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Saw the gameplay video of it. Why isn't anyone picking this up for us? Where's my DL for it?

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not new

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The first one was kind of poop from a butt gameplay-wise, so I can see why people are wary of this new demo.

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I almost finished the first one, but I deleted my save accidentally, so I decided to leave it.

cool save system bro!

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We're still waiting for it, I think. Are you sure it was released, at least?

Also, it was only supposed to be a demo.

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You must be kind of retarded to do that, you know.

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Seems like you are unaware that a few patches fixed the gameplay and that you just wanted to sound smart with that post.

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well, I accidentally pressed "new game" or something like that, and then the old save file was replaced with a new one.

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The patches didn't fix anything at all. The level design and AI were horrible.

I mean it was a fine attempt, but the gameplay didn't match the same quality as the visuals and music.

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Then it is your own damn fault. At least say you can't beat Suika or something.

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So if they fix the AI and level design, they'll have an A+ game, right?

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Does Touhouvania take more from its platformer (BELMONT) Castlevania roots or Metroidvania (Draculalucard) branch?

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Belmont, with a slight taste of Metroidvania. With Touhou in it. This is why people are complaining about the gameplay. They cannot beat the original castlevania games.

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I lost my save after defeating Sakuya... for the second time?... I can't remember.

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>Belmont, with a slight taste of Metroidvania

Isn't that called 'Harmony of Dissonance'?

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like 80% of the problem is that the bosses have way too much health and you only have two shitty items (and one really shitty item) to beat them with.

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The artwork/animation/music is very well done, it's just that the gameplay feels a bit..off.

I'm surprised they didn't try to go for the Metroidvania/SotN route.

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I didn't expect stiff jumping, tank walking or multi-directional whipping when i first play the first Touhouvania. I think it's a decent platformer

Maybe those who complain have Super Castlevania 4 on their mind.

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I was just expecting something fun to play with a Castlevania flavor.

A few of the stages in Rosenkreuzstilette pulled it off really well IMO.

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Rightfully so, as it is the best Castlevania.

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Maybe you're right. If the game is not called Touhouvania/Koumajou Densetsu, Maybe people will like the game more cause the game has only a little similarity to Castlevania.

So, 2nd Touhouvania Demo DL link? Nobody interested on it?

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And i once heard people expecting it to be Castlevania III due to the Japanese title.

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>I'm surprised they didn't try to go for the Metroidvania/SotN route.

Yeah. Cause the controls itself feels like any Metroidvania games. Maybe they should do that instead.

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>Sakuya as playable character
>Useful Sub Weapons
>Air Kick
>Back Dash
>Dat new art
>It still have good music

I will take 20

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>Air Kick
>Back Dash
>Knife/sword as main weapon

So Sakuya is pretty much Alucard now

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Needs item crash.

Why did everyone forget about item crash?

I want to hydro storm.

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Chen looks very amazing!

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With the improvement that long hair, pretty dresses and makeup actually fit her.

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>I want to easy mode

Elementary school kid detected

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Wow! Sakuya have more moves and better attacks than Reimu in the first game!
Sakuya is the best!!!!!

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Yeah, Sakuya looks way better than Raymoo so far. Hope it turns out OK.

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Isn't Sakuya SUPPOSED to be Alucard?

I mean, if Remilia is Dracula..

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Sakuya is a Belmont/Time Mage-Vampire Hunter.

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That Meiling Sub-weapon looks handy as hell. It's nice for the game to have the throwing axe-based weapon

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Was there an artbook for the original game? I want it

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Hmmm...it looks pretty good, but people said that when they saw the demo of the last one. I'll wait until the full version to make judgments.

Sakuya will take some getting used too. With all her back-dashing and jump-kicking, I'm going to be trying to double jump constantly.

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This one is going to be more like a Metroidvania, right? Please say so.

Nothing against the original Castlevanias, but I enjoy collecting stuff better.

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No, she's Dio Brando in a maid outfit.

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Let's not mix Jojo with this, it's already too much.

