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My penis is ready.

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(キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!)

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I wouldn't be so sure about that. When Yawaraka Komachi first came out I was blown away at the ball licking and sucking page.

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Holy shit, even more rude than usual..

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I want her to ferry me once i am dead. This would be my last wish before going to hell.

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continue to posting , son of a bitch

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I recall a time when I loved boobies
Without them I wouldn't pop a boner
But when I turned eight-teen
I could only jerk it to lolis
From the start
I liked tits
I was wrong

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I'm "using" the doujin can't do it any faster.

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Highly rude on my rudemeter.

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Thank you.

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"I can't resist the pleasure at all!!!"

Damn, doujin still almost never fail to have some unintentionally hilarious lines.

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I wish Helen was here. She always has something interesting to say about big breasted creatures from legends, mythology and what not.

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That was delicious. Thanks, hong.

All our good tripfags seem to be posting less and less...

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University. It's a living organism. A chronovorous organism at that.


Not much to say... Komachi's a shinigami, a modern kami that entered mythology around 1870 after Japan was exposed to Western ideas of Charon and the Grim Reaper. You don't have to give it more than a passing look to see Komachi's an amalgamation of the two, only female. She's got the scythe and imposing figure usually associated with the Grim Reaper, and she carries out pretty much exactly the same duties on the Sanzu no Kawa as Charon does on the Styx. Including demanding payment from the dead.

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You sure know alot about mythology. What are you majoring in?

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Abstract mathematics

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Is the Umad site at Ryuutama legit?

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Game development.

In either case, shinigami of Komachi's kind don't exist in earlier mythology. Traditionally the dead aren't ferried over, but cross the Sanzu no Kawa alone as best as they can - the better life they led, the better the spot they are allowed to cross as.
The only "deities" the dead meet in the region are apparently an elderly oni couple who pound them into submission in preparation for their respective afterlife. Supposedly these are who Botan of YYH fame is based on, although I'm not seeing it - like Komachi, she too is more of a Charon/Reaper amalgamation.

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You will never lose your virginity to the personification of death itself. ;_;

Actually, I'm OK with this.

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>game development
Have you read your SICP today?

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'Impossing figure' indeed. But the effect is kinda lost in Komachi. Death was suppossed to be fearsome and terrible to watch.

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Yes, I was just getting to that...

Perhaps not true of "classic" shinigami, but Komachi's abilities may be interpreted in several ways. First, there is the obvious use stated in the games - her ability to manipulate distance allows her to make the width of the Sanzu no Kawa relative, making the comfort of the journey proportional to the deeds in life of her passengers.
Second, as the personification of death (or perhaps *a* personification of death. It's unclear how numerous her kind is) Komachi potentially exists anywhere it is possible for someone under her responsibility to die. No matter how far away she is, she is always very close...

So tonight, supposedly alone in your bed, don't despair but remember that Komachi is right in there with you. All the time. Whether you like it or not. Breathing down your neck and wondering if you're going to come soon or what.

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I think only mexicans envision Death as a female figure, for some reason.

Most of the time, it is a male personification. Feel free to prove wrong.

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So is this on your blog or are you really gonna make me download these one by one from 4chan.

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So Komachi is watching me and Rumia do... you know?

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I didn't really think of her as a personification of "Death" itself, chosing who will die but rather a helper of the grim reaper, kind of cleaning up the mess afterwards and guiding the souls to their destination to be judged.

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La Llorona? She isn't Death, just brings it. She's an onryo.

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You are in fact wrong.
Mexicans, like spanish, like every latin influence people see death as female.
The Grim Reaper is presumably female, it just isn't really important so it goes as genderless/female.
The first time I've seen Death as clearly male was in Billy&Mandy.

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No no. "The crying woman" is more like a banshee or a ghost, not death per se. "La Catrina" aka Death is another thing entirely.

