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If you could remove or change any part of Touhou canon, what would it be?

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Sakuya's breasts being naturally large to kill the pad jokes.

Or maybe Yuuka/Cirno existing at all.

Seriously those two are the exact fucking same fanon-wise, except one is actually strong and the other is a fairy.

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elly's divorce

I want her back ;_;

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Probably Flandre.
The character and her theme have drawn some of the worst, if not the worst type of fanbase.
"Kawaii with explosions! Kyuu~"

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>you are now keine

Brb, molesting my younger students.

Errrr, about the topic....I wish the SDM never happened.

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parsee never existed, instead mima was that stage 2 boss.

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All the windows games.

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Medicine being ignored

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All Lunarians.

Twats, the lot of them.

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Make canon more solid to kill many retarded fan crap.

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The fucking sdm crew. So sick of those fuckers.

And yes, my butt IS mad.

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The Eientei house is far less offensive than that blasted SDM place.

Nothing good comes of them. And Cirno hangs out there.

Nuke the SDM.

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I would change the canon so that most of the PC-98 characters appeared during the Windows games.

The games would've been 8 regular stages instead of 6.

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But you guys are judging it all on fans.

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>Seriously those two are the exact fucking same fanon-wise
what the fuck

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That Cirno is an idiot.

Make her incompetent or something. She can be smart, she just... doesn't want to. Or fails to do so. I dunno. Or what >>6244750 said.

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Reimu or Marisa winning.

Think about how insane and chaotically awesome it would be if the protagonist never stopped the antagonist.

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I would have Zun actually come out with a powerlevel chart and finally say that the Yakumos are the strongest faction and Yukari is absolutely unbeatable, just to stop all the powerlevel threads and Yukari vs (insert villian of the week) threads.

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PMiSS. Outright unreliable information is worse than outright lies.

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Akyu lied.

Thousands died.

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Make Byakuren the strongest and the meanest!

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I'd change them all to have bigger breasts

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I would make them all boys.

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But Inaba of the moon and Inaba of the earth was a good read.

You could remake IN though.

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Nue's penis

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Yukari is Chinese, with a Japanese name just so she can troll people trying to find a theme.

Patchouli is Korean.

Marisa is Italian.

Sakuya is a Lunarian with a fake name.

Cirno becomes a Youkai after ensoulment, pimpslaps Letty into becoming her servant.

Meiling turns out to be Youkai of containers, reveals she's there to keep the demons in the SDM, not out.

Reimu goes insane, Sanae ditto. Massive Miko War for Touhou 13.

Mima confirmed to be the Hakurei Deity.

Jap fans BAW and RAGE when they realise that the most powerful and most popular characters in the series are GAIJIN DAME DA. Extra points in Yukari comments on how the most powerful creatures in Japan's mythology are mostly Chinese.

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I was going to say I'd change nothing, but I'll have to go with this now.

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remove all bird youkai

yuyucow raping mystia was a start, but still...

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While you're doing dumb shit, you might as well say that Yuugi is Pam Anderson on vacation.

In b4 that picture of Pam with the horn that BOOF enjoys posting.

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I agree with this. Would feel so good.

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Wow, the butthurt is working already.

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Spellcard rules never happened.

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Just flesh everything out more, so I could actually choose a favorite character based on canon without saying "well, we don't actually know anything about this character" 5030841908 times.

Alternatively, make some kind of very in-depth descriptions of characters' physical appearance, since Zun's bad art isn't sufficient. Some fan-art makes Tewi appear to be like a prepubescent girl, others makes her look more like early teens. I want to know which it's supposed to be. This is very important to me.

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I'd change the part where Gensoukyo is not factually real.

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Do you understand that the whole purpose of Touhou is for the canon to be as vague as possible? ZUN purposefully intended it that way, to encourage fandom.

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Personally, I'd like Yama as a male

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Tewi is canonically small.

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I liked you better when all you did was try to shoot Aya.

Not that I approve of shooting Aya, mind you. But your constant failure was entertaining.

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>I liked you better when all you did was try to shoot your load in Aya.

I read this as I scrolled by swiftly, and I was like WAIT WAT, and then I realized what you wrote.

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The physiology of the little girls.

Touhou is now diamonds.

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The part where it was done by ZUN, change it to Andrew Hussie. Instant full flushed quadrant.

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Eh, lots of people try to shoot their load at Aya. She blows it back at them with humorous results.
For her, not for them. Probably.

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I'd make Marisa a trap.

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I'd make so that there is absolutely no moe in Touhou. All the lolis would be replaced by ugly, gargantuan women. However everything else remains the same: their personalities, their relationships...etc.

