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You know how greasy your hair gets when you don't wash it for a few days or a week?

That's what every touhou's hair feels like.
Especially patche.

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Patchy has a spell for that.

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One of my aunts only washes her hair once a week because her skin is too dry. So... not always.

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I still love her.

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There is no ventilation in the library, so when it's summer, it must be really hot inside the library. So, she must sweat a lot when she's inside the library.

I can't imagine the odor of Patchouli when that happens.

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I'm hard.

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That's one of the reasons they put out all the mist in EoSD.

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She wears loose clothes for ventilation like what people in the dessert wear.

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And the library is underground. That should be cool enough. And if they want to, they can just open the roof like they did in SSiB or take a dive in their indoor sea.

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Except your hair doesn't generate as much grease if you consistently don't wash it all the time, so.

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I'm just starting to imagine her smell in the morning when she wake up in a summer day.

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Not Hina, she washes it in the springs and brushes it every morning~

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You will never taste Patchouli's eyes

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My hair at the moment you mean?
I'll wash it in a few days

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Not Suika, she uses sake to wash her hair and she smells like alcohol all the time.

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Oh god.
Oh, key koa-

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>people in the dessert

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