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It sucks to be a satori

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Your cute younger sister wanting to have sex with you is a bad thing?
What are you doing here again?

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But Koishi is just reading Satori's subconscious thoughts which Satori is reading and...

Thought paradox!

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Thought Koishi couldn't read minds?

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Koishi can't read minds and Satori can't read Koishi's mind so this is weird...

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I don't get why people pair up Koishi and Satori so much. The reason Koishi crippled herself was mainly to not become like her sister who in most eyes considered was a friendless loser who could read your mind. Seriously Koishi crippled herself just so she wouldn't be like her sister.

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It is not, Satori is obviously reading OUR minds, and Koishi is just embarrassed at the thought of it.

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>I don't get why people pair up Koishi and Satori
koishi isn't a pet

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Well that's pretty much it and the fact that they live together everyone else hates her.(We don't know what Parsee and Yamame think of her)

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That's not the point here. I could see the reasoning behind Satori not wanting to do her pets because they're well pets. And then subsequently going after her sister.

My concern with the thing is how they always have Koishi be the one into it. Koishi went the farthest length possible to not be like her sister indicating that she did not idealize her sister at all.

Thinking about her before the eye sealing it meant Koishi chose to throw away the life the Komeijis had as sisters. Meaning she wasn't happy with Satori.

Man, I'm thinking a lot just to talk about how I find a pairing illogical.

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But she loves her pets in a non-sexual way right?
most touhous abuse their servants in one way or the other ;_;

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The Yakumos don't.

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Yukari beats on Ran alot.

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>Why do people pair Flandre and Remilia so much I mean Remilia locked Flandre in a basement for 500 years



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But Flan stays down there by herself

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I like the interpretation where Flandre developed Four of a Kind so she would have somebody to play with.

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Koishi also locked away her conscious mind meaning she doesn't have the mental hangups and internal conflicts about what she "wants" to do. If she feels like doing something (like Satori) she just does, without thinking.

And I son't know about not liking her sister. She just saw that she was hated because of her ability and for fear of the way Satori was treated she sealed her own abilities so she wouldn't end up the same way.

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If you know what I mean.

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Is satori mad at kanako for fucking with her crow?

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Well that means she wasn't willing to stand with her sister who never did something as drastic as seal off her own eye due to adversity. Reading Koishi's profile it says the first time she ever regrets closing her third eye is when she meets the player at Moriya Shrine for the SA extra whom she then invites back home. Since Marisa is the only one who accepted the invitation I'm wondering why the pairing MarisaxKoishi never took off.

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Actually, she'd read her own mind if she reads Koishi's mind while Koishi is reading Satori's mind

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what a beautiful picture

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where do these comics come from, they're hilarious

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No, because Koishi doesn't read conscious minds. She feels Satori's subconsciousness, but Satori is in tern reading Koishi's conscious mind and that may influence her subconsciousness feelings, which in turn affects Koishi's thoughts, and so on...

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i have 2 or 3 more, but post more pics like:

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Oh look, Littleshit spams his crap again.

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dont be so rude, sir
im not the same person, i just posted that comic of the komeiji sisters...
Please, dont sage next time

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You're new to /jp/ aren't you? Really new. Don't take sage as an insult here because it's not.

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Has this been posted yet? It's part two of At Chirei. Click next, and enjoy your disgustingly adorable heart-warming soul-crushingly depressing story.

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yes it is

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Sage itself isn't an insult. But it's often used when someone wants to post an insult.

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It's used when someone wants to post an off-topic or insignificant reply. (Yes, this includes insults, for obvious reasons.)

Like you did right now. Learn to fucking sage. You just need to put four characters in the E-mail field, it's not a rocket science.

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being little bitches about sagee is /jp/s most effective troll.
Yes I get it. Someone told you how its used on 2ch. Congrats.

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It's not trolling when you're being retarded and it's not on purpose. For example, like you right now.

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We just don't do everything we can to insult each other, like you fags on other boards.

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Most insults would be better off not posted at all. That's what the report button is for.

Arguing it has one [german]AND PRECISELY ONE[/german] usage also.

Riiiiiight, someone is living in denial here.

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Feels like I'm watching some shitty CN made cartoon.

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Was your post worthy of pushing this thread to the top of page zero? No. To put it very lightly, it wasn't a very good post and it didn't contain very much content. That's why we like people to sage.

Now, you don't HAVE to sage if you don't want to, the same way you can post reaction images with all your posts and nobody can really stop you, but really, that goes without saying.

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Stop fighting over nothing...

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oh wow, im the original poster of this
i just win a junction game in tf2 and i see this sage drama, oh god /jp/ you are so crazy sometimes...

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Das ist Liebe!

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Littleshit are teh winrar, and you are full of shit.

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/jp/ is so dead now.

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Was ist liebe?

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Do you prefer byakuren?

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Liebchen hurt me nicht

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Your opinion is WRONG.

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Du erinnerst mich an Liebe...