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Still can't see beyond 5 feet in front of me. Shitsucks.

Level design looks better, though. Sakuya seems like a very fluid character, and with that in mind, I like how they nerfed flight even more.

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Implying Dio Brando could even compare to Sakuya? Dio is a coward, a bully, an opportunist and ultimately a loser. All that he had was handed down by the mercy of others, or downright scavenging corpses.

But seriously, what could you expect of the son of a drunkard?

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I think with Sakuya is the game pretty easy because she have more and better attacks than Reimu...

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>Reimu for 1
>Sakuya for 2

Touhouvania 3 is probably going to star Sanae

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Hell yeah.

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Go away, Sanae!

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You had your turn!

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Touhouvania is better without a slut like you!

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implying generic MOEMOE KYUN ^_________^ anime maid could compare to Dio Brando

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Oh yeah, because YOUR game was so good, right?

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I am so BADASS!
You see?

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Excuse me but this isn't /a/, Gaia or Pooshlmer.

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Yeah, flying down featureless hallways and abusing post-hit invincibility is pretty badass.

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Yes, this board isn't any of those places, thank you for pointing out the Obvious, Captain.

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Then you should know roleplaying is against the rules.

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Here we go~

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Aside from the global rules (Which mention nothing of roleplaying), there is only one rule for /jp/. Anything Otaku is welcome. Many otaku roleplay. Roleplay is therefore /jp/ related.

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How about you roleplay being a retard and go play in traffic.

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Please tell me you are trolling. Otherwise I need to dig through the archive to get moot's post about roleplaying.

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I don't think that would be roleplaying.

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here you go
if you want to roleplay sex with me like you did with ZUN on msn feel free to add me, I will kiss your womb gently

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what the heck where did the touhouvania discussion go?
anyways, seeing this i felt like playing the first all over again.

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the first was a great attempt, and beating it was satisfying enough.

Sure the game had problems but alot of original titles in a series tend too.

The second one looks to be a big step in the right direction and if it is then it just might be a decent game.

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Remilia = Dracula
Sakuya = Belmont/Human vampire hunter
Flandre = Alucard, disregarding their sister relationship instead of father/son one.

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Flandre seems more like she'd be in the vein of Death. Dracula's most powerful servant, closest apparent relationship, and something that can't be fully understood, or permanently stopped.

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It seems that flying is limited and takes up some energy now. There's also more delicious artwork and new moves to pull off. And that music, I already can't wait for the OST.

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The first game looked nice, I give them that.
Everything aside from the gameplay and game-design was superb.

This has given me doubts wether or not they are up for the task of making BBB2.
I want that game to be great.

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>That new Touhouvania
I am sorry, I guess I am slowpoking here, but new?
They made.. another one?
Here I have just assumed they have been milking their first title for all this time.

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No bud. They showed a preview a few months after the release of the first, and they also gave a patch with english translation shortly after. But milking it? No. Not these guys. They are cool.

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wow, this looks awesome. glad to see there will finally be a good touhou game.

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according to the blog the demo was released few days ago, at 9/19 but i think it was some sort of event-only cd release.

maybe it's up on share somewhere.

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Here's the demo.

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What's this?
Daibanchou heroines following their Castlevania art style?

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Stop making me love you, remilia.

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Is this their official Big Bang Beat artstyle now?
Or is it just some homage to their Castlevania games?

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Holy shit, it was short.

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what looks like boss/subweapon list.

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thanks for the demo, looks like you really need a coreduo for this, my single core2.2ghz lags

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I'm noob... and I don't know how to "open" dat. files to get them... could You see if there's more than just Sakuya ? (Chen and Meilin ?)
I'll be happy it there will be Yakumos... but it's just a trial ... so my hopes are shit now

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try turning vsync off. it could speed up a bit.

me neither, those are just memory dumps of what's currently displayed.

the guy just put all the lifebar related portraits on one texture to reduce loading and memory use i guess.

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Boring game with awesome art.

