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Why do most girls lose their virginity so early?

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Pic NOT related

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Because evolution...?

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I would absolutely love to participate in conceptual sex in the mercenary position with Yuuno, for the express purpose of procreation.

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Because men are manipulative pigs who prey on young girls.

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Yuno is pure, leave her alone.

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I have some bad news for ya..

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Did you know NTR is made for females?

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>mercenary position

"A position for sexual intercourse, similar to missionary position, however, consent is not given. The origin comes from the forceful practices of Christian mercenary soldiers forcing religion on others. Similarly, one person forces their "practices" on another."

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Because hormones present in the modern diet cause them to mature at 9 years old.

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Because we're not that different from animals.

Animals get to mate whenever they're ready,they don't have this "virgin" crap. That's the bullshit riligious men came up because they're jelly of the other men/too afraid,weak to openly court them.

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OP not everyone is born out of wedlock like you and your siblings. Not every girl puts out like your sisters and mother.

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Since we should just act like animals, might as well erase all technology and start killing and raping each other openly.

u dumb

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But I want all girls to be pure. Always.

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>not everyone
OP said most, not everyone. Learn to read.

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I fapped to reverse NTR once, had no idea what it was at the time.

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I can't become friends with girls because I keep on thinking about how many dicks they sucked and it disgusts me.

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They'd probably still have fresh dick breath while talking to you.

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We've been doing that for the past thirty years. Have you been living under the rock all this time?

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Because whores

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>dicks....disgust me.

You're in the wrong place.

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>Why do most girls lose their virginity so early?

A combination of societal pressure and influence and the plummeting quality of parenting.

Feels bad man.

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Why do you guys like virgins so much? It's so fucking annoying when you get to a h-scene and the girl starts squealing like a pig and bleeding everywhere. I don't think I'd like with that shit on real life.

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I love dicks, and I love dicks, but I don't like dicks in girls.

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I see nothing wrong with that.

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The japs are the one that's crazy with virgin things,not us. Get your shit right,son.

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it is a thousand times better than the alternative: sticking your dick in the dirty, impure tomb of a whore's vagina loosened out and corrupted by the deeds of a thousand dirty mens cocks

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So why aren't you going out there and fucking some virgins while they are still young?

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Because 3D

what are you, stupid?

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That's it, /a/.

You've finally destroyed my last thread of confidence in men. It seems, deep down, all men think of women as inferior, as objects.
To them, sex is nothing but a degrading process to the woman. If she's not a virgin, she's just sloppy seconds. But that's not even half of it. Men also hold contrary standards for women.

If she's had sex, she's a slut, but at the same time, all men expect her to spread her legs for them.

To men, women are conquests. Veni Vidi Vici. Once you've gotten what you want out of them, it's done. You've dominating that one, on to the next.

And the blame is placed on the woman. Either she deserved it for acting contrary to the male's desire, or she should have had more dignity and not allowed it to happen.

I will never sleep with a man. No matter how nice they seem, even if they truly appear to be a good person. /a/ has taught me that deep down, all men feel the same way about women and sex. I'm not even sure men are capable of love, any more. It seems all they have is desire to conquer unknown grounds, and despair when the ground is taken from them by another conqueror.

I have a vibrator and I have my friends. I will not let myself be a victim of this crusade.

I don't think women are better than men, /a/. I don't hate men. I just know I can never trust them. Not after the things I've heard here.

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Not that crazy. I watched a Japanese reality show with a bunch of young people. Only one was a virgin, and the rest were shocked to find out. They're all sluts over there just like us.

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>I have a vibrator
so does /jp/

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Bullshit, sex is supposed to be about enjoying yourself, not taking it easy because the bitch is too busy hemorrhaging and crying of pain.
I can understand why knowing that the girl you love already did it with other man would be unsettling and annoying, sure. I wouldn't like to have my waifu's first time to be NTR'd by some other faggot either. But sex with virgin girls is still awful.

>That's it, /a/.
Reported for shitposting.

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I know this is copypasta, but I hate it when people say stuff like that in real life. I mean, holy fuck, sane people treat different things differently? Women aren't the same as men. They are inferior, they are natural slaves and masochists. That's why they are loved.

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> Why do most girls lose their virginity so early?
> Why do most men stay virgins so lately?
Why so philosophical ?

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I don't consider myself exclusively gay, but I think sex with women is something more crass and animalistic, while male on male intercourse is a higher, nobler practice. Heterosexual sex often involves a certain level of posturing and deception before the act, while homosexual action is something done by equals who innately understand one another. I will never have sex with a woman. There's no sense in degrading myself like so many others.

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The Japanese attitude towards sex is actually lax compared to the west. Having one night stands is the norm - after all, that's why they have love hotels all over the place and prostitution is so common. The number of people you've done it with is played down if people ask, and playing virgin when you really aren't in order to seem cute doesn't seem to be too uncommon. Traditional Japanese culture doesn't have the concept of sinful sex, unlike the west. So the virgin hunters of 2ch aren't normal there, though thinking rationally, I suppose that is to be expected...

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Thank Zeus someone else feels this way.

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Because men love lolis.

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>The japs are the one that's crazy with virgin things,not us.
Only with IDOLS/waifus and shit.

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That's a pretty accurate analysis.

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Fat is not a horomone.

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Have you ever considered that they're lying to make themselves not seem like ugly virgin losers? Women can't stand to be looked down upon, so if they perceive it being better to be slut, then they will pretend they are one.

besides that, you should know better than to trust ANYTHING any woman says, regardless of their age.

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You have some pretty shitty women in your area.

>has gotten laid without lying or groveling.
>feels good man

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It's not about groveling. Any sort of heterosexual ritual involves a certain degree of deception: the male downplaying his flaws and vulnerabilities and exploiting those of the female. It's primal violence, the conquest, the hunt--transfered into a social situation. Up until the 20th century such a degrading process has been necessary for the survival of mankind, but that is no longer the case. Same-sex relations avoid this natural imbalance and are more closely resemble a mutual bond than a successful conquest. There is a joining of the minds and well as bodies that is absent from heterosexual relations. Simply put, gays are more emotionally-advanced people.

