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Y-you want me to suck your cock?

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I recognize that art style, but from where?

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goddamn, whats the pixiv page?

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Clearly the distinctive art style of Boku no Pico.

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its the same artist as that "if you beat me, I'll give you a handjob"

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Can I give you four screws instead? They are worth more than a blowjob

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It's Rebecca Miyamoto from Pani Poni.

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Ah, yes. It's him. artist page, anyone? iqdb gives nothing

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Why did you have to ruin my lovely Becky ;_;

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what is this, I don't even. >_>

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don't take him serious anon!!! it's an /a/ meme!! It's actually porn!! xD

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Ruin? She's always been a slut.

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> >_>
(╬ ಠ益ಠ)

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My teacher can't possibly be this cute

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So he specializes in making people talk about playing with the cocks of little girls without explicitly stating anything about it?

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You just have futa on the brain.

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If little girls do have penises i really turn into a pedo in no time. Hooray for the bio-engineering.

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Fucking SHAFT, where's my PPD2

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I don't see any problem with little girl vaginae. Mature ones are ugly, though.

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You seem to have missed this thread Janitor.

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Dropped for about 10 series of Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei.

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Penises are disgusting. I wish I didn't have a penis.

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Little girl vaginas are boring and not arousing. Also, you're a pedophile.

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Isn't this the one with the stalker girl stalking the teacher who wants to kill himself?

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Loli blowjobs are /jp/ related.

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>My opinion is your opinion.
I don't think so.

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<- She doesn't agree with you.

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Anime series discussions are not.

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I like both.
>Mature ones are ugly, though.

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If you find something that's like it's out of a sci fi horror movie arousing, I don't know what to say.

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What are you saying, vaginae are much more disgusting.

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You are just not a real man. Fucking homo.

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But I like little girl vaginae. Little girls are still female.

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Maybe slut vaginae.

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I've got to agree here. Adult vaginas often look disgusting.

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Nope, little girls are gender-neutral, just like little boys. They become females as they get older. Puberty develops a person's femininity or masculinity.

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>little girls are gender-neutral
This is why little boys and girls have both a vagina and a penis.

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So little boys and girls don't have anything down there until puberty?

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>Little girl vaginas are boring and not arousing
>calling others a homo

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>I do not understand what is feminine or masculine traits how do I into little girl vaginae lol

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No, everyone starts off as female in the womb and then you become male or female before you are born. This is why men have nipples. The point is, if you are female after you are delivered, you are female.

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Are you fucking stupid?

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<-She doesn't agree.

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Maybe by gender he just means SSC.

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Master thread please someone save it.

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Good thing I don't like men or women.

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I think what you're trying to say is children have yet to develop secondary sexual characteristics (breasts etc.) Please tell me that's what you're trying to say.

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If not liking hamburger vaginas makes you gay, I'll gladly be gay.

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Among other things. Also their feminity/masculinity which is how one acts and defined by a person's sexuality which doesn't develop until puberty.

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You may not realize it, but it really does.

/jp/ is for the most part composed of males who are not attracted to women in the first place. That by definition makes you gay.

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I think what he's trying to say is that they don't really have much gender identity or masculine/feminine traits until puberty; obviously they are physically male or female already.

I don't agree with him exactly, but I think that's what he was going for.

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Because little boys like to play with dolls and brush each other's hair. Boys are certainly just as feminine as girls.

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> not attracted to women
> gay
Even the celibatefags?

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And that's why lil' boys play football and are more agressive about things that doesn't work no matter what education you give them.

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Being gay means that you are attracted to men. Not being attracted to women does not make you gay. You can have a life without sex, it's not men or women- no other choices whatsoever.

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Is it bad if I interpreted "beat" as in physically beat, even though she's holding a controller?

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Have you ever herped so much that you derped?

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I suggest you invest in a dictionary.

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If you didn't grow up in a family where you were taught to act MANLY, you would have done it.

The whole girl/boy act until puberty is nothing but society-imposed values.

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I'm male and didn't play with dolls until I was about 20 or so.

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Suit yourself.

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Yes absolutely every part of attraction is defined by your genes and not nurture or personal preference.

This is why men love hairy women, another effect of pubert- oh wait.

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A spanking is fine too.

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> Don't play with dolls or brush peoples hair
> Don't play football or otherwise roughhouse
> Spend all my time playing Super Mario
> End up spending my adult life on /jp/

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I only played with dolls when I was around girls and only because I was being fair about it, I wasn't really into it. I didn't do it on my own since I thought dolls were boring. Instead, I played video games.

