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No Theists either. Faith is more of a fact than a belief. You simply place your trust on another being. You just know.

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>No Theists

Oh, ho.

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This is why Gensokyo is so great.

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... or it's just good old Japanese religious practice from the old days, when people were way too busy fending off starvation to have time for organised religion.

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For a second I thought that was a map of Belgium.

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Which doesn't really sound like a religion at all more like a cult of personality.

Hell I'd even argue that atheists do exists in Gensokyo because they don't believe Kanako and the like are real gods simply for the fact they physically exist.

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>too busy fending off starvation to have time for organised religion.

lol no

Japan actually had some powerful sects that grew enough in power to be warranted for extermination by other military groups, like those monks who got decimated while defending a fortress.

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Tewi will be my god.

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truly a miracle

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Of course, hence Sanae's theme "Faith is for transient people". Faith is what you have when you don't have proof of something or hope for something, trust is when you know.

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Well, this is a place in which spring won't manifest until a fairy heralds it, where the autumn harvest is looked after by a potato selling little girl, and where the sun won't rise up for the new year unless a certain shrine maiden does a ceremony.

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Sounds more like stubborn denial. If the entity in front of you has control over nature itself, can do miracles on a whim, and can smite you with thunder with but a flick of its wrist, you STILL do not believe?

Just makes no sense. Then what does it take for you to admit that the being in front of you is a deity?

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In Gensyoko, if you can't explain it, then a youkai did it.

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You are now a sentient wart frog. Now what?

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Never said it was any logical, its like denying the holocaust or thinking the earth is flat. You can show them the proof but people are stubborn like that.

Also this is religion we're talking about, a bit of uncertainty is always a prerequisite.

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Gensokyo is a Daemon World. It should be wiped out.

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Hey, Space marine! Even Yuyuko is more alive than your god-emperor!

How long do you think it will rot until it is devoured by the warp?

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Yes, since deities in Gensokyo just walk among the living like anyone else, faith is less of an abstract concept and more of trust in an actual tangible person or being.

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In the name of the God Emperor of Mankind, we shall cleanse this land so that the Imperium may coloniz-
Shut up about your so called gods. They are either nothing more than mere thoughts of how the world works made up by backwards minds, or they are secretly the Chaos Gods in disguise. What make you think tha-
Shut up you xe-you witch! Your heretical powers shall not harm me-
*insert Master Spark here*
*Imperium collapses next morning, thanks to GAPHAX*
And that is why WH40k loses to Touhou in POWERLEVELFAGOTRY. The end.

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Oh god, don't go there.

Let's not ruin a nice Moriya shrine thread with that shit.

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Gensokyo People believe in gods in the same exact way we believe in computers. They exist, you interact with them, and they do incredibly amazing things that you'll just wind up taking for granted. It is nothing more than belief supported by facts, but it's a type of belief none-the-less.

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Do you have enough gaps, man of children?

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Awesome, that will be replacing my current Reimu wallpaper of the same style. Thanks!

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Maybe not, but gaps are the least of your worries.
Now you no longer eat anywhere near as much, number just .001% of your former population, and rather than EAT EVERYTHING, you trade with the local population.

Meanwhile, the Orks are pacifists, the Tau are now more bloodthirsty than Khorne, Gork, and Mork put together, the Eldar and Dark Eldar are no longer prideful and are now together again, the Imperium is actually not losing, and the Eye of Terror just closed.

Come to think of it, this is actually a good idea for a AU WH40k setting.

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You forgot the long awaited return of Leman Russ from the Eye of Terror, heralding the coming of the Wolftime.

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Well, she said herself that the sun would rise even without the ceremony. Reimu does the ritual "just in case". If Venus is brighter than the sun, this will be the year of the youkai, and you know how lazy Reimu is. This "just in case" ritual is to help put her mind at ease that she wont have to work as hard this year.

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Yeah, he's mixing cause and effect.

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Before science and reason took hold, people made up gods to believe in. The fear of unknown and unseen evils caused them to create imaginary and unseen entities to keep them safe from the harsher parts of existence. But Most people are no more enlightened today. They are undereducated and stupid believe in concept of science like a new deity, blindly following whatever they are told while never looking for answers and understanding themselves.
These people are no better then those who would worship a centurys old god.

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Go listen to your Linking Park mp3.

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Did you even read the post? He's saying people worship science as a religion instead of gods.

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>blindly following whatever they are told while never looking for answers and understanding themselves.
>implying science does not inherently offer answers and understanding by itself

what the fuck am i reading

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No fool! I'm standin on the side of science. In laughing at those who blindly follow either one. Especially climatefags who have made junk science into religion.

