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walk in,
see this,
wat do?

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I think it's scared.

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tell /jp/

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jesus christ when did a sinkhole tilt my house

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Take off my shirt and cover her with it, as the true gentleman I am.

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She wants your blood

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Give her a blanket. She looks cold.

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It's afraid! ;_;

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I've got plenty. Drink up.

This too.

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Fuck her, obviously.

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She's too anemic to move.

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Stand there in awe. Then offer my undying services to her.

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Check what medicines i got last time.

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rape the maids.

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What are you doing? Stand up. Here, put some clothes on. You look terrible.

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Be a Gentleman, pick her up, carry her to the bed, find some clothes for her, dress her, bow and tell her dinner will be done shortly. Find some poor sap, kill him, drain blood, make her dinner served with blood.

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you look yourself into a mirror just to find out you´re sakuya.

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...get the fuck out of there before she decides I'm lunch :/

Christ on a stick, she's a VAMPIRE. A very powerful one, at that.

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I'd drive my stake into her.

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Whip it

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Blow it up her ass.

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Just because her name is Scarlet Devil it does not mean that she is bad.

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Worst move ever. Carnivores love to catch their prey. You are only making your self look tastier.

However, I would do this just to make it more certain she attacks me. Having a loli suck on my neck would in no way be a bad thing.

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do you think that the lady would drink some random clochard's blood? at least you should cut your wrist and serve her your own blood, or go to search a good looking virgin to do this!

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Smite it