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I am told there was some writer in the 90's who wrote about otaku culture and predicted that some phenomenon like Touhou would emerge.

Does /jp/ know the name of this writer and/or where to find this prophetic piece of writing?

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Scratchware Manifesto.

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Wait, that was made in 2000, not the 90's, nevermind

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Wow. That's pretty damn obscure OP. I don't think even 2ch knows about it.

Mainly because most otakus from the 90s have moved on.

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what phenomenon? a fairly popular doujin game?

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Fairly popular? It might be on its way to becoming a religion for all we know.

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Oh really? Do you think so?

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I am a member of the Hakurei shrine.

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in b4 rumia

Get it? Rumia's name is covered in darkness! Also, Double Spoiler!

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Oh, they're hanging up Reimu plaques at shrines like Lucky Star now? Touhou is popular but it's not like K-on or mainstream manga or anything.

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>Mainly because most otakus from the 90s have moved on.
Otakus don't move on.

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oh u

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>Mainly because most otakus from the 90s have moved on.

Where, exactly? Gehenna? Yomi? Naraka?

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Everybody forgot about LS already. K-On's popularity is declining FAST. Otakus are just unpopular hipsters.
They just fade away...

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Call me when K-on will have 1/3 of the Comiket filled with its doujinshi. Or have more than half a million pictures on pixiv

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K-On didn't have that many doujins either, and most of them wer RAPE RAPE RAPE smut.

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Gee, doujin artists favor doujinsoft, who would have thought?

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Rozen Maiden almost reached Touhou levels of popularity baack then, even needing its own event, Makimaki.

So your idea is flawed. Something else makes this popular. Not just because it is "doujin soft".

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>Otakus are just unpopular hipsters.
It's funny because it's true. Majority of mainstream anime are just a short term hips.

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People must like things take make references to Charles Dodgson's "Alice in Wonderland."

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It's not favour, it's dedication. If fanbase isn't dedicated enough it will just disappear when the next shiny thing will arrive. And it does. This keeps happening constantly, only few otaku things have really survived the initial event.

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>People must like things take make references to

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It was supposed to be "that."

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>Something else makes this popular.
The fact that its ongoing. It's run longer than Rozen Maiden and the other series. That's all. When he stops making games, it'll fade away. For now, it just keeps getting fresh materials to use coupled with lax copyright.

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Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

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I'm still running in the 90's. It's a new way I like to be!

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Yes Arc, it was decided.

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Didn't Tsukihime have almost nothing going for it for nearly 5 years and still manage to be fairly popular?

Please go be a nigger somewhere else, arc.

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Oh, good. The suspense was -killing- me.

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Anyone know more about the OP article?

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>The fact that its ongoing.
I guess the same could be said about Gundam, Macross etc. As long as you keep feeding fans, it will.

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>Please go be a nigger somewhere else, arc.

I've been here for two years. You've got as much chance of moving me, as you do lifting up a cathedral.

Deal with it.jpg

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No no. You don't understand. I am not against you being here. I am against you being a nigger. You are rather amiable when you are not trolling.

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Sorry man, but it looks like....

...yeah, you're gonna have to deal with it. My bad. Really nothing we could do about it, etc...

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>You've got as much chance of moving me, as you do lifting up a cathedral.

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oh god post more yuka

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Self-propelled Cathedrals don't count, bub.

Unless, of course, you lifted that thing up with your bare hands.

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Any progress on finding op's article?

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Wasn't Sailor Moon like half of Comiket in the 90s just like Touhou is now?
Granted the times have changed, especially due to the Internet there is so much more content available and it's very easy to get.

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Inetrested in it myself, but can find nothing so far.

if it was written in the 90s, it might have already been forgotten in time. What I would like to know is where OP got that info.

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SM lasted for tons of seasons. And there is still some remaining old fanart of it from that time.

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stupid youkai moe

so alluring

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Blood-red eyes, especially "backlit" or "glowing," are my fetish.

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Yuuka's ass, SO GOOD.

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They gonna lift all of Venice up to prevent it from sinking. Venice has cathedrals.

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>With your bare hands

Cranes and construction equipment are grounds for disqualification.

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You didn't specify that initially. I do however recognize you won't be moving. You're a pretty cool guy and doesn't afraid of anything

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Yuuka is a good thing

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So no clue on OP's request?