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Of course I didn't. This is /jp/. We troll first, ask questions later.

Nevertheless, he is right.

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>Especially climatefags who have made junk science into religion.

It sounds more like you blindly follow conservative media.

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Since when was Skeptic magazine conservative media?

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And you blindly follow Al Gore

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Yes, because a few universities made exaggerated and falsified claims about global warming, surely that discredits the work of every other scientific group and major university on the planet, and we should all jump the bandwagon to the opposite side of the retard spectrum where climate change is an absolute myth.

Good job there, Einstein, you jumped a train to becoming a retard to avoid looking like the retards on the opposite track.

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Climate change is not a myth. Man-made climate change is.

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It's definitely more reasonable, but further research is required. The topic is Dangerously shifting towards /new/

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I am getting quite confused here. Man has been raping the earth for the past millenia. An example of man made change is Greece, that is now mostly barren thanks to agriculture abuse (Olive trees). Another one are Ozone holes. How is this not climate change?

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Actually man made climate change IS real it's just not as big a deal as people are making it out to be. The world will grow hotter by a few degrees, the oceans will rise some, and in less than 100 years everything will start going back to normal.

What's a far far far greater problem is peak oil production. The world requires oil for everything from golf balls to pharmaceuticals. When we start on the downward slope of oil production the shit's really going to hit the fan.

Mad made climate change is small time.

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Another butt-hurt climate follower. Insulting Al Gore or the falsified climate studies or referencing Crichton causes you to act like Christians upset about Jesus shit sculptures or something. Your comment does come across as hip though. Very bill shultz(probably spelled that wrong). But hip responses are not enough to save socialism.

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Can't we just find a substitute? I hear corn and used oil from cafeterias have been successfully used to make fuel.

Hell, I am even willing to just ride a bike to avoid any kind of stupid war.

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For fuck's sake, keep this climate shit out of /jp/. At least one of you is completely fucking wrong and I have an opinion on who it is but that's utterly irrelevant. Do it somewhere else.

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>>No atheists in Gensokyo
Pic related doesn't believe gods.

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The same ditz who doesn't know about the vacuum of space and oxygen.

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One thing I never understood:
Why is Kanako's symbol a snake? Isn't she a wind goddess? Snakes cannot fly unless they are held in the talons or beak of an eagle.

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To troll Suwako

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Snakes eat frogs

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From the wiki
>The snake, which continually sheds its scales, symbolizes resurrection, rebirth and eternity.

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She chose the snake as her totem after she defeated Suwako, as snakes are depicted in japan as the traditional rivals of frogs.

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>She chose the snake as her totem after she defeated Suwako
>after she defeated

Ah, that makes more sense.
I thought she chose it before, and it was just coincidence.

Then, does worshiping Kanako by the snake also hold the hidden intention of insulting the fallen goddess Suwako?

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Those fuels are expensive and costly to synthesize. The part the climatefags hate to admit, Is that burning them for fuel still produces CO2

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>Faith is more of a fact than a belief


>durr atheist versus religion troll thread

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Not really, Suwako's come to accept their relationship. And it's no longer one of victor and victim, it's more of a symbiotic one.

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The OP's talking about the situation in Gensokyo, not in the real world.
In many fantasy settings gods aren't abstract constructs of faith, but actual embodiments of it.

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*in Gensokyo.

You missed that part bud. Try again.

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No, I meant from the point of view of a worshiper, not the goddesses.

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>The part the climatefags hate to admit, Is that burning them for fuel still produces CO2
Which, according to you, is entirely innocuous. Everybody wins?

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Well, there's always nuclear power...

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Shut up Utsuho.

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It's still costly to make. The US government tried to produce and sell cheaper synthetic oil during the 1980's but OPEC dropped the price of oil to compete and then dropped the price so low it was no longer productive to make an alternative oil. OPEC makes the economics behind it a bitch.

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US climatefags hate nuclear power due to fear of environmental catastrophe like Pripyat in 1987.

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[Quick Reply]

I don't think so, they just accept that Kanako is the one higher up in the hierarchy (which is why she chose the snake in the first place). No disrespect intended.

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Then they're no true "climatefags" at all. Nuclear energy is probably the cleanest type of energy we have today short of water, wind, and solar.

And if I'm not mistaken, aren't all reactors these days designed to specifically prevent those sorts of disasters?

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>climatefags hate nuclear power due to fear
It's a well fundamented fear. Pripyat is no laughing matter.

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I would think that these days, short of complete and total gross negligence and/or some sort of crazy-advanced terrorist attack, there's not much to worry about in regard to nuclear reactors. Of course, I'm no nuclear engineer, so I could be very wrong.

