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Flandre will never love you.

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I don't need her love, just her overwhelming power.

I will never have either ;_;

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I love you, Hong Meiling.

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At least I have my misfortune goddess
Thanks hong

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Who needs her?

I have already have pudding.

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Yeah, well fuck you too.

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Flan thinks you're all being kind of silly.

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Self-insert romantic porn is the worst.

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Better than self-insert rape stories. Those Anon in Gensokyo stories were terrible.

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At least rape would be fappable.

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Why do you hate mutual love Anonymous?

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It's boring. Rape usually is too, to be frank.

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>You can get your mother and sister pregnant along with your childhood friend, your childhood friend's sister, your childhood friend's (married) mother, the class president, and your best friend's love interest.

It sure is a carpet bombing, this th- hold on.

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Why would I want to be loved by a psychotic vampire?

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But they had miko pits. I thought that was like a big turn on for /jp/

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Because she is also a delicious loli.

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Isn't there a doujin where she says "Of course you're not my first, you don't mean anything to me!~" or something like that?

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The fact she's a loli is good, but the fact she's also a psychotic vampire is a turnoff to me.

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but psychotic witches are ok?

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Flandre isn't a psychotic vampire! She's a good girl and she's going to marry Marisa.

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Rika is a good girl and not psychotic in the slightest.

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But how can an ambulatory corpse that feeds on the blood of the living be good?

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>marry Marisa.
How did fanon come up with that conclusion, that makes no sense.

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How can a nigger be good? This is what you sound like to anyone that isn't disgustingly racist against the undead.

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They're both blonds and they did discuss Flandre's marriage prospects.

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They seem friendly in the extra stage. But who cares, the real reason is it's really cute!

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But vampires are always chaotic evil.

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I love Remillia so it's OK.

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That's only true if the entire goddamn world is racist against undead.

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Really though, how can a nigger be good?

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not since 3rd edition.



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There was a Remilia version too. I bet that one won't get translated.

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theres a convert class for evil creatures in one of the splats, Probably book of exalted deeds.

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That one features defloration and sandwiching.

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I don't think so.

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Are you talking about redemption? In that book that's the only thing I can think of that includes converting to non-evil but that requires the intervention of a good character.

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Any DM worth shit will disregard stuff like that if necessary. It doesn't matter.

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redeemed race setting and Repentant predator

crap like that, Its been too long since I've read any 3.5 splat

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You sound frustrated. What's wrong can't handle a conversation?

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Players love being Drizzt clones dude.

Bite your tongue till it bleeds and hope to god that he blesses you with a better playgroup in the future.

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I've never played with anyone like that and god willing never will, but good vampires are alright in my book. Pillars of the community in my experience.

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Hong, I don't know if anyone ever told you this before, but your web site crashes web browsers.
I thought it was just Firefox being shit, but I get massive slowdown in other browsers.

I don't have the best computer (almost 4 year old laptop, at least its dualcore). But its not like its fucking 3d models in html5 or anything.

I just use your rss feed though, so I'm not really bothered.

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Works fine for me.

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I really don't like this art style.

Way too loli for me.

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>>Way too loli for me.
>>Way too loli for me.
>>Way too loli for me.
>>Way too loli for me.
>>Way too loli for me.
>>Way too loli for me.
>>Way too loli for me.
>>Way too loli for me.

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Funny thats actually love I love his art.

Oh well, at least its just me.

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Funny thats actually why I love his art.

Oh well, at least its just me.

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Don't fail me Hong

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amusingly, I've seen Remi lose her virginity 3 times over in different doujinshi by this artist

I love this artist's Remi, incredibly cute and fappable at the same time. Whereas 54burger doujinshi on the other hand are almost too cute to fap to.

I wasn't much of a fan of the gangbang in the latest one though, I preferred the previous ones

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>54burger doujinshi on the other hand are almost too cute to fap to.
I require samples for testing purposes.

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What do you think of Inuboshi's work?

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Here you go.

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Weirdest thing I've ever read was a gangbang by Inuboshi. It was a kind, gentle gangbang where 5 dudes loved a little girl. But it still was a gangbang.

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Flandre is so lovely~

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Adult (in mind, not body) Flandre is better than child Flandre. Discuss.

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This Flan?

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Downloading at the speed of fap.

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She can also pretend to have the mental state of a child. This one does it just to turn you on though.

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I don't like this.

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I wonder if this was made specifically to troll /jp/.

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If anything, this Flan only makes me harder.

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It was made to troll our equivalents in Japan, yes.

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Why's that? I think it's hotter that way.

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You've probably got a cuckold fetish.

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Fucking other people in the past is not the same thing as fucking other people at the same time as they're fucking you.

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I always suspected that I was an M.

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Surprised myself with how much I liked that doujin.
The idea of Flan being more experienced than me really appeals to me.