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Much of society is just composed of pedophiles, that's why many these days prefer a shaven vagina. Personally I like pubic hair, and that seems to be considered very weird nowadays. Just like I don't like anal sex, which is another "sex hype". It's basically all just peer pressure why you people like what you do. You like shaven because everyone does, you like anal because everyone does... sheep.

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Don't forget body odor, that's a sure sign of a potential mate. Oh, glorious locker room smell!

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No, I prefer a bald vagina. That's not the same a shaven one.

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You forgot that women shave their armpits and legs as well.

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>>6233494 implying there's anything wrong with sheep
A hole's a hole

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Unbeknowst to you, it is actually a major factor in how much you are attracted to a person. You may think you're really advanced, but we're nearly on the same primitive level as apes when it comes to those things.

The idea that "body odour" is a bad thing is deodorant companies trying to instill some new "fad" into young people that any kind of smell is horrible, sick, disgusting, and like the sheep you people all are, you eat it up.

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>I hate what society likes.

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REAL women don't need to. My sister for example doesn't need to shave her legs at all, and has only very little armpit hair (which she shaves, but she wouldn't even need to, it's so little that it actually looks good).

>> No.6233532

This. You're used to the absence of body odor so you develop that sense for it.

>> No.6233533

Nope. I just like what *I* like, not what society does. Don't turn my words around.

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It's not a new fad. The reason people gave each other flowers when they date is because they can't stand to smell each other and the nosegays smell nice.

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>my sister has blonde hair

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If you spent a year around women who didn't use deodorant you would get used to it. The same occurred when you grew up in your current society.

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>>6233527 only women with body types I find pleasing are real women

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Sorry, I'm actually mixing something up. The new fad seems to be that you are not allowed to sweat anymore. That's what you see in deodorant commercials all the time these days, and people start talking about how "disgusting" it is when your shirt's armpits are a little wet (even when it doesn't smell).

In the past this was more of a status symbol, since it showed you were actually hard at work. If you don't sweat it looks more like you are just lazing around.

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Your body odor is only bad if you have bad hygiene or wear the same clothes more than 1 day.

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No, she has brown hair. Why are you acting like an idiot?

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Is greentexting all you are capable of? For fuck's sake.

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I wear the same clothes for a week and I don't smell bad.

Lose some weight, fatty.

>> No.6233567

>>6233564 don't hate me because I'm beautiful

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>Implying they are the same person.

>> No.6233576

>>6233566 he thinks he doesn't smell bad
What do your friends think?

>> No.6233577


>wear the same clothes more than 1 day.

Except you're fucking wrong. I know a guy who wears the same pair of shorts every day no matter what and he doesn't stink.

>> No.6233578

You don't have to be fat. Some people just sweat a lot. My clothes smell of sweat too after a day or two if I didn't use deodorant.

>> No.6233579

That's because you only move between your bed, desk and bathroom.

Who's the fatty now?

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Shorts don't really get stinky though, since that's not where you're sweating a lot.

>> No.6233590

My clothing actually smells worse when I used deodorant while smelling like nothing when I didn't.

Especially Axe is awful.

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I don't wear deodorant unless I've been eating a lot of shit food.
You because I weigh 101lbs.

>> No.6233616


Seek medical assistance.

That aside my advice was aimed at people who sweat a lot or eat bad. Don't wear the same shirt twice if you're scared of body odor.

>> No.6233617

Hm, I weigh 108.

And I'm 6" 3'. ;_;

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I'm only 5'2". Short as fuck for 24.

>> No.6233650

I am about the same size and age. I never really considered myself to be short because I'm the same height as my father.

>> No.6233668

Well I was almost the short one that got picked on in school so I always classify myself as short.

>> No.6233683

Oh, I got picked on because I was a social retard.

>> No.6233688

I mean also.

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Oh boy, a Becky thread!

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Nah, I'm part Sicilian, part Irish. No Asian blood.

>> No.6233709

5'8" weighing 141 lbs.

I always thought I was short and a light weight. Then again the Dutch are the tallest people in the world apparently.

>> No.6233716

I smell when my shirts go into my pits, even a tiny bit. That means any shirt that is 'properly' fitting by todays standards makes me smell. When I wear larger shirts I don't smell at all, and I actually like to smell my shirts I've worn for days on end. I think they smell good when they don't smell like sweat, but instead just smell like me.

>> No.6233737

Same size, also Dutch and also consider myself to be more on the short side. It seemed in my youth as if everyone was taller than me, but I was also late to gain height.

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White as a sheet.