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Marisa is no less of a psychopathic bitch than Reimu but she's better loved.

Why is that?

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She's a fun human.

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Marisa is a cheerful psychopathic bitch while Reimu is a glum psychopathic bitch.

In effect, Marisa is what everyone on /jp/ wants to be. Wouldn't you want to have fun blasting the shit out of each other as flying girls wearing frilly dresses?

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Marissa doesn't have responsibilities like Reimu. Marissa has mastered taking it easy.

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I heard that Marisa regularly dominates popularity polls on 2chan or 2ch, and that she's ZUN's personal favorite.

Is this true?

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Marisa is blonde and dudes dig blondes.

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Marisa likes mushrooms.

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Reimu is ZUN's favorite.

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She's in more doujin games because she has a more exciting personality I guess. And she has Master Spark. People just want to use Master Spark, it's cool.

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well ZUN made touhou to begin with because there weren't any games about shrine maidens

so Reimu has always been the main protagonist but that doesn't necessarily mean she's his favorites

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I fail to see what is wrong with this thread.

or is this reverse trolling to make the quality spam even more annoying than it already is?

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Personal point of views over a character and interpretations like "psycho bitch" generating silly discussion. Nothing wrong with discussing a character CANON personality but Reimu is not a psychopathic bitch.

Go read the youkai moe note ZUN wrote, there is something about Reimu there that implies he consider her to be his favorite, along with Yuka being one of his favorites too.

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psychopathic bitchiness is canon

or do you not pay attention to the game's dialogue

half the time there's no reason for either girl to fight anyone but they do anyway

and Marisa steals and lies without shame

and really why must you spam every thread that doesn't hold to your ridiculously high and misplaced standards

spam never makes anything better

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Touhou has no canon you shit. The whole thing that makes Touhou Touhou is how open-ended it is. Go be a cranky fag somewhere else.

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>Touhou has no canon you shit
this is what secondaries believe

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Reimu has also many dialogues where she politely ask if her future target knows about something and they when she is about to leave they provoke her into a fight. And I'm not that quality control guy by the way, I just think that's the line of thought he had or something similar.

Yeah, let's ignore oficial works and all, that's like saying a certain game plot never happened. I'm not wasting my time discussing with you.

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do any of you think that Marisa would ever use her magic to become a youkai, like Alice

personally I don't think she gives a shit if she lives for 100 years or a 1000

besides if she does live beyond a normal human life span she'll lose her excuse for "borrowing" things from youkai

and at any rate when she does die she'll be screwed when she comes before yama

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Maybe you can put the free time to use pulling the sticks out of your ass then.

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I doubt Marisa would ever accept being a youkai. She is the kind of person who enjoys human mortality because it makes life funnier.

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Awesome arguments, is your butt sore or something? You could at least try to argue with him.

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> Yuka
ZUN has good taste.

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let's ignore the quality shit for now guys

meido will delete it when she makes her rounds like she always does

also does anyone know anything about the popularity polls >>6154340 mentioned

and what was Marisa's place in the official poll

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No need to argue, he's a faggot with no sense of fun. Probably one of the elitist dipshits that ruins every Touhou thread by samefagging about "Secondaries".

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I dislike Marisa, but don't mind Reimu. Marisa is basically just a man in a female's body. There's nothing charming about that at all.

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>I don't have to argue with him because he has a different opinion than mine, he is shit

Oh boy what a wonderful mind.

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Enjoy overanalyzing all 12 lines of Touhou canon and raging about fandom on the internet while thinking you're so much better than everyone. I can be sympathetic to your frustration though, it's gotta be tough being a fat virgin.

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>12 lines

Yeah, as you can see people like you don't even search about official works before being retarded like that.

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Marisa grows on you after awhile. Didn't like her much at first but she started clawing her way into my favorites.

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I didn't liked Marisa but after a while I ended up liking her (I think part of the reason is that I hated Reimu)

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>didn't refute the part about being a frustrated, fat virgin
Looks like I called it.

