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Would you take udongay's place?

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Sure, if Eirin the princess will have me...

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Sure, if Eirin and the princess will have me...

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Yes, please rape me eirin

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If I took Reisen's place I'd never earn Tewi's respect.
That's no way to make her my wife.

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Could you stop with the "Udongay" thing? It's really stupid.

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Would you eat udongay's poop?

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Reisen looks beautiful even when falling on her face.

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I'd take kaguya's place

Living the dream and making mokou cry

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Eiren can beat me unconscious any day she likes.

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sis, I'm dissapoint

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eirin >>>>>>> yorihime

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And be remotely close to Kaguya and Eirin?

No thanks, bro.

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This goes without saying really, the only reason Eirin may seem weaker then Kaguya is because Eirin respects her too much.

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part two.

It also goes without saying that being Eirin's underling isn't something you should relish. She's nice enough to outsiders and acquaintances however.

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Being violated by moon goddesses all day doesn't sound too bad

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she better, it's all she has.

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Must there be a thread reminding me of Reisen's suffering every single day?

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But she's so ugly

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yes, with any luck you'll eventually go crazy from imaging the suffering your waifu goes through.

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Reisen is hot. Just saying.

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This only makes my penis harder.

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But you're the worst stage 6 boss in the series.

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Will I go crazy enough to crazy myself into Gensokyo and save her?

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Pfft. Yeah right. Brilliant Dragon Bullet is a must-bomb card. Yuyuko is easier.

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I dunno, try lucid dreaming, I hear that's in right now.

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If you mean actually switching places, then yes. At least then Reisen would would be away from that horrible place.

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Na. I'm never doing that.

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can't hear you

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but then how would she atone for her sins?

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You're a better man than me, anonymous...

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What sins? The desertion thing?
Moonbitches showed up in the 4koma and didn't bring it up at all. Seems forgiven to me.

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Ah yes, another fellow Reisen sympathizer-anon. At least with more of these threads, our resolve to make things right grows stronger.

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you'd think so wouldn't you, yet she doesn't seem to have forgiven herself. One faction forgetting those crimes doesn't not absolve them. If only she listened to more lectures on the subject.

Regardless it doesn't do to run from her duties, nor her past.

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Not better. Just more desperate. And maybe a little more stupid.

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hey I love Eirin too, but there has to be a better way!

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And what would you have her do, Yama? Staying at Eientei will destroy her.

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Well...better is a very subjective term.

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It isn't Yamaxanadu's responsibility to do anything about Reisen's situation now. However, it still remains that Reisen will never get the chance to move on under the serfdom of Eientei. Yes, our sins are our own to bear. But, sometimes rabbits need others who care to remind them that life is so much more than torture.

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Mokou will save reisen

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i hate those sweets... (moon cakes) specially the yolk inside them