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I believe a fair few european pagan deities were female incarnations of death, although the exact distinction between a death god and a god of the underworld is poorly defined. Even Charon isn't 'Death', Thanatos was the god of death and Charon just took you across.

But yeah, female death gods. I'm fairly sure The Norse god 'Hel' would count, she might be a giant rather than a god though. I think there was a celtic goddess that took the form of a crow wearing a noose of entrails around it's neck who dealt with those who died in battle.

Pretty sure some pre-colonial american gods of death were female as well.

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Yeah, Western personifications of death tend to be either male, or have mostly masculine traits up until the last few decades. Charon is undoubtedly a man, and although the Grim Reaper is mainly genderless, he is usually considered male. Partly since English handles gender neutrality poorly when referring to persons, usually using "he" when "it" would be more fitting.

Japanese and Norse mythology do have "death goddesses" in the form of Izanami and Hel respectively, though those aren't in the same category as popular reapers.

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Death is percieved as female in Slavic and Romance languages.

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In the end, trying to settle the gender of the Grim Reaper is like trying to figure anything out about a character that only has fanart and only appears in fanfiction. It comes down to how the artist imagined and chose to depict it. Perhaps that was what Terry Pratchett had in mind when he suggested "looking at the pelvis".

As most everyone can see, we don't have that dilemma with Komachi.

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A bit surprised thus far. Wasn't familiar with a couple of the female personifications of death mentioned thus far.

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Thus far, thus far, thus far, thus far...

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The grim reaper is so moe~

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Not at all related to Komachi, but was this book ever released Meiling?

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Yes, but not scanned.

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What, no download link?

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sfx: *tits* *tits*

oh yes, and downloading, thanks.

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Look at that lewd crow!

Just LOOK at her!

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Also lewd mice. Not out yet.

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Umm...this is too lewd.

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No lewd crow here since tengu, regardless of avian features, aren't actually bird youkai. Tengu are tengu, a separate class of youkai that happen to share a certain animal trait, similar to how kappa are never grouped with turtle youkai (exceptionally rare).
Although, if you trace the tengu ancestry back to the Chinese tien gou, I guess you could say that just like Momiji, Aya does have some (heavenly) dog ancestry in her.

In before bitch jokes.

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You forgot to mention that Aya defies mythology by being female. As far as I know there are no girl Tengus.

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She got all mentally prepared for this and you brush it off as "too lewd?"
Arc, you're a jerk!

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Maybe she isn't a female.

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>strictly following any mythology
>frilly hats and lolis

Come on. Seriously, Meiling?

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She offended my royal sensibility.

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It's Touhou. You can't not be female.

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Frills where a sign of power in ancient times.

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Crow tengu hatch from eggs, so presumably there are female crow tengu. However I've only read one historical source on the matter and I wouldn't regard that one as reliable.
It's further complicated since tengu have multiple means of reproduction. Particularly gifted wolves may become wolf tengu after living to a certain age, and people may turn into crow tengu after committing certain sins.

On a related note, it has been theorized the evolution of the tengu from beak to long nose and red skin may have been influenced by Western sailors shipwrecked in Japan during the closed years. Tall with unfamiliar facial features and sunburned from being left at sea for long, they would have had to hide from the locals and subsist on stealing or foraging to avoid capture and certain execution.
If true, perhaps that would help explain the skewed gender balance among tengu.

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Indeed. Tengu are most secretive and nearly obsessive with their privacy. Giving that up and letting someone close is not something they do just for anyone. No, it's something they do only for the chosen few, and only to someone who is worthy of partaking in their secrets. As Sojobo once instructed Yoshitsune in the most esoteric secrets of martial arts, Aya has granted /jp/ insight in the greatest tengu secret of them all.
Is there a cloaca or not?

Truly, this is nothing less than a great honour.


Apparently the answer is no.

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So Tengu are filthy gaiji devils? Wow.

>> No.6143143


I, personally, found it more interesting that Crow Tengu are borne of sin.

