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Not sure where else this can go.

In Tokyo right now, bored as hell. The areas everyone told me to go were pretty lame and not really interesting(besides temples.)

What part of the city would I go if I wanted to see graffiti and some grittier streets?

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/jp/ - travel

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Go look for some meth in a nightclub.

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What does this have to do with Touhou?

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This is a country where parents get worried when their rebellious child start to smoke tabaco. Drugs? HA!

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Meth is the most popular drug in the country. Ironically, it's the easiest drug to find in Japan. Keeps you awakes and makes you work harder, perfect for the Japanese. The Yakuza smuggle a shitload of it from China and Korea.

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Not really interested in drugs or nightclubs.

Just bored and don't want to buy overpriced anime busts or eat anymore amazing food.

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get some jap whores (coreans)
post results

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For the love of all that is holy DON'T listen to this guy. The whores in Japan are a whole new kind of ugly and frigid.

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Rape a loli post results

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Not interested in the local women either. =(

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how about local man

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how about local men

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Even less so.

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Walk around the place. Take photos of seemingly inconspicuous japanese.

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The doctors in Japan have made the pill there almost taboo, they're are all kinds of false rumors and myths spread by the medical system there so women won't use it and get expensive abortions! Most japanese women, when pregnant are forces to have that child due to the high prices for abortion and the lack of birth control, so why not go on in an impregnating spree? Wouldn't it be nice to know your seed was spread all over what shit hole town you are? You can just run home after, wait a few years, and return to the now mongrel infested town and bask in the know that all this was because of you.

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typical Japanese concert

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I walked for about 12 hours straight yesterday. This place is fucking CLEAN and UPSCALE as a motherfucker.

I have no idea how they do it.

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This goes on /trv/, but don't delete the thread here, just remember to try over there for advice as well.

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> if I wanted to see graffiti and some grittier streets?
You've got the wrong country anon, try in America.

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From there bro. I also noticed in Akiba and other touristy spots there is a lot of graffiti. By Americans.

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same faggot noticed the American-style reply >>6219463 and decided to troll

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Hm.. what time is it over there, almost 2 in the afternoon? I'd go wander around Akiba looking for exclusive / out of print stuffs, try to score some nice doujin etc. I'm half assuming that's why you went in the first place. But that also begs the question, why did you not time your trip to coincide with a Comiket?

If you are planning on taking a cab or the subway back home then after that I would go to a sake bar, it could even be one of those chain ones where they serve all sorts of fried foods, you know, the ones that salarymen sometimes go to after work. Obviously if you knew anyone to meet up with at one of those places then it would be much better.

The other thing though, is that just because it's Tokyo, doesn't mean that the city is going to hold your hand and take you to all the actually cool places. Like New York, London or any other giant city, it will be mostly.. a city. Lots of passerby, random strangers on their way off to whatever, nothing will stand out to you besides the expensive stores that you probably weren't interested in, unless you actually know the place besides the tourist traps.

I mean, it really depends on what you're into and why you're there in the first place. For example I wouldn't be able to resist going to see Kagami Yoshimizu's (Lucky Star mangaka) house... what's funny about it is that it got converted by the Japanese government into a near-exact real-life replica of Konata's house. There really are all sorts of "lolwut" things like that dotting the country. If you sit in the hotel for a week, then you are wasting some possible once-in-a-lifetime visits.

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Maybe you should check out Aokigahara. Don't bother looking it up, just get in a taxi with a wad of bills and tell the driver to take you there.

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Already planned on going.

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There's graffiti in Japan?

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I saw "9.81 m/s^2" scribbled on the wall once.
It was gravitti.

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Yes. I just took a picture of this like five minutes ago. Didn't realize I had to shit when I left so I am back too soon.

Most of the local stuff is stickers. The tags are all terrible. A LOT of people I know are from LA, San Fran, and NYC locals have done hundreds of tags here. Pretty much any touristy place you go like Akiba is going to have american graffiti in a ton of alleys.(For those who follow that sort of thing Earsnot killed a ton of shit and there is SEO stuff that looks old as hell.)

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fuck off

why would kids who spray bridges and derelict boxcars in the U.S. go to Japan to do the same thing?
>A LOT of people I know are from LA, San Fran, and NYC locals have done hundreds of tags here.
I'm sure you can find faux-L.A.-gang graffiti all over the world, but it's there on account of local kids. Don't claim to be American. Because you never were and never will be.

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By any chance, you wouldn't be Japanfag minus the trip?

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Except they are mostly late 20's early 30's dudes and it's not gang related. Derp.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/marktronics/4852468583/ Earsnot and Wanton in Akiba.

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I still smell bullshit, but if you're seriously vandalizing in another country for whatever nutty reason, somebody needs to cancel your passport. While you're stuck in a layover flying back through some hellhole between here and there.
Neither we nor the Japanese appreciate your crap.

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i agree with this sentiment

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>Kagami Yoshimizu's (Lucky Star mangaka) house
Where is that?

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Where is that?

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This does not belong here.

Also, go to Harajuku. Seriously. Wander the whole area.

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