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Fucking creepy.

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He's been wasting too much time on pixiv lately.

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So is this like a metaphor for me fucking her?

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/r/ kamS pixiv profile

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cartman licking sadness tears.jpg

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Just look in OP's link, he posted his pixiv there.

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The fuck was that?

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Hartmann's youkai girl is creepy.

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>uncensored vagoo on pixiv

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I am stoned and what is this?

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Awesome, huh?

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Would shrooms allow me to meet Koishi in my inner world?

I guess there's only one way to find out.

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Pixiv is much better than videos.

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KamS ist ein Genie!!!

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Koishi ist erotisch!

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Not in horrible hag form she isn't.

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You're a lot of things, Koishi, but I dunno about sexy.

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I'd hit it.

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LIEBE LIEBE LIEBE, darum liebe ich dich so sehr!

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Eine Katze...

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Took KamS long enough. Koishi is perfect for his style.

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I who mentioned he hadn't done anything new in a while in the KamS thread we had just last night

Brb watchan

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Go back to Gaia.

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Why so sad? Smile!

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>Go back to GAIA
Piss off you unhelpful loser.

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No, he is right. Leave this place at once.

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No, he is wrong. Unhelpful bitching like that is just as shitty.

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That post was several hours ago by now, so yeah. Also, since when does /jp/ not use "brb"? I have seen it here from time to time.

Also, the /jp/ rage at emoticons and some netspeak is hilarious. It's like you guys are obsessive compulsive or something.

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Sorry but you are obviously not from this board if you are using such things. Please act properly instead of forcing your way in with crap like that.

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Sorry, but it's not like you have much choice in an open system like 4chan.

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>eyeball likcing
The lack of Francais is forgiven.

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You seem to have forgotten the choice to hound you and bitch and moan until you stop doing it or leave.

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Oh mein Gott! Is she alright??

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Are you alright?

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Pixel art sucks like that.

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Why wouldn't she be alright?

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She doesn't have any emotions. How can she possibly be alright?

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She seems happy enough to me...

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It's easy to act happy when you have no emotions.

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Well, if she has no emotions, then she's not sad or angry or anything...so, I dunno.

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Right, and not being able to be happy is definitely a bad thing.

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<3 the metal bands from your country. So much awesome.

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But she SEEMS happy. Maybe it's the only emotion she has left?
You can imagine she's screaming on the inside if you want, I guess...

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Screaming on the inside implies emotion. She's dead on the inside and preoccupies herself with whatever seems like a good idea at the time.

Then again, you can bullshit and say her eye has been half open since SA happened if you want her to have emotions.

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Why should she have no emotions?
Lucky, Happy, WONDERFUL!

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She shut her eye. ZUN says she's depressed and can't feel anything because of it in her profile.

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If she can't feel anything, how can she be depressed?
Like >>6186237 mentioned, her eye opened a little in SA, so maybe she's getting her feelings back. Dunno how being able to read minds again after so long will work out, though.

Not that it matters, because she's never going to appear again.

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That's what fanfiction is for.

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Don't worry, anonymous. Underground team will get their chance to shine again in their Inaba of the moon/earth style comic.

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So she cannot feel anything... but she's depressed. Rrrrrrrrrrright.
The character profile is somewhat contradictory. She seems to be able to have emotions without feeling them. She does things because they're "fun" to her... but how can she feel fun and excitement if she also "has no heart to feel that loneliness"?
Whatever. Marisa has shown her the power of love. All is right with the world.

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Maybe the profile means that she was depressed and this closed her heart which resulted in her not feeling anything at all? She doesn't dare to try to open her heart again because feeling nothing > being depressed.

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That's obvious. She just thinks she's having fun, but isn't really because she doesn't know what fun is.

I should be using past tense cause, like you said, she's better now. Slightly.

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Maybe she has no emotions except for depression.

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You shouln't take ZUNs profile about her too serious. He just wanted to fill up the lines.

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Depressed people often have muted emotions. That's why it's called depression. The emotions of depressed.

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Most characters don't get many lines. ZUN wanted to make a point about closing off your heart and withdrawing or whatever. That's why she has so many lines.

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He gave her all this tragic/sad/depressing character development, then forgets about her?
ZUN, your a jerk!

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He gives her all this tragic/sad/depressing character development, then forgets about her?
ZUN, you're a jerk!

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They mute other emotions because depression is such a consuming emotional state. If all emotional states are closed off, something as self-dominating as depression cannot be acknowledged. It's simply too strong to be acceptable under "suspension of disbelief" as a partner to not experiencing emotion.

