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Why can't the younger touhous be more elegant? Seriously, the most beutiful and refined, best-dressing and lovable touhous are the old ones. It's almost like Zun has a milf fetish and he makes sure everyone knows this by making the younger touhous dress like crap and be boring.

Refined lady thread

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Ran is older and refined, but she dresses kind of boring. Its just some white dress with a blue tabard and an ugly hat, but it needs to be simple so she can easily wash all the fur off it so she's OK

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Disgusting old hag thread

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Old maids playing with each other.

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60 is pretty old

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So old she's dead

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So elegant!

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Eirin is the best mature Touhou!

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I suppose I could get behind this. Lets be honest though. We REALLY like them because they:

-generally have bigger tits
-generally portrayed wearing sexier undergarments (garters, lacy stockings, maybe even a corset)
-generally more intellectual
-generally more housebroken (see: hot mom)
-will not flip out over stupid dramas like younger girls, but the trade off is that she is more manipulative

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Yukari's purple dress is kind of boring, but she still shows off those RUDE TITS

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Yukari is so elegant!

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Why can't the hag touhous be more elegant? Seriously, the most beutiful and refined, best-dressing and lovable touhous are the young ones. It's almost like Zun is a lolicon and he makes sure everyone knows this by making the older touhous dress like crap and be boring.

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You must have seen bizarro Gensokyo.

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Keine will eventually be an awesome milf.

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Disturbing lack of Iku in this thread.

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you'll never get fingered in the asshole by a touhou hag


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Young adult Touhous are the best.

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RUDE puffy vulva Yukari has in this pic

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The hottest pic ever!

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Sexy, huh?

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What's with Kanako. Doesn't look like her at all. Was she brainswapped with Sanae?

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This. Also add more shapely figures.

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I'm ok with this.

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There's no Yuuka, so no.

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Is this what heaven is supposed to be like?

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>same body five times

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Not to mention they are more experienced and sexually skilled.

Who needs "pure" when you can have awesome?

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>Zun has a milf fetish
>Yukari is a loli in game

fucking fanart fags

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Take this pig shit back to bbwchan.

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I'll take 2.

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Okay now it's obvious you're trolling.

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For the sake of debate, ZUN's art is so bad that really everything is subjective.

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problem, Anonymous?

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Assuming ZUN can even draw any kind of body beyond the chubby saucer eyed girls?

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yukari sure has big tits

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I like their curves

Ran looks good in her 'mom jeans' in this pic

I wish the artist would draw her wearing this outfit again, except with a better view

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There's a huge number of physically mature Touhous to choose from. One does not need to go for ancient hags with stiff bodies that fall out of their dresses because they do nothing but sit on their fat lazy asses all day.

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This thread...

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thread needs more yuyuko

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>mfw Yukari was being sexy near me

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Official art it is then?

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None of ZUN's pictures have big tits on girls. Not even China's pictures. Your argument is invalid.

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Big sisters are the best!

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Even the "imposing death god" Komachi looks any larger on ZUN-art.

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Suika does.

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Note how that's just shaded on one part, like a sagging part of the dress, and has no carry over to the other side. Unless Yukari only has one tit. Barely over a Bcup at that.

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Can I have a link to that doujin one more time? I just love it.

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more big titty yukari

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Must canonfags ruin every tits thread?

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Who the fuck are you.

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Canonfags ruin anything they touch.

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I've been watching the new SRW anime. I love this girl. Her voice and everything reminds me of how Yukari would sound and act. It also helps that she looks like her.


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Yukari is a slutty whore who annoys and tries to fuck the main character at every chance? Or is Excellen somehow different from the game?

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Sounds accurate. Yukari and Reimu is the best Yukari pairing

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no, me and you are the best pairing~

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Aki or Haru?

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More. She's at least 120, likely older. She saw the effects of PoFV, and knew it was a cycle. So, logically, she had to see it at least twice.

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No one ever learns things without directly witnessing them.

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She remembered seeing it once before. Cirno's most likely in her 70's to early 100's.

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It feels so right

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Oh, Eirin!
My dick is so hard.
What's wrong with me?
Please help me!
I hope you can heal me...

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>Younger touhous dress like crap
I disagree. Although, the older touhou characters do have some very pretty dress designs.

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>touhous imperfect

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No wrinkles

Only smooth, supple, naturally hair-free skin

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You..you're talking about Cirno, right? Yeah, she'd have needed to see it herself, or she would have forgotten.

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i like her with yuyucow for a double dose of rudeness

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-Gensokyo is full of women who in fanon have tons of unprotected sex, mostly with women.
-STDs are harder to transfer between women.
-However Gensokyo is half full of futa.

Unless Eirin can cure EVERYTHING, gensokyo might not be the best place for a sex romp.

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ugh no. yuyuko and yukari is the worst. yuyuko belongs with YOUMU

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No such thing as STDs in Gensokyo.

Next you'll be saying there's shit in their asses.. what nonsense.

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it's one thing to bitch at canonfags bitching about how they're all flat, but are we really going to listen to secondaries argue about pairings? "UGH! THAT PAIRING SUCKS THIS ONE IS BETTER"

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fakepucco is the best touhou artist

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You forgot to mention her DERP face.

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Come on~

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Enjoy your side view.

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would it be better if I explained my reasons?

