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Yes, she lost her brother. A great tragedy. Even moreso is how she blames herself for it all.

But what she has done is taken that self-hatred and twisted it, sublimated it into this animosity toward humanity, giving succor to the slobbering, man-eating beasts. The filthy youkai animal hordes.

She is a traitor to her species. She is committing treason and choosing to lie with the mongrels that would tear down what humble, meager society we have managed to scrape out in this forsaken land, and feast on our families, our children, us!

And for her actions, as tragically motivated as they may be, she MUST burn. If she misses her brother so, we can, in our own way, reunite them.

This will make her a martyr, it will make things worse before it gets better, but the current state of affairs cannot hold. The longer we wait, the more she emboldens the ravenous youkai.

For all of our sakes, Byakuren must burn at the stake.

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Go ahead and try it, then. We'll see how far you get.

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She's just a stage 6 boss. Pretty sure we can take her, bro.

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But...she has nice breasts.

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She knows the spell that has left the capital of the Makai in ruins once though

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If by 'we' you mean 'I' and by 'pretty sure' you mean 'no chance' then, yes, I agree.

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How can you burn gradient hair?

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Bah, it's not like that spell is tough to learn. Most of Gensokyo has power that dwarfs hers.

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If you strike her down, she will become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.

Then there'd be no stopping Youkai Jesus.

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Shut up and listen for a change.

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She preaches peace and tries to end the eternal youkai/human conflict and you call her a traitor and seek her death.
I'd say it's unbelievable, but I'd be lying.

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Who is Byakuren? Is she the princess?

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>eternal youkai/human conflict
such a thing doesn't exist in Gensokyo.

It's called "play with youkai or they die"

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Reminds me of someone.

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Fine. Then what's OP worried about?

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She is ALREADY hideously powerful. That's the whole point of striking her down!

Another fallen to her propaganda. Her version of peace will involve the quiet solitude of mass graves and the destruction of what separates man from youkai animal.

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Byakuren is a true communist! She gains the power of Soviet Russia.

I still want my Byakuren waving the red flag pic or I'll throw rocks at her again... I am sure she is tired of my rocks by now.

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Yes. And we ALL know the communist definition of "equality"

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Well, if you want to throw rocks at her, we could always switch burning at the stake out with stoning. I am not picky.

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best old lady

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I don't know, can you please
quote Marx?

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No burning... I only throw rocks at her to get her attention...

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Why must she be Safari-zone only? ;_;

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Uh.. Don't quite know what you speak of... But I stick to throwing rocks at her. I want to see her show some sort of aggression.

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I want to see her pay for her crimes.

Also die.

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People that don't play nice will be eliminated.

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OP, is it true that your anti-youkai rhetoric is just a front for your facist policies?

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You know, red and white will make you go a few rounds with Yuuka, bare hands, if you keep this shit up.

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Implying Reimu controls Yuuka, like a pokemons.

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Yuuka? Yeah, you just shove someone into her flower patch. It's then Dealt With.

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Its parasites like you that will be the downfall of our society.

But at least we have strong willed people like OP to get the truth out to the masses.

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Yukari is like a hero of mankind that sits idly by while his people are eaten by werewolves. Then gets raped when he tries to high-five the werewolves.

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Because they decided it's easier to play with Gensokyo's humans than to terrorize and murder them.

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No, it's an integral part of Gensokyo's self-defense that youkai play with humans. There's simply no substitute.

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When the barrier was impenetrable youkai killed humans in Gensokyo for food. When it weakened after WWII they switched to eating outside world humans while playing friends with Gensokyo's humans.

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>red and white

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[citation needed]

Youkai simply don't eat humans. Nobody but racists believe otherwise.

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How did you come by this picture? Its history was erased!

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>However, youkai eat humans and natural humans are favoured as delicacies. Teams of cooks regularly venture beyond the barrier to hunt humans. They apply many methods to conceal their existence from humans of the outer world; accidents and people who run away from home... There are too many humans today for anyone to notice when a few go missing.

Seriously, read the games prologues.

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You hateful motherfuckers, look what you did to poor Keine.

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Can touhou be grimdark now?

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Seriously, that was written by Reimu. Huge racist.

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Youkai aren't eating humans anymore! They must be going to eat outside world humans! --- Reimu, who has no possible way of knowing this.

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>stop that shit

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Rumia treats both the delicious and the nutritious equally.

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Funny you should say that....

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sage for weabo shit

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Whee, a speciist thread!

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Racist guy left, this thread is dead.

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>implying Reimu doesn't want to see Byakuren get knocked down a peg

>or killed

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>implying you haven't beaten UFO with Reimu

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I wonder what Not-Shiki thinks of Byakuren. ZUN better have them meet.

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Humans do more to themselves than Youkai do to them.. So wave that red flag of victory Byakuren! Throw the rocks of communism at those infidels!

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Somehow, I don't see "from each according to their ability" working out well in Gensokyo.

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OP, I say this because I detest people dying in stupid ways and going against Byakuren is one of them. She's no longer a monk, which means going against her would end very badly for you.

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Who says I am going to fight her fairly? I am just going to snipe her from a nice, long distance.

Honor is for the weak.

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lolz so tacticool XD

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That isn't going to work. She's got a number of defensive buffs on autocast, you know?

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Byakuren can handle a couple dozen of bullets to the face. She'll shrug it off and kill you.

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Murasa sees your rifle fire and acts as a sheild. You give away your position and get blasted to little pieces.

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Nuke from orbit then. Shatter shields with anti-magic rounds. She was taken down before, she can be taken down now.

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Fight fire with fire. You're gonna need a miko to take her out, and I'm afraid they've all gone Red.

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Good thing she is a ghost.. she feels no pain.

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Oh, I'm sorry. I thought we were talking about Byakuren, not a Mary Sue

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