>> No.6189296

Yeah I know... but still I don't know how to open them (or find )

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Fuck! I can not play this game!
It lags all the time! I have no problem with the last Touhouvania game!
Or is the new Touhouvania game only for Windows7-fags?!

>> No.6189471

Works perfectly fine on my Vista.

>> No.6189492

I am on an old XP, works fine.

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Not for XP?
This is the first Touhou game for me I can not play!
Fuck you Vista and Windows7!

It works but when I start the game it lags and works very slow!

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It doenst launch in my PC ;_;

>> No.6189504

You mean you used something like
or something?
How did you do it? What skills are needed? And anything else that's needed?

>> No.6189508

It works but my CPU is overloaded (if I start the game) and its slowwwwww!

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This is a way better Castlevania game than the new amerifag-produced 3D garbadge

>> No.6189534

Yes! Because: 2D > 3D
Most western games are so damn 3D related...

>> No.6189581

yea i tried, didn't work my comp is just too ancient lol.

>> No.6189588

do you have a coreduo? the min system specs are a coreduo, it works on xp fine otherwise

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Core... what?
No... I think not...

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something like that yeah.

i dump whatever's on screen then i open the dds files it dumps with a dds-enabled program to re-save them as png.

i use psp7 with a dds plugin.

>> No.6189649

duo core cpu, am i getting trolled?

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>duo core cpu

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>> No.6189838

>something like that
>the dds files it dumps
I would hate to be a bother, but could you possible share what 'it' is you are using?
I have only heard of the DX3Dripper and OGLE (even though I don't have OGLE myself.

>> No.6189897

well that's exactly what i meant though. use 3dripper dx, run game though it, press f9 while you're at whatever you want to get, it'll dump the 3d scene and textures.

even if the said 3d scene is just a flat 2d one rendered in 3d it'll work as long as it uses direct3d 9 to render it.

>> No.6189917

Ah ok, the same method as me then.
It's all fine I guess, I was just expecting some new and exciting method.

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File: 21 KB, 256x512, spr_chen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So what did you guys think of Chen?
I liked it, at least on hard.

This demo has restored my hopes for the new title.

>> No.6190734

Any release date for the full thing?
Next comiket? Reiteisai?

>> No.6190813

The first game is no longer on /rs/, no one happens to still have it?

It's supposed to be translated now, right?
How is the translation anyway? I heard they translated it themselves, so I figure it's not that great.
Anyway, do I need some kind of "english" patch or do I select something in the options or something?

I got the game when it was new, but to be honest I was everything from impressed, and I eventually got rid of the game.
This looks great though, and I figure I might as well give the first one a shot, and now they have even patched it, so why not.

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I hope the full version works on my pc...
The demo version have not this option (see pic from the first Touhouvania game).

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File: 410 KB, 1200x600, 023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've extracted the .dat files and there are no traces of any other Touhou characters in the pictures besides the one that's already been posted with the bars. I haven't sifted through the files extensively but I'll do that when I have more time.

>> No.6190820

Horrible boss fight, like every boss fight in Touhouvania I.

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File: 392 KB, 850x1202, frontier_aja_scarlet_symphony_poster_small.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There are a few spelling errors, but other than that it's not a bad translation.

(C76) [Frontier彩] 紅魔城伝説 緋色の交響曲 (Koumajou Densetsu: Scarlet Symphony + 1.04 patch)

>> No.6190863

Hows the encryption and how did you find it?
I would love to extract that bgm file.

>> No.6190874

Thanks, really.
You are really cool you know, helpful and providing and everything, and yet you don't abuse that identity that comes with the trip, and it's nice how it in this case can function as some kind of credibility indicator.

>> No.6190888

it's like Maria mode in Rondo of Blood but even easier because now you can fly and jump kick and it's also less fun

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File: 9 KB, 512x256, 080.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was pretty simple double XOR shift, well that's how I solved it at least. I just kinda looked at the file in a hex editor for any patterns. Both keys were 12 bytes long.

As for the BGM there are 5 files, with my quick and dirty extractor I got 4. The last song is just the game over theme. If you want I can upload them.