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Zun needs to stop making new characters and just use the existing ones.

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I was actually thinking the first 5, faggot.

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Make everyone 9 years old

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But they are 9 years old. Physically anyways.

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In your dreams.

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i make Marisa nigger. with big black cock, yo.

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Make Gensokyo real

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HERESY! I need my hags! You cannot do this to me!

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I'd get rid of Marisa. She's the only blemish in Touhou.

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- add more male characters and kill the yurifags ruining the fanbase with their shipping yurigoggle shit.

- ZUN needs to stop making more characters and focuse on developing the ones he already has. That way, it'll kill a lot of fanon secondary faggotry.

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Touhou is SUPPOSED to have fanon, you freaks.

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>i luv cirno shes teh stornges txSD

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>greentext and memes make me cool LOL XD

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I would get rid of Eientei entirely

Maybe just leave Eirin, but Kaguya has definitely got to go.

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>paddo ja nai!!! flandre wil kill u baka

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I wish I could bottle up all that mad. I'd sell it as fuel.

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I wouldn't. Sure, some things can be made "better" by altering them. Perhaps it will be less painful. But the memories of the pains in history, the feelings people had-those shouldn't be altered! Everyone contributed towards making Touhou what it is, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I have no regrets. This is the only path.

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remove koakuma

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Drown in your ideals and die.

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Please don't post.

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That was beautiful, think I'm gonna cry...

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Welcome to my filter

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Remove all characters, 'cept maybe Meiling, from EoSD from the series. Touhou is now significantly better.

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Shikieiki in more games.

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Remove all Touhous besides Cirno and Flandre.

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Anyway I would like SWR to never have happened.

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>IN Elite
>Hates EoSD

Go back to /g/.
Oh wait they laughed you right out of there too.

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Typical ESoD fan, only talks in insults and ridicule rather than making a good argument to support his blind passion.

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Typical IN fan, doesn't know jack shit about what he's talking about ever, and bases his knowledge around fanboyism and rumors.

EoSD sucked, not as much as IN though.

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There is no facts presented by you, just FUD and hearsay rather than real deal logic and reason. I base all of my observations around my objective opinion and that will lead to ESoD is the worse being the worse windows game overall in the series.

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I laughed so much at the posts that I don't even know what to say I want anymore. Ok, maybe I do.

1) I would have liked that the early characters would have been given more love. Y' know, reappearances, descriptions, and a remake if possible.

Stupid useless egocentrical paparazzi crowsluts.

3)Erasing the 9th item in the PoFV manual. Cirno is a good character; sure, she might be canonically derpheaded but the "LOL 999999 BAKA BAKA LOL AM I FUNNY YET XD" shit would be nowhere near as bad as it is.
On the same topic, giving poor Sakuya a decent bust and Yuyuko not want to eat everything.
basically kill all the fucking memes

4) More Phantasmagoria games. They're so damn good, yet there's only 2 of them ;_;

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Sorry to break it to you but people will develop memes out of whatever is there in place of what is taken away.

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>This thread

And this is why ZUN is in charge and not you guys.

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wait is that even canon?

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Add just as many male characters as female characters.

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>People here not realizing adding males would completely tear the touhou fanbase apart.

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Or send them into shipping frenzies, which happens all the time.

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Fuck yeah shipping.

I'd remove China because she's constantly paired with Sakuya and that's just wrong.

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Dude, as far as we know, ZUN already said that there are as many males in Gensokyo as females.

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Humans. He said there were male humans, nothing about male youkai.

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That's exactly why I'd do it.
I'm sure everyone has their own variation on this.

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I'd change the part of canon about it being completely ignored.
An example that really started to bug me recently is Ran being regularly portrayed as having large breasts, when she's clearly flat as a pancake in her character portrait

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Not this shit again. ZUN can't draw. Deal with it.

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Anyone have the prints for this?

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ZUN art is the best art

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I never said he could, but it's clear as crystal she has no breasts.
Patchy I can understand being given breasts, she's always wearing baggy pajamas, Eirin I can understand, Byakuren I can understand.
But Ran's breasts are non-existant.
If she had breasts people wouldn't say she looked like a man.

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A clear acceptance or dismissal of PC98 would be appreciated. I don't even care which.

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What have I told you fags about messing around with monkey palms?

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>Eirin has breasts

That is a blatant lie.

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Gensokyo is a land based on lies. What's one more?

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Eirin has droopy hag-boobs

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That's only because her time on the moon have made them more susceptible to the effects of gravity.

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That makes no sense, really

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I wuv you.