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Recently, a woman has been talking to me. She even asked if she could kiss me.
But I refused at the thought of the number of men she's probably kissed.
I also tend to believe that every man she speaks to has had, or is going to stick, his dick inside her.
Fuck, /jp/. Ever since I started reading NTR stuff, I can't imagine ever trusting anybody

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Just stick your dick in her and move on like the others. It's only bad when a woman wears herself out on dick until she is engorged with semen, and then wants to settle down with you and make you raise her spawn while never giving you the same treatment as other guys got.

It's because you guys dream of waifus that you fall for that kind of thing.

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I'm not interested in the sex, though. If anything, I'd go out with her because she's the only woman I've met lately who can talk about interesting topics. She's even more knowledgeable than me regarding literature.
But deep down, I'm scared that all this is just an act to attract penises.

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(X ' ___ ' )
I waited for you, anon.

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Get back to >>>/r9k/.

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Not all men, just most, something like.. 95%, that leaves a few million caring ones all taken already. So 95% of women get treated like dirt as well. Yeah I pulled these figures out of my ass, but I bet it isn't far off.

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3D women can't love you. Everyone has to make their own mistakes to grow as people so I suggest that you go for it. Just remember this when she proves me right.

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Boys are for pleasure, women are for procreation.

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Because /jp/ attaches a much higher value to virginity, to demonize others, so they can feel better about themselves and their shortcomings.


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I never mentioned love. I'd just want somebody that I can talk to and keep by my side.
But the fact is that I don't really want to grow as a person. I've always lived like a child, reading about things rather than experiencing them. While I miss out on all those strong feelings, I avoid the pain, too.
In the end, I'm content with my bland life, so, the more I think about it, the more I feel like passing the occasion.

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Not really, we only value female virginity. This has nothing to do with us at all, stop trying to bring us into the equation with your pathetic ad hominems.

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Or maybe we just don't want a woman who has been filled with dicks.
Slut or manslut detected

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Double-standards are just as bad. In before that retarded lock analogy, and "men can't be sluts"

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Good for you. I don't think I need anyone, not even a "waifu" but I don't expect you to think the same as me.

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Don't worry /jp/, there are good and fair and chaste women out there!
But you are nowhere near their level!

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Fucking nonsense.
I've been everywhere, from the Rothschilds in Luxemburg to Durban, South Africa. I've lived in a castle and I've lived in government sponsored housing. I have an education.
There are no good women. Even my mother was a fucking prostitute.

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Hi athens.

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But the genders aren't equal, so obviously there will be different standards for them. No matter how much you try digging yourself into your feminism idealism of an unisex world, there's certain behavior we see as more masculine, and certain behavior that we see as more feminine. If you're going to complain about double-standards, shouldn't you also be complaining about how only women can wear skirts? How there has never been such a thing in any country at any time as obligatory military service for females? How it's more acceptable for women to show weakness than men? Unless you desire a society where men can wear skirts without being judged for it, and females have just as much responsibility to protect a country as males, you are admitting that it's okay to have different expectations of the genders in some situations, this making the whole concept of double-standards obsolete.

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Athens has nothing on me, bro.
When your own mother has robbed your house and sold your shit, your trust for women goes way down.

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Because men always want pussy. Simple as that. Plus they are pressured to have sex just as much as you are, but because of the first statement, they can get it easier.

Guys can me such sluts sometimes. They say yes to almost any pussy, (and there is also the pedos and rapists) but I know /jp/ knows better right? They would at least get to know the girl first, right? I mean, despite this board is full of it, sex and women isn't ALL you think about right anon?

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Yeah, it sure is easier to dismiss all women as bad than to admit you aren't worthy of the good ones.

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Sounds like you didn't fall too far from the tree then. Take your psychological problems elsewhere.

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Because they're hardwired sluts who can't last a few months without a dick inside of them.

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The real answer is because males like younger females and females like older males. Pretty basic stuff, guys.

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Oh come on. What do you think? That this is some isolated case? That every woman wouldn't cheat on her husband in the blink of an eye if given the occasion?
I wish it were just the people around me, but look around you and see that shit is everywhere.

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I lasted 21 years. Inb4 fatuglywhale. Psst, even fatuglywhales get the dickens since men can't say no to pussy, I just wasn't focused on sex like most people.

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There are plenty of females out there who have never had sex (as well as not being filthy hambeasts). Not all women are sluts.

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Well where do the women get their dicks? Men. Obviously they're contributing to the lack of virginal women.

Fair point actually.

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But you're a guy.

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I would argue that there could be possibly even more female virgins than males, but we don't know about it because they are posting on different ends of the internet, like Hello Kitty forums or shoujo BBSs or something.

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That's like saying "a white guy killed my dog, I hate all white people" If you already have a negative view on something and are stubborn, chances are you are going to continue to see things that way, and look for all the negatives and ignore the positives that do happen. Then you fail to grow as a person and etc.

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The majority of women have sex with a minority of men. Conquesters who just want to fuck as many women as possible. I don't have much to say in defense of them. The problem is that while they are a small percentage of the male population and anyone with any ability to judge character would know how to avoid them, nearly all girls will be really easy to convince to give up their bodies to them once they're targeted.

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Are you referring to maladjusted religious zealots? Or ugly fat girls?

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Are you saying that the only women who have what you want suck? That sure makes virginity look good.

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Sure, why not.

There really isn't more than male virgins, but they do exist. There are those who just aren't interested, a shut-in, creeped out or scared by it, don't like men or was taught otherwise.

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These women are insane though. If a female is a virgin at or past college age, and not ugly, then they have some sort of mental hangup or are completely batshit.

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What you're doing is trying use exceptions as examples. Most women are shit. In fact, most people are shit. Do you think I walk around the town looking for assholes? No, because they're everywhere.
There's no such thing as growing as a person except becoming able to deal with more bullshit.
The problem is, bullshit is indeed bullshit; you're not supposed to deal with it. Life isn't about coping with problems.