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Yes, but see, Pripyat was designed and built by lazy, drunk, incompetent Slavs like forty years ago. Times change.

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Which was completely stupid.

No, it is not a "well fundamented fear", dumbass.

Chernobyl didn't say anything about nuclear engineering. It did say something about priorities under a militarist totalitarian system in which public safety doesn't figure highly in policymaking. What happened was that the reactor's graphite core caught fire after the safety systems had been turned off for experimental work to be conducted, and the resultant explosion ejected radioactive material due to the lack of a comprehensive containment structure. Reduced containment suggests a design intended primarily to serve military needs, where the fuel has to be removed frequently to avoid the contamination by fission products that would prevent purification to the level that weapons-grade material requires. In civilian power reactors the fuel rods are changed typically every three years, and the obstruction caused by containment structures becomes less of a hassle. So what the circumstances point to is a facility built primarily for defense purposes being used to supplement the power grid at a time of low political tension and reduced military demand.

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meant Chernobyl NPP, obviously.
It's hot here and my brain is fried </lame excuses>

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No, you're right.

Granted, if the guy building the reactor is corrupt, and if the safety systems aren't implemented, and if the cooling core is faulty, and if the steel used to create the plant is actually rusty iron, and if the cement walls are actually made of clay, and if the police are bought off so they don't do anything, and if the politicians are bought off too, and if the safety inspector is bought off, then the reactor could cause mass destruction.

But holy fucking shit.

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Leaving aside the safety of the reactors themselves, isn't there still the problem of where exactly to dispose of the spent fuel so that the still-radioactive material doesn't leak said radiation? The storage site under that one mountain was pretty controversial, iirc...

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Current proposals are to reduce it to a powder, vitrify the powder into a highly stable glass, seal the glass into steel canisters, and bury them in a concrete repository two thousand feet underground – although some scientists have urged that the repository be made accessible, since the "wastes" contain many rare isotopes that could be invaluable after the current phobias have abated. Beyond this somewhat mundane approach, more recent theoretical and research developments point to the feasibility of artificially stimulating these long-life fission products to decay instead in ways that will take only minutes, using low-cost equipment that can be operated on-site, without need for costly transportation and long-term bulk storage. By definition these are unstable nuclei, after all, like rocks balanced on the edge of a precipice, waiting for a nudge to send them in a direction that they're already set to go. Such a solution has a feeling of "appropriateness" about it – using nuclear technology to resolve an issue that is of an inherently nuclear nature.

Every foot of overlying rock reduces the radiation by a factor of ten, which means there's no hazard to anyone above ground from the buried material. What danger there is comes from the risk of some of it finding its way out of the repository and into a person through being ingested or inhaled. Unlike chemical toxins, which remain lethal forever, radiation from nuclear waste decays with time. After ten years of burial, it would be about as toxic as barium if ingested; if inhaled, a tenth as toxic as ammonia and a thousandth as toxic as chlorine. After a hundred years these figures fall to one ten-thousandth, one hundred-thousandth, and one ten-millionth respectively.

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Yes, we are more advanced now. But we still have this little thing called "SHIT HAPPENS", and we could have a nice, tall mushroom cloud because some idiot made a big boo boo and now dozens of thousands of souls are going to meet Komachi at the Sanzu river.

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Around 95 percent of the spent fuel that comes out of a power reactor can be reprocessed into new fuel and put back in – saving in a typical plant's 40-year lifetime the equivalent of eight billion dollars' worth of oil. Burning it up in this way is the sensible thing to do, and the industry was designed on the assumption that this would be the case. What's left after reprocessing constitutes the "high level" waste that needs to be disposed of. A large, 1,000-MW plant produces about a cubic yard of it in a year – small enough to fit under a dining-room table. A coal plant of equal capacity produces ten tons of waste every minute. A facility to reprocess spent nuclear fuel in the U.S. was commenced as a joint venture by government and industry at Barnwell, South Carolina. But work was halted in early 1977 essentially for political reasons, while at the same time the utilities were cut off from the military reprocessing facilities that had been handling domestic wastes safely for twenty years. Thus, 100 percent of what comes out of reactors is having to be treated as if it were high-level waste, to be stored in ways that were never intended, and this is what gets the publicity. It's a needlessly manufactured political problem, not a technical one. The rest of the world continues to reprocess its spent fuel regardless.

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Because that is literally what would need to happen for 'shit to happen'.