Again, whatever--Marisa's love spark of awesomeness has begun the healing process. Just gotta wait for the KoishixMarisa doujin to come rolling in.

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By the time SA came out, ZUN knew that fans would take plot hooks and run with them. He didn't and doesn't need to do a single thing.

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The whole "not canon" thing kinda mutes that.
Yes, I know ZUN doesn't care to much about canon/fanon.

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Come to think of it, this is sort of like fathering a baby and giving it up for adoption rather than raising it yourself. I guess ZUN really is a jerk.

I guess it's better than abortion?

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>not canon kinda mutes that
Why? They're both stories. At the end of the day, they're both lies meant to entertain you.

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I wonder if ZUN's seen that nico series.

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fanon=stories about one character made by fans; but what exacly is "canon"?

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Same thing, just made by ZUN or someone with ZUNs...approval? That's probably the wrong word.

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Stuff written by the original author, in this case, ZUN. Everything he says is Gospel.

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I see somebody saved my picture from an earlier OC thread. Horrible one, by the way.

Crazy Koishi is the only good Koishi.

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I disagree.

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Ah, thank you!
But than i don't quite understand this line:
>Yes, I know ZUN doesn't care to much about canon/fanon.
Why shouldn't he care about stuff he has written himself?

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Oh, he does, but he keeps it intentionally vague or leaves plot threads open so people can continue it themselves. He doesn't take his canon very seriously.

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I liebe♥ all versions of Koishi. She can be cute and creepy at the same time anyway.

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Gourmet Koishi is the best Koishi.

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Now let the Liebe be in flower!

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duucks, duucks everywhere

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The lack of expression charts for Koishi disappointments but does not surprise me.

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ducks, ducks everywhere

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Would you help Koishi regain her emotions, anonymous?

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How could he? Anonymous is emotionless himself.
-> Anon declares himself emotionless, because nobody loves him... ;_;

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I don't think I'd have a choice in the matter. Koishi seems like she's going creepy stalker over Marisa/Reimu... I bet she'd do that to anyone she liked.

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What does her debatable stalking people have to do with that?

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If I was capable of helping her regain her emotions, she'd be stalking me and there isn't a damn thing I could do about it.

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Maybe she would, maybe she wouldn't. Let's say you do have a choice; you're chatting with her one day, the subject of what you want most comes up, and she says "I want to feel again~"
Would you offer your help or not?

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She wouldn't say that. She doesn't even know she's not feeling things properly. She thinks she's having fun, you know?

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Parhaps she does subconsciously?
Or in her case, consciously?

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If Satori came up and asked me to help her sister feel again, I'd help. That seems more likely. Especially since she can read my mind and tell if I'm a suitable candidate or not.

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I would be koishis pet!

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That's Rumia not Koishi!

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Is that Koishi?

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No, that's a bird that needs to be mercy killed.

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Mercy killed nothing. That's good eating.

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What the fuck did I just watch?

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Thank you~

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Morbid obesity does not mean she is eating well.

>> No.6186957

Are you saying that fattening someone up doesn't make them taste better? Hansel and Gretel lied to me ;_;

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He is my hero!

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Typical /a/ level idiot that doesn't have a nico douga account.

>> No.6187289

Typical weeaboo that thinks moonrunes make nico superior to youtube.

>> No.6187301

I don't think he ever implied anything like that. But it's better than youtube for the content (unless you like waiting for your uploads to be ripped and reuploaded on youtube).

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Because: ZUN-STYLE

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Hallo Freunde!

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Lalalalalala~ ♪

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isn't that video about a certain spellcard in DS?

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why is that the first thing that came to my mind when i read your post...


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Mann ist das schlecht.
Ich liebe es.

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Tolle Sendung!

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Wie geht es meinen Deutschen Freuden heute?

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FREUNDE DER SONNE━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>> No.6196965

KUKI, Saitama -- A Saitama prefectural police officer has been arrested after crashing his motorcycle into another local policeman, who was standing on a prefectural highway on speeding patrol, and fleeing the scene.

According to police, Akira Matsuo, 26, a policeman at Kawagoe Police Station, was arrested for negligent driving causing injury and violating the Road Traffic Law after he ran down a 28-year-old policeman from Kuki Police Station's traffic policy division, who was on speeding control and tried to stop Matsuo at around 7:15 a.m. on Sunday. Matsuo fled before he was spotted and arrested by another policeman about 200 meters along the road. The Kuki policeman sustained leg and other injuries.

"I was afraid my boss would find out about my speeding and tell me off. I am sorry for what I have done," police quoted Matsuo as saying. Matsuo was on his way to work and was driving at 87 kilometers per hour, 37 kilometers over the speed limit on the road.