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It's pretty clear that the other side here has a confirmation bias of their own. Even worse if you decide to go through the self-torture of reading a feminist blog, it's disgusting how narrow-minded those bitches are behind their whole pretense of thinking new.

>> No.6231009

Does the same go for men?

>> No.6231010

Oh I don't want anything to do with women, silly. Just calling it like I see it though. Had many many female friends and acquaintances, never met one who was a virgin past 17 and wasn't one or both of those two things.

>> No.6231011

The guy is shy and a bitch in that case.

>> No.6231013

What about shy female bitches?

>> No.6231014

Yes. The reality of it is that we are, by social standards, defective.

>> No.6231015

Well, go and find yourself some delicious defective females, in that case.

>> No.6231016

You guys say "fat and ugly" girls, but it seems there are people who love chubby girls. Even ugly and fat girls get dickings.

Girls can't be ronrey. No, choosing to not accept dick doesn't make you ronrey, just picky and sad. Girls can never experience true ronriness.

>> No.6231024

While I am a nutjob, I am not willing to accept the same defaults in others which I tolerate in myself.
And I'm even going to say, if I ever do find somebody willing to tolerate me, I'd probably think something is very wrong with that person. The goddamn Ouroboros biting its tail.

>> No.6231026

girls can be ronery because girls can never be satisfied.

>> No.6231027

Not entirely true, it really depends what kind of girl you are targeting. If you are targeting someone who looks, talks, and dresses like a slut, chances are it's a slut. But then, there is also the case where emotions are played with. As the media throws at us unrealistic romances, girls are taught at a young age by the media and all around them that they need a relationship to be happy.

Guys are taught they need to work and make money, putting alot of pressure on you, as girls are taught to look pretty and try to score one of the rich successful ones. Both genders sadden me really, especially those who hate on the other. Men and women should be partners rather than one being superior than the other.

Stop spoiling girls, and stop throwing the work load on guys. If a girl wants to pay for her meal, let her. If a guy rather be a househusband, let him.

>> No.6231030

I regularly talk to bunch of 13-16 year old girls.

No pussy yet.

>> No.6231036

Offer them ecstasy or xanax.
Bitches love xanax.

>> No.6231037

Hypocrite. Just because you've been neglected and ignored like bottom barrel scum doesn't mean you hold any real merit, or even a unique position just because you're male. That's downright bigoted. Assuming girls have different needs doesn't exclude the need to be loved. Really, get a grip you loser.

>> No.6231045

Not really. Virginity in males and females happen for entirely different reasons. The key here is that when dating, men are usually active, while women are usually passive. In the passive role, sex will just happen eventually, you can just wait, and someone will ask you for it. Since society insists on pressuring women into sluttiness, accepting these advances and just having sex is the default, and the only ways they will avoid having sex is if they are so socially deviant that they haven't fallen victim to this, or if they are so immensely unattractive that no one in their right mind would approach them.

For men, however, you need to be active, so nothing happens automatically. If you simply are not bold enough, you're fucked. I kinda want to blame this on feminism pussifying men, but I hate taking on a victim mentality, we're probably at fault here too, it's not like people like us were destined to have lots of success with women.

>> No.6231051

Id rather not rape them.

One of them did ask me if I was going to an anime convention later this year when I said I was her response was somewhat positive about it and now Im confus

>> No.6231052

Why is promiscuity so condemned?

>> No.6231054

Woah there, I wasn't suggesting rape.

That's illegal.

>> No.6231055

Resisting societal pressure to become a slut does not make a female a tremendous deviant. It can easily be that two traits in a woman can conspire to make her a virgin into her adult years, say, 1. only has sex in a committed relationship 2. hasn't found a tolerable boyfriend yet, both of which are entirely reasonable.

It may help that I grew up in a neighborhood where the primary social pressure was to break your back getting into a good four-year university and the pressure to drink or whore around was utterly nonexistent.

>> No.6231057

Amusingly, I love these threads.
I love being a goddamn outcast. I say I don't, but I do everything to be one. Then, I can think smugly to myself "Look at them, these worms." and think of myself as a martyr for not giving in to values such as decency, trust or sympathy.
Being alone is the best thing, because while you're alone because nobody wants you, you can think that it's because you don't want anybody.
What a life this is, /jp/! I wouldn't want to be happy for all the riches in the world; it would really be too sad.

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Shut up slut.

>> No.6231059

Because nobody likes easy mode

>> No.6231060

Two defective people would be too much defectiveness for one relationship. For a balanced relationship, there has to be one defective, and one willing to put up with it.

>> No.6231063

> think of myself as a martyr

For what cause?

>> No.6231064

Well then do something about it my good sir. Contribute to something that prevents girls from being whores.

>>Girls can't be ronrey. No, choosing to not accept dick doesn't make you ronrey, just picky and sad. Girls can never experience true ronriness.

This I don't get. What is ronrey? Is it the fact that you can't get laid? In that case, yes women can never be ronery.

Or does it mean never to feel a deep connection with someone and a bond of sorts with anyone? If this, then yes, it is possible with women. The girls that are in traffic? Forced to be sex slaves? The girls in places around the world where women are still are forced to be souless sex slave beings?

>> No.6231074

Feminism got one thing right: Men want to own women. And how are we supposed to have women as our own when they run around sleeping with anyone they want?

>> No.6231075

What a compelling and thought out argument.

>> No.6231077

Shut up slut!
Chew up this mushroom.
This'll help you get in touch with your roots.
We'll get barefoot, butt naked, and run in the woods

>> No.6231078

>rape is illegal
>fucking 13 year olds is not

>> No.6231081

A martyr to my ego! Do you not know? By being miserable on purpose, your self-esteem skyrockets. Why do people blow themselves up? Because they love god? No. It's because they want their goddamned virgins.

>> No.6231081,1 [INTERNAL] 

I love how my threads always get this many replies.

>> No.6231084

I always want it to be clear that I'm not really complaining. I love this lifestyle. It feels great to talk down on femanons for their sluttiness, treating them like helpless children who barely know what they're doing, and then go back to playing some loli raising sim eroge.

>> No.6231087

Hey, punishment for fucking a 13 year old is less than what you get from a rape!