>> No.6191092

there's a 1.04a patch, incase that's not up to date, under downloads

>> No.6191123

>If you want I can upload them.
That would be swell.

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File: 1 KB, 128x64, 049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here you go -

Anyway I realized that a double XOR shift was silly, I basically got the key right the first time but it was offset a bit.

>> No.6191785


Alice, Chen, Youmu, Marisa, Reimu, ??? , Yuyuko, ???
Remillia, China, Patchy,Flanders, sakuya

Who are those two?

>> No.6191807

Ran and Yukari?

>> No.6191968

What I have to use to install it ?
'cause I have that "Startup failed" sign

>> No.6191987

Really? I just extracted it and everything was fine.

>> No.6191994

Close applications running in the background as well as window tabs.

>> No.6192064

One of them looks like EX-Youmu. I'll be waiting patiently for the Youmu portraits.

>> No.6192080

Waiting warmly*

>> No.6192097

Still the same...
It's possibbe, that cause I have already this one on disc ( ver 1.02 ) it won't open ?

>> No.6192551

what are the keys then? i have a tool that can do xor shifting, but since i'm no good at finding stuff like keys in the files, yeah, i can't do much.

i want to check the files out myself.

>> No.6194048

I am the one who started asking these questions.
But aren't you better off better off doing it your self, you know, to learn better?

There are tutorials out there, but yeah, if he were to guide you through the whole then, then sure.
Then again, if it's just the content you want it might not matter as much.

>> No.6194260

i tried doing different xoring methods, but they all produced bullshit, that's why i'm asking.

shifting the bits to either left or right didn't show anything but garbage. using circular multiplication was also garbled stuff. inverting bits didn't show anything either.

>> No.6194371

Sakuya is my waifu, but a Reimu is fine too.

>> No.6194469

What is that really?
A simple poster?
Some kind of card?
..or a towel?

>> No.6194529

what? are you trolling?

>> No.6194574

Wish I could help you but as sad as it is I am in no better spot.
As a neet I have all this free time, I believe I could be dedicated enough to learn things as long as I knew how, and how to continue with it.
I would prefer putting effort into something over rotting away in front of this computer.

But sadly I haven't found any good tutorials on this subject, and even among those I have found I have had no idea of where to continue afterwards.

I did learn C/C++ a bunch of years ago, but I have never used it since. I could never think of anything to do with it and now, 4-5 years later I only remember parts of it.
5 years... now I feel old.

>> No.6194586

Maybe it's codified, or you're ripping the wrong part.

>> No.6194725

What do you mean? ;_;

I'd like to know too, love the drawing style.

>> No.6194732

it's probably xored using a specific key, without which it's not possible to decode.

the decryption key could be in the exe, but again, the exe's so full of random symbols it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

i don't even know what to look for, since the key could be something simple like a word, but it could also be a random string of letters and numbers.

and then i dunno what to expect in the archives afterwards. if they're not compressed, just stored i'm guessing i should be able to see filenames of the archived stuff and their headers, and from there it probably shouldn't be too hard if they're common filetypes like png or ogg i guess.

>> No.6194744

That other anon found the key, or at least something close enough.

The soundtrack and the images not used int he demo shows this much, then there's also his word for it.

>> No.6194747

they aren't sakuya/reimu, they're not even cosplaying sakuya/reimu, they're characters from bigbangbeat/age
so i don't really get how you made the connection between sakuya/reimu being your waifu?

>> No.6194756
File: 49 KB, 980x723, tv2hex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A quick summary of what I did was look in the hex editor for patterns, see picture. There is some variation on the key but for the most part it is intact, you just have to have a larger sample size to weed out the noise. After that its just a matter of simplifying the key because if you take the highlighted section there is a pattern in that. Its 12 bytes like I said earlier. After that you just have to worry about the offset. You know you got the right key when some of the part of the files are readable. Extracting the files takes some more work, but if you know some programming its not that hard to get at.

Due to it just being a fangame there are pretty big flaws in the encryption but its good enough to keep most people out.

