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Why am I wasting my life, /jp/?

Gensokyo is out there waiting for me.

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But how will you get there?

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How else?

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I heard a rumor that if you masturbate enough times in a day, you will die and ascend to Gensokyo.

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I wonder what it must feel like to stick your dick up a gun...

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I think the magic number was at least 25 times.

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I recently had a dream about beating FW Extra. A fairy (not any of the named ones, one of those flower-carrying fairies you shoot down by the hundreds) about a third my size appared in my room, flew directly into my face and kissed me. We both stood there confused for a while until I asked what's going on. She blushed and admitted she is supposed to have sex with me as a reward of being Super Player, and she kissed me because she heard a man's penis comes out when he is kissed by a girl. She then asked whether I'm actually a girl because my penis hasn't come out yet. I think she had the idea that the penis is a seperate entity from the male and could be called on for help like a familiar when necessary.

Obviously, I decided to give her a hands-on lesson on sex education. She was pretty developed for a bat-sized flying girl and figured what she is supposed to do pretty quickly, even trying to give me a handjob while I was busy with her clitoris (she even tried to use her mouth, but she was too short to reach my penis with anything but her hands. Her breasts were surprisingly large and felt great as they rubbed on to me, though. ) Another surprise was that actual penetration was very well possible and quite easy, with little blood. She did say it hurt in the beginning, though.

After the deed, I fell asleep (this being a dream, I was even informed that I had been sleeping) and woke up in the middle of the sunny day on some grass (I assumed us to be in Gensokyo), only to find that I too had become a fairy. I then got a flash-forward into the future, with the fairy me (who was apparently responsible for forming hail) and a small cat that was supposedly a Ccoa (a feline Peruvian beast likewise said to bring hail), and that's about where the dream ended. The fairy that flew into my room was also by my side, so I assume we have become a couple in the future and had many adventures in Gensokyo.

If only that would happen ;_;

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It begins

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Trust me, 20 will do it.

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1. Aqua
2. Academy City
3. Gensokyou
4. The Zone

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Make of Get out of heres STALKER!

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My familiar came out as I read that.

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You have to be pure of heart and have the courage to burn yourself alive.

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If you stay a virgin until age 30, you get magic powers.

If you retain your virginity until age 40, you go to Gensokyo.

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Guys, this is true. Except masturbation counts. I lost my powers when I masturbated on my 39th birthday.

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Today I told my mother that the CC I'm taking Japanese classes at is quite limited, and that to continue my education I would need to transfer to another school. After that, I asked if she would help me pay for an apartment out of state while I took more classes. She said she would. I'm getting excited thinking about moving even though it won't be for atleast half a year. I just need to finish this class and then one more and I can start looking for a new place to stay and a part time job that lets me practice Japanese. I was thinking of ultimately becoming either a flight attendant or a teacher.

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Oh god I can't wait

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It's not working

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Is it okay if blood comes out instead of cum?

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Start your journey

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What an un-manly looking weapon.

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>Wake up with dead cat who's insides are blood and semen
...she wants to fuck

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They're waiting...

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Guns are supposed to be phallic objects? I hate you.

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Didn't that make crystals?

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It makes chlorine gas. Copper speeds up the process.

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be an hero
go to gensokyo

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If ZUN never lived to create Touhou, would Gensokyo still be waiting?

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Every 60 years, you too can become a flower in beautiful Gensokyo.

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Of course! Zun is just the saint that tells us of its splendor, Gensokyo has always existed.

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What in the world is Myon doing?

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I've been thinking about doing things in order to fell like I'm not wasting my life.
I couldn't come up with anything.

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Kero in early iron age japan versus the moon bitches for earliest Gensokyo inhabitants.

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That's how Youmu secretly masturbates when she's around other people.

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I'd feel awful posting an image like this. What if someone is stupid enough to try it and died because of you?

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When you die, will there be anything left showing that you were alive?


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I did so 27, and nothing happened.

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But is the Golden Land waiting for me?

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I want to be a fairy, and live a cute happy life.
I'll make my portal to Gensokyo some day...

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I just had a dream in which all the touhou's came to my birthday. It was so much fun, why can't real life be more like this?

I think I'm going to do it, I'm going to go to Gensokyo at last. See you guys there.

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i'd feel happy i saved someone from this shithole

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But pennies aren't even made of copper these days.

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Wait until you're 30 and use your magic powers to enter Gensokyo.

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How can I cross the magic border? I really want to. ;_;

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Im interested in it...
How does it work ?
I hope it will work! After doing I will have just to enter portal right ?

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Make sure to have ID with you when crossing the Gensokyo border. See the Gensokyo Customs and Border Protection Agency's website for a list of items prohibited from entering Gensokyo, currently including bean paste and cherry seeds.

Yakumo Transport Services provides bus service across the border from a variety of locations in North America and Europe. Details on the route and stops can be found at http://www.yts-gensokyo.com/sclookup?type=border&from=US&to=

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Ah, this is nostalgic...

Next people will be saying they want to "Catch the bus" to Gensokyo.

just keep holding on. Gensokyo's not going anywhere, and you can always catch the bus tomorrow.

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Today I am more interested in this thread than doing much of anything.

As a compromise I am bumping this, then I'm going to see if I can figure out my PSP Vocaloid game thing I got a few months back works. I haven't felt like playing it.

Gensokyo? Eh. For mere mortals like me it'd be a nasty, poore, brutish, and short existence.

bring it on

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The actual quote is
solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short

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Theres a lot more copper than you think, you can pobably strip you headphones or speakers for it, or your lamp's power wire, or really anything electrical. You won't need it in Gensokyo anyway,

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