>> No.6231089

If what you said is true, we would have much more mentally stable female virgins in this world.

>> No.6231091

Me too, really. What's really good is the feeling of superiority. Only by being an ascetic can you look down on others without having done anything noteworthy.

>> No.6231093

There's another way to explain it: people are afraid of being inadequate. You want to be enough for your love. You want them not to need to think of others. This is what people are afraid of and why infidelity can hurt so much. You want your relationship to last till death do you apart, to love and be loved.

I'm torn that it's so unlikely I'd discover this kind of happiness in the 3d world so I stay here. I have never asked a girl out and probably never will. I was really upset by the few assertive ones who approached me because saying no to people is painful too.

>> No.6231094

This anon has something here.

I know why of course because of AIDs and shit, but really humans are NOT monogamist creatures. More so men than women, but women as well.

If you would like women to stop being sluts, take away birth control. That's one of the majory factors because now they can be like men, and not have to worry about reproducing. But this will also mean they will become pickier thus lessening your chance getting with one. (if you want to of course)

here's another thought: If girls suddenly became extremely loyal, and not able to EVER be with another man then this will also lessen your chances as you may have met the girl of your dreams, but if she has already been with a another man when she was 20 (she is now 25), and they broke up, your fucked.

>> No.6231097

11 posts and 9 image replies omitted..

No more than five are /jp/ related.

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Something tells me you guys would absolutely hate Panty.

>> No.6231101

Oh, they're out there. They're just indistinguishable from the rest until you get to know them better... which may or may not ever happen. If just one in fifty women is a lovely sane virgin, it still means there's millions of them out there.

>> No.6231102

Panty would make them cry like the huge pussies they are.

>> No.6231107

I fucking love Panty.

>> No.6231109

There's no merit in being ronery. The reason people wanted to defend the label from females is that it used to be something that tied us losers together, we could share our despair, and cheer each other up, we were like brothers. Then females came along, and used those threads to just whine about petty things. They knew nothing about those threads and thought it was just a perfect place to cry about their recent break-up with their boyfriend, or the guy they trusted who just fucked her and dumped her. They did absolutely not fit in at all, yet they insisted on invading our haven. Our roneriness thus shifted over to a hate for females, especially those calling themselves our equivalents, those fucking femanons who completely ruined the harmony we had.

>> No.6231111

They're mostly atheists. They would hate Panty for technically being an embodiment of Christianity. Fucking her would be tantamount to admitting they were wrong and that a G

>> No.6231112

>lovely sane virgin
Well folks are we done with this thread yet?

>> No.6231114

The reason this is a problem in the first place is our crooked views on sex.
Imagine a society where:

You became the outcast, possibly killed by the group for having your urges visit in immoral ways.
You have an annual festival serving to release sexual tensions between the sexes.
Everyone would get laid, and eventually married because of tradition.
Nobody would fret over the small issue of who's having or not having sex, simply because everyone in the group has done it, nullifying the need to exaggerate something so trivial.

>> No.6231115

They're mostly atheists. They would hate Panty for technically being an embodiment of Christianity. Fucking her would be tantamount to admitting they were wrong and that a god does exist.

>> No.6231119

YES I agree whole heartedly. When you're alone you can think whatever you please as there is no society to challenge your beliefs. Other people are small, petty, and below myself, I know this inherently and I do not need to check!

>> No.6231121

I would skip on the festival and post on /jp/ about how women are all sluts regardless.
Denying the existence of sexual tension is a moral imperative.

>> No.6231122

Basically, no one wants to get cheated on. But then you got these feminists saying that the desire to no get cheated on is just an insecurity. Fucking femnazis, they really think of the most fucked up arguments. If a man cheats on a woman, it's obviously his fault, that's reasonable enough, but if a woman cheats on a man, it's also the man's fault.

>> No.6231127

I know you weren't directing your post to mine, but I understand and kind of figured. I used to participate in the ones on /a/ years back but the threads usually ended in cheering each other up, and some of the girls helped with that. I remember one time when even planned a make-believe party together. We would tell anon if we could be with them, we'd hold them tight and tell them they are loved just so they can have a chance to know what it feels like.

If I could, I'd really would invite ronrey guys over to hang out, play games, discuss visual novels and anime, and we'd all sleep in a pile in the living room. But of course, this is an unrealistic fantasy and pretty dangerous, but it was fun to talk about. I slept at my computer with fellow anons imagining they were sleeping with me at theirs as well.

>> No.6231128

You didn't choose celibacy /jp/, celibacy chose you.

>> No.6231140

I kind of miss those days. Before athens wrecked everything.

>> No.6231141

I have no regrets. This is the only path.

>> No.6231147


It's like an evil circle:
You hate women because your imagination of sex is impossible, so you whine to others about it.
When you discover your chance to have sex is lost you still whine and lament.
It's almost like a sign of.... masochism. A complex disorder yes indeed.

>> No.6231153


>> No.6231154

From a lovefest to a hatefest, what an interesting transformation.

>> No.6231159

>You hate women because your imagination of sex is impossible
Not really, wanting a virgin wife was the norm for thousands of years.
I believe the current view society has about sex goes against human nature.

>> No.6231160

>>If a man cheats on a woman, it's obviously his fault, that's reasonable enough, but if a woman cheats on a man, it's also the man's fault.

I agree with you and both partys can be at fault, but I can see where they are getting at with it "being the man's fault" (which it really entirely isn't)

Most reason men tend to cheat: They are not getting sexual release or satisfaction with current partner.

Most reason why women tend to cheat: They are not getting the emotional satisfaction they desire.

These are just the bigest reasons, not THE reasons. I'm not saying it's impossible for a woman or man to be a right-out slut.

On the vibe of sex, here's something to ponder: Men climax(cum) everytime they have sex. Women do not. On average I'd say it's about 45% of the time they actually do. This can contribute to the cheating or slut factor as some can never get that release. Why do you think magazines are majority about pleasuring the woman? Because it's not a sure task. 99% of men cum from being jacked off, or fucking. For girls, it's different and varies depending on the girl. Some don't like penetration, some do. Some ONLY like clit stimulation, while other must have you bend over backwards to get off.