Now, I'm not going to lie to you. We are talking here about a significant concentration of radiation that would have to be confined and handled with great care. If all the electricity used in the United States were produced by nuclear power, the high-level waste produced each year would be enough to kill ten billion people – more than the present population of the planet. Sounds scary, doesn't it? But the U.S. also produces enough barium to kill a hundred billion people, enough ammonia and cyanide to kill six trillion, enough phosgene to kill twenty trillion, and enough chlorine to kill four hundred trillion. There's no doubt enough gasoline around, too, in cars, garages, storage refineries, and under filling stations to kill us all several times over, and enough pills in hospitals, pharmacies, and family medicine closets. But we don't worry about it, because there's no way in which the population is going to line up to be administered their dose or otherwise be evenly exposed to any of these substances.

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Chernobyl was the result of human error. A communication error between two engineers during a reactor Core test. A simple mistake between watches in which the evening watch chief failed to do rounds and was not warned of the stress test. So yes these mistakes may be repeated.

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>So yes these mistakes may be repeated.
Yes, but the results of said mistakes cannot.

It's difficult to see how anything comparable could happen with Western nuclear plants in the way that some critics have claimed. Besides operating inside multi-layer containment to ensure defense in depth, Western reactors don't possess graphite cores – such a basis for design was expressly rejected by the U.S. in 1950, precisely because of the risk of one igniting in the way that happened. Two features are essential for a nuclear power reactor to function: a "moderator" substance, which surrounds the fuel and in effect keeps the nuclear chain reaction running; and a coolant to carry away the heat produced and deliver it to the steam generator that drives the turbines. The Chernobyl design used graphite as the moderator and water as the coolant. This means that if the coolant flow fails the reactor will continue to produce heat at full power (because of the presence of the moderator), with consequent rapid escalation to an emergency – as in fact occurred. Western designs, by contrast, use water as both the moderator and the coolant. So if the coolant should fail, the moderator is automatically lost also, and the chain reaction ceases, leaving only the residual fission products as sources of heat to be disposed of, which represents typically five percent of the normal power output.

More people seem to be realizing that a nuclear power plant cannot explode like an atom bomb. The detonating mechanism for a bomb has to be built with extreme precision for the bomb to work at all, and a power plant contains nothing like it. Besides that, the materials used are completely different. Natural uranium contains about 0.7 percent of the fissionable U-235 isotope, which has to be enriched to more than 90 percent for bomb-grade material. For the slow release of energy required in power reactors, the fuel is enriched to only 3.5 percent. It simply isn't an explosive.

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lol reduction
Way to oversimplify it there. The problem was chiefly in the design of the plant, which was outdated and full of blatant safety problems when it was built, let alone today's designs.

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So the most effective and efficient method of generating power still comes down to just boiling water.

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Well, they call it nuclear energy for a reason. Water is just the moderator.

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Ever witnessed a boiler power plant explosion? It will not look like a nuke went off. Neither did Chernobyl. The plant explosion was not epic in destruction itself, but caused the effect of a "dirty bomb". That is what is to be feared especially because the element of human error.

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Yup just like military nuclear vessels using high pressure dry steam to spin a turbines which move the ship and sending extra steam to create power and water for the vessel

>> No.6197185

Still carried to a steam generator to produce the actual power.

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Still don't want that shit going off anywhere near me.ma

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>Still don't want that shit going off
It won't.

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That's a natural gas plant you moron. unlike nuclear power plants they deal with highly explosive materials.

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its the same shit they use to make atom bombs, that shit IS explosive

>> No.6197310

A meltdown is basically the release of radiation. Not an explosion per se, but still very nasty.

>> No.6197325

Yes, and pure oxygen is extremely dangerous due to its effects on combustion reactions, yet you breathe oxygen every day.

>> No.6197337

It's the same difference between uranium-235 and uranium-238.

The WWII bombs were uranium-238.
Yes, uranium-235 can be turned into a bomb as well, but that requires 90% purity. Nuclear fuel requires 4-5% purity.

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Excess oxygen in the air does cause spontaneous fires. So yes, OXYGEN IS ALSO FUCKING DANGEROUS.

>> No.6197353

Uranium in facilities...

Hell, uranium in the ground does not cause spontaneous explosions. So uranium is safer than oxygen.

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this thread sucks

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You are mom sucks.

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Everyone has some form of faith that gets them through a day. Belief in spirits and deities is mans way of creating a mental safety net against unknown fears such as death and what follows. Faith could even be described as what people use without thinking every time they step into an automobile despite the risks that come with that.

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My faith is what keeps me from losing faith in humanity, so to speak. I do not fear hell. I do not fear death. I do not need heaven. I just want to believe there is something good in you assholes.

>> No.6198381

Exactly, for some of us it's something simple that helps get us through