Here is the site that I used to learn some of the basic techniques for file archives.

>> No.6194783 [DELETED] 

Yeah, of course.

I was actually in the middle of that, trying to become familiar to the subject, and practice.
Then it went offline and I lost most of my motivation.
But I guess I can pick up where I left.

>> No.6194808
File: 31 KB, 581x478, Sekai archives.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, of course.

I was actually in the middle of that, trying to become familiar to the subject, and practice.
Then it went offline and I lost most of my motivation.
But I guess I can pick up where I left.

>> No.6194847

Wait, wasn't there a sequel for this coming out or something? I heard there was but haven't really heard anything since then.

>> No.6194943

by the way, for the guy who can open the dats, are there more character portraits in? like, i saw 4 for sakuya and 1 for china in game, so i wonder if there's anymore that just weren't used but were left i the dats.

>> No.6195004

>>In Winter 2009, [erka:es] had announced that they would not be participating at Winter Comiket 77 due to unfortunate circumstances. With that said, Rosenkreuzstilette ~Freudenstachel~ would not be released until Summer Comiket 78, which would be held around August 14th, 2010. However, on August 8th, 2010, Isemiya announced that due to lack of development on the project, ~Freudenstachel~ would be delayed even further to December 2010, when Winter Comiket 79 would be held.
From two weeks ago or so.

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File: 357 KB, 1200x600, 018.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think most of them are used in the actual demo, but the only ones that were in the .dat file were for Meiling, Sakuya, and Chen. There are at least 4-5 per character with different expressions. Also, there are some more files but they are just the text spoken in the game.

>> No.6195028

could you upload them then? china shows only one during the demo, and sakuya does 4.

>> No.6195035

for example, this red-eyed sakuya wasn't in the demo from what i remember.

>> No.6195042
File: 626 KB, 1200x600, 006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah sure, here you go.

>> No.6195118

If it's not a problem - could you upload pics from first game ?
>>Or does anyone have them ?

>> No.6195123

A rip would be nice I guess, but try to not overwork your fellow bros.

>> No.6195157


>> No.6195160

Just whose bright idea was it to let the "game start" option automatically overwrite your old save instantly?
And no warning or confirmation.
One "miss-click" and everything gone.

>> No.6195166

It's a short game, just do it again.

>> No.6195415

Just how do you beat Suika on hard?
After that charge thing she becomes invulnerable, and then she fills the entire screen with bullets, and sure that's fine but only until they explode.

How are you supposed to evade that?

>> No.6195461

Get really drunk... and You'll evade everything

>> No.6195783

Dat chen boss fight music! Does anyone have a rip of it or know where it comes from? It sounds so good!

>> No.6195894

There are only 5 tracks, but it was ripped, yeah.
Here >>6191313
You could, umm read through the threads better.

>> No.6197476

The game is set for next comiket, right?

>> No.6199147

Does anyone believe they could pull something like Big Bang Beat off?

>> No.6199175

I'm not sure what >>6186848 is smoking, but I personally loved the first one. It was a bit hard, but then again, so was Rondo of Blood. Well, until you unlock Maria at any rate.

Art was excellent, music was okay, controlled better than Rondo of Blood, you could fly, etc etc etc. In fact, my only gripes with the game are identical to gripes I would wage against Rondo of Blood, so I can hardly complain since the game was quite obviously modeled after that (Reimu even has the backflip for gods sake)

In general, don't listen to what Zun!bar has to say. Pretty much never has anything good to say about anything.

Downloading the demo with great enthusiasm.

>> No.6199184

>Big Bang Beat Off
Worst. Masturbation Competition. Ever.

>> No.6199221


Alright, just tried the demo. Sakuya is a lot more fun to play as than Reimu. Her backwards jump is really useful for getting out of the way of danger, unlike the backflip, which was basically worthless other than looking awesome.

I think my only gripe is that the stopwatch doesn't seem to work very well. Other than that, awesome. The Chen fight was fun.