>> No.6231161

An apt comparison.
If everyone had sex, I would make sure never to have any, just so I could insult others for putting their dick in a moist hole. But you know, masochism is what gives everything value. Anything that I have, I value because of the pain that it has taken me to acquire. A meritocracy is based on a glorification of masochism.

>> No.6231165

So you should be okay with various partners because it's human nature not to stay with the same mate.

>> No.6231166

The two parts of your post seem to contradict each other. If it's men who get off every time and women who don't, wouldn't that mean that men are more likely to cheat for emotional reasons (since they climax every time) and women to cheat more for sexual reasons (since they're sometimes left unsatisfied?)

>> No.6231172

>So you should be okay with various partners because it's human nature not to stay with the same mate.
No, this is modern day societies view and I think it's wrong.

>> No.6231184

I don't agree at all. Masochism is pain through self infliction. Attaining merits or even wisdom doesn't require you to be always displeased with your current occupation, but it does require passion, something which overcomes everything else. But even as a masochist you may be passionate, which is what makes it so complex.

>> No.6231188

I see what you mean, but the point I was going for was the first part was the MAJORITY reason the genders cheat, the second half is another side reason that happens as well, but not the main one.

A girl will stay with a guy she loves even if she isn't always sexually satisfied, just like a guy may cheat on a girl but still love her. (He just wasn't getting that anal sex he wanted lol)

>> No.6231190

People probably cheat for those reasons among others. What I propose is that people cheat when the appropriate opportunity presents itself. After you've been in a relationship for more than a year the passionate love you felt starts to fade as the brain switches to familiar and safe mode.

So when that person who looks just like your favorite touhou shows up you can't stop yourself from being attracted. This is where your moral values, dedication and willpower come in and I believe these things are what determine if a person will cheat if presented with the opportunity. Of course, unsociables like us are less likely to ever have to be tested like this.

Based on this, I'd advise you to find someone unsociable and a bit prudish. Someone who has family values and hasn't jumped from one relationship to the next all their lives. Try not to obsess over the virgin issue and concentrate on their views on life.

>> No.6231197

Not really, men have been having harems since we've been around. It's the modern society, health and partially religion that wants to limit people with one mate.

>> No.6231224

This is good and something I've come to a similar conclusion with.

The familiar setting becomes boring, and that fluttery first love felling dies down, and you want to go back to that felling of new beginning, excited. Like you don't stay with the same girl in the visual novel, you start the game over and try to get another girl/guy because it's a challenge and you want that feeling again.

>> No.6231229

God should have given the male a bigger penis on the seventh day and all this would be in the past

>> No.6231247

Thicker hopefully, not longer. Longer would just plain out hurt.

But really, the male penis HAS grown since we began, and in about 3k years, will be sevral times larger and humans will be 7 ft tall. I'm not shitting you, google it.

>> No.6231262

>Like you don't stay with the same girl in the visual novel, you start the game over and try to get another girl/guy because it's a challenge and you want that feeling again.
That's not the same, games are static. In most cases if you play a route once you'll know everything already, real life isn't like that.

>> No.6231269

I didn't lose mine until a year ago. I was 20. I never left my house. I was so shy that I was practically mute. I've always had a deep fear of someone knowing that I "liked" them, even if I was already aware that the feeling was mutual. Since I was unable to respond to my emotions, my relationships just never lead anywhere.


>> No.6231272

Girls are smart and don't waste their time on shitty games or masturbation. Too bad there is too much human errors among boys who don't know their priorities of the life.

>> No.6231276

Also, in the US fat, short women reproduce the most so guess what we have to look forward to.

>> No.6231279

midgets with t/a?

>> No.6231281

chubby lolis?

>> No.6231283

I feel it kinda is, or I am getting it wrong.

Once you experience being with a person, you get the general idea of how it is. When you get with another person, you learn new things and so on with another person. Or am I the only one who actually fell in love with a few fictional characters? Yea that's bad, I know.

>> No.6231288

>It's the modern society, health and partially religion that wants to limit people with one mate.
Where do you live? Most people fuck around a lot, that's what this entire thread has been about.

>men have been having harems since we've been around.
Luckily we were talking about women, it's unnatural for women to sleep around as much as they do nowadays. If they were made to sleep around than they wouldn't produce hormones that encourage pair bonding.

>> No.6231289


Because of the American "culture" which spread on the world like a stream of shit and made every woman alive a gigantic cock gobbling whore. As usual I see that this kind of thread is full of feminists and whores. Let me get this straight, as I am typing this post, there's no girl above 16 who is still a virgin anywhere in the world, not even ONE. Because virginity is now seen as something disgusting someone must lose as early as possible, ie : around the first periods, to be considered "normal". Many girls don't believe STDs are common or can be transmitted easily, and think you can't get them from a blowjob, for example. American series, movies, talk shows tell women that they must act like men, have as many sexual partners as they can, dress like men, etc... In order to be a "liberated" woman.
The mass medias glorify these women, and their sexual experiences, totally omitting their many diseases ; and show virgins (only men of course) as horrible persons.
How come the only virgin people alive are men nowadays ? Because most men are beast and would fuck anything, so even the ugliest girls can get laid while women on the other hand can choose whoever they want to fuck, leaving on the side many men who don't fit the Hollywood ideal (tall, tanned, muscular, rich...) and/or simply happen to not like parties, nightclubs, bars, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, casual sex, etc...

Now watch some faggots and feminist whores jumping on this post.

>> No.6231294
File: 33 KB, 400x400, 1282853103542.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>shitty games or masturbation

Fangirls of KH would like a word with you

>> No.6231296

>Now watch some faggots and feminist whores jumping on this post.
They're going to jump on you because the things you say are dumb as shit. Like this:

>as I am typing this post, there's no girl above 16 who is still a virgin anywhere in the world, not even ONE

>> No.6231301

It's only the truth, only a faggot or a feminist whore would deem this as dumb.

>> No.6231303

>Since I was unable to respond to my emotions, my relationships just never lead anywhere.
If you don't have a serious relationship than how did you lose your virginity?