So much for Aya being a good girl, I guess..

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>It's Touhou. You can't not be female.
Somebody is clearly having a bout of selective memory again about canon.

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That, or he saw Rinnosuke parading around in Sakuya's pads, and was caught -in flagrante delicto- with our favorite shopkeeper.

Not wanting to be seen as gay, this is how he dealt with it.

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Fittingly, supposedly one of the sins that may render someone a tengu is exceptional lewdness...

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The Great Tengu himself ladies and gentlemen.

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What a slut.

>> No.6143179

You know what I mean, anonymous.

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I remember some short doujin where Yukari turned Rinnousuke into a female for some reasons concerning someone's mother.

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Now, he just said tengu are secretive and obsessed with their own privacy, so don't get the wrong idea...

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Good girl doesn't mean saint, Arc.

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link for the komachi doujin please

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Oh my...

You're right! The guy actually looks like a tengu. No doubt about it.
Well, at least not the way the Japanese pictured him.

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>Good girl doesn't mean saint, Arc.

According to /jp/'s definition? Yes. Yes, it does.

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I love how he straight up looks like a pirate in this portrait.

All with the gold earring and the thick beard.

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Descendant of Yuuka.

Never forget Stonewall Jackson Kazami.

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...can't argue with that.

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Yeah, action stars are for homos, but I was ad-libbing a page from a certain Doujin in which Cirno is called a BAD FAIRY.

Complete with all caps, and the sound effect of the finger-point bordered by asterisks.

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Don't get the wrong idea. /jp/'s definition of good girl may be saint, but /jp/ is wrong.

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>/jp/ is wrong.

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It's true. About a lot of things.

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Spending all your time in the basement might have something to do with it.

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meanwhile, waiting to be scanned

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I'm liking that list of doujinka.

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fuck, I was better without knowing of this... now I'll have to endure the painful wait until it is scanned.

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From the borderlands of the dead, to Japan, to ancient China, back to Japan, to America and Perry waxing romantic in a haiku about California, to... Rokkenjima?

This thread has had quite a ride.

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I love you Hong.

Hong for hegemon of /jp/!

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This Thread is kind of awesome. From Porn to perry.

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Well, personally I thing the personification of death being female is much more fitting.

>> No.6144266


The Morrigan was considered female in Celtic mythology, and the highest of "death gods" in Greek mythology was Nyx, although both Nyx and the Morrigan were considered extremely eldritch forces from the beyond that merely identified with female personae.

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Morrigan was too tsundere/yandere for Cú Chulainn for anyone to take her seriously anyway.

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I'm pretty sure Aya had breasts in SWR, so perhaps she does have a vagina and not a cloaca, I'm not saying that tengu don't lay eggs (It even admittedly says they do).

>> No.6145157

That does it. It's official.

Komachi confirmed for slut.

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Tewi confirmed for virgin? Komachi confirmed for slut? My worldview is crumbling before my very eyes...

>> No.6145178

I wasn't listening. What happened?

>> No.6145181

Wait what? Tewi? Virgin?

>> No.6145187 [DELETED] 

She said it herself.

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Oh, TEWI said it, then it MUST be true.

>> No.6145217 [DELETED] 

Why wouldn't it be?

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You can not be serious.

>> No.6145233 [DELETED] 

Says someone who believed her utterly despite knowing she was a liar.

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>> No.6145247 [DELETED] 

You don't remember your interviews? Shameful.

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Oooh...oh, right, that.
Think you gotta reread that article, buddy.

>> No.6145319 [DELETED] 

I just did, and see nothing I didn't expect to see.

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Ayayaya...never mind that, then.
She's got this effect over people. You can know she's lying to your face, and you'll still go through with whatever she's asking.

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Diplomatic victory!

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This design looks hard to "exploit" if you know what I mean.

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By the great puffy vulva and four eyebrows of mother Inari, how many times is this thing going to get bumped?

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