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>He likes a character I hate. BAAAAAAWW

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that's not what that post said at all

seriously people, everyone on /jp/ usually acts like they have a fork up their ass, but it's getting a bit out of hand ITT

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You really think that someone would take that seriously? wwww

What? I think we have a misunderstanding here

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I know right? I can't even figure how that guy came to such a conclusion.

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Go ahead and keep putting up that coolguy front, it's almost convincing.

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No, seriously. You really think I would care about some anonymous retard in the internet saying "frustrated, fat virgin"?

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You're a decent if transparent troll.

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I don't like Marisa because she's a tomboy.

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Thread sure is off topic.

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Well you keep responding so yeah, kind of.

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she wears a frilly dress though

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Something about Marisa saying "BITCH, GET OUT OF THE WAY" to Reimu made me love her.

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Marisa is an awful character. I want her to die.

She's a purely psychopathic bitch. Reimu is more lazy and irritable, which is kind of understandable. Marisa has no excuse.

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Ah, I was just curious. I'll stop then.

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Oh god. I laughed when I got to that scene.

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Yeah, I know. To think she still lost after that show of bravado.

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Only if you suck.

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I often laugh at Marisa's scenes. She's so spontaneous.

One of my favorite Marisa moments has to be when Marisa told yama that she had never told a lie since she was born.

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do you guys think that Mima is Marisa's mother or just her teacher in magic?

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You have to be fucking retarded to think Mima is Marisa's mother. Or a secondary, of course.

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their exact relationship was never clarified

you're just trying to turn this thread into a shitstorm again aren't you

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Mima isn't canon, so neither. If anyone taught Marisa about magic, it'd be Rinnosuke who gave Marisa her hakkero and taught her how to use it.

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>It's strange that there's a Western-style mansion in the middle of a deserted forest to begin with. The girl who lived there hardly ever came into town. But, lately, I've seen a girl who looks like her daughter. How do I know she had a daughter? Well, since the girl looks like she did when she was young...
-Dolls in Pseudo Paradise, Track 10 - Reincarnation

Not what you would call solid proof but it atleast makes the idea plausible.

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since when is PC-98 not canon

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I'm not. Marisa's parentS are mentioned several times in official works.

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Yeah, because said woman HAS to be Mima, and not some human dealing with magic and being away from society because they fear it.

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Seeing as it's an intro to Reincarnation, I'm going to go out a limb and guess that he's talking about Mima.

Again, It's not really solid proof, most everything in touhou is ambiguously canon anyways.

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>most everything in touhou is ambiguously canon anyways.

that's because ZUN is too drunk to ever get his shit straight

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Yeah that's pretty convincing but "daughter" may just be some exaggeration refering to the fact that Marisa personality is very similar to Mima's in some ways.

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Since ZUN split the timeline and only one escape pod got out.

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I was under the impression that Marisa is indeed one of his personal favorites, if not his favorite.

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Makes me wonder if he actually bought that or if it was a gift.

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> Well, since the girl looks like she did when she was young...

>Blonde haired Marisa
>looks like Green haired Mima when she was young
>Marisa had red hair when she was younger

What are they, a family of traffic lights?

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I'm sure there's a metaphor for something hidden in their hair colors if I look hard enough, but I can't find it.

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Or more like ZUN is like Araki, and doesn't keep any particular color scheme as 100% canon. I think he tried to compromise with his own indecisiveness lately .. I fucking guarantee this happened at some point in ZUN's head: "Wait a minute.. another sexy blonde, people are going to think I'm a gaijin lover, better make it purple.. no wait.. ahh.. fuck it, it's gonna be both"

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There is many things that proves PC-98 is canon, like Alice dialogues with Reimu and Reimu dialogues with Yuuka for example.

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I'm always shocked by how large those dolls are.

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She does show up on many of the game's icons (including StB for some reason).