>> No.6231305

Sometimes I wonder if this is true, that all love is bound to fade, and probably at the speed of a year or two at best. If so, that would be even less reason to bother with girls and relationships. I don't have to worry about that crap with galge, there are always new releases, more than I can keep up with, and no one will think less of me for quitting one and going on to another as I wish. In fact, the more I have played, the more I can brag about my powerlevel.

>> No.6231306

>>16 who is still a virgin anywhere in the world, not even ONE.

I know 2. Anywhere in the world? I highly doubt that.

Everything else I agree with.

>> No.6231309

You are delusional.

>> No.6231311

>I know 2.

You don't. You only know two whores CLAIMING to be virgins, big difference.

>> No.6231316

I lost it to someone who I met online (who is also shy) and am still dating.

>> No.6231317

And this is why when I think about getting with someone, it would be a best friend. Because even if the love fades, you can still be buddies and still be together.

Or you could be in a polygamy or swinger type of relationship.

>> No.6231318

>Sometimes I wonder if this is true, that all love is bound to fade, and probably at the speed of a year or two at best.
Almost everyone in my family is happily married, most of them have been so for many years. So I don't think love just fades away like many people believe.

>> No.6231320

As people grow older and less attractive, it probably IS useless.

>> No.6231327

lol you're all cut out for stoopid. what do you think girls 100 or so year ago were up to? they were even younger and pretty much SOLD into marriage i don't shit you. status check: what are girls nowadays doing? exactly the same thing but without the restriction of being contained to one man as opposed to one man owning one woman like a slave.

tl;dr you jelly women have actually earned the rights to their own bodies

>> No.6231334

That fluttery feeling may fade, but something else replaces it. The infatuation usually wears off after a short while, but that doesn't mean the love does.

>> No.6231336

I want a skinny nerdy guy who is a real bro and will play video games and watch anime with me (VNs are better read alone), but will double up as a fuckbuddy as he lets me fuck him while he crossdresses.

>> No.6231341


One is my best friend, have been that was since kinder. She's 24, lives with her mom, stays on /v/ all day, and even though she enjoys shounen-ai, actually being with a guy creeps her out. She's a great gal, though a bit of shut-in.

The other is me (22). If I have time, or if it happens, I'll find someone. If I don't, no big deal. There is alot more to life than sex and having a boyfriend/husband. Plus I'm far too deep in fictional characters, normals guys can't compare. Pregnancy erks me, I rather adopt a teen when I'm 40. We have enough children in the world who need homes, no need to produce another.

>> No.6231350

Pics of intact hymens with timestamps or you're a lying whore.

>> No.6231357

I applaud you two.

>> No.6231372

Seriously? Most girls lose their hymens around 7 years old to regular activities like bike or horseback riding.

It's so hilarious that people think that sleeping with a virgin will be a A BLOODY MESS!

>> No.6231374

I believe you're not a rare case at all. All this means is that white people are soon extinct. I wonder which ethnicity will be stereotyped as the nerds after us.

I had suspected but it actually is a little uncomfortable to hear someone say 3d men, including me, will never compare to 2d, even though you're just of the same opinion as everyone on /jp/. I suppose I owe a sort of an apology, too.

Human beings, what a weird bunch.

>> No.6231378

You can believe what you want to, no matter what I do or say I will always be considered a whore or slut. Is it true? Of course not. But you reject reality and insert your own so I really can't say or do anything to change your mind otherwise. If I were to post it, it would label me a slut for posting and attention whoring. If I don't you'll call me a lier and a slut/bitch/whore etc. I'm used to the name calling, had alot in my day.

>> No.6231382

> Most girls lose their hymens around 7 years old to regular activities like bike or horseback riding
I see the propaganda machine has been successful. It happens but I wouldn't say it happens to "most" girls.

>> No.6231388

Feminist propaganda bullshit. Lying whores love to say this when they want to pretend that they are virgins but the man wonders why her vagina looks like a gaping hole of rotten meat with warts everywhere.

>> No.6231408

It DOES happen to most girls. Look at the wikipedia article for hymen, for instance.

Also, the hymen doesn't just BREAK AND NEVER APPEARS AGAIN, it stretches.

>> No.6231413

>Most girls lose their hymens around 7 years old to regular activities like bike or horseback riding.
No they don't, there is absolutely no evidence that this happens.
Most women in history were far more physically active than modern women (this includes horseback riding) and they were still expected to bleed on the wedding night.
Virgin women with no or already torn hymen are extremely rare.

>> No.6231421

Go to /r9k/ or /adv/ or something where everyone will agree with your bullshit, fucking whore.

>> No.6231422

So they're virgins, but they have absolutely no way to prove it. How very convenient.

>> No.6231425

I have a vivid memory of bloody panties around age 9 after riding my bicycle and having no clue what was happening, but being too embarrassed to ask my mother. It certainly happens.

>> No.6231427

I doubt female virgins are rare, just uncomon. And what's this about white? I'm black and she's mexican, heh.

Don't get me wrong, guys are cool and all, and I'll drool over a topless 3D dude, but after living with the ones in my head for so many years I find it difficult to believe that real guys can match the ones I feel I love but don't exist. But that's the beauty of it right? They are not real. You have control of them, or don't if and when you choose to. They know everything you want them to know and do exactly what you want them to do.

Yes, humans are odd creatures, but I really do love them. They are capable of some many amazing things even if they are a bit crazy. The human spirit is so very strong and awe inspiring, and the imagination we have? Oh man.

>> No.6231428

You're a fucking tool. Are you a virgin? Can you prove it?

>> No.6231432

Hymens are broken during the first gynecologist exam.

>> No.6231437

Or if, god forbid, our beautiful pure chaste virgin has ever masturbated.

>> No.6231449

Holy shit, here it comes : the feminist whore defense squad now want to convince us that women break their hymens as little girls by riding a bike. Just go kill yourselves already, you manipulating pieces of trash.

>> No.6231452

Or wear tampons!

>> No.6231454

If you browse /jp/ regularly and think you deserve a pure girl, you're dumb. This thread is dumb. Your average /jp/ anon is no better than a street junkie that has sex for drugs.

