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What game is this?

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I think it's Rune factory frontier.

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OH GOD. MY HEARTO. She's my wife on the ds version.

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the guy looks like a faggot

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Better give up now

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You're supposed to be looking at the drills

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i am at this picture, but if i'm supposed to play as that fag for the whole game for who knows how many hours, not even 5 minutes of drills will save it.

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Chubby waifu is best waifu. I made her diet though, so now she looks too generic. Onward to the meganekko then. I'd marry Mist, but you have to complete storymode first.

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If it's the cape or hat, those are optional accessories.

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Custom equips. This guy's using some shitty ones.
You can even give them to girls and they will wear it.
One of the best equips in the game is actually the maid hairband.

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Is this better than the first DS one in every way?
I don't know I never looked it up, but I read Rosetta wasn't in it and lost all my interest.

But she does appear to be in the game, right?
What are notable differences between the games?

I loved the premise of the game, but I really could never get the feel I got from the SNES harvest moon, the 64 one, or that one on playstation.

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Dude, Rosetta is in it, but you have to unlock her, like most of the other villagers.
The game fairly streamlined: the Harvester tool replaces shears, milker, and basket.
Controls are simplified.
The only annoying thing is the Runey System.

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Can you turn off the voices in this?

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Can you change the polygons to pixels in this?

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Frontier is far better than the DS versions in every way, I'd highly recommend it. Rosetta can be unlocked very early in the game, so have no fear.

I think there is a voice volume, but I don't know for sure. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the voice acting. I'm quite the hater of dubs, but I actually quite liked the voices in this. (Note that the localization of Frontier is handled by a different company than the DS Rune Factory games, which had possibly the worst dubs I've ever heard).

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>Rosetta wasn't in it

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Is that witch girl who runs the bathhouse from the first game still present? I grew to like her simply for seeing her like clockwork every day to recuperate after a hard days farming crops and dungeons.

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Just finished the plot of Rune Factory 3, it was my first RF. Now I'm at the married couple endless stage.

Oh God why is my heart so warm I'm not good at this

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Aye, Melody.

She was a fan of herbs and also the tea you could make from them when you were a good enough cook if I can recall. A bit of a pity I wasn't good enough at cooking to make any tea by the time her levels were high enough to marry.

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Can't wait for 2011.

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Tomato juice.

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>I really could never get the feel I got from the SNES harvest moon, the 64 one, or that one on playstation.
What does Rune Factory lack compared to harvest moon?
Shouldn't this simply be better?
Or.. could Harvest Moon actually gain something from being fairly realistic? I don't know, personally I have counted the fantasy parts of Rune Factory as an upgrade.

But why are there no longer any good Harvest Moon games?

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The premise for Harvest Moon 64 was quite enjoyable.

They should have kept at it like that, and instead worked on developing and creating more in-depth characters, and possibly more customization to your own character.

If they had, by this time, a Harvest Moon game might be out with characters who have complex personalities, some who rub you, as a complex individual, the wrong way, and others who are endeared to your heart as a best friend would be. Ideally, characters would incite different emotions and feelings from different players based on the players own personality.

Complex player-NPC relations...it would be a very good milestone for AI development.

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I love her aroused blush.

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I found myself falling in love with Anette in this one. Great seller will play again A+++ etc.

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said it before said it agian


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what sort of CPU do you need to run this on Dolphin?

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I was just discussing whether to play this or not with a friend, and now this thread pops up, it must be fate.

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delicious brown elf maid is superior.

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The reason I am still unmarried.

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What if, it was on PC and R-18?

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Mods everywhere.

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Mods won't suddenly appear without proper modding software and game being open for them.

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I guarantee you there'd be a Touhou mod.

Unless I'm mistaken, GTA or The Sims didn't come with "proper modding software", yet look at them.

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He said on PC,and there would be lots of mods then,whether the creators supported the feature or not.

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wut games dis

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How about you read the fucking thread?

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aww damn it's for the wii.
any good weeaboo games for 360? i already got blaz blue and tales of vesperia. not enough weeaboo for my taste.

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Top of the line pretty much.

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STG ports.

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Works perfect on my i5 750.

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Bro, the game is out sometime Novemember since they haven't kept a Harvest moon release date normal since FoMT

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>In stock on Dec, 2010

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I hope RF3 rich (liar) girl can be as interesting as Bianca.

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I hope RF3 rich (liar) girl can be as interesting as Bianca. Or maybe we'll get different tsundere?

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>come at me bro

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Am I the only one thinking the voice acting in this game is stunning?

