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are you going to be playing FFXIV when it's released?

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why do they insist to share japanese server with english server when most of the japs dont fucking want to play with gaijin anyways?

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It sucks.

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Damn that pic, I know not all of them are like that


I feel so left out when I play with them japs. ;_;

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I still have the CE pre-ordered, but I'm not sure whether or not to cancel it. I still have a couple days to decide.

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i thought they shipped them already?

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No, it's awful.

Japan has no idea how to make MMOs(or PC games for that matter).

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Not when it's released
I'll play it if they improve it a lot though

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It'll be here on the 22nd. I have more than enough money to afford it, I just don't know how much I'd actually play the game, since there are like 9 other games coming out next month that I want to play.

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You never had JP bros? You should have played with them more ;_;

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It's true.

FFXI managed to do just about everything wrong. While I haven't tried FFXIV, every report I've heard is that it's the same deal.

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I'm cancelling mine.

The game is a) not fun b) restrictive and c) full of nips

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Yeah, you should all cancel. I don't want to play with any of you.

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Nope, just fap to Mithra porn like last time.

Except they're not 'Mithra' anymore. And Chocobos aren't Chocobos. So I'll never see anymore Chocobo X Mithra rape. ;_;

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Not sure. I liked the beta and have enough money but there are a bunch of other games coming at the same time that i also want to play, plus I'm not sure if i want to get into another mmo.

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No. And I won't be alone.

Our university's game development faculty has unofficially rechristened FFXIV "the Cockboat Game", in reference to the plain hilariously bad world design.

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>Cockboat Game

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Yes, I am. And i'm going to enjoy it just like I enjoyed 11.

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Long story made short, a rule of academic game development is that should criticize a game for its mechanics first, and for its presentation second. So when a game is not only criticized but outright mocked for a ridiculous detail in the art, it basically means it has no redeemable qualities at all.

Maybe it'll change after a couple of patches, but right now this game has nothing.

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Do I have to pay monthly to play it? If so, I'll probably never play it. Otherwise I might try it out at some point.

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Yes, you have to pay monthly to play.

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Yes, it's not one of those shitty Korean free to play games that /jp/ flocks to.

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I only played FFXI for like, two months.

The only friend I made was a japanese guy. He PL'd me like hell.

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That's cool. So where does fun factor in? I'm having lots of fun. Do game designers not care about fun?

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yes gonna play it for sure
if i find a girlfriend this year

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$13 a month
+ 1$ monthly fee for extra storage
+ 3$ monthly fee for extra character

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A poorly designed game with lacking presentation and little artistic value can still be fun. Just look how many people thorougly enjoy Naruto or Twilight.

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Hell no, what a bullshit.

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They aren't enjoying it for the product, they are enjoying it for the fanbase.

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>Maybe it'll change after a couple of patches, but right now this game has nothing.

You haven't even played the game yet.

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>with lacking presentation and little artistic value can still be fun

Ok, the FFXIV trolling seems to be spilling over from /v/ now.

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No. And really, from what's been shown so far you can't say there is any reason to do so either.

Empty world, unenthusiastic combat, long grinds, excessive subscription fees, and a game world that's basically FFXI recycled.
A developer has a responsibility to showcase the positive aspects of the game to the audience. Square/Enix haven't done this.

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It's people like you that are wrong with the world right now.
Try the damned thing first, then think about talking shit, otherwise shut the fuck up.

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>Empty world
You're supposed to explore. It's a big world.
>unenthusiastic combat
>long grinds
Compared to what? Other MMOs?
>excessive subscription fees
$3/month for another character is outrageous, true
>and a game world that's basically FFXI recycled
11 had a cool world though

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>Empty world
Sorta like RL I guess, since there aren't 20 rats running around outside my door.
>unenthusiastic combat
I'm actually happy that they went for something a bit slower than the usual button mash combat
>long grinds
Really? Where? If you can get more than halfway to max level in two weeks the first time you play I don't really see the long grinds.
>excessive subscription fees
It's cheaper than pretty much any other major MMO on the market.

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>+ 1$ monthly fee for extra storage
Wat. It was bad enough that you had to buy the token for FF11 to get the Mog Satchel. Now you have to pay monthly for more space? Those money mongers.

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>It's cheaper than pretty much any other major MMO on the market.

Or you can just go with multi-user dungeons or persistent worlds, as most of them are free and exactly the same in quality, if not better than the needlessly massive games.

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I'm playing it to play with friends. But I can assure you, I won't be having fun.

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Fuck yes!
Only 4 more days!

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I hear FFXIV was made in China.

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>Compared to what? Other MMOs?

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No, thank you.

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Tried the beta for several days. Felt pretty "Eh..." so I stopped. I think I'll hold out for SW:TOR instead, or Firefall, or Dark Millennium.

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Can it actually be played in full screen yet?

Also basing off my benchmark score it really sucks when it comes to SLI.

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http://www.windowerxiv.com/ Enjoy your new-found alt+tab ability.

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Hmph! I know when I'm not wanted.

Then again that never stopped me before...


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