>> No.6231455

No evidence? I'm sorry sir but the hymn of a woman varies from each girl. Some can break easily. Some have to actually be surgically broken.


>> No.6231461

When you're accusing a /jp/ of being loaded with raging feminists you know you've gone off the deep end.

>> No.6231469

Excellent point sir.

>> No.6231478

Only a feminist would claim this shit about hymens, stop samefagging the thread you piece of shit.

>> No.6231479

It's quite humorous to imagine a /jp/ fag about to lose his virginity, but instead demanding the girl point out her hymen to him first, though! Not that /jp/ fag would have any idea what a hymen looks like, anyway.

>> No.6231480

I have to conclude as well, being a logical and reasonable individual, that this cult of the unhampered vagina is about as ridiculous as the cult of the untampered hymen. Liberty for all men and women to live as equals under the sun. Except for birds, they clearly don't know what they're doing.

>> No.6231482

/jp/ - hymens/general

>> No.6231485

Some people can get so angry over stuff like hymens. So much so that what's actually true becomes secondary to their righteous fury.

>> No.6231490

To add with this post

>>they were still expected to bleed on the wedding night.
>>still expected to bleed

And even if they were virgins and they did not, all hell brakes loose for the woman. They also used to believe that the woman controlled the gender of the baby and if she didn't have a male, it was her fault. But now we all know that it's the sperm that decides the gender.

Do some of you guys even bother to research if what you say is actually true?

>> No.6231492

/jp/ - /r9k/, normalbros, trolls / general

>> No.6231495

And why wouldn't I deserve a virgin girl ? I never smoked, I don't drink alcohol, I never did drugs, I am a virgin that has never even kissed, I don't have any STDs, I don't have tattoos or piercings and I have a confortable income.

>> No.6231504

Because you are, mostly likely, a tremendous faggot (who the fuck thinks, "I deserve to put my penis in an untarnished vagina?") On the off chance that you aren't, good for you.

>> No.6231511

Are you a decent person? Will the girl you like, like you in that way? Are you willing to wait months before you can even touch her tits? (If she's still a virgin, there is a reason you know)

If you answered yes to all of the above, then great. If not, I've got some bad news for you bro...

On another note, just think just a decade or two ago, women who didn't give it up are called frigid.

>> No.6231513

Feel entitled all you want.

>> No.6231515

Why would it be wrong to wish to meet a virgin girl if you are a virgin yourself ? And I just want someone clean of any STDs, just like me. If that makes me a tremendous faggot, then sure, whatever you say.

>> No.6231522

/jp/ - loveshy faggots

>> No.6231526

>I would prefer a virgin; in fact, I probably wouldn't date a non-virgin.
Not faggotry.
>I deserve a virgin.

>> No.6231532

I'm a virgin but my mother gave me herpes. Not the genital kind.

>> No.6231534
File: 18 KB, 140x122, 1265575547650.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>impying people cannot be born with STDs

...seriously man.

But it's not wrong, you are just thinking too highly of yourself and that a virgin woman is that simple.

>> No.6231548

Non-virginal does not imply the following things:
- Cock-hungry slut

In a nutshell, black-and-white views applied inappropriately. It sometimes catches out bad choices, but also eliminates just as many good choices.

>> No.6231552

I said a pure girl, virginity has little to do with it. Say a girl was deeply in love with someone, and after years they finally had sex, but the guy on the other hand was not as innocent/nice/pure as he seemed to be, and dumps her without good reason. Would this girl by your definition of purity be impure?

Before I get feminist crap thrown at me, I am a male.

>> No.6231558

>Before I get feminist crap thrown at me, I am a male.
That disclaimer doesn't helped. You'll just get called pussywhipped, brainwashed, or whiteknighting instead.

>> No.6231564

It wasn't implied anywhere in this thread that we are special and have earned any kind of rights. What's stupid, however, is to imply that virginity is some rare treasure that you need to be a huge alpha to deserve having access to.

Face it, sluts, it's not that hard to say no to people who want to put their cock in you. It's your fault that you let dozens of men do it, there's no universal rule saying that virginity is nearly impossible and you have to target the girl before puberty in order to claim it for yourself.

>> No.6231566
File: 6 KB, 400x400, 1267281225810.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This thread is getting retarded with all this bro-logic. The discussion part was fun but, you dudes in the lower half of this place are idiots that didn't pay attention in biology. I'm going to back to my VNs, you guys are retarded.

>> No.6231569
File: 79 KB, 698x680, HiguRAGE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Impure! Should burn her on a stick!

>> No.6231572
File: 416 KB, 1280x720, buttdevastated.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6231575
File: 87 KB, 800x600, 1284716151047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6231580

Number of men fucked, /jp/'s assessment:
0: ||||||||||| (hambeasts and lolis)
1-4: || (everyone in this category will have upgraded in a few months)
5-11: ||||||| (bitches and whores)
12-24: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (more bitches and whores)
25+: |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| (whores even by whore standards)

>> No.6231581

>stupid to imply virginity is some rare treasure
>goes on about slutty behaviour
This is unusual. It's hard to tell which mind you're in. Please clarify.

Also, I giggled at your second paragraph:
>Get virginal girl
>Become pedophile

>> No.6231582

>On another note, just think just a decade or two ago, women who didn't give it up are called frigid.
And a four or five decades ago a women who did give it up was called a slut.

>Say a girl was deeply in love with someone, and after years they finally had sex, but the guy on the other hand was not as innocent/nice/pure as he seemed to be, and dumps her without good reason.
No offence but your example is very unrealistic. If a guy can hold out for years he probably is a nice guy and won't dump her just like that.

>> No.6231584



>> No.6231587

Who are you talking to? I somehow doubt that there are dick hungry sluts )or even many girls) reading /jp.

>> No.6231589

Screw the "dumping for no good reason," sometimes people just break up after years of being together.

