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Why do you like vaginas?

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who says i like them?

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I find reproductive organs to be gross, regardless of sex.


I don't recommend following the link.

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So you prefer your pictures censored?

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I don't, I just want to fill beautiful things with pumping hot semen through wahtever orifice I can find for some reason.

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Because evolutionary biology

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That came out pretty badly but you know what I mean

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Sissy. How do you manage to go to the bathroom without having a seizure?

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Him being a sissy implies that reproductive organs are actually gross but he should DEAL WITH IT.

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That is nasty.

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You get used to your own body after a while.

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Because its impossible to get one

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I really don't like the look of some vaginas, but others are just so delicious to look at...

I think the key is that I LOVE the look of ones where the Labia majora (the big mounds) keep the Labia minora (the "lips") neatly tucked inside unless you're actually physically spreading it apart.

Ones where the majora are basically flat and the minora dangle the fuck out, are wrinkly, and look like a disgusting Arby's sandwich creep me the fuck out.

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I am an object of the "male" class
the "male" class has the "likes vagina" attribute

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You mean like this?

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What if they have the gender reversal (C)?

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because they smell good

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A lot of them look like the mouth of a spider to me.
I'm probably autismic.

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i dont think you've ever smelled a vagina

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I like you, anonymous. We have the same taste in vaginas. Perhaps we should fap to them together someday.

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I don't think you have as well, dude.

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Well I suppose there are stranger things to have in common with other people. Count me in.

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derp, i love smelling piss

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They don't smell like your dick, if that's what you're thinking.

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My dick smells rather nice most of the time. I wonder if it's the sort of smell only I appreciate, though.

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Kind of like farts I imagine

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I'm not gay or anything, but I think that vaginae are really revolting.

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I like anuses and penises. Round peg, round hole, etc.

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I've heard they smell like a woman's armpit.

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No they smell like dick.

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Dicks smell fine if they're clean, if you never shower and you sweat a lot though they start to smell like food, kind of like your armpits.

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>smell like food
nigga, what the hell do you eat?

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Dicks, why?

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No, vaginas look like the mouths of facehuggers.

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ah, that explains it

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Only innies.

Outties are meat curtains.

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You like undeveloped vaginas.

You basically just admitted you're a pedophile.

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Because I'm not a faggot.

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They're pretty...like flowers.

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People who fail to distinguish between vulva and vagina should avoid such big words and use something more appropriate for their level of intelligence and/or education, such as "cunt" or "pussy".

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Shut yer face, cunt.

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Only women and faggots like flowers.

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I don't and I cannot understand the people that do. Fucking fetishes, how do they work?

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That's more like it!

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The appeal of the vagina is that it is what you make use of to make the baby and it is what the baby comes out of.

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I only like looking at vaginas with puffy vulva ;_;

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Sub-human scum detected.

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I only like flowers with dangerous names like...Tiger lily or snapdragon.

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Not very politically correct

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what about Chrysanthemums or Centaurea cyanus

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I like how in some doujins they have x-ray shots in which the male's tool penetrates the tunnel and release his load upon several impact to the womb.

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They're ok, I guess.

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I don't really like them. They are gross looking woundlike things. That's why I prefer hair covering them.

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Since this conversation is all in response to a :3~ !RAKISUTAA post, I suggest you stop.

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Soft, warm and fluffy.

Just like the feeling you get when she rests in your arms afterwards

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Puffy vulva. Say it out loud to yourself. Puffy... vulva.
Alone, two such insignificant words. One, a plain adjective with a rather childish tone to it, uncommon in everyday speech, describing a quality which may or may not be desireable depending on the subject. The other, a rarely used and often misattributed name of a region of the female anatomy, one with many synonyms, and an undeserved clinical and impersonal tone to it.
Together... pure love.

Puffy vulva. Say it out loud to yourself. You deserve to hear it.

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Are you fucking bears or what?

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I'm 26.8 years old and what is this

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I don't like vaginas, I like dicks. ~diiiiiiiiiiiiicks.
On girls though, of course.

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I'm pretty sure that's bullshit- since when does sexual maturation involve your pussy turning into a facehugger?

the one time I managed to get laid
the girl was the same age as me (22) and she did not have a facehugger between her legs- she had a nice, neatly shaved situation that was exactly like what >>6257307 described.

I did say it out loud. It felt good.

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Penis > Vagina

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I dunno?
Maybe because they are usually involved with an act that usually, if not always, makes you feel good?
Only gets better if you top that with consensual love.

ITT:virgins and gigantic faggots

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>ITT: Virgins and gigantic faggots

Welcome to /jp/

Enjoy your stay

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.......should I thank you for the welcome or be disgusted for the fact?

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Who shopped that japanese bird in place of ZUNbar?

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>Thinks being called a virgin is insulting
I think you'll fit in with the gigantic faggots just fine.

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Is he wrong? I think not.

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Even if we do not like 3D we still want to fuck our 2D girls.

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3d vagina inferior.
2d vagina superior.

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Because black holes made of warm pudding don't exist.

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I stopped liking them ever since the child birth video in sex ed in middle school, not gay though I appreciate every other part of a woman's body.

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You would shit yourself too if you had to press something out of your vagina too.

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You don't have to hate all vagainae because of that. Just hate the ones that are attached to a woman who is pregnant or has gone through puberty.

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Anal is the answer, then.

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Diarrhea, man.

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They feel a lot better than they look.

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I would rather just play it safe. I don't even want to look at it.

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I hate them. Vaginas are horrible.

You have to constantly keep your eye on them, or they'll do horrible things to you while you sleep.

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I said it was okay to post Kiri images in that thread but I never said to be a avatarfag with them, please stop.

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Ah, there you are. Almost forgot the important information.

Don't get yourself some cheap wallhanger - those won't do you no good. Get yourself something from a German or Czech forge, or anything by Paul Chen (except the Zatoichi promo stuff) if you prefer Asian. Genuine nihontou really aren't worth the price unless you're going for art value. Also, regardless of which, get yourself a fire axe to keep in the house. Just in case.

And now, back to the regular programming.
Puffy vulva~

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What is this from?