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Though it does have some flaws, I was quite impressed with it as well. It really is a shame that XSeed doesn't handle the localization of the other RFs instead of Natsume.

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I'd come at Bianca's front, if you know what I mean.

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Rune Factory 3: A Fantasy Harvest Moon Natsume 11/09/10 US

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I really want to get excited about this, but I don't know how long I'll be waiting for an undub.

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So... are there dating sim elements to these games? The wikipedia article doesn't seem to mention any.

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Yea, it's pretty shallow though.

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If you've ever played Harvest Moon, it's the same. You can give gifts to girls daily to raise affection and eventually marry them.

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the english voice acting is stunningly bad. I don't know about moon.

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Even more shallow than Harvest Moon's?

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Depends on which Harvest Moon, really. But I would say in general it's just as shallow.

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In Harvest Moon 64 the girls sort of had actual routes.
As you progressed with them different scenes were triggered depending on things.
And so you had to run out in the mountains at night, and search through the forets, or find out that your girl has gone missing temporarily for unknown reasons, etc etc.
But the PS-one was wonderful as well.

But yeah, it might not be the best things ever.
It could easily be interpeted as kind of shallow I guess.

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Didn't the GB version essentially come down to you "picking one" at a fair or something?

I dunno why, but I have such fond memories of playing that game at my grandmother's house in the summer.

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That's right. I had actually forgotten that part.
But yes, that's true.

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Aww shit now I really can't decide on a wife. Also bump because Rune Factory Frontier is an awesome game.

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You seriously don't mind choosing the fat chick?

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Can this be emulated on the PC?

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I have it working with the dolphin but I get kind of shitty framerate in certain places

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Just finished getting this and dolphin. Framerate caps at 30 for me, which I think is the max for this game. I also get a bunch of slowdowns in various places. I usually ONLY play undubs, but this game is actually pretty "okay" with the english voices.

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What are your specs, do you need a quad core CPU?

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For those concerned about RF3's dub, Natsume is using a new company. Should at least turn out better then RF1 & 2.


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Still going to use an undub.
Just look at the cast:

Shiraishi Ryouko - Mais

Fukui Yukari - Shia
Katou Emiri - Tuna
Fujimura Eri - Chocolat
Tamatsu Haruka - Ion
Endo Aya - Persia
Horie Yui - Dahlia
Shintani Ryouko - Sakuya
Chihara Minori - Sophia Jalepeño Viviash
Itou Shizuka - Karin
Nakahara Mai - Klurufa

Maeda Chiaki - Monica, Eliza Jalepeño Viviash
Koumoto Keisuke - Gaji, Rusk
Takahashi Yuugo - Wales, Carlos
Yanai Hisayo - Marjorie, Hazel
Fujimoto Takahiro - Gluten, Don Chacos Jalepeño Viviash
Todzuka Rie - Shinonome, Male Child
Koshimizu Ami - Female Child

Kugimiya Rie - Mei
Maeda Ai - Yue

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You mean they're not pulling random people off the street this time?

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Someone should make a thread about epic tsun~tsun~ dere~dere~ quotes, should have a bunch of them out there for now.

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>Horie Yui
>Itou Shizuka
>Kugimiya Rie
someone call me when they make the undub patch.

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Just ordered this new off Amazon for $20. Sounds enjoyable.

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I'd love to get an undub patch, but I wonder how long the wait would be, if someone even manages. I know RF1 has a working one, but last I checked, the RF2 undub crashes at the load screen. Has a working version been released since then?

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I played RF 2 undubbed just fine. I'm pretty sure I got it from /jp/ soon after the release.

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Intel e8500 stock clock 3.167ghz.
My video card is pretty trash too.
ATI Radeon HD 2600 XT 512mb GDDR3

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is this on PS3? i'm currently pirating Atelier Rorona i would love to pirate this too.

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just for DS and Wii

wich reminds me, wich version is superior?

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Haven't played Wii one yet, but out of DS games I liked the first one more than second. The gameplay isn't much different between two, and characters in first game are better.
Seriously. In first one you get lovely brown elf maid, on second one you get racist jerk elf.

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Second one you get to NTR the elf guy.

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Wii has better grafix but I heard i'ts hard as fuck. IF heroines are a factor for you, just wait for Rune Factory 3, most polished system, plenty of likeable heroines (Touna, Persia, Kururufa, Ion...) protagonist that can shapeshift into a golden sheep-thing that can suplex the fuck out of ogres.

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That always made me feel bad for him...

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