>> No.6231590

The problem here is that women are filthy liars. If everything went according to the story you just told, that's okay, it's safe to give her a chance. However, when a girl tells you that story, you'd be a fool to underestimate how much of the story she just made up herself. Women are trained to blame everyone but themselves when it comes to relationship. Whenever a woman leaves a relationship, she'll go to her friends and cry about it, until they all convince her it wasn't her fault at all, and the one to blame was her asshole boyfriend. With the combination of her actually believing she did nothing wrong at all, and how good females are at playing the victim, you're in for a huge disappointment if you trust her.

>> No.6231591




>> No.6231592

Girls lie all the time, but so do guys. Breaking the other party for the breakup is hardly universal to one of the sexes.

>> No.6231595

I'm a guy, I don't lie. I live a very honest life.

>> No.6231596


>> No.6231601

Everyone lies sometimes, but girls talking about their relationships are in another league altogether.

>> No.6231603

Well yeah, but /jp/ is not even close to to representative of the average pussy-hunting guy, the same way that there are groups of females out there who do are not manipulative cock-hungry whores.

>> No.6231610

These threads make me more and more gay every time.

>> No.6231613 [DELETED] 

And therefore all guys do? Your argument sucks.

>> No.6231614

>Screw the "dumping for no good reason," sometimes people just break up after years of being together.
In that case I don't think they were really in love to begin with. I don't believe people just stop loving each other.

>> No.6231624
File: 437 KB, 1680x1050, 1270033639945.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yuno is love.

I wish real art students were like her.

>> No.6231627

This is what you get for being a capitalist country "ME ME ME IT'S ALL ABOUT ME AND MY HAPPINESS" Learn to humanitarian.

>> No.6231629
File: 59 KB, 414x550, JamesVan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

First /v/irgins overrun us, than neo/a/ imigrants come in, /b/ raids. etc.
And today /jp/ has been taken over by /r9k/ boys.

We can all agree that it's over, we're finished.

>> No.6231631

I always found it ironic that a show about pure girls is set in an art school.

>> No.6231632

Me too, I definitely would have applied to art school if artfags were actually like the kids in Hidamari Sketch.

>> No.6231634

its called playing to win.

>> No.6231647
File: 27 KB, 471x500, flan troll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The rate of teenage pregnancies in socialist East Germany was far higher than in capitalist West Germany, so I don't really see your point.

>> No.6231648

We always have a thread like this every once and a while. If it didn't happen today it would have been the next.

>> No.6231652

What's NTR?

(No troll.)

>> No.6231653


Maybe art schools are different in Japanland.

I went to art school. Lots of nice people in their own right, but from my experience Hidamari is about as far from the truth as possible.

>> No.6231658

Netorare. Look up the term on Google.

>> No.6231659

Get out of /jp/.

(No troll.)

>> No.6231669

Holy shit (._.)

>> No.6231671
File: 17 KB, 319x243, 1286150326706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey fuck you, I've been here all summer. I'm almost an oldfag, asshole.

>> No.6231676

You would think that after a whole summer you would learn to use Google.

>> No.6231679
File: 3 KB, 203x220, 1254920624321.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least come up with something new

>> No.6231680
File: 20 KB, 500x406, lold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good one.

>> No.6231681
File: 56 KB, 478x389, 1278423082676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I did use google, after he told me what NTR was. Autism, bro?

>> No.6231683

Which he did. I simply expanded "NTR" for him. Now, you, you unhelpful faggot, you can fuck off.

>> No.6231690

All three of you should fuck off.

>> No.6231695
File: 33 KB, 409x386, 1281209831866.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sup, IN elite.

>> No.6231697

Because, you know, the discussion was completely free of trolls and going so well before they came along.

>> No.6231702
File: 214 KB, 800x600, severe_butthurt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Everyone else is against me, they're all wrong

>> No.6231704

Sorry, but I am not IN elite.
Go back to /g/.

>> No.6231710
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>> No.6231712

Because I really have a reason to be irritated.
I wouldn't mind that spanking though

>> No.6232261

Jokes on her, because I don't want her by that point.

>> No.6232266
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Silly /jp/

>> No.6232270

they should really make 13 legal, it's like having a law against taking a shit it's only natural

>> No.6232272


>> No.6232275

No, there's a difference between ronrey and lonely, aside from one of them just being a humerus way to say the other, since it's turned into its own word on 4chan.

It's not about "getting laid"

It's about not having anyone who will ever like you. It's beyond loneliness, it's to the point where you've become a bitter asshole who's come to accept that there will be nobody for them.

>> No.6232280

It's not that there aren't any cute virgins in 20s, even if they are really rare but most of them are either moralfags, NEETs or not sane.
Though you shouldn't look down on NEETs or girls with disorders, usually they turn out to be sweet and loyal as fuck if you know how to deal with them

>> No.6232281

Mutual acceptance that both parties of the relationship belong to each other. If I can stay committed, the bitch damn well had better stay committed to me. But since this doesn't exist in today's society, I'd rather not bother. Not worth it in the slightest.

>> No.6232283

How dare you use Yuno for such a terrible thread.

>> No.6232285

because being a slut is embedded into their DNA. it comes natural.

>> No.6232295

I can't believe you actually bother discussing this, and each time it's brought up there's 250+ replies in 8 hours.

I'm not going to read the entire thread of complaints about society and social norms, since I'm as bad as the rest of you.

Sure, I'd go for the ideal pure girl, but feel free to call me a sellout because I'd settle for a cute girl with a couple past relationships - as long as she doesn't talk about them. I really hate that.

>> No.6232307

heroin is my girlfriend

>> No.6232309
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A goddess with an impure miko, enjoy dying due to lack of faith.

>> No.6232341

>272 posts and 27 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

I agree with the talking about it part. I had one girlfriend who talked about it openly, not only did I go soft when we tried at it but I ended up just plain not taking interest in her any more and I haven't really tried my hand at dating since then.

>> No.6232350

What about if she's a cute girl who's become a bitter person after 1 relationship and can't really trust anyone? She goes around fucking men she doesn't really love, but doesn't want to love.

>> No.6232352

Yes, talking about exes without being asked about it is Sin #1 in a relationship. From accounts I have heard of girls though, men do this just as regularly.

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