Kawagoe Police Station Deputy Chief Tatsuki Fukushima said that the incident is "extremely regretful."

>> No.6196972


Thirty-one windows were found broken at a primary school in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, on Monday morning, police said. Police found rocks inside the rooms whose windows were smashed.

According to police investigations, a passerby noticed the windows broken around 8 a.m. A teacher told police that nobody was at the school after a teacher left there around 5 p.m. on Sunday.

>> No.6196975


A Ministry of Defense employee was arrested on Wednesday under Tokyo and Saitama public nuisance ordinances, accused of putting his right hand up the skirt of a 17-year-old girl sitting beside him on the train and touching her left buttock.

According to police, Kenichi Uchida, a 47-year-old systems management employee at the Ministry of Defense, is suspected of touching the girl at around 11 p.m. Tuesday over a period of about 13 minutes as the JR Saikyo line train traveled from Jujo station in Kita Ward, Tokyo, to Kitatoda station in Saitama Prefecture.

A male passenger noticed the girl crying and called out to Uchida, who was handed over to police at Musashi Urawa station. Uchida told police he had consumed one beer and five glasses of shochu with his colleagues before taking the train home. He has admitted to touching the girl and said he got excited when his hand was next to the girl’s leg.

>> No.6196983


A 70-year-old man was arrested on Wednesday for molesting a 17-year-old high school girl in his car in Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture. Masahira Arai was arrested for allegedly touching the girl’s breasts and kissing her in his car at around 2:20 p.m. on Monday.

According to police, Arai met the girl at a game center and offered to drive her to Kawagoe station. The girl told police that once they were in the car, he told her he would like to have dinner with her and started touching her. The victim got out of the car and reported the man to police later.

Arai has admitted to the allegations and was quoted by police as saying, “I couldn’t resist touching her because she was cute.”

>> No.6196998


A 2-year-old girl died Monday after choking on dental cotton during treatment for a broken tooth at a dental clinic in Niiza, Saitama Prefecture, police said. Suspecting professional negligence, Niiza police said they will conduct an autopsy to confirm the cause of death while questioning people concerned.

According to the investigators, the girl fell at her home and broke her front tooth on Sunday. Her parents took her to the clinic later in the day and were with her while she was receiving treatment in the afternoon. The girl was taken to hospital after choking but died there at around 6:30 a.m. Monday. The 37-year-old dentist who treated the girl told the investigators that she had used the cotton to stop bleeding.

>> No.6197004


A 1.5-meter-long crocodile was seen in a river in Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, police said Wednesday. According to police, a 37-year-old man spotted the crocodile in the Shobu River around 6:40 p.m. on Tuesday and reported it to police.

Police have searched the river but have so far failed to find the crocodile. Police said the crocodile might have been a pet abandoned by its owner once it grew too large.


A love hotel in the city of Kawagoe, Saitama Prefecture, went up into flames just after midnight Tuesday, burning the entire building and killing one 26-year-old customer, police said Wednesday.

The man was found face-down on the bed in a room and had no apparent external injuries. Police are currently conducting an investigation to determine the cause of the blaze. According to police, the man had checked in on Monday evening by himself.

>> No.6197007


Two tons of flour were stolen Thursday from the warehouse of flour maker Nikkoku Seifun Corp in Higashi-Matsuyama, Saitama Prefecture. According to police, a 50-year-old employee reported the theft of a truck with 90 bags containing two tons of flour in total, which is worth 270,000 yen, when he came to the warehouse around 2 a.m.

The stolen flour is used mainly to make noodles. Police believe the spiraling price of raw materials has created a black market for such items.


A man dressed as Santa Claus broke into the office of a cleaning company in Kumagaya, Saitama Prefecture and fled Monday after attacking its president and pouring what appeared to be kerosene on the floor and setting it alight, police said Tuesday.

The fire burned about 98 square meters of the second and third floors of the three-story building in which the company, named Sanai, is housed after the incident at around 6:40 p.m. Monday.

Shoichi Arai, the 61-year-old president of the firm who was alone when the intruder burst in, suffered serious injuries with broken ribs and burns on both legs. He was quoted as saying he is unacquainted with the perpetrator.

The intruder, who kept silent during the attack, sprayed tear gas at Arai before assaulting him, the police said.

Clad in the red Santa Claus costume, the man was about 50 years old, 160-170 centimeters tall, slightly overweight and wearing glasses, according to the police, who said they are hunting for him on suspicion of arson and causing injury.

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I want to live in Saitama!