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I bet it was a gift.

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That doesn't prove shit. You're just seeing what you want to see.

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Yuuka: I'm not the one behind this
Reimu: Everything went back to normal when I defeated you back then

Yeah, IT'S ALL IN MY HEAD. Fucking retard.

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I wish he would decide on what god damn eye color Alice has.

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young = red = no go
teen = yellow = wait for it
adult = green = good to go

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That could mean any number of things. You've got no reason to assume she's referring about PC-98 other than wishful thinking.

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God, you are fucking retarded. Just forget about it, I'm not wasting my time with you.

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I'm right. Sorry about your cherished belief.

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This just means that something happened in the past that bears some similarity to some PC98 event.

To make PC98 canon, you'd first have to explain the differences. How did Alice grow mature, change her interests and occupation and settled in near Marisa's house with no evidence of her moving in recently, for example?

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I thought it's supposed to be yellow overall.. it only was canon blue in PCB, and has remained yellow ever since.

Soku doesn't really count either, with her being yellow eyed in portrait and blue eyed in-game.

In the petit Nendoroid her eyes are yellow though, and I'd imagine that ZUN carefully looks over the designs for those before they finish considering their (limited) mass-production. Other manufacturers probably just ask for permission and then do whatever color they want.

I also suspect that ZUN doesn't want Alice to look TOO foreign, by making her slightly youkai-ish instead of giving her perfectly Scandinavian features, since he's a xenophobe bigot after all.

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They aren't yellow or blue here, though..

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Characters changing their clothes, eye color, etc is not new in touhou. I don't see a problem with making a character "older" when you change from pc-98 to windows. It doesn't means it's the same character, major changes happened along with the system change.

>change her interests

>no evidence of moving recently
Marisa don't even knows who he fuck is Alice in PCB, I think it's pretty obvious that she JUST moved in.

We all know that when characters are defeated they tend to explore things outside the place they were before. For example SA. It's not hard to imagine Alice being defeated with such huge confidence and then got curious about the world outside Makai.

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The current Alice is a doll being controlled by the original Alice?

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>It doesn't means it's the same character
I meant "It doesn't means it's NOT the same character"

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Eh, I'd call that dark yellow.

But that it doesn't really help clear anything up either, admittedly.

Sakuya's eyes also changed, as have Youmu's, it's just ZUN doing whatever the fuck he wants.

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>I think it's pretty obvious that she JUST moved in.

If you're talking about Marisa, then yeah. She's a teen who left her safe village house just recently.

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I want to believe that ZUN did this to troll cosplayers.

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>I don't see a problem with making a character "older" when you change from pc-98 to windows.


Oh wait, I get it. Alice became a magician and gave herself a mature body with magic. Silly and unconvincing, but logically sound.

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By which you mean "several years ago", right?

And considering that Marisa is perma-mid-teens, that means eventually she'll probably be leaving home at about four.

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What the fuck you are saying with "became a magician"? She was a magician all along. You can't casts spells if you are not a magician and she used the goddamn grimoire in MS. And also according to ZUN, you need to have the same magic knowledge the grimoire's author has or more to be able to read the runes written on it.

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I was talking about Alice.

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>Marisa is perma-mid-teens

Uh, no. Time passes. Marisa and Reimu in their twenties now.

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He means passing beyond the magic student phase and becoming a full-fledged quasi-immortal creature of folklore.

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You wish that don't you? Go choke on a horsecock.

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Just quoting Akyuu (aka, Windows canon). And magician is a genus of Youkai, obviously.

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If you can use the spells in her grimoire then the immortality spell is easy. With that in mind Alice was already powerful enough to be a full magician in MS, the only thing supporting the theory that she wasn't is that she simply didn't made the ritual at the time, but that's even more speculation.

A huge change in looks along with game system simple as that is much more convincing considering we are talking about ZUN here.

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No, time does pass. It's explicitly referenced and thus cannot be denied.

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