>> No.6199242

First things I noticed:
1. It's a Castlevania game where the main character doesn't move at a snail's pace. HOLY SHIT.
2. I was disappointed at first when I saw Sakuya flying, but then... it was slow. And it drained MP. Hell yes, this game was never supposed to be flyforevervania!
3. Stage Clear at the end... which means it's going to be a classic Castlevania game. Oh well. We'll still get our Touhou metroidvania in the future, I'm sure.

I have better hopes for this game than I had for the first one, so maybe it will sit on my HD for more than ten minutes. Who knows.

>> No.6199257

Just went for a 1cc of sorts. Hard mode, 0 extra lives. Actually made it to Chen with full health, but the density of her danmaku was just too much for me. Barely dented her.

Surprisingly, though, it was a very fun way to play.

>> No.6199316

>>Pretty much never has anything good to say about anything.

So silly when I praise another doujin game a few posts down. I gotta agree with this Anon right here >>6190888

Not sure why you're loving the Reimu flying either, as even Frontier Aja realized that it was wrong. Heck even other Anons ITT are saying it was wrong >>6199242

Anyways tell me what you think of the Casltevania stages in RKS or something. I feel they're better than the whole first Touhouvania combined.

>> No.6199369


I never really flew much as Reimu in the first one. I found it to be pretty much worthless except on bosses, and just made you more likely to get hit. It was neat, but not really a huge feature. Not really sure why I listed it.

Also, (only mentioning it because you linked to someone talking about it) Maria mode was WAY easier than using Reimu, considering she has a ridiculously good dash, a really fast double jump, a lightning fast dove attack, etc etc etc.

Can you honestly tell me with a straight face that it is easier to beat Remilia with Reimu than it is to beat Dracula with Maria? I mean come on, I killed Dracula in like 20 seconds without getting hit because she's just so rape. He literally won't even come close to hurting you if you are even halfway competent. Touhouvania on the other hand? Not so much.

I only started trying RKS recently ( a few weeks ago), and I'm to the Wily's castle part. Haven't gotten any further because I have been busy. Not sure if you were referring to any stages in the first half of the game, but while fun, I never saw any stages that really gave me a good rondo of blood feel. Maybe its past where I'm at?

And sorry about singling you out earlier. Just seems every single time I see you post, its pretty much just you saying something I happened to enjoy is shit. Feels bad man.

>> No.6200009

one thing i didn't like about the original was its shoddy collision detection. even if a bone grazed your hair you'd get hit.

>> No.6200040

It wasn't that bad, but I found it funny how.

Flying in the air, small touhou-ish hitbox.
Oh no! You landed, massive hitbox.

>> No.6200067

Hey guys, what are some other cool Touhou games like this?
The only one i have besides this one is New Super Marisa Land

>> No.6202106


>> No.6202124

I'd take double jumping over flight any day, but I guess that wouldn't sync up with danmaku as well...
Bah. I could make it work. I'm a wizard with illogical mid-air jumps.

>> No.6202138

I can't get past Sakuya the second time on hard.
This game is a bit more challenging than I thought.

I can take down the previous bosses without dying fine.
But this was harder.

>> No.6202146

well with the new mana bar now, you'll need to find good timing to fly through danmaku or you're just gonna drop into bullets
depends on how well they balance it

>> No.6202915

Touhouvania and Big Bang Beat is the only things they are working on, right?
And Touhouvania has priority and when that's done they are going to focus on Big Bang Beat, right?

>> No.6202947

First Touhouvania was just awful. I have no need for a second.

Soundtrack might be nice though.

>> No.6202951

Try the demo at least, this one might actually be good.

>> No.6202983


Eugh, I beat the last one before they patched saving in or patched the Extra boss in. No FUCKING way am I going to be an early adopter of the sequel. Learned my lesson.

Shame they didn't patch non-boring levels, enemies, or bosses in. That youtube of the demo did nothing to inspire me either.

Still, if you liked the first, it looks like you'll like the second.

