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Touhou: Lifestyle or Obsession?

Let's have a friendly panel discussion about this matter of utmost importance & intrigue.
My friends call me "obsessed" with the games, while I consider everything that has been built around them a lifestyle.

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Touhousexual is not a lifestyle choice!

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Definitely a lifestyle and something to be proud of! What aspects of Touhou do you love best?

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I just like 2D games and little girls and I got better at shoot 'em ups in general after a played Touhou.

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we have a word to indicate those who are "obsessed" with touhou to the point of making it a lifestyle

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Though some may call me obsessed I can't really say that i'm always active within all the fandom. Then again the only Touhou based things I own are the games.

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So, describe how Touhou is your lifestyle!

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Touhou isnt a lifestyle, its a hobby, at best. It can be an obsession, sure, but a lifestyle? Really?

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Well I play a couple times a day, and I usually look up pics or whatever. I also plan to buy a few figures if I have the money on hand during an up coming convention

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Being first a disgusting secondary IOSYS-flash faggot, I tried the games and after initial shock I simply wanted to see PCB canon ending so I endured the constant humiliation like a man to the point where I actually became proud of being able to beat games I know my friends can't.
Then I fell in love with original music instead of IOSYS rapes, then found Demetori, Crow'sClaw & Redalice and kinda started listening to touhou-remixes only.

Somehow I have managed to construct a bubble for myself where outside world doesn't matter.

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I am obsessed with Touhou. But since I get obsessed with everything I love, it's not a surprise.

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If you believe Touhou is a lifestyle then you're on the same damn level as furries

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If Touhou is a lifestyle then you fuckheads are no better than worthless, ugly, fat furries

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And what exactly is your lifestyle? Trying to hide your hobbies to appease and fit in "normal" society while feeling horrible and hateful, and coming home and unleashing your anger on /jp/?

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I'm a goddamn schizoid NEET. You should feel bad that even I look down upon you faggots.

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Since I had literally no life whatsoever, Touhou was the only thing I had.

My obsession grew into something that now resembles a religion. I think I take it all a little too seriously now.

Thanks to Wriggle I now take care not to harm insects, and I don't complain about the rain anymore because of Kanako. Little things like that. Touhou has influenced my life in lots of ways.

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But i have nothing against furies

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You don't say "lifestyle", faggot. This would imply that you are in your own little world that is made of touhouites.

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It's just a hobby, as are most games.

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ITT: /jp/ers feeding the trolls and giving them a back rub while at it

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Oh look, yet another retard who thinks that animal ears and tail constitutes a furry. I thought this kind of people had vanished from the world a long time ago.

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Dunno. Probably the same as DnD players.

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It does, furfag.

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That's quite sweet! It certainly spices up your life!

Indeed, it's a popular thing for people to lash out in anger at people who they don't understand, who they have no interactions with, just because they're different. It's the same thing throughout history; hatred towards others for skin color, sexuality, and other customs even though the target has done nothing to antagonize them.

People can live their life as they choose.

Whether they are happy or not is also their own choice.

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Only furries think it does to be honest. They wish everyone was a furry

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A furry is an animal with human characteristics, such as being able to walk on all fours and sometimes a human figure. They usually have an animal-like face, as proven to me by all these pictures that you faggots post on 4chan.

If you think that a girl with cat ears is a furry, then well... I feel sad for you.

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I'm into Touhou enough to say that it it has become something that my life centers on.

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Almost all the music I listen to is Touhou related.

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Touhou has grown into its own self-contained subculture. Being a Touhou fan is like being a punk, a homosexual, or a terrorist.

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Same here! Though it's more of a comment on how little music I listen to in the first place. I still don't know most albums like some of you do in comiket release threads.

What are some really good recent ones?

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>a homosexual
Yes, it's very much like that.

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So what if you like Touhou AND you're gay?

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there's always wriggle

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What if Reimu was a boy?

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I'm a gay punk terrorist touhou fan. You'll love this when the pentagon will explode with the form of a 9 and I absolutely love seeing Al-Qaida dodging bullets on the sound of a touhou punk remix.

To be honest I wouldn't be surprised to see a video like that on nico.

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What about it?

You fags are always going on about how the gameplay is what matters, not the porn. And there are a bunch of clubby dance remixes to be had. Fun for everyone.

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The music has become integral part of my life, but on the other hand, my favourite doujin artists stand technically among the best of their genre globally (Demetori rules in instrumental melodic metal genre, IZMIZM trumps most European electro/house/d&b artists etc). "Offering to the Sukhavati" is kinda like my personal absolution. Difficult to explain, but Eye of the Needles leaves me with this "everything is forgiven, now go and live on"-feeling. Insane, huh?

I also have halted most other gaming activities, I simply lost interest shortly after starting Touhou games. I, too, have this superiority complex against gamers of other games and somewhat genuinely pity them.

I also started to study japanese just to be able to read dialogue in PC98 games and in event I get Perfect Memento or Bohemian Archive.

When I go partying, I tend to drink first few beers faster than I used to in order to "feel Suika". Again, difficult to explain, but friends have noted I'm moore cheery in parties nowadays.

Yeah, verging on obsession/lifestyle.