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I'm a little M but I still had to pretend that page didn't exist.

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Thirty seven dicks?!!!!!! In a row?

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If the idea that your girlfriend is fucking other men turns you on, you're probably a cuckold.

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/r/ link to that. I didn't know Inuboshi did gangbangs.

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The sad part is that there is a sequel but it has no scans.

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If the idea that your girlfriend has fucked other men in the past turns you off, you're probably unreasonably possessive.

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Don't you know that having sex once every ninety years makes you a slut?

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Sluts are awesome. Unless they're cheating on me. ... Even then as long as they're honest about it and 2D.

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>Flandre will never love you.

I will never love Flandre. She doesn't have enough boobies, she doesn't even have any hair in her genitalia. She's not even real, to start with.

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>If the idea that your girlfriend has fucked other men in the past turns you off, you're probably unreasonably possessive.
Not really, that's completely normal behaviour.

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>She's not even real

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if the idea of buying a used car the price of new turns you on, you're probably full retarded.

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You just said normal people are unreasonably possessive. I agree with you.

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Cool, a car analogy that has nothing to do with what I said. Real winner here.

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>she doesn't even have any hair in her genitalia
Most people don't have hair inside their genitalia.

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>Cool, a car analogy that has nothing to do with what I said.
But it's a good analogy.
Why go true all that effort for second hand goods when with the same amount of effort you could find a virgin.

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>Why go true all that effort for second hand goods when with the same amount of effort you could find a virgin.

How exactly was this measured?

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Why are you rejecting her based on her advantages?

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It doesn't matter if she's fucked or not as long as she doesn't have kids.

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I assume you're talking about 2D. I really hope you are.

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You don't have to put in any effort to find either (2D) or you will never find one, ever (3D) so "effort" is sort of irrelevant.

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Where is the Remillia doujin by the same artist?

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I like my 2D girls experienced, and it's not plausible to have an experienced virgin. Though the virgin that looks at porn is one of my favorite porn tropes.

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Oh hey, I love those too. "I learned how to suck dick from reading some books!" And its always said while sucking somehow.

Not translated yet. But it should be on rs.4chan.org

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wrong posts


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Dating a virgin or dating a non virgin doesn't change the amount of effort you have to put in the relationship. It just changes the reward, virgin girls are simply superior to non virgins.

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Ventriloquism for Virgins: How to Talk with your Mouth Full.

Guaranteed best-seller

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What are you basing this conclusion on? It obviously isn't sexual prowess.

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I don't really mind if a girl I like has had sex before... I don't even mind if she's a slut, like Sanae, as long as she's not sluttish when she's with me for the time we're together it's okay.

But I'd fuck Sanae even if it were a one-night stand.

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I always assume they took the dick out and talked while licking it.

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I've had sex with a virgin girl before, and I can say... gimme an experienced girl anyday.

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This next fap's for you.

A thousand times this. That shit isn't moe irl, just annoying.

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Get out, this thread is for imaginary sex only.

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>I've had sex

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Sex is solely based on instinct. You could be retarded and dumb you would still know how to have sex. No, the reason a virgin is superior is because that way you know your child isn't a bastard.

>> No.6176138

>your child
Who the fucking fuck cares?

And no, you actually do need experience to be good at it. Take it from an unvirgin, loser.

>> No.6176140

Spoken like a true virgin. And who the fuck cares whether it's your child or not? You really think YOUR genes are worth propagating? Arrogant virgin loser.

>> No.6176149

There's absolutely nothing positive about being a non virgin. The only "positive" trait that keeps coming up in these threads is that non virgins are more experienced.
Give a virgin girl some time and she'll be experienced too, except only with you instead of half the city.

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That's not true. If all she has to fuck is your unexperienced virgin ass, she isn't going to level up her sex skill nearly as quickly as fucking above her level.

>> No.6176157

You're wrong, you need to have sex with different people to become experienced at it. Having sex with only one person will keep you stuck to their mannerisms. If they only like vanilla sex, for example, you won't learn how to be aggressive when having sex.

And there's nothing wrong with having sex with many different people, as long as you don't do it when already in a relationship (unless your partner agrees).

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Everyone should believe there genes are worth passing on.

Have some confidence you fools!

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Could you be any more samefag?
But the real problem is that you seem to be ok with the possibility of the person you care about fucking someone else, having their child, and saying it's yours to have you raise it while they presumably continue fucking said other person. I believe that's what that anon meant.

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What do you have to teach her anyway? You got no experience yourself. You think YOU can teach her everything there is about sex? Hahaha.

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Virginity is irrelevant. Flan is great.

>> No.6176170

No, stupid and unsuccessful people should select themselves out of the gene pool.

Why does the scale go virgin <> slut with no gray area? That's silly.

>> No.6176175

>Have some confidence you fools!
Says the guy who's afraid of having sex with an unvirgin.

