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More images of Yuuka being awesome, please.

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>Yuuka being awesome

You ARE aware this means Yuuka doing pretty much whatever, right?

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Making breakfast and then immediately masturbating. Wow.

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She's not masturbating btw, just being indecent, translation is
"It's breakfast time!"
"Girls are sincerely making breakfast"
"Ah- Ah"
"I'm Full up now"
"Girls are being Indecent"

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Come here, boya~♥

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Mirya, where did you leave the god damned baby?

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I read that in Caster's voice.

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I read it in Angela's voice

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None of the images in this or the thread before it are good enough for my plans.

C'mon /jp/!

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Go on! Drink my vegetable juice! I've decided you must!

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Anonymous' first visit to Yuka ends badly.

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Desu and Boku in my Touhou? Boku is ok, but Desu? Not sure if want.

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Anonymous' second visit to Yuka goes well.

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How do most view Yuka? 24/7 sadistic psycho or generally friendly and polite until you mess with her flowers or get on her nerves?

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All I know is that she is civil until you come pick up a fight. Read: Don't mess with the goddamn flowers.

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From PMiSS:

She lives a life surrounded by flowers all year, and if anyone disturbs her, be they youkai or human, she eliminates them no matter what.

She is usually active in a place surrounded by flowers, and seems peaceful at first glance but is merciless towards other creatures.

Eyewitness Reports:
"She came to the village to shop. She gives proper greetings, and she didn't seem like a very strong youkai..." (Flower Shop)

The stronger the youkai, the more polite they normally are.

"I saw her at the Garden of the Sun. Her smile was terrifying, I immediately ran away." (Anonymous)


Luckily, she isn't interested in boring battles, so as long as you don't attack, set up a trap, or set her flower field on fire, you should be fine.

If you can keep enough distance from the fight, it's also a good idea to watch the show.

Battles of non-humans are full of breathtaking beauty.

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>"I saw her at the Garden of the Sun. Her smile was terrifying, I immediately ran away." (Anonymous)

... guess pistol-toting Anon from a couple of days back made it.

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>or set her flower field on fire

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An elegant parasol, with a menacing smile. Perfectly courteous, but terror-inspiring.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but AFAIK Yuuka has something like a sarcastic sense of humor and likes to tease people.

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Agent Orange would be more elegant, I think.

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Ironically, in this particular image, she's trying to be nice to Cirno.

Read the translated comic strip it originated from.

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I would, but I don't know where it came from.

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She likes to press other people's buttons/be a bully because she knows they can't stop her.

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Don't know about tsuki wani.

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There was some guy posting pics of a pistol along with a postit note saying "brb Gensokyo" or something to that effect, indicating he was planning to Balamb Garden his way into Gensokyo.

Then again PMiSS is way older than a couple of days and Gensokyo doesn't really exist. But I'd like to think he's in a better place now.

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子供には優しいゆうかりんシリーズ is my favorite tag in pixiv.

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What's that mean, for those of us who don't speak the moon?

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"Yuukarin who is gentle with children series".

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>But I'd like to think he's in a better place now.

Not with Yuuka on his tail he's not.

or maybe he's a maso, and wouldn't mind. Hm.

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"Yuukarin who is gentle to children" series.

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I said it first, so my version is the betterest.

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No, your display is not dirty.

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There's a kind of cosplay I can get behind.

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Speaking of which.

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*golf clap*

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Useful tags when searching for Yuuka images in pixiv.

89のD <-- Yuuka's boobs
ゆうかぱい <-- Yuuka's cleavage is so impressive it requires two tags.

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I wonder if youkai have maternal instincts or biological clocks.

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Speaking of which, I haven't read a good Yuuka centric doujin in awhile. Anyone got some recommendations?

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I made a mistake. Here is how you search for well endowed Yuuka.


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Did Pixiv change their layout? Usually my sign in info was saved but recently I went there and there was a whole slew of new sign in shit and none of my old stuff was saved.

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Yuuka is a good girl.

She helped invent the spellcard rules.

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I think so, but it didn't affect me since I started saving bookmarks until recently.

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I love seeing healthy Yuuka.

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Guys, all these images are making me have strange thoughts about Yuuka. Like I want to tend to the flowers with her on a sunny day or even hold her closely as we drift off to sleep together.

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You sick bastard.

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I know that feel.

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ドMホイホイ also yields some Yuuka results.

Yes. It means masochism.

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Oh cmon, its not like I said I wanted to have consensual sex in the missionary position or something. Although I wouldn't rule that out, but I would only do it if it was for the purpose of procreation.

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Why would anybody leave a newborn in the middle of The Garden of the Sun?

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That is most splendid Anonymous. Nothing more romantic than a nice evening with Yuka as you both sip on some delectable wine, hand picked by her from her private collection, and talk of trivial things. Later the wine she has gorged herself upon while talking to you catches up to her and makes her feel a bit.....naughty and you both engage in wild, passionate, mind-blowing sex, the smoldering embers of your desire for her made readily apparent from your love making.

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Don't you know your ancient history? Babies make excellent fertilizer.

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I will need further explanation and sources.

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Apparently this Moloch character was pretty popular until he was branded as a king of demons and people found other gods which didn't have a taste for human sacrifices.

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I wonder what Yuka (or any exceptional youkai like Yukari, Ran, Wriggle etc) would do if they found a lost human child. Would they kill it or take it back to the human village?

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Yuka kills innocent children? Fucking bitch. Youkai go to hell.

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A human child raised by youkai? Like a Gensokyo Jungle Book?
Sounds interesting.

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No, they'd eat it. A snack.

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Hmm. This Moloch guys hungered for flesh.

Still don't see Yuuka doing this though. She seems more like the type to follow agriculture methods.

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Like kidnapping children and grinding them up to sprinkle their remains in her flower garden?

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Umm... I'm not usually one to argue about canon vs fanon, but I think your ruthless Yuka isn't very interesting. As ZUN describes her, she doesn't give a shit about most humans. It's only the strong ones that interest her. Even if you were to turn up in her sunflower field she probably wouldn't harm you provided you don't hurt the flowers.

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Friendly and polite as she nonchalantly starts biting your fingers off.

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