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Keine thread go.

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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;_;

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I wish to give the were-cow a big hug.

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Me too anon, me too ;_;
So ronery...

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"... You do hate me." Keine whispers quietly, her words still soft and breathy as always, as she quietly looks up into your eyes as it pains you to speak those words.

"No, Keine, It's just- You, I, it won't work. I already have... Someone else." She doesn't cry, but you can tell she's holding back those tears as she gently shakes, the knuckles on his fists white as she uses every resource of emotional strength. And all the while, she looks up at you with those eyes, that seem to silently scream "WHY?!" at you. There is a silence for the longest time.

"Please leave." Her voice is thick as she makes her request, still polite. She was used to this, people shunning her for her wereform, deeming her ugly, a youkai, or running screaming. This was just another nail pounded through her chest.

A spiked, poisoned nail.

You left hesitantly, a sickening fascination of suffering urging you to watch, but the better part of you rejects it, and you walk out. As soon as you do, the door slams shut behind you, and you can hear her cry softly behind it, interspersed with hiccups. Although you can't see it, you can imagine her face twisting with despair, her eyes red as the tears flow. With nothing else, you walk away.

And that is all you can do. Nothing ever consoles Keine, and even that dashing boy across the way can never break through the coldness that Keine develops after you left her. Kids seemed to be the only one she showed any emotion for, as she slowly pulled away from the rest of the world. She even pushed away Mokou, who felt there was nothing left she could do to console the heartbroken schoolteacher.

In the end, she died alone inside of her little house. She never recovered from a cold which she refused to get treated, which eventually became pneumonia. She died cold, and your name was the last thing on her breath.

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what's that on her hand?

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Whipped Cream

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Delicious Keine boobs are delicious.

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"Its late. Come to bed, Anon-kun."

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Ok! Anything for you Kei-

Oh yeah, you're not real...


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Jesus Christ Boobinites

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Indeed. Sadly, she does not exist.

But the idea of her exists. The concept of a beautiful, healthy, kind woman. We cannot love 2D, we love the embodiment of our ideals.

So make yourself into the man she would love. Let it fuel you to better yourself and the world. And just maybe you'll run into a real Keine-like woman.

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is this the sauce?

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Your words... they are inspiring, Sir.

Then it's decided, I shall heed your sayings and make myself the best I can be!

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So... Going to join the army, or the priesthood, then?

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I'm going to be THE GOD OF THE NEW WORLD!

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Not right now. Someone is WRONG in the Internet.

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I'll tell you what you should do.

Look at Keine good and hard. Think about her soft skin, her warm body, and gentle touch. Imagine being able to lay your head upon her ample bust and just let the rest of the world go while she strokes your hair. Perfect peace.

Feel that tightness in your chest? That pit? Know what you will never find her while you play here on the computer.

Do 20 pushes, 30 situps, and then 15 pushups again. Right now, this very second. Its not a workout, but it will get your blood flowing. Now go take a shower and shave. If it is not too late at night, go for a walk outside. Feel the air. Think about what you can do to better yourself and be more social. Think about what you can do to forge a new life outside of the internet.

Clench your fists and burn away that loneliness with focus on being the man she would want. And should you start to slack off, you'll remember this every time you see her picture. You'll remember that you cannot meet a woman like her while you play.

Keine. My anti-NEET.

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Brb, gym

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But I will never, ever attempt push-ups again. Not after what happened, last time.

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Et tu, Dr.Doujin?

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GET BACK TO WOR-...oh, right. Sorry. Carry on.

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I promise I'll have the Kaguya x Mokou H scene up by this weekend. I've just been busy with class and was gone all weekend...wait this isn't /th/.....

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Jesus. I never really looked closely, and always just assumed that was a pillow underneath her.

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Shh! Shhhhhhhhh!!

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Sauce on this? Uninvited does show results.

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Le sigh

Enjoy your 503's when getting it.

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