>> No.6176176

Then why am I even bothering to have sex? I could adopt a child or spend time with my cousins. The only reason to have sex is to ensure your genes are passed down.

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I'm not?

>> No.6176183

Most people do it because it feels good.

>> No.6176185

Success isn't based on genetics you idiot!

>> No.6176186

We were talking about someone having had sex with other people before you, not while you're in a relationship with them.

>> No.6176191

You don't believe in social darwinism? What the fuck, I thought /jp/ was intelligent.

>> No.6176192

Why is it that virgins are the most hellbent on their partner being a virgin? I wonder, I wonder.

If any of you guys had sex before with a girl who broke up with you you'd be singing a different tune.

>> No.6176201

Defloration isn't even hot in porn. It's either normal sex with fucking blood added (go fap to guro, you sick fucks) or a mass of cliches.

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Flandre doesn't care. You're just a toy to her anyway.

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And you know she isn't seeing other men behind your back, how? Sex is an addiction, like any other. If you don't like to have sex, you better marry a virgin, or she'll have other people's children simply because you only want to have sex a little.

>> No.6176212

>she isn't going to level up her sex skill nearly as quickly as fucking above her level.
That's not a problem, you have your entire lives to work on it. All you need to do is grind until you hit level 99.

>And there's nothing wrong with having sex with many different people
Number of sexual partners between age 18 and start of first marriage or cohabitation are positively associated with infidelity – Treas & Giesen, 2000.

Married and dating women with four or more sexual partners prior to their primary relationship are more likely than other women to engage in infidelity – Forste & Tanfer, 1996.

Our findings demonstrate that infidelity and number of sexual partners are both under moderate genetic influence (41% and 38% heritable, respectively) and the genetic correlation between these two traits is strong (47%). – Twin Res Hum Genet. 2004

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I don't think a low sex drive is going to be a problem for anyone on /jp/.

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Hey, if you guys don't want this Tittymonster Flandre, I'm taking her home.

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Buzz off, she's Marisa's.

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Nobody gives a fucking shit about religion in here, christfag.

>> No.6176233

>you have your entire lives to work on it
How are you so sure she will stay with you? Especially with such conservative values. You probably want her in the kitchen too.

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I'm just borrowing her for a bit. Marisa's too busy with Alice, anyway.

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I'd bet anything that it's exponential. Meaning it doesn't matter beyond a certain point that most people don't reach.

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More adult Flandre!

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Marisa devotes at least an hour every day to playing with Flandre! Hands off!

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–noun, plural -ties.
1. marital disloyalty; adultery.
2. unfaithfulness; disloyalty.
3. lack of religious faith, esp. Christian faith.
4. a breach of trust or a disloyal act; transgression.

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You can take one. There's like four in stock always.

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Should've said adultery fag. Nobody cares about the marriage aspect.

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Don't worry, I'll put her back when I'm done.

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Posting Suwako in an "all non-virgins are sluts" thread.

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Sexual intercourse by a married person with someone other than their spouse.

>> No.6176266

>Should've said adultery fag. Nobody cares about the marriage aspect.
>Should've said adultery
>Nobody cares about the marriage aspect.

You are utterly retarded, I shouldn't be surprised as more promiscuous people tend to have lower intelligence.

>> No.6176277

Sorry, that should be "more promiscuous men" as I don't know if the same is true for women.

>> No.6176286

You take shit like that seriously? Wow.

>> No.6176293

>I don't think a low sex drive is going to be a problem for anyone on /jp/.

I hate to break this to you, but the reason you are a virgin isn't social awkwardness or 2D fixation, it's lack of sex drive. Otherwise, you wouldn't be coming up with excuses not to have sex, like "I only like girls under 13" or "3D;PD."

>> No.6176300

I think this might be true.

>> No.6176303

To me adultery just means someone being unfaithful in a relationship. Not everyone here speaks English as their first language, brothers fag. Deal with it.

>> No.6176304

I hate to break it to you, but you're an idiot.

>> No.6176305

Social Darwinism is a mental construct, not a physical one.

>> No.6176310

You do realize that masturbation counts as sex for sex drive purposes? As I'm using it anyway.

>> No.6176311

>hurrr what is the difference between correlation and causation? i dunno know lol

>> No.6176314

It's very physical when it means you won't have offspring.

>> No.6176319

I don't have Suwako from GODBURGER for this thread.

>> No.6176320

Stooping to petty name calling? A sure sign of intelligence and a correct point of view, that's for sure.

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File: 147 KB, 1001x390, suwako&#44; on virgins.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>I only like girls under 13
That's called pedophilia and unlike what you may think, it's not an excuse it really exists.

>> No.6176337

I try to adjust to the person I'm talking to.