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I don't think I've ever seen a pairing fag say that on /jp/.

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Superior version

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Neither did I, but I don't think you can argue with a guy like that with facts and logic.

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artist has a new one out, but I haven't seen scans.

This time Ran is involved. I get so excited when I see a Ran doujin since theres hardly any, but her and Yukari are a great pair. Ran is kind of cute on the cover.

Unfortunately in this I think Ran gets fucked by some weird dudes and I prefer Yukari or Chen x Ran doujins

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Why would you even expect to be able to? Aspie.

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Reimu is the future Yukari

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>Reimu is the future Yukari
If only there were more pictures of elegant Reimu.

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Reimu is always elegant. Cool and detached.

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That's the most blatantly retarded idea I've ever heard. How do you come up with ridiculous fandumb ideas like that.

I mean its its pretty obvious Yukari is future Marisa

>> No.6233378

Yukari is Yukari. All began with Yukari, and all shall end with Yukari.

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As much as i like yukari I wouldn't mind seeing her dying and having reimu as her succezord

Also, more tits please

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If Yukari died, Ran would be the next to take her place.

Yuyuko's cherry-blossom thong is so cute in this pic

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Bitch stole my spring and shoved it up her ass

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I love loli, young and mature Touhoues, true men enjoy all kinds of 2D women.

>> No.6233496

Key word: women. Lolis can be women, but little girls are not women.

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Yukari has a perfect body

>> No.6233565

Unnaturally. Perfect bodies are a dime a dozen, cheap whore.

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Elegant Yukari is best Yukari.

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But this is fine too.

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The happiest day with Yukari

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dem ghost curves

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Undead shouldn't be so RUDE!

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It would have to be multiclassed since she's already examplifying the hot teacher archetype.

Also, she'd need a kid.

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If she has a kid with Mokou, would the kid be half-immortal or something?

>> No.6233744

i'm not sure mokou can have kids...
i've always thought immortality made you sterile.

outliving your wife and kids must be horrible ;__;

>> No.6233751

You best be joking nigger. Mokou is immortal due to the Hourai elixir she drank.

>> No.6233756

I don't think Mokou can become pregnant.
And I also don't think that she can get Keine pregnant.

>> No.6233759

I fukkin love straight shota

>> No.6233761

Yeah, and eat her liver and you're immortal too. If she was pregnant, that's almost as good as eating liver, right?

>> No.6233767

Yeah, but mostly when it's with a girl who is a few years younger than the boy. Not MILF/shota stuff.

Although if it's a young woman it can also be cute. But she must have something young to her for her age, she can't be some hag.

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rude eyebrows

>> No.6233770

I meant older, derp.

>> No.6233771

You should check out some Complets! and Doujin 3 Aries games.

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oh Yukari

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me under her dress.

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>> No.6233930

I like the concept behind this. Pity the execution is terrible.

>> No.6233937


This could be awesome, but it's not. Sigh...

>> No.6233957

I love how Ran stayed exactly the same

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This is what I call cutNNNNNNGGGG

>> No.6234034

What expression is that on Ran's face? I'm bad with expressions.

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>> No.6234055

That's Chen, but Ran's face doesn't look like that at all...

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Purple Dress Yukari is superior.

>> No.6234218


>> No.6234256

Your opinion is overruled by Eastern/Western Fusion being superior.

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So beautiful...

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>> No.6234377 [SPOILER] 
File: 589 KB, 1200x1600, BlackEirin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eirin help! I've got a fever

Jungle Fever [/spoiler

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Doktor Haus?

Starting to see similarities I don't want to see.

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Sexiest Kanako pic ever!

>> No.6234578

It's really nice.
She looks like a grown up woman but not disgustingly so.

>> No.6234589

dat face

>> No.6234593

I want more like this.

You know, with well-drawn pubic hair.

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>pubic hair

>> No.6234601

>new SRW anime
need infoz

>> No.6234629

All anime art would be better with well drawn pubic hair.

Artists who leave it out on clearly adult characters are lazy as shit.

>> No.6234636

When you're with a girl with pubes you can play with them at bedtime and tell her how fuwa fuwa she is down there.

>> No.6234638

What's the point of this stupid post?

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more Kanako

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>> No.6234683

Knock yourself out.

I never thought I'd hear this here. I for one find pubic hair in fapping material disgusting, but that's subjective.

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>> No.6234693

Normalfriends in here.

>what's the point
>White Ren
I wouldn't bother were I you.

>> No.6234694

>I never thought I'd hear this here.
Too many sheeple on here. Also pedophiles.

That doesn't give me GOOD pubic hair.

>> No.6234710

Anyone who is into Japanese women will be obliged to like pubic hair. It goes with the territory.

>> No.6234711

You look kinda cool there, Yukari!

>> No.6234722

Then add "good" to the tag search, hurr durr. You expect to be breast fed?

If you haven't noticed yet, there's this thing going on in /jp/; something about "3DPD", I think..

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A little bit pubic hair is fucking sexy!

>> No.6234736

>I'm so mad grrrrr

Piss off retard.

>> No.6234742

source on this? it made my day

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>Piss off, retard.

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>> No.6234924

oh fucking god why are her legs so fucking small and out of proportion to her body

>> No.6234942


Who gives a shit, I'm busy yanking my dick off.

>> No.6235393