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Is it true that the reason she's being bullied around in the Mansion is because she's the weakest?

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You'd still want to hold her in your arms and cuddle, wouldn't you?

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No, not at all. Now get my tea.

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She's the boss before Sakuya, Patchouli and Remilia so yeah she's the weakest of them all.

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If you are from New /a/ you should compare her to Orihime. Shes shit, does nothing, is stupid and clumsy. China dosent even have special powers like Orihime. So yeah dumb,weak,low level boss.

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No, it's true. China sucks. Only lolis should be allowed in Touhou.

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Enjoy being gaped in Pacific.

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Remilia x China is Canon

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This is why I love this board; you guys can spell "canon".

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Koakuma > China ?

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She sucks at danmaku and excels only at melee. She's the samurai facing the gunmen. She's the boxer in a joust. She's the knife brought to a gunfight!

She is the Rock Lee of Gensokyo.

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Can China beat Rock Lee?

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Nope he has plot armor.

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Referencing Naruto in response to a Touhou discussion? Shit should be a bannable offense. Go back to g/a/ia you faggots.

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A Naruto vs Touhou power level discussion? Jesus Christ, kill yourself.

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Mary Sues with dark pasts beat everything everywhere anytime unless a bigger Mary Sue is supposed to appear and do the job of the other Mary Sue

Also sage for bleach

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this makes me so angry

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but if everything in a setting is a mary sue than none of them are mary sues as the mary sueness of all of them cancels them all out

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She isn't weak on Lunatic :3

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China spread out her stat points too evenly, so she excels at nothing and is mediocre in everything.

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She is above the ⑨team, isn't she?

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Only against the min\max ers, if you read her profile it says she's otherwise a very tough opponent.

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I thought it was because she had the lowest rank. Nothing to do with strength (as true as it might be)
Also: Worker abuse

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As for weakest, I think that title goes to Koakuma.

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She'll be mine forever and ever.

I'll email ZUN and whine about China need moar nuke hax.

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She doesn't fit there and it seems like she belongs somewhere else. Like in a totally different series. She may be a good fighter, but this won't help her when she battles against any other person with danmaku abilities.

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Am i doing it right?

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I would, and I'm the one that wants to brutally rape all the women from Higurashi. While they're trying to knife me. And then win out in the end by killing them and nailing them to a tree by their toes.

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I thought everyone wanted to do that.

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I think you two are the only ones.

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