>> No.6176339

That doujin is one of the rare examples where we waited forever for something to get scanned AND IT ACTUALLY TURNED OUT AS GOOD AS WE HOPED

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File: 101 KB, 698x370, frandle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


But it even says Frandle in the title!

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>> No.6176351

You like losing debates then?

>> No.6176362
File: 15 KB, 290x290, satorin_=3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

He isn't losing.

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This man has superior taste in Waifus.

>> No.6176374

Couldn't be, since he put himself on my level. Pwned, noob.

>> No.6176379

If you honestly believe that pedophilia is an excuse for not having sex that anon is right in calling you an idiot.

>> No.6176381

Most pedos aren't exclusively pedo, it's just an excuse to avoid having to deal with people who are on the same level as you socially. Children are cute and non-confrontational, so you can just smile and go about your merry business.

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Says you. Tewi superiority. She's even a virgin~

>> No.6176388

Not sure on this, but hasn't Tewi given birth to those moon rabbits?

>> No.6176393

>She's even a virgin~
That is what she says. You believe it?

>> No.6176394

Obvious troll. Bunnies have sex constantly.

>> No.6176396

>Pedoria! Princess Flandre
Look, it even has "Pedo" in the name!

>> No.6176397

>>6176374 Pwned, noob.
You just "pwned" yourself, retard. I didn't even have to do anything.

>> No.6176400
File: 130 KB, 1200x535, kids.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Of course! I know Tewi would only lie if it made me happy. That means believing her is always the best course~

>> No.6176401

Looks like you cannot into logic.

>> No.6176403


So how many of us are out there that just get turned on by DFC and a spinner body and not the notion that the girl is underage? Just wondering. I don't consider myself a pedo - I just don't get off on tittymonsters. I guess it's because I've seen what happens to tittymonsters as they age and its not pretty.

>> No.6176404

Just a little hint, doing something when you "don't have to do anything" is a terrible idea that makes you look like a child.

>> No.6176405


That's an awesome Suwako. Who is the artirst?

>> No.6176410

Filename is pixiv ID. Use it like so:

>> No.6176414

I like both loli and healthy. What I like mostly about loli is the young face. Curvy girls with a young face are the best.

>> No.6176416


Oh, din't notice the filename. Thanks mate!

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>> No.6176443

Curious why you don't take your own hints.

>> No.6176453

Just stop. No one cares any more.
Some people like sluts some don't.

>> No.6176464

To teach you.

>> No.6176474


Yeah, I mean, does anyone really get off on old haggard bitches? Not anyone I know. Who doesn't want a pretty, youthful face? Still, I can understand oppai fixation. I used to have it but my tastes changed and its just not my fetish anymore. I was just wondering because I kinda disguise my taste for DFC because it's auto-assumed that you are a pedophile if you don't lust after big-titted skanks. I'm not condemning anyone for ANY fetish (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone else). I just wanted to know how many people are into DFC for the look and how many are into it for the loli part of it.

>> No.6176476

I was trying to get that guy to give a real answer, and you ruined it by making stupid comments.

>> No.6176479

I personally don't like healthy loli, but I don't really like mature DFC either. I don't know where that places me.

>> No.6176558

If the girl is a virgin, then she won't have a reason to be disappointed by your performance.

>> No.6176580

>Why is it that virgins are the most hellbent on their partner being a virgin?
I don't want a virgin because I'm a virgin, I'm a virgin because I want a virgin.

>If any of you guys had sex before with a girl who broke up with you you'd be singing a different tune.
No, not really. Some people just have decent morals and standards.

>> No.6176605

You should just get a tripcode.

>> No.6176608

Hahaha, really? You're a virgin. What do you compare sex to if and when you get it? Porn and masturbating. It's easier to be disappointed than you think.

>> No.6176613


>> No.6176614

A tripcode would let him hate you more. Don't let him hate you.

>> No.6176627

It's more that you would presumably grow to care about this person, but then you actually fuck and you can't satisfy her. I'd imagine a little disappointment over sex not being like one of my Japanese animes would be much better than the shame and self-loathing that would come from being emasculated.

>> No.6176631

So porn is really great... better than sex, is that what you are saying? I'm not surprised.

>> No.6176660

>What do you compare sex to if and when you get it?
Why would you need to compare it to something.

>> No.6176674

Everyone knows porn is 75% overreacting anyway. If you take it seriously, you are an idiot.

>> No.6178254
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Needs more Flandre loving. Seriously.

>> No.6178258


>> No.6178271
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But what else are you supposed to do?

>> No.6178290

That's okay. She doesn't need to love me
All I need is the doujin which you ever so kindly linked

>> No.6178296
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>> No.6178319

Play with her like a normal child!

>> No.6178347


She's pretty strong, that might not be a good idea. For that matter neither is fucking her. Her climax would probbably crush ones penis to paste.

>> No.6178389

argue some more you faggots, i've reached the bottom of the thread