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I can't figure out what that image with the four flowers is supposed to represent. Is it a Buddhist symbol? Is it a reference to Byakuren's namesake, the lotus? Or is it just more bullshit ZUN made up in his alcoholic head?

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4 main paths of Buddhism.

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The Four Noble Truths in Buddhism.

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Cool. Thread is officially over.

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Proceed with Byakuren thread?

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I'm searching Google Images for the Four Noble Truths and anything related to them. And I'm not seeing anything even remotely resembling Byakuren's four-flower motif.
Am I doin it wrong?

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I was just guessing. Check the spell card notes.

The Four noble truths don't have the symbol, but 4 is a sacred number.

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I was just guessing. Check the spell card notes.

The Four noble truths don't have the symbol, but 4 is a sacred number.

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if you don't know anything about Buddhism, DON'T BOTHER.

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I just wanted to know where the image came from. Like if it came directly from a historical painting/artwork (such as Suwako's frogs) or if it's just ZUN's own creative take on a Buddhist theme.

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I thought we were gonna have a Byakuren thread in here.

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ひじぱい is such a great pixiv tag.

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Byakuren stores her superhuman strength in her tits. True story.

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I can do this all day.

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Sometimes a flower motif is just a flower motif.

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And sometimes Byakuren is just fapworthy.

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We need pics of her crying. That is all ways cute. I will throw a rock at her and then she will cry for us!

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Her flowers there remind me of Arkona's CD covers..

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I think she would like this music...

I can see her blaring these Russian folk metal songs while she blasts Reimu's ugly face off!

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>Implying that Byakuren's mere existance and beauty is not an abomination and a sin-against-god(s).

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You don't like little Byakuren do you?

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Her selfish motivations, evil methods and then posing as a holy symbol?

She is practically everything I hate about religious leaders.

If you want a truly tragic, selfless example, try Yuyuko.

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Aww but I like her hidden evil...Makes her more cute..

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Out of the boo?

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This thread is starting to get depressing.

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>I will throw a rock at her and then she will cry for us!

No, you will throw a rock at her and then she will accept your danmaku challenge and use one of her beautiful spellcards at you.

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I don't know.. I think she will cry.. and ask why I threw a rock at her.. then i'd call her cute and run away!

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If you wanna make her cry, you go for those delicious boobs.

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translate that shit!

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Is OP's image from a game or it's just 16bit art?

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pixel art

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It represents the flowering youth of a virgin butthole.

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Just making sure everyone knows she is a communist!

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Given the Communists' stance toward religion, that makes absolutely no sense.

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Religious communists.

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Again with the lies, I see.

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I will return to throw the rocks of communism at her when I get back from work! Expect a rock storm in 10 hours Byakuren!

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DAMN YOU! I won't be able to defend her....

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Kanako is much more of a Communist than Byakuren is. Even as we speak, she's probably starting to implement Five-Year Plans for the rapid industrialization of Gensokyo.

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Haha! Maybe she will finally show some of that aggression I've been trying to rock out of her! Yes I just used the word rock as a verb!

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TH13 plot created.

Fine then. I'll be hugging her when she's crying.

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I love to make her cry! So cute! that is the other reason to throw rocks at her!

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You want aggression, huh?

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Why would you want to upset here? She's a Touhou, she'd blast your ass with a single spellcard.

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Stop treating her like this!

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Oh fuck! I'll be back after work now! When she is weak and cute again! I now go work for the good of the Motherland! must keep Glorious Communist Leader Byakuren aggressive for make benefit Glorious Motherland!

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Need more.

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eh... okay.

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I'm chucking rocks at you when you get back, ass.

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I have to admit, that is a nice shirt.

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I am 100% sure it increases your chances to get laid by -%75.

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As if anyone in /jp/ has ever had to worry about that.

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I'm baaaaaaaack!

Must throw rocks at Byakuren so she will stay aggressive! If she keeps being so nice she will never defeat humanity and make us all equal!

This is her face after my rocks hit her.

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Ew.. It looks like a Reimu...

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Ugh.... Yanagi.

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Oh.. It's you... I was not throwing rocks.. I swear!

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What's the symbolism behind Flandre's side ponytail?

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Drats! It is that time for me to leave for another 10 hours.. After that time Byakuren will get it! Unless she somehow kills me before that time is up! If you never see me again then you know what happened!

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It has something to do with 10 little indians getting slaughtered until there wer none, that is to say, Flandre played with them, but they went DOKAAAAAN.

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Flandre is full of Agatha Christie jokes.

Same with Letty. ZUN's been reading a bunch of that stuff then.

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Why is Byakuren so kawaii?

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I'm all for DFC and cute lolis, but Byakuren just makes me want to take her home.

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Uh oh.. I throw rocks at Byakuren again and this happened!

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Byakuren sure is fluffy right there...

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Byakuren why you so fluffy right there?

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Man that vodka is good...

Now I throw rocks!

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Throwing rocks at Byakuren? You make Jesus cry, anon.

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Human! Youkai! Anyone's welcome!

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Not just rocks, but arrows too!

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What's this? ROCK-THROWER is evolving! ROCK-THROWER has changed into ARCHER!

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>throw arrows
>have them pierce skin

Haha what

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Arrows are basically large darts, and darts pierce skin, so thrown arrows should too.

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I did not evolve... Rocks are better than arrows! They only slightly annoy Byakuren!

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So your goal is to annoy her less? Odd.

>> No.6247623


Annoy her just enough to get mad a little! I don't want to die after all.

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That tiger is kinda cute too...

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He sure is.

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Hey... that's not very nice...
I should throw rocks for that...

>> No.6249597

Come at me bro.

>> No.6249604


Aww.. you showed aggression... I only like to throw rocks at things that look nice.. Or Touhous

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You'd get along great with Tenshi.
...though considering what you're drawing inspiration from, maybe you wouldn't.

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Oh yea.. she likes rocks too.. But she might throw them back. And hers are a lot bigger than mine...

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Scared of the superior rock-thrower, are we?

>> No.6249673

Maybe a little...

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aww is cute

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