>> No.6202987

>Not sure about this, looks like castlevania without the things that made it interesting, like alucards morphing. That said we've barely seen anything. Hope it comes to 360 arcade

>Hope it comes to 360 arcade

>> No.6202992

I don't understand why I need a dual core to run this.

>> No.6203063

Geez, forget not having a double jump, Z is attack and X is jump. This screws me up much more than it should.

>> No.6204412

i don't either, it doesn't really look like it's much more graphic intense than the first game

>> No.6204425

What non-PCB characters do you think it may feature? Alice already appeared in the first game, and Suika was a surprise guest as well.

>> No.6204427

Certain timing aspects in the game were written to depend on two threads running parallel.

>> No.6204463

could you expand more on that?

>> No.6204486


I almost replied to that comment on youtube, but only barely managed to suppress my blinding rage.

>> No.6204539
File: 159 KB, 356x298, 1276746824656.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dammit Japan, I'm not made of processors.
Don't want to play the stupid game anyway. ;_;

>> No.6204547


I am using a $300 laptop, and it runs the game at full speed with 60+ chrome tabs (half of which are youtube videos), two monitors, etc etc etc.

If you cannot run this, then perhaps it is time you upgrade?

>> No.6204598

What you listed has more to do with memory and RAM.
The thing with this game is that it is using parallel threads.
That is, it is designed to work on more than one process at the same time, distributing the work load over more than one CPU in order to seemingly do it simultaneously.

It's very common actually, almost all western made games have dual core in their requirements.
There are some drawbacks, like how it raises the required specs, but also how you have to make sure that each threaded process doesn't mess with another running one.
Otherwise there almost only advantages though, both perfomance wise and developer wise.

>> No.6204611

I didn't like the first game either, played it for 20 minutes, and unistalled it 30 minutes after that, deleting it.

I found this demo to be decent however, it was actually kind of fun.
At least enough for me to give the full game a chance.

>> No.6204617

Personally, I rather liked the first one. Had a few annoying bits, but all in all a fun game. This new one was much more enjoyable, though.

>> No.6204624

Maybe so. I mean, I can run stuff like Oblivion just fine. Its just when I bought this thing in 05 I opted for the 4000+ over whatever dual cores they had out at the time. Oh well.

>> No.6204666


Yeah. As it turns out its much more important to have more cores than it is to have a higher clock speed. And its gotten to the point where some software is written specifically to work with multiple cores.

It sucks that you can't run it right, but sadly that is just the direction technology has gone. Kudos on keeping with the '05 machine for so long. True dedication.

verification: "Theaving Current". Sounds like a spellcard.

>> No.6204667

>memory and RAM
They're the same bro.

Also, if you have a HypeThreading capable CPU (any P4 with 800 MHz FSB) it should work just fine since you have two virtual cores.

That this shit needs a Core 2 Duo to run at decent speed just proves that programmers nowadays can't code worth shit.

>> No.6204670


Or it means that programmers are getting with the times. But yes, they probably should have considered that some people would be using draconian machines from the dawn of man.

>> No.6204927

>They're the same bro.
Technically no.
RAM is Random Acess Memory, but there are more kinds of memory a computer uses.
But yeah, it might have been redundant for this point.

But yes a HyperThread capable CPU should suffice, it is a "dual" core, after all.
But I don't know the exact requirements for this game.

>> No.6204943

it's in the readme text
・DirectX 9.0cが動作可能な環境かつ下記項目を満たしているPC
・Windows XP / Vista / 7
・CPU : Intel(R) Core2Duo Processor
・メモリ : 1GB以上(2GB以上推奨)
・V-RAM : 64MB以上(128MB以上推奨)
・HDD : 空き容量2GB以上
・サウンド : Directsoundに対応したサウンドカード
・その他 : 6ボタン以上のゲームパッド推奨

>> No.6206460

Even modern, multithreaded games don't actually require a multi core CPU. They will happily run on a single core CPU albeit slower.

Going with the times doesn't mean increasing the system requirements just for kicks. Relying on your threads actually running in parallel for a game to run is just bad design and completely pointless for a game of this caliber.

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