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Canvas 2 translation patch finally abvailable!

Game torrent: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=76069&page=1

Patch: http://forums.novelnews.net/showthread.php?t=35890

Go get yours now.

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>Cousin Heroine
>Cousin Incest
>Teacher Heroine
>Loli Heroine


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Now delete this thread.

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Fucking finally, a game where you just get your heroines without complex plot or deep themes or action fights.
We should have more of those.

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I wish I had my own room. Now I'm sitting in room where both of my parents are watching tv. And they can easily see what's going on on my monitor. Fuck.

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Is it THAT bad?

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I wholeheartedly agree.

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>mfw stuff like this gets translated while SubaHibi never gets translated

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>>reacting image from some Disney channel show

I hope they decide to translate Canvas 3 for you now.

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It's from panty and stripe(An anime), not from some disney show, although that's not admittedly better

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When will people learn that /jp/ is not a place for their faces...

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>panty and stripe(An anime)

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厨二病 in all its glory

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>panty and stripe(An anime)

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...you know, I read about 厨二病 before, but couldn't remember the term at all, though the behavior shows up so often on /jp/.
Thanks for reminding me.

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>>panty and stripe(An anime)
>>An anime

Isn't it a cartoon?

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Alright, I'm stoked. I've been wanting to play something stupid lately. I know there was a guy posting looking for some moege last week. Hope he sees this thread.

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You tell me. Aside from that, Japs don't make a difference between anime and cartoons. To them, it's all for manchildren.

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Raining on my parade ZUN!bar.

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They are right. Because anime ⊂ cartoons.

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A simple straightforward VN isn't bad, once in a while

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Anime = animation from Japan.
Cartoon = a simplified, sketchy or caricatural drawing.

Panty & Stocking is both anime and an (animated) cartoon. There are anime that aren't, though.

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Anime = short form of animation = cartoons

The Japanese call stuff like The Simpsons and South Park "American anime".

Panty and Stripe is whatever you want to call it, because it's all the same thing.

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Well if it's too much any other way, could you tell me how you'd prefer to be represented? Maybe we can reach a compromise.

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Animation =/= cartoons.

Not every cartoon is animated.
Not every animation is animated cartoon.

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>The Japanese call stuff like The Simpsons and South Park "American anime".
also japanese call manga "コミック" [comics].

But weaboo don't want to be associated with "children" media like cartoons and comics.

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Well this is a pleasant surprise. Is this game any good?

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I like it, its not dramatic and PLOT TWISTS, it has nice and innocent feeling in it.

Gonna grab some beer later and pull an all-nighter with it.

Also cousin wincest.

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DDL links from Kureha for those who can't torrent, like myself:

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Protag dies at the end. Just saying.

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Opening rolls and I find out the glasses girl's VA is Kawashima. Game is already worth playing from that.

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Bumping this.

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Is there a file we can edit manually (text or hex) to change the players name?
I'm not having any luck using the editor when starting a new game (actually it doesn't accept any keyboard input).

Actually what is the protags name in English?

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Hiroki, if I remember it right.

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On the name entry screen click the box then hit enter on the number pad to change it into romanji.

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that's the one time I've seen that image used correctly

(user >>6268398 was awesome for that post)

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Fuck you. Fuck you for making me read that fucking spoiler on the ghost board because you didn't say it was a spoiler. Seriously, fuck you hard. Sadly, I won't be reading this.

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Appreciate the help, thanks!

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Was that spoiler true at all?

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oh shit


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