Yuka was on top of Rumia instead?

Be honest: how much did Bad Apple influence your result?

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I thought Elly was cool way before Bad Apple. I actually like her boss theme more.

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It's not like I have anything better to do.
If I were to analyze it now, Yuyuko and Suwako are too high, Akyuu, Maribel and Renko too low. Other than that, more or less right, especially the many characters sharing the same place part.

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It seems a little off.

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All seems to be in order I suppose. Up to 9 seems correct, though Satori should be under Youmu.

Not going to comment on anything past 10.

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postan my characters

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It's too hard to be consistent through the whole thing. I've got a few circular rankings that screw it up.

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who is Yayame?

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first round should be like `this character? i don't give a damn`

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I was bored so I did it. Looks mostly accurate.

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Seems about right. I gave Aya a lot of credit due to how many doujin I have of her.

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Well I'm stupid.

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Hrm. This again? Well, here's what I did a few months ago when I first saw it.

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And here's what I just did. Reisen is about the closest to "waifu" as it gets for me, so no surprise there. Interesting how far up Mokou and Wriggle jumped. And then how far Mima fell (and Shinki isn't even on there!).

And WTF PC-98 Marisa?

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Sure, I'll have it.

I love Flanders, China and Marisa equally.

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Whoops forgot my pic.

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Looks about right. Switch 3 with 4 and 7 with 8 would be more accurate.

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got really hard near the end
last 3 - Mokou, Eirin, Kaguya

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So many ties.

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I can't believe I spent some of my Friday night sorting out TOUHOU CHARACTERS, what is wrong with me? This isn't where I anticipated my future leading ;_;

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Byakuren should be above Reisen, and Patchy above Meiling

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I have too many taking the number one spot.

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At around 90% or so I started clicking without actually deciding.

Not sure how Koishi got up there since I only saw her once.

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Not too accurate.

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An Orin is fine too.

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Yuka at 1st place
Alice, Mystia, Yukari and Yuyuko tied at 2nd place

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Put Meiling first and it would be accurate.

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Wow, it's pretty accurate.

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I don't remember where I left the image... but the first one was Remilia, and 2nd was Meiling...

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well it was close tenshi should have been on top though

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I really did do this seriously.

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I ended up with Hina as my #1, no surprises there.

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Pretty close, anyways.

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How predictable.

that sake worm is cute though.

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No surprise there for my top 5 or so.

Reimu and Okuu are slowly growing on me since the last time I took this though.

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I never had a favorite Touhou but according to this it's Hina. Four way tie for 2nd between Marisa, Suika, and Alice. Some kind of 10 way tie for 6th place makes me not have a 3rd-5th place. Letty at dead last for ones that I knew. I never realized I hated her that much.

Cool test. OP.

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I'm proud of everyone that didn't have Marisa as #1.

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>>6292836 here.
I know I shouldn't care, but why?

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Because it proves /jp/ has better taste in Touhous than I previously thought.

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I wonder if this is the same guy that's always going on about his dislike of Marisa. Eh whatever.

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feels incorrect

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lily white not in your top ten i'm disappointed son.

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Ties, ties everywhere.

Also, i blame Touhou Mother for Yukari and Yuka

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Alright here's my new list.

Again, we have no second place for some weird reason.

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It's because you have a tie for 1st. You can't have them both be 1st, and there's nothing above 1st, so...

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Same goes for third place, a tie.

At least it's pretty accurate.

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Seems about right but I like Nitori more than that...

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Lots of things seem to have changed. The two devas of the mountain did really well this time.

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