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My first extra clear in all my time of playing touhou.

I just 1cc'd Sanae B on normal and I beat Nue my first try.

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r u som kind of faget? I can 1 cc chen yu got nothink

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I hope you are happy clearing the easiest extra of all.

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I am very happy, actually.

I can't even clear hard in most of the games.

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Congratulations, Hitler~

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Nue's easier than Suwako and Ran?? Maybe I'll eventually get over my hatred for the UFO system and actually play through the damn game.

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Mokou is the easiest because Practice Mode exists.

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Nah, even with practice mode Fujiwara Volcano exists to stop me from defeating her. Without Spellcard Practice, she would be among the hardest. I mean, who figures out her laser's hit duration is dependent on your position when it appears rather than dependent on the screen in general without excessive practice?

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Way to shit on other people's accomplishments, faggots.

> easiest Extra
How the fuck is Nue easier than Koishi ?

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Thanks for posting.

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Wait, what? Those are like the 2 hardest for me, aside from Gengetu.

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Nue is way easier than Koishi. Are you implying Nue is hard, or that Koishi is really easy? SA is all about memo; and Koishi's no exception, but SA Extra is still one of the harder ones.

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It fucking is. You got a problem it that? And if you get offended by such things you shouldn't even post in the first place.

tl;dr Deal with it

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Because you have to unlock Koishi

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The single troll that is in this thread is probably correct when he was talking about it being the easiest.

Like I said earlier, I 1cc'd Sanae B, then I thought I'd give the extra stage a try.

I then proceeded to beat it on my FIRST try.

Like I have said before, I can't even beat most of the games on hard yet.

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If you have that much trouble with Normal, even Orin, you shouldn't be trying extra.

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You have to unlock Nue as well with a 1cc.

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That's the retarded thing. I still can't beat Orin, but I beat Nue.

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I'm not a troll you dumbfuck. I'm not trying to piss you off, just expressed my opinion.

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Doesn't count unless your slowdown is below 5%.

I mean, goddamn, with that much slowdown I cleared Seihou Shuusou Gyoku extra without much effort.

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how do you get slowdown? I've never had mine over 0%

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Goddamn shitty computer or vsync.

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I'm implying that Nue isn't the easiest Extra boss. I don't see anything too threatening in SA Extra. The stage is fully memorizable and Koishi's attacks are just ... patterns. UFO on the other hand got clusterfucks all over the stage and Nue has a few particularly nasty attacks.

For a moment I forgot what board I was on.

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I got shitty computer, that's for sure.

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My computer is like 7 years old and it runs Touhou just fine. What is wrong with your computer?

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I have a 256 ATI graphics card, and 2 gigs of RAM.

I was also running itunes and google chrome in the background with about 15 tabs open. (Mostly just 4chan /jp/ pics.)

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Yeah, okay, now close everything and beat Nue again.

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I just started playing UFO a couple of days ago using Sanae A. This is pic pretty much sums up me playing as I get careless deaths because I get greedy/impatient with grabbing UFOs and power ups. SA kind of spoiled me with its grazing system.

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YOU beat Nue.

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The only time I ever experienced hiccups or slowdown with Touhou was when I ran the pc98 games on my 8-year old Mac with CrossOver... so I was playing a game while emulating PC98 on a program that was emulating Windows XP. Makes sense that there might be a bit of slowdown there.

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UFO's extra is literally the most frustrating thing I can think of for myself. I'll pass.

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I forget. Which Sanae is homing snakes and which is lagfrogs?

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I am too use to Hellsinker's endless stream of extra lives, so playing Touhou is kind of hard for me now.

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A is Kanako is snakes.

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Oh come the fuck on.
Not that she's OMFG hard, but the life system in every other game except maybe SA makes the other Extras infinitely easier. There's very little room for error which is hella frustrating when learning.

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I don't know about you people saying you didn't like the UFO system; I actually enjoyed it.

It was a quick and easy way to get lives for the campaign.

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Says the person who created a thread for a clear that's far from legit. I'm surprised you went through with the next screenshot to show off your slowdown.

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I am too used to Touhou's humanly comprehensible controls, so playing Hellsinker is kind of hard for me now.

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perfect cherry blossom had a easy life system with the points and the pickups.

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I know
That's the point I was making.
If you're trying to say Yukari's hard
She's not
At least not harder than Nue

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Means he doesn't know he was playing in easier difficulty everyone else is playing.

Congratz OP but try playing at constant 60fps next time, it will be a ... different feeling.

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Hellsinker's controls aren't complicated, it's just unusual for a shmup to have characters that actually play differently from each other.

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For me it was too much of a distraction. Convenient though it was, it was so important to get it right (and frustrating and costly when you didn't) that it became more important at times than everything else that was going on. It also necessitated for the screen to get flooded with points and power-ups, which distracts from the bullets I'm there to dodge anyway. Coming off the awesome Graze-ometer of SA, it was just an irritant for me rather than something that elevated the game.
To each his own.

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at that amount of slow, i can probably 1cc lunatic. on <1% slow, i can't get past the flashing ufo card for nue. and i've beaten every normal, every other extra other than koishi, and phantasm capturing most of the cards.

as long as you're proud of it i guess. i personally would be ashamed to. it's like saying "oh hi i beat the brood war campaign on the highest difficulty. . .with the godmode cheat".

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Well, yeah, I wasn't talking about the buttons.

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Like I said before, I haven't beaten most of the other games on hard mode yet. I'm just glad I did it.

>> No.6245308

I really don't care if you can beat even lunatic with 50% slowdown.

>> No.6245317

nah no hard feelings or anything, because even at that framerate beating nue on the first try is a great effort, and good job. what i'm trying to say is that even though it was a good effort and you should be happy for it, don't delude yourself into thinking you actually beat nue.

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